Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sexy Lesbian Congresswoman Katie Hill shared DC apartment with IL Dem. Congresswoman Lauren Underwood

Freshman leftist Democrat Congresswoman, Katie Hill, resigned from Congress last week, after titillating, au naturel photos of her with a paid female campaign staffer and suggestions of a sexual affair with a paid male Congressional staffer emerged.
Bisexual sexual athlete, Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) and her
Washington DC roommate, Lauren Underwood (D-IL)

The sexually athletic and versatile Ms. Hill was the Chairman of the Democrat  freshman congressional class and she shared an apartment in Washington with leftist Democrat newcomer, Illinois' own Lauren Underwood.

An energetic proponent of the "Me Too" movement and an ecstatic supporter of every laughably flimsy claim of childhood sexual impropriety made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the leftist, Ms. Hill was a big backer of new Congressional ethics rules that banned sexual liaisons with paid staffers.

Seems the Millennial cultural Marxist hypocrite was hoist on her own petard as she was inclined to enthusiastically boink her paid staffers on both sides of the sexual divide.

She even engaged in a weird "menage a trois" relationship, consisting of her, with her husband and her paid 22 year old female staffer.
Congresswoman Hill grooms
her paid 22 yr. old campaign staffer

And fearing a Congressional Ethics Committee inquiry, she felt it best to resign from her newly acquired Congressional seat.

Now the question becomes, what did her Illinois Congresswoman roomate, Lauren Underwood know, and when did she know it?

If Congresswoman Katie Hill was getting it on with her male paid staffer, Graham Kelly, (to whom she paid a $5,100 bonus) in the Hill-Underwood apartment, Congresswoman Underwood would be a material witness to a violation of Congressional ethics rules.

That is a matter of public policy.

Aren't these leftist Democrats an amusing bunch?

If they didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards, whatsoever.

(By the way, We first saw the fact that Hill and Underwood were roomies on Hill's Wikipedia site, which quickly scrubbed out that fact. Aren't leftists magnificent Orwellians?)

You can get most of the salacious photos of Congresswoman Underwood's roommate, Congresswoman Hill at  the British newspaper, the Daily Mail,  which published a large number of them:

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Loyola Academy Faculty Big on Anderson Report List of Sex Abusers

Loyola Academy in Wilmette made the news in a big-time way today.

Click on the photo to get the complete Anderson Report finding

You see, today, the Minnesota Law firm of Jeff Anderson and Associates, released its list of 395 Chicago area and Downstate Illinois Catholic school teachers who have been implicated in the criminal sexual abuse of the children under their tutelage.

And more than a few Loyola Academy teachers made it onto that "rogues gallery" of child sex abusers.

In fact, one Loyola Academy teacher, Rev. Donald J. McGuire S.J, spent 25 years in the hoosegow, after Loyola grads, who were there in '68 and '69, successfully had him criminally prosecuted for sexually attacking them.

McGuire got this stiff sentence, because it was his second conviction for child sexual abuse.

One wonders why Loyola Academy re-hired him. Do you call that "enabling" on the part of the Loyola Academy administration?

And talk about "enabling", the notorious Rev. Ignatius M. Burrill S.J.  finally shows up on this list of Loyola Academy pederasts.

Every freshmen at Loyola Academy during the quarter century that this homosexual child molester was there, was warned by fellow students to "stay away from this creep."

Yet he was there, year after year - with the obvious sanction of the Loyola Academy administration.

And this, despite the fact, that he had been reported to Jesuit authorities for homosexual sex abuse of a minor at St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, in the 50's.

And the Loyola Academy administration pedophile enablers, actually gave this perverted priest appointments to do such things as "Counsel" incoming freshmen boys in the private counseling rooms. And to become the photographer for the boys swimming teams and water polo teams (whereon, he would always hang around the pool and take, "action shots" of the young boys in their form fitting nylon swimsuits.)

How weird is that?

It defies credulity, that the administration of Loyola Academy was unaware of this man's presence being a threat to their students.

And the Peterson Report listed the former President of Loyola Academy, Rev. Larry Reuter, S.J., for his scandal relating to his pedophiliac propensities. And the aforementioned Fr. McGuire, who seemed to prefer teaching classes of freshmen boys. And another Jesuit Scholastic, who taught at Loyola, and despite being credibly implicated in child molestation, was elevated to the priesthood in the Jesuit order.

There are several other clear pedophiles who taught at Loyola Academy and did not make it onto his list.

One peculiarly effete lay French language teacher comes to mind, who would ask students who raised their hands, "Do you have a query?" provoking raucous, muffled guffaws from his students.

And then there was the lay Latin teacher, who was thrown out of Fenwick High School for allegedly sexually assaulting students there, but was invited to teach at Loyola - until they were apprised of his tawdry background.

Neither of these 2 Loyola Academy faculty made it onto the Anderson Report. Lawyers are careful of protecting their flanks from lawsuits. But Loyola students from the era know.

This entire matter was blurred and smoke-screened by the cowardly Left-Wing Catholic Cardinal Blase Cupich, of Chicago, who argued that he had released all the names of those diocesan priests who were convicted , but did not have jurisdiction to release the names of those in the Orders.

Well the Anderson Law firm has done that . And they have substantiated the Jesuit order's own determination that these criminal Loyola Academy faculty, were deemed by the Jesuits, to have committed verifiable sex crimes.

No doubt, the leftist, secularist Loyola Academy establishment will cry, "Well that was a different time - and we are different now."

And they are. They admit non-males. They are only nominally at all Christian. Loyola Academy now admits Muslims, Jews, any manner of Protestants and atheists - and one hears a bus load of monied Zoroastrians will be showing up at the admission office at 1100 Laramie, any day now.

But that doesn't stop them from raising millions on the Loyola Academy name - and the Loyola Academy Catholic-Christian legacy.

So since Loyola Academy is now, just another North Shore suburban rich kids secular school,
why don't they just change their name to "North Shore Country Day School - South."

It could spare them a lot of ongoing bad PR and prospective corporate legal liability.

All these statutes of limitations haven't run out.