Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oak Park/River Forest HS Teachers Salaries: $142k Drivers Ed. Teachers

(Editor's Note: This list of teachers' salaries was updated on 7/10/2012 to reflect the salaries of the Oak Park River Forest High School personnel for 2011, the latest available data -- you will note that they all received nice little increases over their 2010 salaries.)

If the amount of money thrown at teachers salaries is any determinant of the quality of education, you can fully expect the kids at Oak Park/River Forest High School to soon be packing the Phi Beta Kappa lists.

In the latest available ISBE reports, a full 107 of the selfless public servants who are hired by the taxpayers to teach them were hauling down more than $100k a year -- and most of them for working only 10 month gigs.

And if salaries for Driver's Ed teachers are any guide, Oak Park/River Forest will surely have among the nation's best drivers.

Below is the complete list of 2011 teachers' and administrators' salaries for Oak Park-River Forest SD 200. It was gleaned from the Teacher Service Record, provided by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

Among the highlights:

--- Driver's Education teachers making $142k, $124k, $117k, $113k, $91k, $86k

--- A $141k librarian

--- A $129k social worker

--- A $159k guidance counselor

--- A $99k Sex Ed teacher (what did he have to do to get his Masters degree in this?)

--- A $101k Home Economics teacher

--- Gym teachers hauling down $143k, $119k and $115k

I noticed that the megabucks Oak Park-River Forest drivers ed teachers all have masters degrees. This of course, jacks up their salaries under the teachers union contract. But just what do you have to do to get a masters in driving, and where do you get one? A Hollywood stunt-driving school? NASCAR training school, perhaps?

At any rate, during these disastrous economic times, there seems to be no shared sacrifice among the unionized government workers at Oak Park - River Forest SD 200.

Here are the complete salary listings in alphabetical order. For further data (degree level, years of service, gold plated pension particulars) you can go to the Family Taxpayers Foundation website

(Also, if you know people who sell luxury cars, yachts, fine vintage wines and high-end jewelry, you might want to forward this list to them -- it would be a boon to their sales prospecting efforts.)

