Saturday, February 22, 2014

Northwestern Sex Scandal Prof Was on "Double Secret Probation"

Excitement continues to swirl about the icy Evanston fields of Chicago's Big-Ten campus.

As we reported last week, an undergraduate female student just filed a federal lawsuit against Northwestern University over allegedly having been sexually assaulted by a Professor of Philosophy there.

In her filing, she asserted that the Prof., one Peter Ludlow, took her to an art show, got her drunk and invited her up to his lair. (How'd you like to come up and have a look at my Archimedes, little girl?)

While there, she says she passed out and woke up in bed with the amorous philosopher - his arms entwined about her innocent girlish frame.

Seems the Northwestern girl's chief complaint centers around the reaction of the Northwestern bureaucracy.

In her suit, she claimed that one Joan Slavin, Director of something called the Northwestern Sexual Harassment Prevention Office, told her that her complaint was valid and that the horny Didact has been duly disciplined.

But Ms. Slavin said she couldn't say precisely what sanctions had been levelled against Dr. Ludlow. Seems Northwestern wanted it hushed up and said it was a secret personnel matter.

Well, after exhaustive research, the Chicago Lampoon has discovered that Professor Peter Ludlow, was in fact, severely sanctioned for his amorous late evening faux pas.

Northwestern had, in fact, put him on "Double Secret Probation." (see video below):

Oh and by the way, if you're wondering why undergraduate tuition at Northwestern University has now reached an astronomical $60,000 a year, just consider that Northwestern now has a full blown bureaucratic entity -- with 2 employees and its own separate office -- devoted full time to combating the evils of sexual harassment.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NU Prof. Peter Ludlow Sues Media: "I Did Not Rape That Unconscious Student in My Bed"

If a Catholic priest were alleged to have taken a young boy or girl out to an event -- say an art show -- taken the kid back to his apartment, gotten the underage youth so drunk as to pass out and awaken the next morning in bed with the priest's arms entwined around the youth -- what do you think would happen?

Northwestern Professor Peter Ludlow  (C)
Says He Didn't Rape a NU Female Student

And what do you think would happen if the Archdiocese ignored its own committee's recommendation that the priest be fired and simply let him move on to another gig in another part of the country?

That's what happened -- according to several lawsuits -- with regard to a Northwestern University Professor of Philosophy by the name of Peter Ludlow.

And yet leftist academia and news media have been deafeningly silent.

A female Northwestern student filed a lawsuit Monday against NU, claiming the University failed to act on her sexual assault complaint against Ludlow.

The student says Ludlow sexually assaulted her after the two attended a downtown Chicago art show in February 2012. The professor gave her (under 21 at the time) alcohol and refused several requests to take her back to Evanston. The student lost consciousness and woke up the next morning in his bed.

According to the lawsuit, NU’s Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention investigated the case and found Ludlow “engaged in unwelcome and inappropriate sexual advances,” including sleeping with his arms around the student on the night in question.

So the girl has now filed her federal lawsuit against Northwestern,

The suit says the University formed a committee to determine disciplinary action against Ludlow. The committee recommended NU fire him, but the suit alleges NU ignored the committee’s decision. Ludlow remains employed by the University, where he is teaching two 300-level philosophy classes this quarter.

Ahh, but Ludlow says he didn't actually rape the unconscious female student in his lair that night.

Something like --It depends on what your definition of "is" is.

So Northwestern Prof. Peter Ludlow is now, himself, suing three Chicago media companies, claiming their coverage of the girl's  lawsuit against Northwestern University was defamatory and portrayed him in a "false light before the public."

Ludlow is suing Sun-Times Media, LLC, Fox Television Stations, Inc., and Cumulus Broadcasting, LLC, asking for damages for the outlets’ false use of the word “rape” in their descriptions of the allegations against him. He filed the suit Friday morning in Cook County Circuit Court.

Ludlow,  a former student of the extreme left-wing radical, Noam Chomsky, has reportedly accepted an offer to head up the Center for Cognitive Science at Rutgers University in New Jersey next year.

And Rutgers apparently has no qualms whatever about welcoming Peter Ludlow into their university community -- in fact, they're practically wrapping their arms around him.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mt. Prospect SD 57 School Marms Threatened Strike: Teachers' Salaries Listed

Mount Prospect School District 57 says its 160 teachers educate 2,000 students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade in that Northwest Chicago suburb.

That taxing body operates Westbrook, Fairview and Lions Park elementary schools and Lincoln Middle School.
Mt. Prospect School Marms
Shakedown For More Cash

These 160 government employees just threatened to go on strike arguing that they weren't pulling down as much cash as their fellow unionized counterparts in nearby suburbs.

But a glance at the actual salaries of these Mt. Prospect grammar school employees suggests that they weren't doing too badly at all.

In fact, they were doing quite well when you consider that most of them work only 9 months, have gold-plated pension and health care plans and got their degrees from the slums of academia -- schools of education.

Word now is that the SD 57 school board has reached an "agreement" on salary and pension issues. Given the strangle-holds that the powerful, leftist IEA unionists have on most school boards, that means that the board -- supposedly the taxpayer's advocate --has caved in to their demands.

Just take a look at the actual teachers and administrators salaries. They aren't at all paltry for grammar school marms. Here in the wintry throes of a seemingly never-ending economic recession, these militant government employees are doing a lot better than a lot of the taxpayers from whom, they once again, extorted more cash.

Printed below are the names and salaries of all the employees of Mt. Prospect SD 57. These salaries are the latest available and were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the Family Taxpayers Foundation.

Among the highlights:

--  A Gym teacher pulling down $91k
--  A $90k Elementary school Spanish teacher
--  $87k for teaching reading to grammar school students
--  A $76k social worker

Click on the individual name to get more data on the particular Mount Prospect School District 57 government employee:

Mount Prospect SD 57 2012 -

Alms, Christopher$45,495
Arends, Christopher$40,708
Aumiller, Barbara$180,464
Bailey, Kelly$72,284
Banakis, Karen$79,162
Barkowitz, Marie$80,178
Becker, Laura$76,968
Beyer, Gerald$47,659
Biasco, Pamela$51,043
Black, Patrick$52,729
Black, Tobey$89,895
Boundy, Susan$69,620
Bovis, Dina$52,659
Brantman, Robin$90,918

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fat Evanston Bureaucrats Undermine Youth Employment

Most any man who grew up in an urban Northern clime recalls the annual boyhood wintertime rite de passage of neighborhood snow shoveling.

Evanston's Abandoned Shure Inc. HQ Last Week

In many cases, the entrepreneurial business of going door-to-door, right after a snowfall, snow shovel in hand, offering one's schoolboy labor in return for a dollar or two, was their first actual work experience.

Until recently, lots of kids -- as well as unemployed older men -- in North suburban Evanston would do just that.

Not so much anymore.

You see, government bureaucrats have to justify their fat salaries and so they sit around dreaming up new schemes at which they can diddle away.

Then they can go on the radio or send out a news release telling the taxpayers how wonderful they are (and incidentally, why they need more staff, fatter salaries and nice comfy pensions.)

The City of Evanston is a case study here.

This past Friday, one Erika Storlie, Evanston's $95,000 a year PR flack and her assistant, one Martha Logan, who  pulls down a paltry $82 grand, decided that they needed something to do.

They needed to dream up some sort of news peg to get on the airwaves and tell people how wonderful their government is.

This being a time when snow is more than a little in the news, the old light bulb flashed over their heads and they called up Chicago radio news bureaus to tout Evanston's wonderful volunteer snow shoveling setup.
Evanston Bureaucrat Ferraro -
 Perfect Face for Radio

They then rousted up one Christina Ferraro, Evanston's $90,000 bureaucrat in charge of goo-goo, city feel-good programs and put her in front of WBBM news radio's microphones to tout the wonders of their city's volunteer snow shoveling program.

Ferraro, who has the perfect radio face, told WBBM listeners that the wise and good Evanston government enlisted conscript labor from Evanston Township High School, where kids are shanghai-ed into mandatory "community service" toil -- to shovel the snow off the walks of Evanston's senior citizens and cripples.

Ferraro also said that the wise and good Evanston government also signed up bored and high-minded rich kids from Northwestern University to volunteer for this.

She said that assorted other stray Evanston do-gooders, likely from places like the Ethical Humanist Society, the Unitarian Church and the Womens' Christian Temperance Union, also sign on.

This way, she said, cripples and old people get their sidewalks snow shoveled for free in progressive Evanston, Illinois.

Then Ferraro and the well fed flacks repaired to their Evanston government offices to check on their ATM balances and order out lunch, content in the knowledge that their good works were now known far and wide.

And a well thought out scheme this free snow shoveling thing certainly is.

Last year, more than 72 percent of Illinois teens age 16 to 19 were unemployed.

And Senior citizens are, by a long shot, the demographic group with the highest net worth.

And the snow being shoveled by these conscripts and volunteers rests on the sidewalks of Evanston homes with a median value of almost $300 grand.

So you'd think that if these well-fed Evanston government busybodies really feel they must intrude into the business of snow shoveling, they would at least have the sense to link up kids in need of work (and work experience) with seniors quite able to shell out a few sheckels for some youthful labor.

But for the Evanston government class that would be too sensible.

Too free-market.

Too American.