Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dissembling Black Crime Enabler: Rosemary Regina Sobol

White victims of the current tsunami of Chicago black on white crimes might want to call 312/222 3540 ask for the Chicago Tribune's Rosemary Regina Sobol and thank her for making it all possible.
Senorita Sobol Covers Up Black
 Crime for the Chicago Tribune

This lying liar, Tribune Affirmative Action hiree, ostensibly covers crime for that dying news entity.

Yet when a gang of black thugs went wilding yesterday at Chicago's Navy Pier's annual Winter Wonderfest, and robbed two white teens and beat them to a pulp, Senorita Sobol was too polite to mention the fact.

In her crack Chicago Tribune story, the race of the 5 black thugs who were arrested and the race of the 13 and 16 year old kids they nearly murdered, were conveniently unmentioned.

Sobol, a graduate of Loyola U. has actually won some sort of journalism award, which just goes to show that Rush Limbaugh is entirely correct when he says that journalism and literary awards are just prizes that left wing cultural Marxists give to each other.

So where does Rosemary Regina Sobol live? What's her partisan voting record? She's a public figure in a position of public trust. Let's make this public info and while we're at it, let's thank her for her acute racial sensitivity in keeping Chicago's great unwashed from knowing what's actually going on in this town.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Village People Entertain at Sen. Mark Kirk's Navy Sendoff Party

Liberal Illinois Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, resigned his Naval Reserve officership last week, after having served for 23 years in that august body.
Commander Kirk's Navy Sendoff

You will recall, that during the acrimonious divorce proceedings which dissolved his extraordinarily brief marriage to a female of the species, the sadly neglected wife implied that our manly Senator was not altogether entirely well disposed toward women in a visceral sense.

Commander Kirk was commissioned an Ensign in 1989 in Pensacola, Florida, via Office Candidate School and was designated a Navy Intelligence Officer.

His tours of duty included the Office of Naval Intelligence, U.S. Southern Command Analyst for the Republic of Panama, USS Normandy (CG-60), USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74), Joint Chiefs of Staff Yugoslavia Task Force, Electronic Combat Squadron 209, Operation Allied Force (Aviana, Italy), Operation Northern Watch (Incirlik, Turkey), National Military Joint Intelligence Center, and Operation Enduring Freedom, International Security Assistance Force (Kandahar, Afghanistan).
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell!" Village People "In the Navy"

Kirk formally retired last Monday in an official ceremony at the Pentagon, led by Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, USN Chief of Naval Operations and Vice Admiral Robin R. Braun, USN Chief of Navy Reserve.

This now entitles him to become a federal government retirement "double dipper" as he will haul down a Navy pension in addition to his forthcoming Congressional pension.

The Chicago Lampoon has obtained exclusive video footage of the entertainment provided by the Village People at Commander Kirk's retirement festivities, which you can see here:

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Left's Affirmative Action Rapists: Schakowsky Aide, Minority PR Guru Convicted

Evangelists of the gospel of strength thru diversity were befuddled this past month as male affirmative action hires on Capitol Hill and at Chicago's main minority female owned PR firm pled guilty to rape.
Former Jan Schakowsky Aide, Donny Ray Williams
 in DC after pleading guilty to rape

One Donny Ray Williams, person of color, pled guilty in DC Superior court to sexually assaulting two Washington D.C. women, who he lured to his lair with promises of introductions to Senate staffers who might help them get jobs.

Donny Ray Williams was staff director for a Senate Homeland Affairs subcommittee and had been on the payrolls of such noted liberal lefties as Senators Joe Lieberman, Mary Landrieu and Herb Kohl as well as Congressmen Elijah Cummings and our very own liberal feminist hero, Jan Schakowsky.

Once at his Capitol Hill love nest, Donny Ray, 37, spiked the girls' drinks with Ambien and raped them while they were in a drugged stupor.
Latin Lover and PR Guru Ignacio Carillo

Maybe they're giving lessons on that technique in Affirmative Action class, as it was also employed by one Ignacio Carillo, oppressed person of color and Vice President at the black female owned Flowers Communications Group of Chicago, where he embellished the public images of Miller and Coors Brewing.

The Latin lover, Carillo, would pick up girls on a website called "Plenty of Fish" lure them to his man cave and drug their drinks as a prelude to raping them.

Last Thursday he was convicted of doing this to a West Suburban woman in '09 and will soon stand trial for an identical 2011 incident with a Skokie woman as the victim.

He'll be sentenced on the first rape in March. Ignacio Carillo could get up to 15 years in the hoosegow for each sex crime.

Both these oppressed persons of color will have to register as sex criminals with their local communities upon completion of their sentences.