Oak Park - River Forest SD 200 2011 - Download data
"Ponce, Jr."$0
"Williams, Jr"$0
Alexander, Devon$81,773
Allee, Douglas$86,771
Allen, Alfred$44,145
Ambrose, Brandi$105,545
Amorella, Daniel$133,669
Arriaga, Francisco$136,357
Avalos, Carmen$97,607
Baghri, Nimmi$79,618
Baker, Ricky$135,144
Baldwin, Christopher$71,516
Bardeen, Karen$124,124
Bardo, Nancy$107,363
Bayer, Michelle$130,170
Becker, Kimberly$133,167
Bell, James$85,974
Bellamy, Octavius$0
Belpedio, Douglas$131,286
Bernthal, David$70,308
Biasiello, Toni$73,784
Biggins, Colleen$140,039
Bishop, Janel$120,173
Black, Todd$124,066
Blackwell, Marsha$143,600
Bohne, Kara$86,215
Booth, Christine$77,526
Brennock, Therese$147,830
Brent, Virginia$126,838
Brown, Douglas$92,519
Burbano, Jaime$104,982
Burgdorff, Jennifer$62,164
Burns, Linda$81,340
Byars, Michael$97,289
Cahill, Meghan$102,181
Caliendo, Elizabeth$90,536
Campbell, Sandra$135,764
Carlson, Ann$123,092
Carlson, Linda$111,477
Carmody, Michael$63,086
Carparelli, Annamaria$100,347
Carrow, Michelle$100,368
Cashman, Chris$43,137
Chichester, David$112,297
Cohen, Daniel$118,061
Collins, Mark$100,200
Collins, Paul$61,665
Colquhoun, Jeremy$105,742
Condne, John$91,220
Conrick, Teresa$100,338
Corcoran, Daniel$78,379
Costopoulos, John$103,585
Coughlin, James$88,959
Craft, Dale$14,377
Crane, Patricia$104,901
Crawford, Eleanor$74,521
Date, Masaki$12,237
Davis, Brian$110,138
Dennis, Jason$97,664
Depasquale, Katie$85,649
Diaz, Kelly$68,836
DiVerde, Marci$83,696
Dobias, Danielle$85,069
Domanchuk, Theodore$126,432
Donatucci, Fawn$81,098
Dorame, Michael$109,311
Dunson, Betina$60,074
Ebsen, Elizabeth$86,925
Erickson, Pamela$115,383
Ewald, Carol$42,624
Farley, Kyle$64,022
Faulkner, Lisa$65,457
Faust, C$111,137
Ferrier, Suze$87,364
Fotzler, Kimberly$94,136
Frey, Julie$105,507
Fuentes, Julie$111,643
Gajda, Joyce$72,384
Ganschow, Daniel$97,479
Gargiulo, Kathryn$127,391
Geovanes, James$122,217
Geselbracht, Lana$68,943
Gilbertsen, Lynn$63,923
Giovannetti, Louis$105,912
Goldberg, Steven$135,281
Gonzalez-Diaz, Manuel$92,834
Goodfellow, James$145,155
Grady, Maureen$98,255
Graham, Jane$118,444
Greenberg, Jessica$71,151
Greenstone, Daniel$87,969
Grosser, William$135,657
Halliman, Tina$135,041
Hallissey, Joseph$14,208
Hanson, Jacqueline$78,041
Hanson, Jamie$76,015
Hardin, Sheila$102,918
Harmon, Barbara$64,122
Hasiakos, Peter$65,129
Heider, Sarah$84,650
Heidkamp, Bernard$101,565
Heister, Ronald$138,171
Hennings, Allison$79,478
Herbst, Joseph$92,954
Hildner, Naomi$94,099
Hill, Amy$118,774
Hill, Douglas$84,195
Hinds, Leonard$41,974
Hlavach, Elaine$125,880
Holtschlag, Kristen$69,905
Hooper, Amber$67,412
Hostrawser, Peter$98,307
Howell, Jessica$41,783
Hughes, Vanessa$134,543
Hung, Ai-Lien$38,171
Hunter, James$124,258
Isoye, Steven$243,010
Johnson Molho, Kristina$110,017
Kahn, Peter$110,707
Kaufman Fox, Elizabeth$83,429
Kennedy, Meghan$69,665
Kenning, Barbara$134,543
Kinnan, Glynis$90,286
Kleinfeldt, Daniel$121,571
Knake, Kristin$91,428
