Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Lying Left-Wing Weasels of the Chicago Tribune

Once, we were the Chicago Tribune "Newspaper Boy of the Month."  We delivered 34 Tribs on Kedvale Ave. in Skokie - between Oakton and Main Sts.

Every 2nd house had a Chicago Tribune delivered daily. A mere 6 unadulterated leftist-Dems had the Chicago Sun-Times delivered.

Today, there are no deliveries of either paper on that street.

This past summer, on a beautiful, warm summer day, we took a 6AM early morning bike ride through the Western part of Morton Grove and Southern part of Glenview.


That grandpa MSN newspaper is dying, irrespective of their protests to the contrary.

They don't want to admit it, but its death is a function of their wild left-wing bias.

Rick Pearson, a so-called journalist, who pimps for the dying Chicago Tribune, even admitted  on his WGN Sunday radio show, that he doesn't attempt to be objective in his reporting - if it gets in the way of his personal (left-wing) agenda.


The strange left-wing weasels on the Chicago Tribune editorial board - knowing they had a relatively conservative circulation base, couldn't get over their left-wing orthodoxy to endorse Donald Trump.
Chicago Tribune Weasels

But they knew that they would further antagonize their aging, waning, readership base - and their circulation would further hemhorrage if they endorsed another leftist Democrat like Barack Obama, as they did in 2012.

So these Chicago Tribune weasels - who themselves vote more than 90% Democrat, endorsed a Libertarian (dumber than dirt) joke candidate, Gary Johnson. 

In that endorsement, Colonel McCormick' s esteemed newspaper  joined such esteemed entities as the Marijuana Policy Project, rapper Kurt Rock and magicians Penn and Teller - and nary another supposedly serious newspaper.

When President Trump said that the few remaining mainstream "journalists" are lying, dishonest people - he was probably talking about these creeps who work for the Chicago Tribune.

They live in our midst.

Here are their names:

Kester Alleyne-MorrisAssistant Subject Editor, National@KesterAlleyne+Kester Alleyne-Morris
John A. AndersenFilm Imaging Technician
Tim BannonSports Editor@TimBannon+Tim Bannon
Kyle BentleGraphics Producer@kylebentle+Kyle Bentle
Michael BerensInvestigative Reporter@MJBerens1
Kathy BergenReporter/Writer, Chicago business climate@kathy_bergen+Kathy Bergen
Jonathon BerlinGraphics Editor@JonathonBerlin+Jonathon Berlin
Joseph BieskEditor, South Town Star@joebiesk
Brad BiggsReporter/Writer, Bears@BradBiggs+Brad Biggs
Christopher BoghossianSports Source Editor@ChrisBoghossian
Samantha BomkampBusiness Reporter@SamWillTravel+Samantha Bomkamp
Christopher BorrelliEntertainment Reporter@Borrelli+Chris Borrelli
Lolly L. BoweanGeneral Assignment Reporter/Writer@lollybowean
Alison BowenLifestyles Reporter@byalisonbowen
Jeff BowenEditor/Designer+Jeff Bowen
Joel BoydSource Editor, Sports@JJoelBoyd+Joel Boyd
Manya Brachear PashmanReligion Reporter/Writer, Metro@TribSeeker+Manya Brachear
Jemal BrinsonProducer, Graphics@jemalbrins+Jemal Brinson
Tony BriscoeReporter@_tonybriscoe
Bob BrownCopy Editor, Financial News
Taylor BrownSEO Specialist
Aly BrumbackDigital News Editor@alybrumback+Aly Brumback
Chuck BurkeEditing & Presentation, Deputy@chuck_burke+Chuck Burke
John ByrneReporter, City Hall@_johnbyrne+John Byrne
Zbigniew BzdakStaff Photographer@zbzdak
Patricia CallahanInvestigative Reporter@TribuneTrish+Patricia Callahan
Rich CampbellBears Reporter@Rich_Campbell
Jeffrey CarlsonEditor/Designer@carlsonjeff2014
Whitney CarlsonEditorial Assistant
Amy CarrDevelopment Editor@amyscarr
Carmel CarrilloTV and Movies Editor@CarmelCarrillo+Carmel Carrillo
Brian CassellaStaff Photographer@briancassella+Brian Cassella
Kathleen CelerPhoto Imaging Technician
Jeff C. CerconeDigital News Editor+Jeff Cercone
Alexandra ChachkevitchLocal Reporter@chachkevitch
Mary Kate ChambersEditor/Designer+MaryKate Chambers
Robert ChannickReporter/Writer, Business and Media@RobertChannick+Robert Channick
Stephen ChapmanColumnist and Member of the Editorial Board@SteveChapman13+Steve Chapman
John ChaseState Government Reporter/Writer, Metro@chasejohn
Lauren ChvalCommunity Coordinator, The Mash@lchval
Geoffrey ClarkAssistant Editing III@gfclark89
Norma CochraneCommunications Coordinator, Editorial Message Center
Jeff CoenFederal Courts Reporter/Writer, Metro@JeffCoen+Jeff Coen
Jodi S. CohenHigher Education Reporter/Writer, Metro@higherednews+Jodi S. Cohen
Lauren ComitorDigital News Editor@laurencomitor
Megan CrepeauCopy Editor, RedEye@crepeau
Karen CullottaReporter, Trib Local Arlington Heights@kcullotta
Patrick DailyEditor/Designer
Bill DaleyFood and Feature Writer@BillDaley+Bill Daley
Cindy DampierAssistant Editor, Lifestyle
Hal DardickReporter/Writer, City Hall@ReporterHal+Hal Dardick
Robin DaughtridgeAME/Photo and Video@rdaughtridge+Robin Daughtridge
Molly DavisOnline Entertainment Producer@MollyDavis+Molly Davis
Jennifer DayBooks/Printers Row Journal Editor@dayjenn+Jennifer Day
Amy Dickinson"Ask Amy" Features Columnist@AskingAmy+Amy Dickinson
Marie DillonDeputy Editorial Page Editor@mariecdillon+Marie Dillon
Nuccio DiNuzzoStaff Photographer@chitribnuccio
Cara DiPasqualeSource Editor@cdipasquale+Cara DiPasquale
Cynthia DizikesReporter, Metro@cdizikes+Cynthia Dizikes
Valentina DjeljosevicDeputy Editor of Editing & Presentation+Valentina Djeljosevic
