Monday, August 24, 2009

Seditious and Ungrateful Asian Immigrants Gather in Chicago

This past weekend a gaggle of Asian open-borders advocates gathered at the Salvation Army compound on Pulaski near Foster to whine and moan and essentially bash white Americans.

Antonio Olivo, the unabashed immigrant activist who covers this issue for the Libune, heaved up his usual immigrant sob story article:,0,7042509.story

Olivo is the latest of a line of wildly biased Latino writers who the Libune has exclusively assigned to cover the immigration debate.

That is about as intellectually honest as assigning the cheerleading Ron Santo to give you an objective, clear headed critique of the Chicago Cubs.

Oh -- that's right-- the Tribune does that too on WGN radio.

Does anybody anywhere really believe the Chicago Tribune about anything anymore?

At any rate, what caught my notice in Olivo's rah-rah account of the event, was the report that Korean-American kids from the Korean-American Cultural Center in West Rogers Park, made up signs criticizing the United States for putting a small number of coastal Japanese and Japanese-Americans in detainment camps after the World War II Japanese sneak attack on the US.

They apparently chose this theme to corroborate the sponsoring, Asian American Institute's, larger theme that White America is racist and that is why we haven't just opened up our borders and let the entire Third World just waltz in here, unhindered.

For the grandchild of a Korean to bring up this complaint, makes about as much sense as for the grandchild of a Jewish holocaust victim to complain about US mistreatment of alleged Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials.

Let's put this into perspective.

Korea was forcibly occupied by the Imperial Japanese from 1910 until it was liberated (at the cost of much American blood) in 1945.

During that time, the hellish Japanese brutally enslaved the Korean people.

They conscripted tens of thousands of Koreans into life threatening forced labor. Like their Nazi allies, they murdered the inhabitants of entire towns which harbored partisan freedom fighters. They conscripted more than 20,000 Korean women into forced sexual slavery as "comfort women" for Japanese troops. Taking a page from the murderous Lenin and Stalin, they systematically starved to death recalcitrant villages. They looted Korean national treasures, including some 75,000 works of art and cultural artifacts, which they have yet to return.

And to this very day, Koreans who live and work in Japan are not allowed Japanese citizenship -- even if they are 3rd or 4th generation residents of Japan.

And the greatest historical complaint that these ill-educated, ingrate Korean kids can conjure up is that FDR badly treated Japanese in America during wartime!!??

And of course, there is nary a hint of appreciation to the millions of, mostly white, American servicemen, who sacrificed (some 300,000 with their lives) for the liberation of their grandparents in two major wars.

This is both testimony to the radical anti-American tenor of the organized pro-immigration pimp groups and the abject failure of our rotten public schools to assimilate and Americanize this massive wave of post 1980 immigration.

And the wanton America bashing at last weekend's Asian immigration rally looks really bad to thoughtful Americans who know they are paying the freight for this immigration onslaught.

One wonders who the Asian American Institute enlisted to do their PR.

Probably the same guy who told the Big-Three auto CEOs to take their private jets to the Congressional bailout hearings.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Castro to Cubans -- Get Ready to Drip Dry!!

Last week, Reuters reported that Raul Castro, Cuba's Brother-in-Chief, announced that due to "planning oversights", Cuba was running out of toilet paper and likely would not have any more until the beginning of 2010.

I am not making this up.


Obviously being a function of the hellish U.S. trade embargo, this, of course, provoked an uproar amongst enlightened American humanitarians and led for calls for Obama to take immediate action to ensure the aridity of Cuban arses.

The stripling Commander in Chief showed no hesitation and immediately appointed a reknowned expert on anal hygiene, Mr. Lazlo Butz, (B.S., Harvard, 1969) to become America's first hemispheric anal hygiene Czar.

In a Washington news conference, the President introduced Butz as a man "who will get to the bottom of this pressing problem."

Butz, an SDS organizer in the 60's, called for solidarity with "our socialist Cuban allies," and hinted that the Kimberly-Clark corporation may have to be nationalized to provide the island state with sufficient quantites of the hygienic paper product.

"A clean, soft wipe is a human right," Butz said.

Also at the news conference was the acknowleged Congressional expert on matters anal, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA.)

"We've got to put clean pores before profits," he said, predicting the Kimberly-Clark nationalization would be on a fast track in the next session of Congress.

Also at the event was Rev. Jesse Jackson of the Chicago-based, modestly named, People United to Save Humanity (Operation PUSH.)

Injecting the requisite anti-white bashing to the event, he said the Cuban toilet paper shortage was a natural result of centuries of white oppression of Caribbean peoples of color.

Asked by a Washington Times reporter how this could be, given that the errant state planners, Fidel and Raoul Castro, were lily white Castilian Spanish purebloods, Jackson responded:

"If you cannot wipe
The smell will be ripe.

If you must drip-dry
You will attact the fly."

With that, White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, immediately cut off questions and told reporters he would have details of Obama's $3.2 billion hemispheric toilet paper stimulus plan available to the press and Congress several hours before the scheduled vote next week.