Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rahm's Readers Take Challange (sic) Become Traslators (sic)

The Chicago Mayor's office in conjunction with the Chicago Public Library system is running a summer kids' book reading program.
Rahm's Readers don't need to know how to spell...

In deference to the hyper-PR conscious mayor, they're using the catchy term "Rahm's Readers" to describe participants in the CPL's summer learning challenge 2014 program.

A big sign in the Sulzer Regional Chicago Public Library urged kids to take the "challange (sic)" to become one of "Rahm's Readers."

Challenge was misspelled on the library's big sign (see photo above)

The hand crafted sign was obviously the work of some fine product of the CPS (affectionately referred to as the Chicago Public Sewer System) schools.

But hey, you don't have to really know how to properly spell English words to succeed in this dumbed-down multicultural and blissfully "diverse" city.

You can always just go to the First Western Tax Service on the 4500 block of North Western Ave. and get a job as a traslator doing Spanish/English "traslations(sic)." That's how it was painted on the sign in the window there (see photo below)
...they can always get jobs as Spanish/English "traslators"

The sign in the obviously Latino-owned shop seemed to have all the Spanish words spelled correctly. Just the "traslations" into English were a bit off.

For instance, Notario Publico became "Public Notary" rather than "Notary Public" in "traslation."

Oh, well, can it really matter? If the Chamber of Commerce cheap labor crony-capitalists and the left-wing Obamaites push through amnesty for illegal aliens, we'll all be communicating in crude hand gestures and pig-Espanol anyway.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Illegal Eats for Illegal Aliens in Chicago's 50th Ward

Not only do Chicago's illegal aliens get a free pass on being here illegally - and working here illegally -- but now they can set up food stands on city sidewalks and sell tacos and burritos here illegally.
Unregulated illegal alien taco stand
at Bernard and Lincoln

At least in Alderwoman Silverstein's 50th ward, they can.

On the public sidewalk, at the corner of Bernard St. and Lincoln Ave, just outside the Home Depot at 6211 Lincoln Ave., an illegal taco stand has been operating, rain or shine, for the past 6 months.

The amigos who sling the salsa there do a brisk business. That's because this North Side Home Depot, like many others, is an impromptu hiring center for illegal alien labor.

A throng of amigos hang out in the parking lot of the Lincoln Ave Home Depot, waiting for some cheap labor pimp to come by and hire them to do jobs Americans won't do at the slave wages these money grubbing, lawbreaking overseers offer.

And the amigos gotta eat, hence the illegal taco stand on the public sidewalk outside the Home Depot.
Ald. Debra "Double Standard"Silverstein

There is no City of Chicago food provider's license on the Tacos De Cabeza cart. I can't imagine that these taco slingers regularly (if ever) wash their hands. Has the food been properly refrigerated and cooked? Who knows. Any rodents or bugs around? Not a clue. Anyone collecting and reporting sales taxes here? Not on your life.

But those are worries for the taxpaying, law-abiding, gringo chumps. Because this is "Sanctuary City" Chicago. And as far as the illegal alien horde is concerned, "Laws. Laws? We don't need no stinkin' laws."

And why should they worry?

 Leftist Democrat pols like 50th Ward Alderman Debra Silverstein and her husband, State Sen. Ira Silverstein have given them de-facto amnesty for all American laws broken -- past or future. Kind of a catch-all "Dream Act" for Chicago's illegal aliens.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hinsdale High Neo-Fascists Suspend Kid for Gun T-Shirt: Teachers Salaries Listed

(Ed. Note: The complete list of names and salaries for all Hinsdale SD 68 teachers and administrators appears at the end of this article.)

18 year old Chris Borg was suspended last week by the dangerously dimwitted and wildly overpaid government educrats who run the Hinsdale Central High School.
Hinsdale High Supt.
Bruce "Pencil Neck"Law

He was suspended for wearing a T-shirt which depicted a long gun and the web address of a pro-2nd Amendment organization.

Some eagle-eyed Hinsdale High hall monitor espied the politically incorrect T-shirt and immediately judged it to be "unsafe and disruptive." 

Then the chief school hall monitor, one Kimberly Dever, who shakes down the taxpayers for $130k a year and also goes by the title of dean, told Borg he had to turn the shirt inside out or be suspended. Borg said "nuts" to that blatant violation of his free speech rights and was suspended for a day. 

Then the Grand High Hall Monitor, one Bruce (Pencil Neck) Law, who hauls down a cool $155k a year and also goes by the title of Superintendent, upheld Borg's suspension.

He said it was OK to ban expressions "when it's offensive, when it's predicted to be offensive, when it promotes drugs, alcohol, violence."
Would this T-Shirt be banned?

I wonder if there is any conceivable T-shirt on today's market that could not be predicted to be offensiveto somebody, somewhere.

Does Hinsdale High ban Malcolm X T-shirts? Mexican flag T-shirts? Che Guevara T-shirts? American Flag T-shirts? How about the popular "Don't be a Jackass" T-Shirt with the Democrat Party logo?

We're guessing only the latter 2.

So anyway, with the support of his dad, who admires his principled stand, Borg is appealing to have the suspension removed from his record. For this, the arbiter is the school's principal. 

But if that fails, there is also the possibility of a court challenge to Hinsdale SD 86, with the backing of the legal arm of the Illinois State Rifle Association.

BTW, Hinsdale High School has assigned Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper as required summer reading. 
Hinsdale High's Chief Hall Monitor
and Thought Policeman Kimberly Dever

According to the American Library Association, that is in the top 10 most challenged and banned books in the US for its "Sexism, Homosexuality, Sexually Explicit Offensive Language, Religious Viewpoint, Unsuitability to Age Group, Drugs, Suicide, Violence."

I think that one can reasonably predict it to be offensive to somebody, somewhere. So crack hall monitors and offensive expression censors, Kimberly Dever and Bruce Law had better get out the flame throwers and commit that tome to the ash heap.

George Orwell's 1984 is also on Hinsdale High School's summer reading list. Dever and Law would do well to expand their feeble minds by reading it.

Below is a complete list of the names and salaries of the teachers and administrators of the Hinsdale High School system. 

They were garnered by the Family Taxpayers Foundation via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. They are the latest available (2012) figures and will be updated as new data becomes available.

Note that in most cases, these salaries are for a mere 9 months work. An astonishing 58% are hauling down more than 6 figures a year for these 3 season gigs. You can get further data on the individual government school employee by clicking on the individual payroller's name:

Here are the latest available (2012) names and salaries of the teachers and administrators of Hinsdale High School District 68:

Hinsdale Twp HSD 86 2012 Download data

Alejandro, Heather$109,352
Amolsch, Jarrod$130,165
Anderson, David$155,622
Aquino, Katie$96,927
Arroyo, Edmund$116,138
Aurich, Robert$105,775
Baker, Cynthia$135,848
Baker, Julia$99,079
Baker, Pamela$168,797
Bannon, Elizabeth$143,847
Barber, Robert$113,751

Saturday, May 10, 2014

State's Atty Anita Alvarez's Very Own Willie Horton

By rights, Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez should be in deep political hot water, but this is Chicago, so she's not.
Alleged Serial rapist Marcus Lynch

You see, our crack Latina chief prosecutor had the black Lakeview serial rapist, Marcus Lynch, in her clutches last December, but decided to let him go, whereon he went back to Wrigleyville and raped another white woman at knife point.
Cook Co. State's Atty Anita Alvarez
gave Lynch a "Get out of Jail Free" card

In December, a previous Lakeview white woman accused the portly, diminutive YMCA employee of raping her at knife point. He was arrested, but Alvarez gave him a "get out of jail free" card.

Alvarez's mouthpiece, one Sally Daly, said that Alvarez's crack legal team didn't think they could convict Lynch then, with the evidence they had.

This in the era of DNA testing, rape kits and surveillance cameras everywhere.

So the swarthy serial rapist waltzed out of Cook County jail to resume his interracial sex crime spree.

On April 14th he reputedly raped another white girl at knife point in a Lakeview alley.

This time, crime stopper Alvarez did manage to assemble video surveillance footage and a fingerprint. They also found the African-American with his latest white victim's cell phone and the double edged knife that he held to her throat.

Does anyone remember Willie Horton?

He was the vicious black thug who was given a weekend furlough from prison by Alvarez's fellow Democrat, the then-Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis.

The despicable creature then went out and invaded a young white couple's home, raping the wife at gunpoint and looting the place.

It became a major issue in the 1988 Presidential election and sealed Dukakis' electoral doom.

But Anita Alvarez has come out of this comparable mess, politically unscathed.

That's because, this is Chicago where the boobs who vote would elect John Wayne Gacy, himself, to be State's Attorney so long as he had a D after his name.

And this is Chicago, where there is no serious news media to even raise the issue of Alvarez's almost criminal incompetence.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Death of a Chicago Drag Queen: K.B. Watkins (aka) Tajma Hall - Bites Dust

Sad news last week as word comes that North Carolina born, K.B Watkins, better known to denizens of Chicago's Lakeview drag scene as "Lady Tajma Hall", performed his/her last fan dance.

K.B. Watkins/Tajma Hall

The 44 year old, ever-portly winner of numerous pageants, including the coveted Miss Gay USofA crown, succumbed to a gripper at Evanston Hospital, April 19th.

Her many friends and fellow fan-dancers were inconsolable upon hearing the news.

Among the accolades showered upon Mr. Watkins/Ms.Hall were these (we are not making any of this up):

Said Len Patrick Leflore, 44, a nurse and friend of for almost 14 years:

"She was a great entertainer who will be deeply missed. Her legacy is going to live on because everyone looked up to her. She touched lives well beyond Chicago, all across the U.S. She was a wonderful, wonderful person, and I know she now is in heaven looking down on us knowing that she left a mark—because she absolutely did."

Longtime friend, RaShaan Houston, 40, said:

"The last time I saw Tajma Hall was Friday night at the hospital. She was sitting up in her bed, painting her face. 

And it was a pageant-worthy painting...thinking about it now, I think she just wanted to paint her face one more time...she was painting her face, preparing to meet Jesus. That's a comforting thought for me."

One admirer said:

"I'm happy that she's now reunited with some of her drag sisters [in heaven],she always had class … that's why we called her the Lady Tajma Hall."

Friend, Jaida Essence Hall, 26, of Milwaukee said:

"Tajma Hall took me in and showed me the ropes, I'll always remember her laugh … and her fragrance. There was that beautiful smell that always was … Taj."

Her chosen fragrance was Clinique Happy Heart, Essence Hart said.

Nurse Leflore said his dining with Tajma almost always involved chicken wings and/or sushi.

In fact, two days before dying, when Tajma Hall was in the hospital and not supposed to eat anything, she asked Leflore to bring her sweet tea and chicken wings—and he did.

Evanston Hospital reported the cause of death of the 44 year old Watkins/Mahall as cardiac arrest.