Robert DufferAutos Editor@DufferRobert+Robert Duffer
Jordan A. DziuraDeputy Editor of Editing & Presentation@jdziura
Leo A. EbersoleAssistant Entertainment Editor@sharkvshyena+Leo Ebersole
Amina ElahiReporter, Blue Sky@aminamina+Amina Elahi
Duaa EldeibReporter@deldeib+Duaa Eldeib
Alexia Elejalde-RuizBusiness Reporter@alexiaer+Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz
Daniel EllmanEditor/Designer
Renee EnnaAssistant Editor, Lifestyles@reneeenna+Renee Enna
Abraham EptonNews Applications Team@aepton+Abraham Epton
Tom FieldsExecutive Assistant
Kori Rumore FinleyGraphics Producer@rumormill
Liz FitzgeraldEditor/Designer, Sports@FitzWatson+Liz Fitzgerald
Liam FordSource Editor, Writer@ltaford+Liam Ford
Monique GarciaSpringfield Correspondent/Bureau Chief@moniquegarcia+Monique Garcia
Georgia C. GarveyManaging Editor, Pioneer Press@gcgarvey+Georgia Garvey
Destiny GdalmanSenior Technical Producer@DestinyGdalman
Philip GeibDesign/Editing@pgeib1
Kim GeigerMetro Reporter@kimgeiger
Douglas GeorgeAssistant Entertainment Editor@DouglasGeorge+DouglasGeorge
Kurt GesslerSr. Editor, Gessler
Heather GillersSpecialist Reporter/Investigative@hgillers+Heather Gillers
Dahleen GlantonMetro reporter@dahleeng+Dahleen Glanton
Mark GonzalesCubs Reporter, Sports@MDGonzales
Jeremy GornerReporter/Writer, Police
Joe GrayFood & Dining Editor@joegraygoodeats
Jimmy GreenfieldCommunity Manager, ChicagoNow@jcgreenx+Jimmy Greenfield
Teddy GreensteinMedia/College Football Reporter, Sports@TeddyGreenstein+Teddy Greenstein
Ted GregoryGeneral Assignment Reporter/Writer, Northlake Bureau@tgregoryreports
Elizabeth GreiweEditor, Voice of the People@elizabethgreiwe
Ron GrossmanUrban Affairs Reporter/Writer, Metro+Ron Grossman
Jason GrottoSpecialist Reporter/Investigative@JasonGrotto+Jason Grotto
Christy GutowskiMetro Reporter@christygutowsk1
Daniel HaarEditor/Breaking News@dahaar
Anne HalstonEditor, The Beacon-News, The Courier-News, Napierville Sun, TribLocal@anniewho2
Andrea HanisBlue Sky Editor@AndreaHanis+Andrea Hanis
Maureen HartDeputy Editor, Printers Row Journal, Saturday Books@MaureenMH+Maureen Hart
David A. HaughSports Columnist@DavidHaugh+David Haugh
Michael HawthorneWatchdog Reporter/Environment@scribeguy+Michael Hawthorne
John T. HectorAssistant Subject Editor, Suburbs@jthector+John Hector
David HeinzmannReporter/Writer, Metro@davidheinzmann
Mary Ellen HendricksProduction Editor@MECUBS+Mary Ellen Hendricks
Christopher HineSports Reporter@ChristopherHine+Chris Hine
Dan HinkelResident/Reporter, Schaumburg Bureau@dhinkel+Dan Hinkel
Ray HochgesangMoD Editor/Designer@rhochgesang
Margaret HoltStandards Editor@chicagomargaret
Jared S. HopkinsWatchdog Reporter@JaredSHopkins+Jared Hopkins
Stephen HuangSports Desk@SaveTheGnu+Steve Huang
Mark HumePhoto Editor@mhume+Mark Hume
Rex W. HuppkeWriter, Metro/Workplace Columnist@RexHuppke+Rex Huppke
Nausheen HusainJunior Developer@NausheenHusain
David JacksonInvestigative Reporter@poolcar4
Mark JacobAssociate Managing Editor, Metro@MarkJacob16+Mark Jacob
Terrence Antonio JamesStaff Photographer
Trevor JensenMetro Source Editor@ttjensen
Charlie JohnsonDigital News Editor@Charliemagne
G. Allen JohnsonSenior Editor/Designer, Editing & Presentation
K.C. JohnsonBulls beat writer, Sports@KCJHoop+K.C. Johnson
Steve JohnsonEntertainment Reporter@StevenKJohnson+Steve Johnson