Perhaps when they're out of stir, Jan Schakowsky will re employ Donny Ray as a Homeland Security researcher on her Congressional staff and give Ignacio a spot as an illegal alien outreach specialist, as part of her 2nd chance initiative for convicted felons.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Atanus for Congress: Schakowsky Gets Free Ride in the 9th

Anyone who has ever worked in a legislative office knows of a certain phenomenon called "nut mail."

This consists of letters from various constituents and non constituents wherein the correspondent complains of such things as their dental fillings which are really CIA radio receivers broadcasting incessantly to their brains.

Or they detail vast conspiracies, which extend back to the Opium Wars in China, in which the Koch Brothers and the Queen of England make fabulous profits distributing drugs in the US.

Nut mail can usually be recognized by red ink writing in the margins or the use of interesting ink colors to emphasize key points.

The best that local Republicans could come up in 2014 as standard bearer for Congress in the Illinois 9th district, is one Susanne Atanus and she has elevated the fine art of nut mail to the level of campaign lawn signs.

Hand made with black magic markers, they feature a photo of the fetching Ms. Atanus in front of an American flag and proclaim her to be the "Best, Greatest Leader!"

Ms. Atanus' hand made signs also promise "Daily Stock Returns", "More Jobs" and financial relief for any remaining nonagenarian holocaust victims.

To be sure, these are all vital concerns to the voters of Jan Schakowsky's 9th Congressional District.

But what we want to know is what Ms. Atanus is going to do about all those CIA radio receiver dental fillings.

And also, did the vaunted Evanston Democratic Schakowsky machine put this nut up to ensure that the ultra left wing Congresswoman gets a free ride?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stealth Muslim Candidate Mohammed "Mo Khan"

A young left wing political hack is running for State Representative in suburban Chicago's 20th district and his real name is Mohammed Khan, but he'd rather voters not know that, so he's appearing on the ballot as "Mo Khan."
Stealth Muslim, Mohammed "Mo" Khan
and his ultra left wing mentor, Jan Schakowsky

You know, Mo, just like the stooge, but without an E at the end.

Fiddling with your name to hide your ethnicity or religion is nothing new in Chicago politics.

The Chicago Lampoon last election season, chronicled the Philipina who was running for judge with an Irish name, the North Shore Jews who disguised their ethnicity with WASPy names and a WASPy named guy who adopted his dearly departed mother's Polish surname to get Polish votes on the Northwest side.

But this is the first example we've run across of a candidate trying to disguise his Mohammedan background.

We don't blame Mo Khan for trying to hide the fact that he is an adherent of the Koranic religion of peace.

Moslems have begun beheading Americans and Australians on their own soil as happened recently in Kansas and Sydney.

Moslem men were recently found to have targeted 1,400 young white British girls for rape and mass sexual abuse in Northern England.

American and European Moslem kids have begun flocking to the Middle East to join ISIS/ISIL in the fun.

That is if you consider beheading infidel Kurds and crucifying Syrian Christians your idea of a wild time.

Young Mohammedan, Mo Khan doesn't want to be associated with this in the minds of the voters of Park Ridge, Niles and the Northwest side, and who can blame him?

But we haven't heard Mo Khan apologizing to his fellow Americans for it either. We haven't heard him standing up as a voice for "moderate Islam," either.

But he can't do that. Because then voters would know that Mo Khan is really Moslem boy, Mohammed Khan, and he's quite set on hiding that fact from them.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Skokie News Blackout over McCracken School Shutdown: District 73 1/2 Teachers' Salaries Listed

For the second straight day, Skokie's McCracken Middle School has been shut down and for the second straight day, nobody seems to have any clear idea as to what the hell's going on.
Nobody knows what's going on at McCracken
and the press doesn't even bother to ask

But Skokie's residents are getting used to being kept in the dark by their officialdom, especially when the Skokie Police Department gets involved.

Skokie's police may not be much when it comes to solving crimes, but they've mastered the fine art of stonewalling the public.

Two summers ago, when the Niles Township High School District 219 educrats got their panties in a bunch over some offhanded comment made by an irate 70 year old Morton Grove taxpayer, Skokie cops began wanding citizens as they entered the school board meeting to check for guns.

When a Skokie Patch reporter tried to photograph the oddly, police state like activity, the SPD quite illegally and unconstitutionally threatened him with arrest for doing his job i.e. reporting to the public.

Two years earlier when there was a spate of home burglaries on Skokie's East side, the crack SPD withheld that information from the public and press, saying it would compromise their crack investigation. As a result, homeowners, unaware of the threat, continued to be burglarized at a record pace.