Kostal, Joseph$116,957
Kottmann, Donna$116,195
Lanenga, Jack$192,594
LaPorte, Danielle$77,006
Larson, Craig$134,446
Lecesne, Daphne$136,662
Ledbetter, Christian$129,086
Lee, Brendan$81,343
Lee, Lauren$103,854
Lesniak, John$88,390
Lessing, Avram$97,637
Limberg, Dana$85,610
Lind, Jeremy$94,600
Lombardo-Nitsche, Maria$83,765
Lopez, Isabel$84,399
Lopez, Judith$82,704
Lundgren, Clyde$120,516
Lynch, Heidi$110,215
Maloney, Matthew$104,923
Markey, Margaret$123,198
Marr, Tia$113,892
Marshall, Catherine$138,520
Martinek, Vincent$130,100
Mazumdar, Rena$94,011
Mc Guckin, Cynthia$138,260
McCarron, Kevin$122,370
McCormack, Patrick$75,930
McGrail, Amy$65,828
McGuire, Eleanor$72,759
McNary, Catherine$124,554
Medina, Esteban$86,692
Mertz, Richard$124,422
Messer, James$93,017
Michalek, Nicholas$56,879
Miller, Gary$89,263
Milojevic, Cynthia$118,287
Mondragon, Christine$72,820
Montagno, Larry$131,717
Moran, Katherine$112,741
Mulvaney, Ryan$82,997
Murray, Scyla$98,126
Myers, Allison$116,548
Neuman, Andrea$74,653
Nixen, Peter$95,938
Noble, Paul$129,406
North Hamill, Anita$129,864
Novotny, Melinda$87,817
Nudera, James$149,310
Nunez, Kathleen$63,967
Ojikutu, Carolyn$112,480
Oliver, Stephanie$90,366
Paplaczyk, Nicolette$153,471
Pappalardo, Mark$70,864
Parenti, Joseph$83,381
Pearson, Patrick$114,506
Pena, Emmanuel$62,528
Perez, Luis$94,658
Petroliunas, Ann$84,464
Podolner, Aaron$96,456
Porri, Ebikepreye$70,511
Potts, Robert$86,887
Powell, Michael$52,345
Prale, Philip$181,563
Prystalski, Lawrence$126,516
Przyborowski, Lauren$69,056
Purvis, Derrick$77,020
Quinn, Peter$119,217
Ramilo, Gisele$60,575
Remack, Leigh$95,673
Riner, Lucy$107,497
Roodhouse, Sarah$106,466
Rosas, Sarah$103,561
Roth, Jenifer$98,879
Rouse, Nathaniel$161,639
Rubinow, Marlene$132,016
Rulis, Cheryl$116,947
Runyon, Joel$137,388
Sahagun, Claudia$113,318
Schmadeke, Yoko$74,096
Schoenbeck, Carolina$83,309
Schwartz, Steven$114,952
Silver, Jonathan$70,775
Singletary, Rahasad$64,016
Slivinski, Ann$121,710
Smith, Christina$81,699
Smith, Lauren$149,790
Smith, Lauren$80,979
Soffer, Michael$60,715
Sosa, Jose$151,982
Spilotro, Raffaella$75,634
Splan, David$124,218
St. John, Benjamin$39,762
Stanis, Amy$87,044
Stinich, Jennifer$56,225
Stovall, Jessica$61,107
Stow, Kristen$94,131
STRIMPLE, Tracy$50,299
Svejda, Anthony$113,077
Tarrant, Tom$101,357
Terretta, John$86,542
Theen, Aviva$73,916
Thomphsen, Richard$120,012
Tolomeo, Dana$81,813
Topf, Regina$66,510
Torrez, Buster$63,813
Tsilimigras, Kathy$117,046
Van Der Meulen, Kathleen$71,041
Vance, Marcellus$106,137
VenHorst, Ryan$70,546
Vogel, Mary$72,639
Wade Jr., Leandrew$40,887
Walker, Marvin$106,620
Walker-Qualls, Gwendolyne$121,541
Walter, Claire$61,222
Walton, Alisa$116,603
Warren, Patti$94,452
Webster, James$137,229
Weisman, Neal$118,294
Wiencek, Jeremiah$121,134
Wirtz, Kathleen$89,490
Wise, Nisha$73,614
Woods, Mark$130,476
Wright, Paul$115,507
Wurster, Sarah$87,818
Young, Jessica$125,928
Young, Laura$86,474
Young, Mary$94,732
Young, William$89,470

