Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maifest Chicago 2013: Celebrating German Culture With the Jesse White Tumblers

The annual springtime celebration of Germanic culture in Chicago, Maifest 2013, will be observed this coming weekend on the North side.
Nothing says "German culture" like
watching Chicago ghetto youths do cartwheels

The German-American ethnic part of the program, which begins at noon on Sunday, will be highlighted by that iconic German-American group, (I am not making this up) The Jesse White Tumblers!

Now I don't know about you, but nothing says "German-American culture" to me more than watching a group of West-side Chicago African-American ghetto kids doing cartwheels and somersaults.

That is, with the possible exception of "5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche."

I bring that up, because the DANK Haus, which is one of the few remaining German-American outfits still left in Chicago, sponsored a theatrical endeavor of that name last year.
The Chicago DANK Haus sponsored
this thespian celebration of lesbian culture

Now what this thespian celebration of lesbian lifestyles has to do with German-American culture, quite escapes me.

Unless it is that the current administrator of the German-American DANK Haus Chicago, the curiously Polish surnamed, Nicholle Dombrowski, somehow reckons that girl-on-girl cunnilingus is as signal a German tradition as Tyrolean slap-dancing or Prussian goose-stepping.

Also, they will have music at Maifest Chicago 2013.

They are featuring a group from Germany named "Phenix." This is one of those dour, bleak, dark, surrealistic electro-pop German duets, the type of which Mike Myers used to lampoon on Saturday Night Live for being so dour, bleak, dark and humorlessly surreal.

Their big hit was a little number called, "I hate the 80s." Not quite "Weird Nun" of the Myers spoofs, but hardly something from "The Sound of Music".

Anyway Mayfest Chicago 2013 will be going on this weekend.

In 2009, the readers of Chicago's newspaper for dummies, the RedEye, voted it the best street festival in Chicago.

Consider the source there.

I can't imagine why Redeye readers would think that standing around on a dingy Chicago street, sipping a tepid $10 German beer from a plastic cup, listening to "Weird Nun" while watching the Jesse White Tumblers would be a German-flavored wild time.

Unless, perhaps, they were serving quiche.

(Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance):

Thursday, May 23, 2013

NW Suburban H.S. District 214 Joins Radical Immigrant Lobby: Fat Teachers' Salaries Listed

Apparently the education establishment in Northwest suburban High School District 214 thinks their taxpayers aren't burdened enough already by the bloated salaries they shell out to their teachers.
They also now have become the only Illinois School District to join the radical illegal immigration activist group, ICIRR, which is lobbying for passage of the U.S. Senate's amnesty plan for illegal immigrants.

That bill will guarantee welfare benefits to the millions of illegal squatters who are here, and, incidentally, ensure a steady supply of new child fodder for Township District 214's very highly paid ESL teachers.

The amnesty bill, which Township District 214, as part of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, is pushing, would, according to a Heritage Foundation study, cost U.S. taxpayers a whopping $6.3 trillion in welfare, education and other costs.

But hey, when you're shoveling out bloated salaries to teachers and administrators like the Northwest suburban HS District 214, what's a little more taxpayer cash?

Here are the latest available names and salaries of employees of High School District 214, which were obtained by the Family Taxpayers Foundation via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

The salaries and names listed are those of the employees of the Buffalo Grove High School, The Elk Grove High School, the John Hersey High School, the Prospect High School, the Rolling Meadows High School and the Wheeling High School, as well as the Forest View Alternative School, the Newcomer Center and the Vanguard School.

In most cases, the salaries are for 9 months of work. You can click on the individual teacher's name to obtain further data, such as teaching speciality and years of employment:

Township HSD 214 2011 -

Abat, Mediha$75,009
Abbott, Lori$122,244
Abel, Bradley$97,563
Adair, James$129,441
Adkins, Jeffrey$105,557
Aguilar, Jennifer$74,722
Alderson, Grace$111,345
Aldworth, Michael$79,021
Aleman, Ruby$64,957
Aliprandi, John$104,220
Alonzo, Sarah$69,577
Alperin, Gary$106,223
Amador-Zapata, Joanne$94,527
Amedeo, Lori$48,170
Ameel, Craig$133,012
Ams, Amanda$43,031
Andersen, Ryan$38,099
Anderson, Nichole$100,707
Anderson, Patricia$132,264

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Muslims Hack British Soldier To Death, Riot in Sweden, Demand US Immigration Bill

Just as our sage solons in Washington were reporting out the immigration amnesty bill from the Senate Judiciary Committee, Europe was basking in the joys of multiculturalism with Muslims hacking off British heads and burning down Swedish suburbs.
Muslims riot for 3rd straight night
 in Swedish multicultural idyll

Two black African Muslims yesterday, targeted a British soldier for brutal execution because he was wearing a tee shirt supporting a military children's charity.