Andrew JohnstonPhoto Editor@Andy_J_Johnston
Chris JonesTheater Critic, A&E@ChrisJonesTrib
Phil JurikEditor, Suburban Tribune@pjurik+Phil Jurik
Liz KalkowskiEditor/Designer@lizkalkowski+Liz Kalkowski
Blair KaminArchitecture Critic@BlairKamin
Colleen KaneWhite Sox Reporter+Colleen Kane
Kristin KarnoppEditor/Designer, Editing & Presentation
Amanda KaschubeSenior Digital Editor, Kaschube
John KassColumnist@John_Kass+John Kass
John A. KeilmanGeneral Assignment Reporter/Writer, Schaumburg Bureau@JohnKeilman+John Keilman
Cristi KempfAssociate Managing Editor, Editing & Presentation@cristikempf+Cristi Kempf
David KidwellState Government Reporter/Writer, Metro+David Kidwell
John J. KimTribune Staff Photographer@jkimpictures
Karisa KingInvestigative Reporter@karisaking
Scott KleinbergSocial Media Editor@scottkleinberg+Scott Kleinberg
Joe KnowlesAssociate Managing Editor, Sports@jknowles31+Joe Knowles
Rick KoganEntertainment Writer/Chicago Live! Host@rickkogan+Rick Kogan
Greg KotPop Music Critic, A&E@gregkot+Greg Kot
Eric A. KrolMetro, Politics Editor@EAKrol
Chris KucBlackhawks Reporter, Sports@ChrisKuc+Chris Kuc
Colleen KujawaEditor/Designer@Colleen_Kujawa+Colleen Kujawa
Dan LambertDigital News Editor@DanLambert22
Mark LeBienDigital Coordinator for News@marklebien+Mark LeBien
William L. LeeReporter@MidnoirCowboy
Michael LevEditorial Board Member@MichaelLev+Michael Lev
Angie Leventis LourgosReporter/Writer@angie_leventis
Todd LightyInvestigations Reporter/Writer, Metro@tlighty+Todd Lighty
Kimberly LollEditor/Designer
Ray LongWatchdog Reporter, Tower@RayLong+Ray Long
Michelle LopezDigital and Design Editor, The Mash@michelleglopez+MichelleGLopez
Marcia LythcottAssociate Editorial Page Editor for Commentary
Brian MacQueenAssistant Subject Editor, News Editing+Brian MacQueen
Dean MagnaviteEditor/Designer
Joe MahrSuburban Watchdog Reporter@joemahr1+Joe Mahr
Dan I. MannAssistant Subject Editor, Presentation
Annemarie MannionMetro Reporter@triblocalam
Gail MarksJarvisFinancial Columnist@gailmarksjarvis+Gail MarksJarvis
Kenney MarlattAssistant Subject Editor, Presentation@kenneymarlatt+Kenney Marlatt
Julie Ann MarraEditor/Designer@julieannmarra
Gary MarxInvestigative Reporter@garyjmarx+Gary Marx
Ryan MarxAssistant Graphics Editor@ryanmarx
Mitchell MayDeputy National/Foreign Editor@MitchellMay755+Mitchell May
Rich MayorPrepsPlus Editor@CityHall03
Robert McCoppinReporter, Specialist@RobertMcCoppin+Robert McCoppin
Kristen McQuearyEditorial Board Member@StatehouseChick
Luis MedinaAssistant Editing III
Jason MeisnerReporter/Writer, Metro@jmetr22b+Jason Meisner
Nina MetzReporter, Entertainment@NinaMetzNews+Nina Metz
Jeremy MikulaEditing Assistant, Books@jeremymikula
Steve MillsMetro Reporter@smmills1960
Michael MinerAssistant Subject Editor, Presentation+Michael Miner
Mark MisulonasAssistant Subject Editor, Metro Copy Desk@Mmisulonas15
Ian MitchellEditor/Designer+Ian Mitchell
Brian MooreDigital News Editor@BriTheWebGuy+Brian Moore
Jason MorrisAssistant Subject Editor, Metro Copy Desk@jmorristrib+Jason Morris
Shaina MurphySr, Communications Specialist@shainamurph
Holly NapoliSecretary, Sports
Brian NemtusakEditor/Designer
Peter NickeasMetro Reporter@PeterNickeas+Peter Nickeas
Josh B. NoelReporter, Travel@joshbnoel+Josh Noel
Brad NolanEditor/Designer@badgerbradn
Shanna NovakAssistant Subject Editor, News Editing@shannanovak