This completes the 2011 teachers salaries list for Oak Park-River Forest High School SD 200.


  1. Over 100k a year to teach how to drive, or run a home?! Good grief! We used to call such people "Dad and Mom," and they did it for free.

  2. I know. My dad taught me to drive in a '69 Mercury Montego in about 2 times out and then taught me to drive a VW stick shift in an afternoon. Isn't it just sick the way these union teachers just lie through their noses in crying for more money "for the children?"

  3. Good luck trying to get anywhere with this stuff- it's 70% union 30% admin on how these teachers are paid. The excuse is that we won't get the BEST in the country unless we pay the best.
    I'm doing pretty well and I don't think the best teachers I had (and still remember) even obtained a full college degree!

  4. Of course, you're right. And if teacher pay is so determinative of student performance, what explains the success of the Catholic schools who pay about 25% less to their teachers, yet have vastly better results. More than 1,700 Chicago Public School teachers are making $100k + a year and they are turning out functional illiterates.

  5. I think i am worth every penny. Paul Wright

  6. I know I have earned every penny. Why do you hide behind a facade? Potshots are easy to take when you don't have to admit who you are. You don't even live in the district and I am guessing that you did not attend OPRFHS. It is a shame that you have chosen to ridicule people that work hard every day doing work that is difficult and exhausting. A community organizer??? What are you organizing? Bitter assholes that should have spent more time earning an honest living, but have chosen to blame others for their failure. I am happy that you are not a teacher and I feel sorry for you that you can't appreciate the hard work of a dedicated faculty. Please out yourself. Please come to the school and share the reasons for your hatred of teachers. You make me sick. ---- James Paul Hunter

  7. Hey, what do you have against community organizers? There's one sitting in the White House right now and, last I heard, the corrupt government employees union to which you assiduously pay dues, enthusiastically endorsed him.

    Since when, is it a "potshot" to simply apprise your employers what they are paying you? Aren't the liberal pols that your union has bought off always harping about the need for "transparency"?

    And as for being hard working in an exhaustive endeavor, I have no doubt that Chicago's unionized $80k a year garbage men work hard in their exhaustive endeavors -- but in a free market, that is not the wage that such work would command, nor is your wage determined by the free market considerations under which all of the rest of us must labor.

    Why don't you just embrace a true free-market, free-choice voucher educational system, rather than the current government-union education monopoly and find out what your efforts are really worth?

  8. Wow! I made that much? What you dont see in those numbers are the countless number of hours it to earn a yearly salary like that. I coach 3 seasons (fall, spring and summer), direct 2 leadership activity clubs, work every home football and basketball game and teach a before school fitness class for staff and faculty. I am very fortunate to have the strength, energy and determination to make every dollar I can for my family. God bless america for giving me the opportunity to do all of that and teach 5 Physical Education classes on a daily basis.
    By the way, your number is forgot to mention the $9,000 i make each summer in private industry.

  9. How onerous are the demands on you that they still leave you free to pick up another $9k moonlighting? Most people in the private sector don't get the summer off.

    No one doubts that many of these teachers work hard and I'm sure you do. But a lot of Americans are working hard, finding their hours cut, taking pay cuts and being laid off.

    It is, if anything, anti-American that an elite few (public teachers)should be insulated from any shared sacrifice in trying times due to their sinecures in a monopoly industry -- as government education is -- and given above market level rewards due to the ability of their powerful unions to elect the very people that they bargain with.

    Do you really believe that private businesses in the education realm could stay in business long if they handed out cash like this?

    They couldn't, but it doesn't matter for government employees because they view the taxpayers as an endless fountain of ready cash.

    With states and school districts going broke, that may not be the case for long. The fountain is drying up.

  10. Wow-what a revelation. But I gotta say -- it cuts both ways. I spotted one teacher I'm very familiar with, who is making in the $130-140K range, and in my opinion, he's an incredible, awesome bargain at that rate. And I know some others, teachers and staff, also apparently making over $100K, who in my opinion demonstrate no justification whatsoever for that kind of money.

    We need unions. Without them, working conditions and benefits for salaried and non-salaried people in this county would be far worse.

    But when unions also create inappropriate, unfair, inefficient, and downright ridiculous wage and work rule disparities compared to the non-union sector, it's no wonder there's a popular movement to cripple them.

    Let's keep the best of union practices and get rid of the ridiculous parts. We don't need a caboose conductor -- the train doesn't even have a caboose any more!

  11. But do we need government employee unions? FDR didn't seem to think so and he and Eleanor were big union champions.

    There is something inherently crooked about sitting across a bargaining table and "negotiating" with the people that you selected to sit across from you.