While invoking the name of the Muslim god, allah, they hacked him to death in broad daylight on a London street.

Meanwhile in that progressive socialist idyll, Sweden, Muslims began burning down Stockholm suburbs and throwing rocks at responding firefighters.

Nonplussed by these events, the Chicago-based Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) was busy making sure that our two lefty U.S. Senators, Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk, stayed on the reservation to vote for the Senate bill which will massively increase legal immigration while also amnestying the illegal squatters.

Oh, and did you know that the ICIRR immigration pimp group includes the radical Council on American Islamic Relations, the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, the Arab American Action Network, the Iraqi Mutual Aid Society, the Mosque Foundation, and the Muslim Women Resource Center(now there's a group you've got to party with sometime)?

So soon we too will be able to more fully enjoy the multiculturalist wonders of a massive Moslem population in our midst.

Just like London, Stockholm and Boston.

Here is an actual video where the muslim murderer, with blood stained machete in his hands and his Christian victim lying dead in the background, speaks to a reporter:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Northwestern Prof. Gary Alan Fine to Sex Abuse Survivors: "Let it Rest"

I've always thought that as a supposed "social science,"  sociology is to science what "performance art" is to art or what "health food" is to food.

Gary Alan Fine
Pretty unsubstantial stuff.

Undergraduate sociology classes usually consist of little more than bull sessions on current events punctuated by some statistical mumbo-jumbo so that the professorial bull session leaders can justify their $190k annual salaries.

That is why on most campuses, sociology classes are what students quite unscientifically refer to "easy A's."

Most sociology professors are little more than blithering idiots and left-wingers to boot, but that of course is redundant.

So I was not at all surprised when the esteemed Northwestern sociology professor, Gary Alan Fine, came out last month and said that sexual molestation of students by teachers was an expected and quite forgivable way of life in the 60s and 70s.

He also said that the victims of such would be "unseemly" to pursue revenge or justice.

Buggery of students by teachers was
said to be endemic at the Horace Mann School

Fine said this on the pages of the April Fools Day edition of the New Yorker magazine, but he apparently uttered that complete gibberish with a straight face.

He was commenting on the sexual molestation scandal at his preparatory alma mater, the Horace Mann School.

The Horace Mann School is an elite, largely Jewish and outlandishly pricey private school located in Manhattan.

It has been rocked by accusations that during the 60s, 70s and 80s, sexual molestation of students by faculty was common and frequent and covered up by school administrators.

Most of the allegations center around buggery of boys when the school was an all male bastion. The school went co-ed in '77 and since then at least one female student has alleged having been raped (in 1980) by a male Horace Mann teacher.

In the New Yorker's voluminous article on the controversy, many of the allegations center on an HM English teacher, Robert Berman.
Alleged RMS serial molester Robert Berman
was Gary Alan Fine's English teacher

Berman is said to have been a domineering, control freak who psychologically manipulated vulnerable students into performing homosexual acts with him.

Northwestern's Gary Alan Fine was a 1968 graduate of Horace Mann and one of Berman's students which is why the New Yorker asked him for his two cents on the matter.

In the article, Fine accepts that Berman’s accusers are telling the truth, but worries that the Horace Mann teachers are being judged by the standards of a different time.

“This was the late sixties, and what we now think of as rape or sexual assault didn’t quite mean the same thing in that age of sexual awakening,” Fine said. “What some teachers did was wrong, absolutely, but there are degrees of wrongness, and what was wrong in 1966 is today much more wrong.

I can’t imagine that in the late nineteen-sixties anyone would have been terribly surprised had they learned that some faculty were having sexual relations with students. Most would not have thought it good, but it was the way of the world.”


This was a time when even consenting homosexual acts were illegal in most states. It was a time when the American Psychological Association listed homosexuality as a certifiable mental disorder.
Larry Fine

It was a time when social conventions would not allow things like the F-word in movies and Bob and Laura Petrie, although married, could not be shown on TV as having a double bed.