And, of course, a full three weeks after a Niles North 17 year old was gunned down near Church St, the gunman has yet to be found. Skokie Police, as usual, aren't uttering a peep.

So now comes McCracken School Principal, Allison Stein, with the peculiar revelation that there is some kind of "threatening or inappropriate" behavior going on with her charges who use Instagram.

Then Stein, the $133,256 a year educrat, takes the drastic step of shutting the whole place down and calling in the Skokie cops. They, in turn, have called in the feds. Nobody's talking, the somnolent local press isn't even bothering to ask questions, hundreds of family schedules are upset and the whole town remains totally in the dark about it all.

We would argue that Skokie officialdom has been no more forthcoming with its supposedly free citizenry than Walter Ubricht's East German communists were with their subjects during the 1950s.

But that would be an insult to the relative transparency of Comrade Ubricht's Stalinist regime.

Below are posted, by name, the latest available teacher and administator salaries for the taxpayer subsidized employees of Skokie School District 73.5, which consists of McCracken Middle School, Middleton Elementary and the Meyer pre school.

They were garnered by the Family Taxpayer's Foundation, which filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to get them.

If you click on an individual employees' name you can get further data, such as teaching specialty, length of employment, education level, etc.

Keep in mind, most of these salaries are for 9 months of work.

Skokie SD 73-5 2012 Download data

Alcala, Stacy$29,371
Amato, Mary Jane$104,482
Atanus, Martha$54,111
Aziz, Diana$12,814
Beatrice, Michelle$49,625
Belgrad, Lisa$88,796
Bennett, Chalice$46,829
Blades, Bethany$68,634
Blomquist, Robert$82,733

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WBBM's Nancy Harty Criminally Complicit in U of IL Black on White Mob Attacks

Gangs of 6 to 8 black males have been roaming the University of Illinois Champaign campus randomly attacking and violently beating white kids and WBBM radio infobabe, Nancy Harty, is as criminally complicit as if she had been driving their getaway car.
WBBM Newsradio harridan,
 Nancy Harty

Harty, herself a U of I grad who lives on Chicago's north side with her husband and son, filed a 10/21 WBBM radio news report which blandly described the attacks as "youths attacking students with no apparent motive."

Harty pointedly omitted the descriptions of the youthful attackers as six to eight black males, approximately age 25, wearing dark clothing, driving a dark blue sedan or SUV.

Even WLS ABC 7 reported that much.

And Harty pointedly omitted mention that in all the attacks, the victims were white.

That has led police to suspect that there is, indeed, an apparent motive, i.e. anti white hate crime assaults as part of black gang initiation rituals.

That's kind of embarrassing for PC propagandistic creeps like Harty.

Harty had to be dragged kicking and screaming into even reporting these incidents.

You see, WBBM radio made first mention of it on October 21st, a full week after the events were first reported by downstate media.

And some reports indicate that these anti white, hate mob attacks have been going on down in Champaign for at least three weeks.
Even WLS ABC 7 reported the race of the
 mobs attacking whites at the U of I

And during that same time, a black male sexually assaulted two U of I girls and another is wanted in an armed robbery.

That kind of amounts to an explosion of black on white violent crime at the University of Illinois, Champaign campus.

But you'd never know to listen to WBBM newsradio.

Harty is happy, even eager to coverup and sanitize black crimes against whites. Nary a peep from her about the race of suspects, when they're black. That's kind of important on radio, where there's no possibility of splashing up photos of perps and suspects.

But Northsider, Nancy Harty, is more than happy to excitedly report on the race of white suspects, even down to a gleefully precise description of their blond hair and blue eyes, as in her Tweet of her 10/16 WBBM radio account of a manhunt in McHenry county (see below):

The good news is that we are seeing the beginning of a tidal shift away from passive acceptance of the kind of PC pap that the likes of Harty have been pawning off on us as news.

This past week, actor/singer and columnist Robert Davi published a brilliant essay calling for a peaceful revolution against the "PC mindset that is crushing America's spirit." 

For too long, people have been lamenting the bias of the media and the blatant falsehoods and calumnies propounded by PC propagandists in academia and the news media.

But they've been treating it as if its simply some vague, incorporal fact of life like winter blizzards in Chicago, rather than criminally complicitous acts perpetrated by real people, who don't wish us well, and who live in our midst and walk our neighborhoods.

These are real people who now must be outed and held accountable, like WBBM radio's Nancy Harty.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Laurino/D'Amico Democrats Give Sauganash Homeowners An Offer They Can't Refuse

For as far as the eye can see along Devon, D'Amico and Quinn signs:
Dem 39th ward heelers gave homeowners "an offer they couldn't refuse"

In the affluent Edgebrook/Sauganash Northwest Chicago neighborhood, there is a little down scale patch called "Sauganash Park." It's the area just East of the stately Queen of All Saints Basilica on Devon Avenue.