    With the $6 million or so in campaign funds that the IEA teachers union has pumped into campaigns over the past 5 years, that has been the case and it stinks to high heavens.

    Also how can you determine a teacher's "worth" if not be free competition in an open employment market.

    Are all private school teachers "worth" 25% less than their unionized government school counterparts?

    It would seem to me that their salaries are more indicative of a real worth in the only way we have that can legitimately ascribe worth -- what the market will bear.

  12. Honestly, most of these teachers deserve more. The only travesty here is that most English teachers are getting paid less than the gym teachers.

  13. I went to OPRF, and don't have a problem with this. I cannot put a price on the education I received at OPRF- both from the books and from the invaluable lessons I learned from these teachers about life. You see the numbers, but what you don't have are testimonials from students about how these teachers changes lives on a daily basis. In a world where people seem to be always complaining that teachers are the unsung heroes of our communities, why are we condemning some that are being rewarded proportionately to all they have given and given up to make OPRF the gem that it is?

  14. The above two college kid commentors had better move back home real fast and get very good jobs (maybe even 2 or 3 jobs)so that they can pay for these salaries for the teachers they love so well and their subsequent life-long gold-plated labor union negotiated pensions.

    I hear Wal-Mart and McDonald's are still hiring.

    The IL state legislature is even beginning to realize that way more has been promised that can ever realistically be paid.

    And if these are "deserving" salaries, why is it that so many excellent teachers work for much less in the non-monopoly private sector?

  15. As a former student, while I think some of the individual teachers are probably paid too much, overall I think the teachers are being underpaid. I received an excellent education at OPRF, and value the work the teachers there did to put me on a path to success.

  16. Again, its something out of Econ 101. How do you determine value in a monopoly setting? Unionized teachers in public schools have a monopoly. Obama sends his kids to a private school, Sidwell Friends. It has higher standards for teachers that OPRF and manages to attract them while paying less. What does that tell you?

    And facts are facts. Many school districts are going broke, their taxpayers are tapped out --many of them are losing their homes and jobs. Yet the teachers don't even consider "sharing the sacrifice" as Obama recommended. Something's gotta give.

  17. I would like to see statistics of PE teachers within the Silver division and benchmark this to Oak Park. $130k to teach physical education and the program is not all that great. $130k to basically take attendence and then coach!

  18. If you click the link to Family Taxpayers Foundation (in the post) you can look up other schools in the silver division. By clicking the download data, you will get a spreadsheet that would enable you to look up PE teachers' salaries at those schools. If you know particular names, you can also search more quickly that way too.

  19. Yet we have the WORST schools in the country.

    In addition, most teachers only work 8 months a year.

  20. I lived in Illinois for the first 35 years of my life. I live in Florida now and the teacher pay difference between Illinois and Florida is so very sad. Teachers with Masters down here are lucky if they get $30k to start. My sister has worked for the Pinellas County School District for over 15 years now and has gotten 2 raise's and last year a pay cut to be able to keep her job. Florida has the worse schools in the country. The children's education here is on the bottom of the list of importance by the government. The government makes me sick to my stomach here in Florida. I have a 4 year old and in 2 more years i am moving back up north just so my son can get a good education. My brother is on that list "Jose Sosa". I know Jose has been with OPRFHS for many many years. I think his pay is more than deserving for all that he has done for that school and many students. He takes OPRFHS to state every year. He has trained students who are now World Class Runners. Inducted into the Coaches Hall of Fame. I may be the young brother but i am so proud of Jose.
    What gets me is when i see Chicagoland teachers go on it's sad. Teachers in Chicagoland are spoiled and have forgotten how nice they have it. Just like when i see professional athletes go on strike because their 10 million a year isn't enough money. I'm sorry but NO Athlete is worth that much just for playing a sport. This crap has got to stop.
    Ancient Alien