Tuesday, July 24, 2018

So When Will Leftist Evanston and Skokie Purge Their Racist Street Names and Logos?

Extremist neo-Leninists across the USA, are tearing down historical statues of Confederate war heroes.

They're even taking down the names of schools named after such benevolent personages as President Woodrow Wilson.

You see, in their neo-Marxist mindset - all these personages were racists. They symbolized "white privilege." And just as with the Lenninist murderers in Moscow and the Hitlerite book-burners in Nazi Germany, it is important to these wild ideologues to wipe out every vestige of the "old culture."

So we've begun to wonder why extreme left-wing towns, like Evanston, Illinois and Skokie, Illinois are allowed - under the new PC inquisition, to retain overtly racist street names and - in the case of Skokie - even an overtly
Skokie's cute little Indian chief mascot
racist Municipal Village logo.

Evanston has streets named after General George Armstrong Custer, General Phillip Sheridan and General William Sherman.

Skokie has a cute little Indian chief as its municipal mascot.

Why are these politically incorrect streets not being renamed and why does Skokie's cutesy Indian mascot still grace the entrances to that - now deteriorating - suburb?

Now let's look at this from the ultra-left-wing mindset that prevails in both those rather peculiar leftist Chicago suburbs.

General George Armstrong Custer, hated Native Americans and met his demise at age 36, in the abortive Battle of the Little Big Horn.

His commander, Phillip Henry Sheridan, reputedly told Custer, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

And General William Sherman, forced native Americans onto an ethnic-cleansing styled, forced march from the Southeast to reservations in the West - the so called "Trail of Tears" on which almost 40% of them perished.

Sherman, also engaged in a systematic murder of buffalo herds, to deprive the Indians of their chief food source.

Gen. Sherman said, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian"
So when is Leftist Evanston going to rename his street?

One wonders what Evanston's enlightened PETA members and animal lovers think about this.

Especially since they have a major thoroughfare running through their town, named after him

General Sheridan said "the only good Indian is a dead Indian."

One wonders what the holier-than-thou PC leftists would say about this. Especially since they have a major thoroughfare  running through their town - named after him.

And Major George Armstrong Custer despised Native Americans and killed a lot of them.

So what does Evanston have to say about the fact that they not only have a street named after him, but actually have an annual Custer Street Fair?

And what about Skokie's cute little Indian chief mascot?

It appears on all of the Village's letterheads and on the signs on the streets where you enter Skokie.

Skokie is run by extreme leftist Democrats - its population votes close to 70% Democrat. Its Village Government regime - which has been in power for almost half a century - is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chicago Democrat political machine.

It imports labor union street thugs from Berwyn and Cicero to work precincts for its monopolist "Caucus Party."

It is a slave to leftist PC catechism. On a recent Village of Skokie automobile sticker, it touted the leftist shibboleth, "Diversity is our Strength."
Great Family Fun at Evanston's annual General George Armstrong Custer Street Fair
- it would cost lefties money to change this street name

Yet Skokie retains a cute little Indian Chief on all its logos.

Leftists in Skokie, forced Niles West High School to remove their 30 year old, apparently politically incorrect,  moniker as "Niles West Indians." They are now the Niles West Wolves.

But strangely, the Skokie neo-Lenninist Democrats didn't force the removal of Skokie's cute little Indian mascot logo.

Now why was this?

Why doesn't ultra-leftist Evanston change the street names of Custer, Sheridan and Sherman?

I'll tell you why.

Because it costs money. Big money.

If the PC leftists were serious about their inane multiculturalist ideals, they would change the names of Custer, Sherman and Sheridan streets to something that would assuage their tender PC sensibilities.

But then thousands of businesses on those streets would have to tell their customers about their new addresses. They'd have to reprint their letterheads and envelopes and get new signs. All the lefties on Custer St. would have to change their addresses on their drivers' licences and - Heaven forbid - they wouldn't be able to hold their annual "Custer Street Fair."

And the enlightened leftist Dems who run Skokie, and their friends in the Skokie Chamber of Commerce, would have to pay for new signage, new letterheads and envelopes.

No - these hypocritical Skokie and Evanston leftists are more than happy to force change on towns and cities and schools in the Southern USA.

But when it comes to applying their PC standards to themselves they respond:

Hell no. That will cost us money!