Unlike the mega bucks, clout heavy Democrat contractors and white collar patronage types who occupy the stately mansions in the real Sauganash and Edgebrook to the West, the denizens of these little cottages are patronage wannabees and low level hacks.
Alderman Tony Laurino , John D'Amico's
great uncle died during his trial for federal corruption

One is a Latino Cook County Sheriff's Cop whose County cop car is apparently his personal vehicle as it's always in front of his home on Kostner at Devon.

Nice little government perk, huh?

Anyway, Saturday, the 39th Ward Democrat ward heelers were out in force putting campaign signs for State Representative John D'Amico and Governor Pat Quinn on the lawns of the cottages along high visibility Devon Avenue.

A full 90 percent of the homes on the 7 block stretch from Pulaski to Kostner had both signs on their lawns. (See photo above)

D'Amico is a long time Democratic party hack who, after graduating from the laughably idiotic, Northeastern Illinois (high school with ashtrays) University, got a job in the Chicago Department of Water.

In fact he's still on the payroll as a foreman with the city water department, while also pulling down a second government check from his gig as a Madigan rubber stamp State Representative in Springfield.

John D'Amico's aunt is none other than the 39th Ward Democrat Alderman Margaret Laurino, whose husband, Randy Barnette is the 39th Ward Democrat Committeeman and whose brother, William Laurino, formerly held the State Rep. seat currently kept warm by nephew John.

Margaret Laurino, herself, inherited the Aldermanic seat from her daddy, Alderman Anthony C. Laurino. When he resigned in '94, after 30 years in the job, due to "poor health" she was appointed by Richie Daley to head up the family Aldermanic fiefdom.
It's all in the family: John D'Amico's aunt,
Alderman Margaret Laurino

Unfortunately, a year later, Don Tony Laurino was pinched by the Feds for a ghost payrolling scheme.

Before his federal trial could be concluded, Don Tony Laurino kicked the bucket.

But Alderman Margaret Laurino's mom, Bonnie Laurino and her sister, Marie D'Amico and her brother in law, John D'Amico Sr., were convicted of racketeering.

But Chicago is a forgiving place and not one to impart the crimes of the parents to the children, so John C. D'Amico Jr., of city water department fame, is a respected member of the Illinois House of Representatives, who when Speaker Michael Madigan says, "Jump" is honored to ask, "How high?"

So you see, in Chicago, it's all in the family. In this case we're talking about the storied Laurino and D'Amico families.

And if you're wondering why 90% of those homeowners on Devon Avenue agreed to have those signs for Quinn and D'Amico on their lawns, well, you can pretty well assume that Alderman Laurino's boys gave them an offer they couldn't refuse.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Muslims Exempt From NFL Rules/OK Jihadist Beheading Just "Workplace Tiff"

Good news all over for the peaceful followers of Islam.

First, the NFL came out in favor of Husain Abdullah's Monday post TD slide in the end zone, because he topped it off with one of those subservient Muslim, ass in the air, bows to Allah.
Big Allah fan, Husain Abdullah

Normally, NFL players are penalized 15 yards on the kickoff for such, rub it in your face, celebratory displays, but according to NFL spokesman Mike Signora, "this was different."

No word on whether Catholic NFLers will be allowed to slide down onto their knees and chant off a few Hail Mary's or whether Episcopalians will be allowed to break into a jubilant post TD chorus of "Onward Christian Soldiers."

One guesses that CAIR would probably raise holy hell at the prospect of such antics by the infidels.

And speaking of infidels, one named Colleen Hubbard, got her head lopped off out in Oklahoma, by a recent convert to that Middle Eastern religion of peace, one Alton Nolen. His Facebook postings showed him to be a big ISIS fan and hater of the infidel Christians, but fortunately, MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry, said it was all just a simple case of USPS styled workplace violence.
Saracen Alton Nolen simply went Postal

Whew! They were sweating bullets down at the prayer room at CAIR headquarters, thinking that maybe the foul infidel vipers might have gotten wise to 5th column Muslim terrorist antics.

But thank Allah for MSNBC. Just a little workplace tiff. No Muslim terrorism or anything. Nothing to see here. Move along, Move along.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Burrito Bruce" Rauner Wants Amnesty For Illegal Aliens: Says So In Latino Newspaper

Just as the immigration invasion has now become the #1 issue of concern to Republicans, per an August Gallup poll, the mega bucks, Illinois RINO running for Governor, Bruce Rauner, comes out publicly for amnesty for illegal aliens.
Rauner pandering to Latino immigrants in Chicago

Rauner did that in a pandering op ed published in the HOY, Spanish language Chicago newspaper.

