Friday, June 22, 2018

Democrat Committeemen Party Boys in Skokie and West Rogers Park: Ira Silverstein and Lou Lang

State Rep. Lou Lang of Skokie and State Senator Ira Silverstein have gotten into no small amount of hot water lately, over allegations that they have been sexually harassing women, who have come into their offices on legislative business.
News Conference with sexual harassment
accusers of Ira Silverstein (L) and Lou Lang (C)

Silverstein lost his, almost certain re-election to the State Senate, over the tawdry sexual complaints  and his pal, Lou Lang just had to step down from his committee posts and his House Madigan leadership spot, over the same caliber of womens' sexual harassment complaints.

These guys - aside from being good ole wheeling and dealing Springfield boys - have several things in common, aside from having a propensity for chasing skirts.

Despite his resounding renunciation by the voters, Ira Silverstein, remains the Democratic Committeeman of Chicago's 50th Ward organization.

And despite allegations that he engaged in a little office "grab ass" with a female lobbyist, Lang remains Committeeman of the Niles Township Democratic Party Organization.

They both continue to actively embrace and cheer-lead for very extremist left-wing antics that are regularly heaved up - (this week Lang is promoting the Open-Borders rally on Skokie's village green.)
Democratic Cook County Central Committeemen
and skirt chasers Lou Lang and Ira Silverstein

The party boys, Silverstein and Lang, do, however, have their differences.

While Lou Lang is a presence at the liberal Reform Jewish suburban Temple Beth Israel, Silverstein and his Democratic Alderman wife, Deborah Silverstein, hew to the more traditional Orthodox Jewish, practices, a fact that got him big electoral support among area Orthodox rabbis last time (however futilely.")

Still, the two leftist good old boys - for the time being - are still wielding power on the Cook County Democrat Central Committee.

So much for the "Progressives" commitment to womens' rights.

Just better be sure to keep your wives and daughters away from their Party headquarters' offices.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

On the Lousy Quality of Today's Jays Potato Chips

For the first time ever in our lives, we have thrown out a half-eaten bag of Jays Potato Chips.

The new Pennsylvania-based multinational corporate owner has changed and cheapened the recipe, and today they are barely edible.
A Chicago delicacy since 1927

A Chicago institution, since 1927, Jays was bought out by a Pennsylvania mega-firm, Snyder-Lance (the corporate monstrosity that puts those cheap peanut butter crackers in vending machines) in 2007 and in turn is reportedly being bought out by the multinational Campbell's Soup Corporation and today, the one-time Chicago delicacy, really stinks.

Decades of Chicagoans grew up devouring the thin, crispy, salty and slightly oily potato chips produced by the local Japp's family.

In fact, they were originally manufactured and marketed in Chicago, in big steel cans as, "Mrs. Japp's Potato Chips." The name was changed to "Jay's" in 1942, when the name "Jap" wasn't terribly popular in the US, after the Japanese sneak attack on the USA at Pearl Harbor.

Today, the Snyder firm, with corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania and Berlin, Germany, heaves up thick-cut, relatively pallid chips whose only relationship to the original product, is the blue and white label on the bag.

We recall returning home to Chicago for Christmas break and making a point to bring back 2 big bags of Jays Barbecue Potato Chips with us - because there was nothing even remotely as good available on the East Coast.

They were a traditional Chicago delicacy.

Today, we find ourselves tossing out a half-consumed bag of the cheap multinational corporate substitute.

On the plus side - Jays Potato Chips are almost always on sale for half off the retail price stamped on the bag.

On the downside - today's Jay's Potato chips aren't worth buying - at even that deep discount price.

Today, there is one thing a Chicagoan can honestly report about the new corporate Jay's Potato Chips:

"You sure can stop eating em"

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Helene Fischer's Volkswagens about to be banned from US Market

We have been largely favorable toward the German/schlager-pop star Helene Fischer, for some time.
German pop singer Helene Fischer with a VW Bug
Would any serious American think this a race car?

In fact, in 2009, we were the first entity in the English speaking world to have taken notice of her. And we have written innumerable articles about her various musical endeavors, since then - most of them favorable.

But today, we want to mention, that the Soviet communist-born, beautiful German songstress, has been a commercial endorser of the German, low-grade Volkswagen - and the high-brow German Porsche.

Both of those cars - and suppliers of their parts - are now being banned from the #1 consumer market in the world - the USA. Mercedes-Benz is now too being banned from the US market.

That is because the European Union, has chosen to proceed as if they are still little children of the United States - and expect the USA to support them.
Volkswagens are now considered a joke in the USA

So the EU continued to put wild tariffs on US products. And the US put virtually none on theirs.

As a result American manufacturing workers have lost their jobs - as their plants closed - and their cities died.

Well there is a new US Sheriff in town - and his name is Donald Trump.

And it will soon become virtually impossible for an American consumer to buy a German car in the USA. And we don't give a shit if German and French steel mills die - because our American steel workers need the jobs. And we need American steel and aluminum for US National Defense - just as we did to defeat the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese in 1941-1945.

So Europeans - just go piss off.

And Helene Fischer - you will not be allowed to make it in the #1 music market in the world - the USA.

Helene Fischer - just go sell your Volkswagens (which were designed by Adolf Hitler) over there.

We won't allow you here!

There is now a US - EU trade war going on. And would you care to bet on who will win?

Here is Helene Fischer with her German ad for the little Volkswagen. It is a very unreliable car and mostly women buy it in the US. It will probably not be available here after President Trump's anti-EU tariffs on cars kick in in a few months: