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Maine Twp. School Dist. 207: Millions For Fat Salaries, Not A Penny For Transparency

Maine East High School

Posted below are the names and 2012 salaries of all teachers and administrators for Maine Township High School District 207.

(Editor's Note: When this article was initially published only the 2010 salaries were available. It has been updated to reflect the 2012 personnel and their salaries.

On June 18, 2012, the Maine Twp. District 207 school board, with only 1 dissenting vote, voted to further increase these exorbitant salaries and to add annual cost of living increases.)

Maine District 207 made the news on July 15th for being one of the area school districts that still refuses to record and put on-line the proceedings of its school board.

Maine East and Maine South and Maine West high schools and the District 207 administrative offices are wired to the hilt -- totally in step with the internet age.

But for parents and taxpayers it's the horse and buggy era. If they want to find out what their elected school board members are up to, they'll have to take off an entire night every month, get a babysitter and physically trek down to South Dee Road in Park Ridge to monitor their own school board.
Dist 207 School Bd.

You would think it would be a simple matter for a school district that has on its payroll a computer installer/repairman who is hauling down $121,274 a year as well as a business computer programmer, to whom they are forking over $106,438 a year, to simply put their meetings on-line.

But the fact is, the Maine Township school board and its fat-salaried administrators would probably just as soon not have pesky parents, taxpayers and reporters looking into what they've been up to.

And from the looks of the wildly opulent teachers salaries they've saddled the taxpayers with, I can see why.

They have an astounding 333 teachers and administrators on their payroll hauling down more than $100k a year.

You can see all of the names and salaries below, but here are some of the highlights of the Maine Twp. High schools wild salary spending spree:

--- 16 Gym Teachers hauling down between $104 and $153k a year.

--- Drivers Ed teachers being paid $149k, $145k and $121k

--- More than 20 Guidance Counselors, only 3 of which are hauling down less than $100k a year.

---Sex Ed. teachers being paid $119k, $114k and $97k

--- $137k drama coaches, $140k art teachers and a $110k dance teacher (Did Maine Twp. manage to land Sir Laurence Olivier, Pablo Picasso and Fred Astaire for these high dollar gigs?)

--- 4 librarians pulling down between $130k and $100k

--- 5 six figure social workers and 3 psychologists making between $116k and $165k

--- 9 English as a second language and bi-lingual ed teachers raking in more than six figures (remember this the next time someone tells you that there are no taxpayer costs to immigration)

And keep in mind, most of these salaries are for 9 months of work.

And keep in mind, most of these high dollar employees were from schools of education, which, according to Professor Walter Williams, are populated by the poorest students in the country with the lowest test scores.

And keep in mind, most of their "Masters degrees" were simply meaningless busy-work degrees, from these very colleges of education, which Williams calls, "the slums of American academia."

Here is a complete list of the salaries from Maine Township High School District 207. It was compiled from the database of the Family Taxpayers Foundation, which demanded them from the State Teachers' Retirement records, under the Freedom of Information Act. You can get more info on the individual payrollee (yrs. of employment, speciality etc.) by simply clicking on the name:

Maine Township HSD 207 2012 Download data

Abraham, Gilit$120,048
Adams, Allyson$76,565
Adams, Steven$149,474
Addante, Christopher$144,505
Adkins, Kenneth$71,246
Aguirre, Miguel$104,594
Albee, Erin$47,393
Alden, Aileen$94,138
Allen, Amy$137,183
Amidei, Juli$137,390
Archer, Samantha$108,580
Arguello, Jose$111,315
Atkinson, Bruce$135,213
Auge Caliendo, Suzanne$54,972
Awad, Aida$143,184
Bader, Carla$99,609
Bahamon, Rosanna$71,008
Baima, Sharon$128,954
Baker, Susan$100,737
Baldwin, Christine$138,121