Patrick M. O'ConnellReporter@pmocwriter
William R. O'ConnellCopy Desk Chief
Dave O'ConnorAssistant Producer - Newsroom Events@DaveOC312
Matt O'ConnorSubject Editor, Courts/Metro@moconnor51
Kathleen O'MalleyEditor/Designer+Kathleen O'Malley
Vikki Ortiz HealyReporter@vikkiortiz+Vikki Ortiz Healy
Morgan OlsenEat & Drink editor, RedEye@morgancolsen+Morgan Olsen
José M. OsorioStaff Photographer@JoseMOsorio
Thomas L. OutlawSenior Scoreboard Editing Assistant, Sports@toutlaw
Clarence PageColumnist and Member of the Editorial Board, Washington Bureau@ChiTribPage+Clarence Page
Matthew PaisProducer,
Tom PalmerDigital News Editor@Mottom
Todd PanagopoulosDirector of Photography/Video@tpanagopoulos+Todd Panagopoulos
George PapajohnAssistant Managing Editor, Investigations@GeorgeWPapajohn+George Papajohn
Christi ParsonsWhite House Correspondent@cparsons+Christi Parsons
Ken PaxsonAssociate Subject Editor, Sports
Rick PearsonPolitical Reporter/Writer, Metro@rap30+Rick Pearson
Antonio PerezStaff Photographer@apereztribune
Juan Perez, Jr.Metro Reporter@PerezJr
Michael PhillipsFilm Critic@phillipstribune+Michael Phillips
Mary Ellen PodmolikAssociate Managing Editor, Business@mepodmolik+Mary Ellen Podmolik
Melody PotempaEditorial Coordinator, Editorial Administration
Kris PowersEditor/Designer
Scott PowersEntertainment Editor: A&E, On the Town, Movies, Dining; Music Editor@SLPowersChiTrib+Scott Powers
Gregory PrattMetro Reporter@royalpratt
Kim ProfantCopy Editor, National/Foreign News
Tony PuricelliEditor/Designer
John PuterbaughEditor, Pioneer Press@John_Puterbaugh
Diane C. RadoReporter, Education@diane_rado+Diane Rado
Brian RauschEditor/Designer
Patrick ReganBureau Chief, Northlake Bureau+Patrick Regan
Howard ReichJazz/Arts Critic, A&E@howardreich+Howard Reich
Peter ReinwaldDeputy Editor, Blue Sky@petereinwald
Eric J. ReyesAssistant Subject Editor, Presentation@erey+Eric Reyes
Jessica ReynoldsDigital Editor, Opinion@reynoldsjessica+Jessica Reynolds
Stephanie ReynoldsEditor/Designer@ssreyn
Dawn RhodesReporter/Writer@rhodes_dawn+Dawn Rhodes
Jennifer Smith RichardsSpecialist Reporter@jsmithrichards
Kenneth RickardAssistant Subject Editor, News Editing
Darcel RockettDigital News Editor@DarcelTribune+Darcel Rockett
Alex RodriguezEditorial Board Member@alexrpak
Sam RoeInvestigative Reporter@SamRoe
Steven M. RosenbergPhoto Editor@srosenbergphoto+Steven Rosenberg
Steve RosenbloomColumnist, Sports@steverosenbloom+Steve Rosenbloom
Phil RosenthalBusiness Columnist@phil_rosenthal+Phil Rosenthal
Neil RossEditorial Clerk
Richard RottDataBase
Michelle RowanEditor, Metro@mrowan20+Michelle Rowan
Angela Rozas O'TooleDeputy Metro Editor@AngelaRozas+Angela Rozas O'Toole
Bill RuthhartReporter, Metro@BillRuthhart+Bill Ruthhart
Annie RyanBusiness Manager, The Mash@aeryan3
Mary Shannon RyanSports Reporter@sryantribune
Ameet SachdevLegal Affairs Reporter, Financial News@ameetsachdev+Ameet Sachdev
Carlos E. SadoviBreaking News Police Reporter@csadovi+Carlos Sadovi
Mike SansoneAssociate Subject Editor, Sports@TheMikeSansone+Mike Sansone
Alena SaundersEditorial Assistant
Geoff ScheererPhoto Editor, Suburban Publications@GeoffotoTrib
William ScheibeSports Editor, Suburban@bill_scheibe
Steven SchmadekeReporter/Writer, Metro
Mary SchmichColumnist, Metro@MarySchmich+Mary Schmich
Nara SchoenbergReporter/Writer@nschoenberg+Nara Schoenberg