Not only did he come out for granting amnesty to illegal aliens, but he also trashed Republicans for opposing it:

"...some Republicans are downright hostile to immigrants, failing to recognize that America’s past, present, and future would not be nearly as bright and prosperous without our culture and heritage of immigration."

Rauner also repeated the mythological hogwash that Obama's administration has been deporting illegal aliens at a record rate. Even the LA Times exposed the fact that Obama & Co. had cooked the books on deportations, counting turnarounds at the border as "deportations."

But, no doubt spurred on by his lefty establishment GOP campaign operatives, Rauner blathered out that little bit of Democrat propaganda.

As we reported several weeks ago, Bruce Rauner and his lefty Jewish wife, Diana, have been big financial contributors to the open borders, pro amnesty immigration lobby group, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

So make no mistake about it. Bruce Rauner is an open borders, pro amnesty, cheap labor immigration pimp.

The good news is that increasing numbers of voters on the rightward edges of both parties are getting wise to Rauner's "liberal in drag" persona.

Many are going to simply stay at home on election day.

Some will throw away their Gubernatorial vote on the Libertarian Governor candidate, Chad Grimm, who's now polling 6% in statewide polls.
Many disaffected conservatives are casting
 protest votes for Libertarian Chad Grimm

And some of the aggrieved right to lifers and family values voters are even talking about casting a strategic vote for Democrat Pat Quinn. That recently ignited a huge controversy in the Illinois Review.

What is becoming clear, is that Bruce Rauner's pandering better get him lots of Latino voters legal and otherwise.

With conservatives deserting Rauner in droves, he's going to need his amigos down in Pilsen and Little Village voting early and often.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? Now Playing in Chicagoland

The third part of the film trilogy of Ayn Rand's, Atlas Shrugged is now playing in Chicago and suburban movie theaters (as well as in Rockford.)

Below is a list of the theaters currently playing Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? along with contact phone numbers.


AMC River East 21
322 East Illinois Street, Chicago IL 60611

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake Showplace Stadium 16
5000 W. Route 14, Crystal Lake IL 60014


Lincolnshire Stadium 21 & IMAX
300 Parkway Drive, Lincolnshire IL 60069


Showplace 16
2815 Showplace Drive, Naperville IL 60564


Rockford 16
8301 E. State Street, Rockford IL 61125-8500

Here is a trailer for the film:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The First Ever McDonald's in Des Plaines, IL: Now the McDonald's Museum

Well, when you're a nation with fewer than 3 centuries under your belt, I guess you've got to celebrate your culture wherever you can and that's why we have the McDonald's Museum.
The 1st ever McDonald's in Des Plaines, IL
is preserved as the McDonald's Museum 

On River Rd., just Northwest of Chicago in suburban Des Plaines, is preserved the 1st ever McDonald's fast food drive in restaurant, looking pretty much as it did when super entrepreneur, Ray Kroc, built it in 1955.

According to his authorized autobiography, Grinding It Out, Ray Kroc mortgaged his Northfield home to raise the cash to pursue his dream.

His wife, a short sighted woman, if there ever was one, divorced him as a result.

"I've had it with your cockamamie schemes," she said to Ray.

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out," he replied.
The Marquee at the Original McDonald's
Hamburgers were only 15 cents

He gave her the car, the home, the dog and their remaining bank accounts. But he adamantly refused to give her stock in his fledgling McDonald's Corporation, which consisted then, of the one restaurant you see above.

That stock would be worth something around $1 billion today.

Old Ray had the last laugh.

(The link up above will get you a free download of Ray Kroc's Autobiography: "Grinding it Out: The Making of McDonald's". It's well worth reading.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Black Mob "Wilding" Ongoing in N. Loop, Gold Coast: Covered Up By Rahm, Media

If you rely on Chicago's mainstream media, you'd be blissfully unaware of it, but the fact is that the black youth mob "wilding" -- widely reported in 2011 -- has been going on regularly ever since.
Black youth "wilding" mob
outside the Water Tower last year

As you recall, on Memorial Day of 2011, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, closed North Avenue Beach, purportedly because of excessive heat.

But everyone knew it was because unruly mobs of South and West side black youths had taken over the beach house, bike path and beach. There they engaged in assaults and robberies of bicyclists, beach goers and motorists. Virtually all of their victims were white, a fact conveniently unreported by the press at the time.

Several similar incidents were chronicled later that year -- these consisting of black youth mobs accosting, jostling and robbing white and Asian pedestrians on the Michigan Ave. Mag Mile.