Baldwin, Patrick
Balk, Holly$76,723
Ball, Elizabeth$111,567
Barbas, Francisco$129,507
Barbas, Jazmin$121,543
Barnett, Patrick$135,383
Barney, Charles$102,699
Bartholomae, Paul$130,177
Baysingar, David$99,298
Beer, Johannes$117,107
Bellisario, Paul$114,959
Bender, Michael$130,248
Benz, Carol$137,597
Berendt, David$160,664
Bezek, Anne$103,944
Biernbaum, Erin$64,991
Biewenga, Daun$139,000
Bihn, Joseph$128,107
Biondo, Michael$98,539
Biscotakis, Georgia$39,001
Bletzinger, Constance$142,672
Bohn, Linda$76,423
Bonifazi, Theresa$77,463
Borchew, Linda$120,908
Bores, Jenny$102,416
Bourn, Natalie$149,223
Bowbin, Heidi$61,360
Boyle, Michael$85,944
Bratek, Stacey$54,337
Braverman, Jill$122,802
Brewer, Ann$145,065
Brinckerhoff, Katherine$132,093
Briody, Erin$51,009
Broska, Christopher$100,896
Brower, Allen$143,984
Brown, Robert$124,665
Browne, Isaac$145,478
Brownell, Carl$137,083
Bruzan, Dorothy$124,820
Buhay, Lawrence$109,864
Burda, Edward$106,544
Burke, Kristin$36,071
Burns, Jill$89,417
Butera, Tina$112,915
Butterfield, John$129,848
Buttita, Melina$54,607
Buzeta, Marisabel$105,485
Cabrera, Rogelio$81,017
Cammarata, Richard$78,705
Casanova, Tom$111,124
Castronova, Thomas$134,467
Ceisel, Dorothy$102,201
Chen, Jennifer$95,136
Childress, Shelby$84,716
Chlebek, Krystyna$99,853
Cholewa, Kirsta$88,090
Chovanec, Scott$149,978
Cintado, Tomas$110,907
Clark, Monique$120,858
Clark, Ronald$135,796
Clarke-Brownstein, Krista$134,280
Claus, Amy$55,362
Claus, Ryan$116,913
Clifford, David$146,035
Clifford, Susan$142,345
Cohn, Howard$106,809
Conlon, Jennifer$86,815
Conlon, Trisha$113,043
Connell, Harold$153,895
Cook, Timothy$120,425
Corey, Gabriel$158,241
Coval, Eric$104,738
Crawford, James$129,471
Creagh, Cathy$130,425
Crossin, Nanette$137,791
Culbertson, Keith$94,237
Curcuro, James$99,154
Dagres, George$149,333
Daly, Andrew$105,541
Dandridge, deborah$138,116
Davis-Soil, Ruth$137,913
Deering, Susan$134,346
Deger, Christopher$149,255
DeMarigny, Kimberly$58,352
Depcik, Paul$114,145
Depies, James$119,649
Dernick, Ronald$141,289
Di Legge, Dino$157,606
Di Legge, Linda$55,714
Diaz, Nelly$137,292
Dickinson, Julie$56,484
Dietz, Gregory$191,001
Dill-Varga, Barbara$185,067
DiPrizio, Victor$172,821
Disrude, Kirk$86,251
Diviak, Darren$90,025
Divincenzo, Michael$100,219
Djordjevic, Sarah$100,474
Doak, Owen$120,728
Dobner, Mark$130,910
Dohr, Timothy$119,609
Downey, Donald$90,924
Downing, Jeffrey$148,386
Driscoll, Brian$108,756
Duggan, Patricia$147,071
Durkin, Kathleen$115,241
Dutmers, Jason$108,384
Dvorak, James$128,749
Dwyer, Michelle$80,122
Eckhardt, Elizabeth$67,275
Edsey, Angeleki$117,161
Egan, Mark$147,236
Egan, Thomas$111,226
Eisenberg, Magdalene$82,160
Ellberg, Jennifer$121,442
Ellefson, Matthew$102,352
Englebert, Barbara$122,720
Etzwiler, Angie$124,226
Eubank, Edward$154,343
Fabianski, Mary$129,514
Fallico, Craig$126,753
Fallon, Joanne$131,888
Farrell, Antonina$96,657
Fechner, Garrett$96,603
Fee, Brian$93,309
Felton, Christine$88,874
Fermanich, David$84,295
Fierro, Britnee$33,702
Filipowski, Susan$115,663
Fleming, Aaron$118,832
Flint, Tracey$116,052
Flores, Francine$133,358
Foley, Thomas$138,256
Ford, Carolyn$54,337
Fouts, Daniel$129,004
Fraker, Daniel$129,422
Francois, James$141,799
Franzen, Jodi$101,047
Gahagan-Mueller, Susan$142,505
Galanes, Santiago$115,628
Gallagher, Helen$138,154
Gallichio, Jeffrey$135,359
Gardella, Clare$73,124
Garlasco, Rosemarie$166,587
Garrity, Tim$110,766
Garvy, Maria$128,769
Gaubatz, Sarah$35,577
Gaughan, Brendan$134,161
Geiger, Margaret$144,437
Genis, Jennifer$139,503
Gergen, Teresa$88,090
Gerstmayr, Bernie$114,047
Gest, Allison$107,689
Getz, Brian$123,092
Glunz, Cathy$160,468
Godlewski, Michael$157,294
Godwin, Elizabeth$113,119
Goldman, Laura$126,007
Gonzalez, Daniel$107,862
Gonzalez, Marianne$120,988
Granell, Gary$143,579
Grant-Angioletti, Mary$112,832
Gray, Charles$121,460
Grazzini, Jennifer$100,692
Greenwald, William$100,712
Greguras, Joseph$96,602
Greiwe, Kimberly$104,993
Grimm, Erin$55,048
Groeling, Lynn$92,828
Guccione, Michael$140,169
Gustavson, Jenny$104,953
Gutekanst, Carol$126,170
Haan, Geralyn$143,421
Haig, Anthony$119,493
Hall, Karen$142,735
Hamann, Jeffrey$130,171
Hamilton, Susan$97,478
Hamrin, Julie$122,720
Hanes, Matthew$107,145
Hankins, Mark$136,088
Hansen, Kevin$91,729
Hanusiak, Karol$142,983
Hardin, Theresa$111,871
Hare, Christopher$136,275
Hare, Joan$60,730
Harper, Michael$120,702
Harper, Randall$122,802
Harrier, James$126,834
Hassman, Nathan$131,583
Hatch, Colleen$118,487
Hauenstein, John$137,956
Haugan, Audrey$183,384
Hayes, Susan$128,832
Headley, Christine$59,134
Hegadorn, Tami$107,814
Helton, Keri$80,544
Hendrickson, Rachel$57,960
Hernandez, Eliades$93,050
Hernandez, Emiliano$136,518
Hessert, David$124,934
Heyden, Julia$74,672
Hicks, Kira$79,313
Hiselman, Margaret$51,624
Hoerning, Jennifer$96,193
Holt, Pamela$85,564
Hoogenboom, Lisa$102,036
Hoover, Elizabeth$126,487
Horn-Spiegel, Debra$46,903
Howley, David$141,160
Huber, Joann$144,940
Hughes, Angie$111,875
Hult, Bryanne$72,455
Hunter, Jonathan$136,238
Hurley, Kevin$102,191
Hussmann, Kristin$112,915
Inserra, David$146,865
Inserra, Stephanie$65,403
Isoe, Liliana$139,251
Jacob, Lisa$106,481
Johnson, Devin$43,569
Johnson, Kimberly$81,012
Jones, Richard$142,668
Jonikas, Joanne$131,351
Joyce, Christiana$120,049
Kaiser, Thomas$118,759
Kalou, Mary$187,657
Kamai, Karrie$98,905
Kaprak, Kristin$91,512
Karl, Janice$130,200
Karlov Jr., Robert$131,597
Karpiak, Leslie$49,754
karrow, Rebecca$108,125
Kawalek, Cyndee$119,230
Kay, Brian$131,329
Kaye, Katie$95,176
Keith, Teralyn$146,333
Kellam, Tracy$82,483
Kendrick, Kara$138,441
Khasho, Eileen$73,774
Kickham, Diane$125,452
Kime, Marabeth$125,370
Kirshner, Jarett$132,590
Kirshner, Laura$28,849
Kladis, Amy$113,762
Klatt, Peter$114,521
Klein, Anna$130,359
Knight, Teri$113,801
Knodle, Howard$120,988
Kochan, Sarah$69,893
Kohls-Ziering, Christine$146,371
Koshgarian, Laurie$127,550
Kramer, Susan$140,225
Krasinski, Steven$117,213
Krause, Thomas$90,025
Krukowski, Amy$112,895
Kudlov, Amy$49,239
Kulak, Kara$112,007
Kulesza, Jon$131,348
Kumiega, Jamie$112,199
Kura Jr., Donald$117,600
Kuta, Katherine$142,756
Kwielford, Merrilee$144,446
Labbe, Karen$120,702
LaBonar, Leonard$118,053
Ladendorf, Jill$55,962
Lahart, Felicia$46,145
Lambroplos, Elaine$42,091
Langdon, Monika$128,852
Langmyer, Mary$134,484
Lanham, Diane$79,516
Lappe, Rachel$109,275
Lasky, Dale$125,807
Lauro-Geruso, Gioia$106,735
Lavorato, Anthony$130,329
Leathem, Leslie$47,393
Lecastro, Joseph$147,071
Lee, Donald$157,126
Lee, Elizabeth$100,092
Lee, SunAh$124,579
Lee-Chin, Catherine$119,095
Leech, Heidi$134,859
Levin, Rachel$105,326
Lewis, Bernerd$128,769
Liakakos, Alexis$100,796
Lipka, Alicja$129,018
Lirette, Nancy$123,298
Littrell, Jill$134,845
Llavona, Angel$120,461
Lloyd, Melissa$127,477
Lloyd, Scott$141,522
Lombardi, Carrie$96,633
Lombardi, Rick$182,196
Lonergan, James$161,204
LoPresti-Labno, Deborah$61,882
Lundberg, Gregory$123,298
Luther, Beth$75,623
Macak, Kara$89,165
MacLowry, Seth$125,818
Magnuson, Christine$84,124
Majcen, Dawn$128,107
Maksymiu, Stephanie$122,350
Mallon, Sheila$93,806
Mann, Helaine$148,660
Manning, Patrick$141,248
Marino, Jack$129,432
Marino, Patricia$146,669
Markus, Laura$137,981
Markworth, Kelly$117,033
Marshall, Kristen$97,957
Marsicano, Jason$128,383
Mastrolonardo, Michael$125,863
Matan, Alan$142,773
Matkovic, David$158,428
Matter, Joel$99,619
Matzen, Laura$102,496
Maurer, Susan$132,924
May, Benjamin$93,602
Mazanowski, Kristin$93,504
Mc Arthur-Self, Donald$123,944
Mc Cann, Dennis$154,108
McBride, Peter$122,802
McCleneghan, Lauri$119,755
McClure, Matthew$148,302
McCluskey, Stacy$52,723
McElligott, Mark$117,612
McGee, Jessica$28,530
McGowan, James$55,495
McGowan, Laurie$63,066
McGreevy, Michael$78,138
McNeill, Erik$143,415
Meier, Roberta$105,369
Melton, Mitchell$78,098
Mendez, Thomas$135,823
Messmer, Shawn$165,941
Meyer, Michelle$110,294
Michaels, Donna$113,695
Mihalopoulos, Stylianos$98,561
Milano, William$149,279
Miller, Donald$116,997
Miller, Jean$138,337
Miller, Matthew$125,520
Miller, Sheila$112,915
Modica, Cristina$86,035
