Thursday, March 3, 2011

Skokie's Fat And Sassy Teachers: District 73-5 Teachers Salaries

Posted below is the complete list of 2010 salaries for all teachers and administrators in Skokie District 73-5. The data is garnered from the Illinois Board of Education (ISBE). Their source for this information is the Teacher Service Record, compiled and submitted annually by local school districts.

For years, the education establishment, goaded by the powerful teachers' unions, refused to disclose this data to the taxpaying public. Only after a lawsuit by the Carpentersville-based Family Taxpayers Network, were they forced to allow the public to see what they are paying their public servants.

The schools covered here are the Elizabeth Meyers pre-school, John Middleton Elementary and Oliver McCracken Middle School. Many of the salaries are for a 9 month job.

Highlights include almost $90k for a gym teacher at McCracken (not bad for organizing 6th grade kickball games), $93k for a pre-school teacher at Elizabeth Meyer, $100k for a guidance counselor at McCracken, $83k for McCracken's social worker and $173k for the district's "business manager."

(For the benefit of Lexus salesmen, high-end jewelers and purveyors of fine wines, yachts and other luxury items, I have highlighted the names of the $90k+ high roller educators.)

Here is the list. Judge for yourself:

Teacher Salary Database--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Skokie SD 73-5 2010 - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Alcala, Stacy $57,321
Amato, Mary Jane $99,754
Bartell, Judith $85,425
Beatrice, Michelle $45,346
Behrmann, Rebecca $66,183
Belgrad, Lisa $83,185
Bennett, Chalice $51,377
Blades, Bethany $64,107
Blomquist, Robert $77,308
Boner, Lynn $56,374
Chambers, Lynn $70,494
Chastain, Pamela $63,472
Ciok, Jennifer $61,385
Cohen, Cynthia $173,533
Cooper, Susan $47,359
Daniels, Rebecca $85,438
DeStefano, Christopher $79,987
Disotuar, Demetra $83,397
Donegan, Catherine $201,894
Dorais, Dana $27,275
Eccleston, Catherine $64,790
Even, Maureen $96,470
Fabianowicz, Bart $49,771
Favor, Kimberly $58,537
Fields, Samantha $41,919
Freeman, Paula $67,766
Friedman, Lisa $78,987
Fronczak, Karen $65,597
Gammeri, Tori $42,077
Gaspar, Stacy $54,046
Gilbert, Arthur $77,256
Gill, Penelope $80,127
Glassner, Rebecca $45,168
Glunz, Sarah $31,802
Goldfarb, Gail $14,398
Goodman, Courtney $53,571
Gordon, Alison $124,016
Gormley, Susan $58,800
Gottlieb, Carol $79,093
Graff, Judy $52,440
Gregg, Jennifer $49,537
Griffin, Jennifer $37,887
Grossman, Cynthia $62,739
Harshbarger, Michael $53,980
Heap, Jennifer $62,584
Herbach, Ann $76,789
Hess, Caryn $47,713
Kavanaugh, Margo $91,254
Kelly, Megan $53,270
Kelly, Persephone $87,400
Klein, Lillian $75,372
Klita, Marcia $60,653
Kohen, Megan $51,243
Kosova, Abra $43,056
Kozlowski, Doris $64,715
Kreps, Hannah $54,550
Lau, Catherine $58,812
Lee, Alexander $56,363
MacBeth, William $57,841
Mangan, Breanna $50,490
Mathios, Kalli $45,243
Maurer, Sally $25,883
Minnick, Paula $22,192
Mishkin, Suzanne $52,112
Monak, Ann $74,057
Morrison, David $31,510
Mosher, Deborah $96,902
Nelson, Mary $81,913
Nizynski, Shelley $53,505
O'Brien, Thomas $56,232
Olson, Eden $15,883
Orso, Martha $73,534
Osiecki, Elizabeth $46,055
Otto, Dana $136,660
Patlevic, Lisa $53,471
Petriko, Mark $89,053
Reid, Julie $56,956
Rosenfeld, Meghan $41,592
Roy-Margolis, Suzanne $89,916
Saltarelli, Pamela $47,905
Schippers, Cathryn $50,744
Scurek, Kimberly $48,598
Shawver, Debra $27,929
Shrake, Susan $52,662
Simon, Stephanie $47,714
Smith, Jason $123,834
Smith, Lisa $42,932
Smith, Loretta $54,694
Stevens, Karen $27,556
Storrie, Esther $19,709
Sumerak, Scott $58,566
Sychangco, Marinel $82,991
Szalewski, Joanna $46,873
Wade, Sara $69,190
Weinberg, Daniel $53,442
Williams, Keri $53,276
Williams, Laura $74,954
Wylie, Karen $96,470
Yau, Joanna $59,242
Yom, Nam Jou Mandy $56,194

This completes the 2010 Teachers Salaries report for Skokie District 73-5 schools" Elizabeth Meyer Pre-School, Middleton Elementary School and McCracken Middle School.

You can see a list of the salaries of teachers at Niles West High School and Niles North High School here.


  1. You know what would be cool? If you could post what the median income level is for the communities that you post the teacher salary income from, just to show how much better the teachers are doing than their bosses, the taxpayer.

    It'd be extra work though so I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to. :)

  2. Oh! Almost forgot to share a link with you! From an article I came across in my Reader. Thought you'd get a kick out of it. :)

  3. I did precisely that on the article about Annice Brave, the IEA radio spokesman from Alton. She is pulling down $70k a year and the median household income (the people who pay her salary) is $36k. The disparities aren't as stark in EV and Skokie where the people are almost as affluent as their teachers.

  4. That's right - I remember that now. Sorry - my memory gets a bit spotty at times.

    I remember reading it now because there was a crime in Alton many years ago that moved me deeply and I never forgot the name of the town.

  5. I'm a 6th grader. We never play kickball! : (

  6. Actually, some of the sports broadcasters on WSCR, The Score, derogatorily refer to soccer as "kickball."

  7. Does that mean you, too, are being derogatory towards the game of soccer?

  8. Let's just put it this way. I threw the first curveball ever in my life on the field of East Prarie School, which is now called McCracken school, while a little leaguer. As far as soccer goes, I'm happy that Europeans watch it so that we don't have to.