Then the reportage suddenly stopped.

But the black youth mob thuggery continued unabated.

We know this due to the superb efforts of the North Side Inside Booster Community Newspaper and the dogged work of its reporter, Bob Zuley.

The black youth mob crime wave has been ongoing, but has been systematically covered up by Rahm Emanuel's administration with the complicity of Chicago's mainstream left-wing media.
Whites are almost always the
victims of the black youth mobs

According to the Inside Booster's June 4-10 edition, the CPD's News Affairs office issued an order forbidding any city employee from publicly disclosing facts surrounding the wilding on Michigan Ave. or adjoining areas.

This no doubt for fear that if the truth were known, commerce would be negatively impacted in those customary tourist destinations.

A police source anonymously told the Booster's Zuley, that Chicago Police are hesitant to act to curtail the black thugs for fear of bringing down charges of "brutality, harassment and racism," and likely engender no support from the Emanuel administration, police brass or the news media.

In short, the prevailing left wing PC climate intimidates Chicago police from performing their jobs -- from protecting citizens from mobs of black youths intent on robbing and beating white citizens.

The police source also said that the criminal acts are almost always crimes with blacks victimizing white people. But he said the racial nature of the crime is almost never reported due to the Chicago news media's fear of sounding racist and offending blacks.

Widespread white victimization is the result:

--- In early June a group of young black thugs surrounded a North side white woman in her car, rocked it back and forth and attempted to tip it over (Booster 6/4/14 p.9)

--- A young white couple were accosted by a black mob in the North Loop in June and were robbed and so severely beaten as to require hospitalization (ibid.)

--- One weekend this spring, a mob of black males went on a mugging spree, boarding CTA busses in the North Loop, terrorizing passengers and walking away with a wallet, a bicycle and a handful of electronic devices. (ibid.)

--- In late June, an estimated 1,000 young blacks from outside the area, assembled on the North Ave. Beach, engaging in fights with each other and assaulting white bicyclists and pedestrians (Booster 6/17/14 p.15)

But all this goes unreported by the mainstream Chicago news media.

As the police officer informant told Zuley, "not reporting (this) crime, seems to me, almost criminal."

(The Inside Booster has been faithfully reporting events on Chicago's North Side since 1905. It is the last vestigial remnant of the celebrated Lerner Community Newspaper chain. You can see the latest issue as well as the archive of past issues at the Inside Communications website: )

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weird Geese in Lincolnwood

Somebody has been dropping off farm animals in Lincolnwood's Centennial Park.
Farmyard geese newly arrived
at Lincolnwood's Centennial Park

Earlier this summer, bicyclists and joggers along the path, which parallels the MWRD canal, were greeted by the sight of a rooster. For two or three consecutive mornings the quite-out-of-place capon pecked away at seeds and such alongside the canal.

Some cockerel fancier left the fellow some actual chicken feed.

How he avoided becoming coyote chow remains a mystery. But after 3 days some PETA or SPCA type cornered the fellow and left a note on a bush reporting that he had been removed to a happy life on a farm somewhere.

Now white geese are showing up in the very same place.

These aren't the standard grey Canadian geese who regularly poop up the bike path there, but big white farmyard geese.
Peaceful co-existence among the Lincolnwood geese

These more domesticate buffoonish birds seem to coexist rather nicely with their wild counterparts.

But we think they'll likely end up as nocturnal coyote snacks.

And the puzzle as to who's dropping off farm animals in Lincolnwood, Illinois continues apace.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rauner Major Donor To Illegal Alien Advocacy Group

A plaque in suburban Lincolnwood erected by the extreme pro-immigrant Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) of Chicago celebrates Illinois Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner and his wife, Diana among its major donors.

That group, regularly works in tandem with the pro-illegal alien lobby, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR).

On its website, the HIAS, itself, supports S.744, the discredited Senate illegal alien amnesty bill, which has even been repudiated by Sen. Marco Rubio and other Republicans from the Senate "Gang of 8", who helped craft it.

The plaque which celebrates Rauner's financial largess, prominently quotes leftist Federal Judge, Richard Posner, a frequent critic of conservatives, a former clerk to ultra-liberal Supreme Ct. Justice, William Brennan and major supporter of abortionist practices.

On the plaque, Posner, who once referred to conservatives as "goofy," is quoted with a general endorsement of all immigrants and immigration to the US -- essentially open borders.

The plaque was erected in 2012 as part of a gushy pro-immigration monument which graces the entrance to Lincolnwood, Illinois' Centennial park at the corner of Pratt Avenue and McCormick Blvd in that northern suburb of Chicago.