Moeller, Maureen$121,680
Monroe, Taylor$58,027
Montesano, Anthony$116,028
Moore, Mary$128,769
Morrison, Jayne$142,986
Muir-Wilson, Eve$139,755
Murin, Michael$129,763
Muscia, Brian$98,070
Muszynski, John$158,090
Nagorzanski, Brian$127,429
Nee, Michael$89,290
Nees, Melinda$104,061
Nelson, Jerrold$163,568
Newberg, Deborah$25,815
Nica, Magdalena$74,203
Nichols, Betty$123,659
Nield, Bonnie$97,109
Nilsen, Peter$121,559
Nordahl, John$148,438
O'Halloran, Kendra$103,331
Oakley-Propst, Ann$115,406
Odegard, Eileen$99,783
Olsen, Karen$112,915
Olson, Glenn$108,683
Oppenheim, Rebecca$63,692
Panzilius, Stefan$112,858
Papanastasopoulos, Elizabeth$112,453
Pappageorge, Timothy$145,812
Pardun, Julie$122,842
Parlette, Caroline$114,599
Parlette, Jeffrey$141,202
Parrilli, Matthew$135,464
Pauly, Jacquelyn$108,468
Paustian, Daniel$82,410
Payne, Jay$140,352
Pecak, Kelly$109,955
Pederson, Joseph$138,033
Peters, Christopher$130,245
Pettenuzzo, Raymond$162,918
Pichinos, Sophia$120,702
Piha, Steven$143,168
Poehler, Michael$84,992
Pollacci, Rebecca$144,763
Pomey, Joseph$102,796
Poskozim, Clinton$87,323
Possemato, Jeanie$127,068
Pressler, Michael$173,768
Protess, Marianne$141,458
Quidayan, Christopher$104,514
Ramirez, Cristina$129,855
Ramos, Eric$45,050
Rausch, Terry$119,395
Reber, Brian$132,992
Regalado, Gregory$159,681
Reichelt, Gregory$85,838
Retrum, Roseann$150,672
Rettig, Christian$48,570
Reuhs, Gregory$93,648
Reznik, Kimberly$95,245
Rieger, Barbara$115,656
Riley, Melissa$104,282
Rizzi, Barbara$100,802
Robbins, Kristi$121,791
Robinson, Tessa$98,074
Roddick-Small, Jennifer$70,280
Rodriguez, Emilio$90,087
Rodriguez, Nicole$94,558
Rolla, Mary$132,975
Rosenberg, Richard$122,720
Roubitchek, Adam$96,544
Ruder, Todd$129,266
Rueda-Alvarez, Claudia$135,256
Rutschke, Linda$162,454
Ruttkay, Nicole$52,472
Ryan, Gwynne$53,119
Ryken, Kristi$119,540
Sabatello, Maria$120,459
Sadler, Mecca$110,238
Sagmeister, Sara$57,611
Salamon-Massengill, Snjezana$119,576
Salefski, Douglas$143,371
Sallmann, Melissa$46,903
Salmansohn, Adina$101,333
Samlan, Rachel$119,440
Sanchez, Erin$128,907
Sanchez, Marybeth$119,348
Sarashinsky, Jennifer$100,897
Sarlas, Johanna$52,684
Savage, Susan$104,042
Savard, Suzanne$52,167
Sayre, Christina$60,762
Schanou, Darcie$99,628
Schlesser, Holly$54,460
Schmidt, Amy$75,503
Schmidt, Charles$124,737
Schneider, William$97,158
Scholl, Steven$133,064
Schultes, Scott$108,443
Schultz, David$98,905
Schwan, Donna$108,553
Schwan, John$128,062
Scorza, Jonathan$119,312
Scorza, Sherri$85,685
Scotellaro, Kevin$131,410
Scott, David$167,469
Scott, Frances$158,554
Scott, Warren$128,020
Sebastian, Tracy$116,668
Serena III, Peter$124,820
Serrano, Gregory$129,432
Shankman, Karen$143,257