Pete SchwabPhoto Technology Supervisor+Pete Schwab
Calvin ScottEditor/Designer@calvinbscott
Char SearlEditor/Designer
Randi ShafferSocial Media Assistant
Corilyn ShropshireBusiness Reporter@corilyns+Corilyn Shropshire
Katherine M. SkibaReporter/Washington Bureau@KatherineSkiba+Katherine Skiba
Tom SkillingChief Meteorologist, WGN-TV
Paul SkrbinaSports Reporter, Notre Dame Football, Blackhawks, Chicago Baseball@ChiTribSkrbina+Paul Skrbina
Rochell SleetsLifestyles Source Editor@RochellSleets
Ryan SmithNews Editing
Soren SmithChief Clerk
Rosemary SobolMetro Reporter@Rosemarysobol1+Rosemary Sobol
Anthony SoufflePhotographer@AnthonySouffle+Anthony Souffle
Michael StainbrookEditing Assistant@Stainbrook419
Scott B. StantisEditorial Cartoonist@sstantis+Scott Stantis
Stacey St. ClairReporter, Metro@StacyStClair
Heidi StevensLifestyles Columnist@heidistevens13+Heidi Stevens
Randi StevensonLifestyles Digital Editor@RandiStevenson
Nancy StoneStaff Photographer
Paul SullivanBaseball Writer@PWSullivan+Paul Sullivan
Tracy SwartzGeneral Assignment Reporter, RedEye@tracyswartz+Tracy Swartz
Christopher SwedaStaff Photographer
Anne SweeneyCourts Reporter@Annie1221
Saleema SyedEditor/Designer@SaleemaNSyed+Saleema Syed
David SyrekAssistant Editor, Lifestyle@DavidSyrek+David Syrek
Michael D. TerchaStaff Photographer@mtercha+Michael Tercha
Kate ThayerReporter@knthayer
Phillip ThompsonSports Source Editor@_phil_thompson+Phillip Thompson
Patti TimsEditor/Designer
Kaarin TisueWatchdog Editor@katchicago+Kaarin Tisue
Gregory TrotterMetro Reporter@NorthShoreTrib+Gregory Trotter
Abel UribeStaff Photographer@Able099
Tracy Van MoorlehemEditor, Metro@bartonvan
Elaine VarvatosManager, Editorial Administration
Phil VelasquezStaff Photographer
Phil VettelRestaurant Critic@philvettel+Phil Vettel
John Von RheinClassical Music Critic, A&E@jvonrhein+John Von Rhein
Paige WagenknechtNational Content
Matt L. WalbergReporter/Writer, Criminal Courts@mattwalberg1
Christopher WalkerStaff Photographer@walker_pix+Chris Walker
Maggie WalkerPhoto Editor
Diana WallaceChicagoland North Deputy Bureau Chief@dwallacetrib
E. Jason WambsgansStaff Photographer
Maggie WartikGeneral Manager of Suburban Weeklies (TribLocal, Pioneer Press)@mwartik
James WebbSubject Editor, Metro@JamesEWebb
Lara WeberEditorial Board member@lweber+Lara Weber
Wendy WeberSource Editor, Suburban Trib@tvjedi
Paul WeingartenMember of the Editorial Board@paulweingarten1+Paul Weingarten
Stu WernerCopy Desk Chief@stu_werner435+Stu Werner
Stacey WescottStaff Photographer@staceywescott1+Stacey Wescott
Dina P. WhiteOffice Manager, Tribune Washington Bureau
Daniel WiedererBears Reporter@danwiederer
Keri WigintonPhoto Editor, Blue Sky and Printers Row Journal@keriphoto
Deanese A. WilliamsReporter/Writer, Metro News@neacynewslady
Kevin M. WilliamsEditor, On the Town; Visual Arts Editor@TribuneKevin+Kevin Williams
Amy WinterEditor/Designer
Jeffrey WisserEditor/Designer@JeffWisser
Elizabeth WolfeDigital News Editor@wolfeelizabeth
Grace WongReporter@gracewong630
Becky YerakFinancial Services Reporter, Financial News@beckyyerak+Becky Yerak
Chad YoderDesign/Editing@Yoder
Michael ZajakowskiPhoto Editor@zajakowski+Michael Zajakowski
Geoff ZiezulewiczMetro Reporter@JournoGeoffZ
Steve ZimmermanMoD Editor/Designer
Eric ZornColumnist@EricZorn+Eric Zorn
Lauren ZumbachMetro Reporter@laurenzumbach