Rauner, an ostensible Republican, who's pumped millions into his own campaign, has apparently begun to worry about the absence of fervor amongst Illinois conservatives for his candidacy.

Well, hey, Brucie -- if you expect to weasel around on issue after issue, trying to be all things to all voters -- it's generally best to not have your left-wing sympathies etched in stone.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fast Food Philosophy From Suburban Chicago

Everything you really need to know can be gleaned from the marquees of fast food emporiums.

Philosophic maundering from one of the nicest pizza purveyors in Niles, Illinois:

What my Greek psychiatrist prescribed for my panic attacks:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why Are U.S. Marines Training in a Chicago Park?

A very odd sight today at high noon in the Chicago Park District's River Park on Foster Avenue.

A group of uniformed Marines from the nearby North Park Reserve Training Center at 3034 W. Foster, dressed in urban camouflage fatigues, were undergoing training exercises in a civilian city park under the hot sun, at noon on a beautiful July Sunday.

First time we've ever seen that.

Under the watchful guard of a Chicago Police Department SUV, about 2 score of the military personnel, from the 2nd Battalion 24th Marine regiment, were engaging in a basic boot camp exercise, running a 100 yard course while carrying a fellow Marine on their back.

This was taking place on a field customarily reserved for softball and more recently, soccer games.

In fact, the Marine exercise seemed to have displaced a regular Latino Sunday soccer game, where more than a hundred recent - probably mostly illegal - Latino aliens would gather, without a park permit. They almost always would set up a food tent and dispense cooked items to the assembled throng -- almost certainly without requisite Chicago food handling permits.

We don't know if this Marine exercise was arranged to thwart the apparently ever-growing assemblages of Latinos who have essentially been taking over River Park.

Or if it is, as Alex Jones contends on his InfoWars website -- a further attempt to acclimate American citizens to ongoing military presence in their communities.

Just last week in downstate Illinois, there was an unexplained and thoroughly unexpected major military show of force on a Livingston, Illinois school ground.

We don't know whether to be grateful that the Marine presence has, for one Sunday at least, thwarted the illegal alien takeover of the stately north side park -- or to be concerned over this as another instance of an attempt to inure free Americans to a growing martial government presence.

Or maybe the Marines were just, as the Chicago Park District advertising slogan suggests, "Coming on out to play."

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Black Thugs Prey on Chicago Gay Pride Parade-goers: Event May Be Moved Out Of Boystown

You'd never know it if you relied on the mainstream Chicago news media, but the June 29th Chicago Gay Pride Parade was marred for at least the 2nd year, by violent black thugs violently attacking mostly white parade spectators.
Black Thugs Had a Field Day
Robbing and Beating Pride Parade Watchers

Most of the attacks were by-products of robberies.

We know this thanks to the Inside-Booster publications. A lone remnant of the Lerner chain of neighborhood newspapers, they alone chronicled the violent crime attendant to the event. (July 2nd edition, p.1)

Further, they reported that, due to the black-on-white criminality, the openly gay 44th ward alderman, Tom Tunney, said that he may call for the annual event to be moved out of the heavily gay Lakeview neighborhood and relocated to the loop next year.

Here are the Pride parade-related, violent events chronicled by the Inside Booster community newspaper:

--- A woman was robbed of her bookbag and beaten by three black men and two black women at the corner of Addison and Sheffield. Due to the crush of people, police were unable to get to her at the time. They took her statement at 4:51 am at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. 
Scene From the 2009 Black Pride
Montrose Event - Denied a Permit in '14

--- A man and a woman were struck with bottles and robbed near Broadway and Surf by a group of black men who then fled in a navy blue vehicle. A Chicago Fire Department crew passing at the time of the attack, reported a group of 30 young black men fighting and damaging cars at that corner during the time of the attack.

--- A man was beaten and robbed on the sidewalk at 916 W. Belmont. He was evacuated by ambulance.

--- A man was robbed of his wallet and $100 cash by a black male at 901 W. Belmont

--- A man was beaten and robbed under the Red Line El tracks near Belmont by a black male in his 20s

--- A man was beaten and robbed outside Big & Little's restaurant at 1034 W. Belmont

According to the paper, this was at least the second year in which the Pride festivities were marked by widespread victimization of the largely white attendees by black criminals. In an attempt to avoid this kind of crime, the city this year denied a park permit to organizers of an annual "Black Pride" gathering at nearby Montrose harbor.

But several hundred blacks gathered at Montrose beach rocks for the simultaneous event, despite the lack of a permit. That event was marked by 4 shooting incidents.