And crack social scientist Fine is telling us that parents of that era would shell out thousands of dollars for private school tuition, fully expecting that the hired help would be buggering their boys and raping their daughters?

And get this -- Fine tells the victims of the molestation to just let bygones be bygones:

“Even if they did something wrong, at some point revenge or justice becomes unseemly. At what point do you say, ‘Let it rest’?” Fine said.

Oh, by the way, according to the article one of the alleged victims of sexual abuse at the Horace Mann School, on March 10, 1976, hung himself in his parents' basement.

Another victim committed suicide in 2009.

But Fine says, let bygones be bygones.

Is this clown at Northwestern named Gary Allen Fine --- or Larry Fine?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Feminist Boycott of Bimbo Foods?

Imagine my astonishment when I recently walked in  to my local panaderia and saw a loaf of bread with the name "Bimbo" boldly emblazoned on the package.
Grupo Bimbo brand logo

Now bimbo, as you know, is a pejorative term for women or girls. More precisely, according to Webster's, bimbo means: An attractive but empty-headed young woman, esp. one perceived as a willing sex object.

In my barhopping, picking-up-girls days, my friend Gary would pause at the entrance to a crowded club, take one look at the profusion of nubile young things populating the dance floor and exclaim, "Bimbos galore!!"

In fact, some of my most intimate friends during that benighted era were bimbos, but I digress.

Bimbo is a term insulting to a full 52% of the population and in these sensitive times, it has no place on bread bags and bakery delivery trucks.

Now true, the Mexican corporation that manufactures the bread, Grupo Bimbo Inc., does not put a picture of a bimbo on its packages. It puts a picture of something that looks like the Mexican version of the Pillsbury doughboy.

But that still does not make it right.
There actually was a product with this name

If I started marketing a tobacco and I called it "Niggerhair," would it be OK if I put a picture of, say, a yak or a Koala bear, under the logo?

You bet your life it wouldn't be and the PC police would send out a lynch mob for me.

So how does Grupo Bimbo Inc. get away with this?

Some years back, an Indian corporation was marketing a product called "Darkie" toothpaste, complete with a drawing of a Steppin' Fetchit styled black man on the package.

Amid howls of protest, they had to change their name to "Darlie" and changed the package drawing to a person of indeterminate race.

Now Grupo Bimbo has a whole section of their corporate website devoted to a discussion of corporate "Social Responsibility." Among other things it says, "At Grupo Bimbo, we consider Corporate Social Responsibility to be a guide for our day-to-day actions."

The PC police forced "Darkie" brands
 to change their name to "Darlie"

Well if that is so, they should start by changing their name to something less demeaning to American women.

Since Grupo Bimbo now wants to do business in our country, the Mexican corporate honchos should have the "cultural sensitivity" to understand that "Bimbo" means something different here than it does South of the Border.

Otherwise they might find their stores getting picketed by outraged feminists.

And let me help right here by suggesting the name for this movement.

How about, "Bimbos against Bimbo"?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

O'Hare Goats Unfair to Illegal Immigrant Landscapers

Word today that, as part of its effort to "go green", the Chicago Department of Aviation has (I am not making this up) decided to employ goats in its pilot vegetation-management program at O'Hare International airport.

As PETA says: "Goats are people too."

Beginning next month, a herd of goats will prowl the areas between runways and graze on the dense brush that grows there.

The goats, of course, require no fossil fuels to do their landscaping work and have the added green benefit of making their own compost.

Now this, of course, is very bad news for the illegal aliens who dominate the landscaping industry here in Chicago and elsewhere.

Any minute now, I expect the illegal alien pimps at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) to begin howling in protest. They'll no doubt soon be out at the Daley Center with placards proclaiming: Goats Unfair to Undocumented Workers!!

But to that I say: Too Bad.

These goats are just doing jobs that illegal aliens won't do. The illegal aliens will not cut the grass along runways using only their teeth and they will not turn the grass clippings into very useful poop.

So I say, let's start trading in all of our illegal alien grass cutters for goats.

They are a helluva lot cheaper and far more eco-friendly.

And we can even legislate these goats their very own "path to citizenship."

Because as PETA so adroitly puts it: "Goats are people too."

