Saturday, March 5, 2011

Skil Power Tools Vies For Official Northwestern U Sponsorship

In an apparent attempt to cash in on the nationwide uproar over the Feb. 21st sex toy demonstration at Northwestern University, Skil Power tools has made a sponsorship proposal in hopes of being designated "the official power tool of Northwestern University."

The instrument used in the sex toy demonstration was an industrial grade reciprocating saw affixed with a lifelike attachment closely resembling a male anatomical appendage.

Skil Tools manufactures a variety of power saws including a reciprocating model (pictured above.) In the sponsorship proposal, Skil's parent company, the German-owned Robert Bosch GmbH, would be given prominent signage at Northwestern Football and Basketball games, exclusive sponsorship rights of the annual NU Mardi Gras celebration and designation as the schools "Official Power Tool."

In return, Bosch would pay Northwestern an unspecified annual amount and also promise never again to use concentration camp slave laborers as they did during the Nazi years.

Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro said Thursday he is launching an investigation into the live sex act performance for students as part of the optional after-class lecture, and would also look into the financial feasibility of the Skil/Bosch sponsorship proposal.

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