Shaphren, Charles$137,094
Sharkey, Brett$111,280
Shi, Haihong$81,048
Shook-Orr, Ruth$140,282
Sieg, Michael$148,783
Simon, William$94,440
Sinclair, Jacqueline$124,820
Sinnott, Heather$98,209
Sinnott, Kimberly$87,918
Skiba, Carla$130,799
Smaha, Brendan$101,581
Smail, David$142,115
Smith, Christine$32,371
Smith, Gerald$82,911
Smith, Mark$153,498
Smith, Michael$152,008
Soriano, Pedro$125,708
Spallato, Anthony$130,094
Spanos, Donna$108,756
Spicer, Brian$82,664
Spiegel, Timothy$138,819
Spillman, Diane$109,120
Srutwa, Krystyna$117,557
Statema, Stephanie$73,673
States, Daniel$127,267
Stathakis, Alexander$103,640
Staunton, Angela$69,340
Sterenberg, Pauline$98,383
Stettner, Thomas$136,926
Stewart, Rebecca$112,343
Stock, Kevin$107,973
Struebing, Jennifer$99,916
Sullivan, James$130,510
Sumida, Philip$127,290
Sweetwood, Jill$145,641
Swistak, Derrick$126,920
Tavano, Anthony$104,518
Taylor, Karen$144,876
Thallemer, Mary$117,916
Thetard, Louis$139,721
Thiele, Henry$150,007
Thieme, William$143,477
Thomas, Ronald$113,747
Tieman, Jeffrey$121,762
Tomasiewicz, Paul$127,083
Tomassi, Kathryn$82,835
Torosian, Sona$108,697
Tortorelli, Robert$134,620
Trenkle, Andrew$103,989
Trotter, Andrew$158,581
Tsagalis, James$132,948
Tumilty, Scott$120,670
Tyler, John$154,455
Tyler, Judith$143,046
Vainowski, Beth$134,807
Valdez, Daniella$96,971
Valko, Patricia$141,195
Vasta, Alaina$82,303
Vaughn, Leslie$123,199
Vaznelis, Jone$128,769
Venn, Steve$93,624
Villalobos, Maria$122,298
Visee, Emma$142,676
Voigt, Collin$88,215
Voitik, Patrick$121,860
Wachowski, Jodie$142,803
Wadhwa, Sara$91,493
Wagner, Azra (Kay)$78,783
Wallace, Kenneth$245,827
Walsh, Joel$128,190
Walter, Douglas$102,036
Ward, Sean$119,665
Warner, Robert$123,925
Warren, Tonya$95,284
Wasielewski, Roy$125,587
Weaver, Maggie$96,932
Weber, Lance$113,812
Weber, Maria$76,590
Wegrzyn, Megan$86,386
Wilen, Erin$72,728
Williams, Toni$125,672
Wisdom, Jane$117,049
Witt, Meagan$80,297
Wolcott, Bradley$125,244
Wolf, Margaret$115,308
Wolf, Richard$140,203
Wolfe, Karen$68,078
Wood, Diana$74,663
Wulbert, Penny$127,321
Wunderlich, James$151,172
York, Adam$130,015
Young, Gregory$124,477
Young, Leslie$77,062
Zafiropoulos, Paul$76,660
Zelikoff, Patricia$121,483
Zielinski, Gary$114,102

That concludes the list of 2012 salaries for teachers and administrators in Maine Township High School District 207. The 2013 salaries will be available in early March and we will publish those then.

Maine Township High School District 207 serves families and taxpayers in Des Plaines and Park Ridge, as well as parts of Glenview, Harwood Heights, Morton Grove, Niles, Norridge, Norwood Park Township, and Rosemont.

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