Saturday, May 4, 2013

On Burying Moslems With Pig Guts

Word today that they're having a devil of a time finding a cemetery to allow the burial of Moslem terrorist, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
Moslem Murderer Tsarnaev

Seems the proprietors of several Boston area boneyards aren't thrilled with the prospect of having to tell their cash paying customers that their Aunt Matilda is planted right next to the debonair Chechnyan zealot.

What is interesting is that this mass murderer is being afforded all the dignities of burial according to his Islamic religious customs. The ghouls who do such things are ritually washing and mumbling Moslem mumbo-jumbo over his carcass.

There was a time in American history when leaders had the wherewithal to dispense with such dignities when dealing with crazed Moslems.

We're talking here about U.S. General John J. "Blackjack" Pershing who in 1911 buried Philippine Moslem terrorists with pig's blood and porcine intestines.
General Pershing didn't
coddle Moslem copses

The decisive military leader who would later command the victorious U.S. forces in World War I, was not one for coddling the corpses of Moslem terrorists.

Pershing captured 6 terrorists who had gone on the usual Moslem murder spree of infidels.

He tied them to posts for execution. He then brought in 2 pigs and had them slaughtered in front of the devout adherents of Allah. He pointedly had the firing squad dip their bullets in the pig's blood and mentioned to the condemned that they would be planted in Allah's acre, awash in pig blood and guts.

Area Moslems got wind of this and for the next several decades there was a notable absence of the usual Islamic hijinx on the Philippine archipelago.

You see, devout Moslems have a peculiar belief that if they are touched by anything relating to a pig at the time of death, they won't get to enjoy their 72 virgins in the Islamic conception of heaven.

So if, say, someone were to sneak into the morgue where this Moslem maniac's body is being pampered and accidentally spilled some pork plasma on his murderous cadaver, and say, word of the dastardly deed were to leak out -- it might give future crazed Moslems reason for pause.

Just thinking out loud here.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Communist Angela Davis to Keynote Conference of Multiculturalist Teachers

The bombing brothers Tsarnaev came to the US at a very young age.

They received taxpayer financed educations at very good American elementary and secondary schools and even got cash to pursue their own personal "dream acts" of higher education.

East German dictator Erich Honecker and
American communist Angela Davis - who's
keynoting conference of multiculturalist teachers
And in those schools they were imbued with the tenets of multiculturalism and diversity -- i.e. all cultures and countries are of equivalent moral value -- and the US is a racist, exploitative nation -- not better than any other country, and probably a helluva lot worse.

This is a far cry from the stated mission of US public education during previous waves of immigration. That being, to assimilate immigrants into core American and Western value systems.

In fact, defenders of the large waves of early 20th century immigration (whose flow was cut off, almost entirely during the great depression) argued that American public education would iron out the cultural problems of diverse newcoming Americans via its assimilative power.

In other words, education was supposed to eradicate the problems of diversity and multiculturalism with American assimilation.

Today, our schools delight in celebrating the cultural, racial and ethnic divisions and our taxpayer funded teachers deride America and Americanism.

Little wonder that they are turning out anti-American hatemongers like the brothers Tsarnaev and their muslim immigrant accomplices - as well as the 29 other illegal and legal immigrants who have perpetrated deadly acts of terror against our people over the past 5 years.
Boston Bomber Tsarnaev (R) and accomplices:
All products of American multicultural education

It should come as little surprise that radical leftists have been behind the destabilizing and deadly doctrine of multiculturalism.

There is even an organization devoted to promulgating the doctrine of multiculturalism in the schools. It's called the National Association of Multiculturalist Educators (NAME.)

And guess who's going to be the keynote speaker at their upcoming November convention in California?

None other than 60s radical activist and former two time Vice Presidential standard bearer for the Communist Party of the United States, Angela Davis.

Davis, an outspoken fan of Stalinist East German dictator, Erich Honecker, was among other communist distinctions, a winner of the Lenin Peace Prize.

She has spent her life trying to destabilize the United States.

Now she has hitched her scurrilous bandwagon to the anti-American destabilizing and deadly dogma of diversity and multiculturalism.

And the bombing brothers Tsarnaev are the natural result.

It's well past time for local school boards in the Chicago area and abroad to purge their schools of the vile doctrine and teachings of the multiculturalists.

They have the power. They'd better start doing it.