Alderman Tom Tunney told WBBM-TV news that he is "evaluating alternative locations for the next year's pride parade. "We hear from our residents that they don't feel safe in their neighborhood...If there is an option to move it downtown, I'm not afraid to look at it," Tunney said.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Real American Poetry By Ellin Anderson: Happy 4th of July 2014

(Editor's note: Nothing could be more appropriate for us to publish this 4th of July holiday, than the work of Ellin Anderson. She is a New England-based poet whose work artistically and eloquently captures the very essence of the America that we know. At a time when the arts are dominated by counter-cultural, usually anti-American, hacks and poseurs, her work is as genuinely refreshing as it is beautiful. We present it here by permission along with an exclusive foreword from the author.)

Foreword by Ellin Anderson

The elegant wineglass elm — “wineglass” referring to its shape — was once a symbol of New England, where I have lived all my life.

In his book, Republic of Shade: New England and the American Elm (Yale University Press, 2003), Thomas J. Campanella tells us that “…the American elm was something of paramount significance for the people of the United States, and of New England in particular.”

It “was” something of significance, because starting in the 1920s, a beetle-borne disease out of Asia decimated our native elms. New England’s streets, over arched with beautiful colonnades and canopies of elms, and the lone wineglass elm shading cows in a pasture, are no more.

The age of the elm is associated in my mind with civility: a paradox of the period when America still took itself dead seriously.

When our patrician President Teddy Roosevelt (1901–1909) told us to “Speak softly” but “carry a big stick” so as to “go far,” the “big stick” in question was a mighty U.S. Navy, pledged by Roosevelt to enforce the Monroe Doctrine in this hemisphere, and to make us a world power around the globe.

When society was decent and manners were an art, America was brutal, by modern standards, in controlling its southern border. During the aptly named “Border War” (1910–1916), we enlisted General John J. Pershing and the future General George S. Patton to chase Pancho Villa and his posse back to Mexico.

That happened when elms last graced New England in all their glory.

Look at us now.

Look at Mexico. (If you can’t see the Mexican border from your window, just be patient.)

Look at Iraq.

Rudeness and lewdness, transmitted via the mainstream media, are our parasitic beetles. National impotence is a co-morbidity of the diseases they impart.

The little town in Massachusetts where I spent most of my childhood has an “Elm Park” dating to the 19th century.  By the time I was skating there, the elms were long gone, having succumbed to the ghastly bug.

But elms of a new and hardy species were recently planted to replace them. Today I live in northern Vermont, and on the hill where I like to walk, I seem to have found a survivor elm in an old pasture. I have written a poem about it.


By Ellin Anderson

The wineglass elm
Of storied praise
That graced the realm
Of kinder days,

And rose to pledge
An endless toast
At empire’s edge,
Is now a ghost.

But on a day
Before the fall,
I made my way
Past wood and wall,

And from the grass
The pasture wore,
That graceful wineglass
Rose once more.

Vines wrapped the tree
As round a sheaf,
Quite prettily,
With flaming leaf

And pendant from
Its tapered shape,
Hung hue of plum:
The ripened grape.

Could there be mist
In that warm shade?
White vapors kissed
A promenade

Of stateliness
In summer white
Where numberless
As stars at night

Were all the stitches,
Ruffles, pearls,
The handmade riches
Countless girls

Had sewn, by candles,
For rituals
Of courtesy.

As fine as ever,
Nod and bow,
The graces never
Thought of now;

Men tipped straw hats,
And ladies smiled.
White canes, white spats;
Each man, and child

And woman seemed
To walk in bliss;
No dream I’d dreamed
Was quite like this.

What gods held sway
With canes and fans
To rule the day?

Who lightly stepped,
And softly spoke
Through vigils kept.
More modern folk

Carry a stick
Whose core is rotten;
Weak and sick,
And soon forgotten.

It was late,
The light soon killed.
I could not wait.
The wineglass filled

With sunset’s tranquil
Against the chill
Come over me.

And home I went
To gather wood
For time well spent
In doing good,

And here’s my thought,
A lesson learned:
The worse the rot,
The sooner burned.

© 2014 by Ellin Anderson. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be copied or used in any way without written permission from the author.

You can experience more of Ellin Anderson's poetry at her personal sites:

Friday, June 27, 2014

General Douglas MacArthur's Tactical Support for FDR's New Deal

One of the most interesting facts to emerge from Mark Perry's fine new autobiography of General Douglas MacArthur (The Most Dangerous Man in America - The Making of Douglas MacArthur, Basic Books, 2014) is that the conservative Republican General propped up FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) as a way of maintaining the structure of the US Army's officer corps.
General Douglas MacArthur

As a way of putting young men to work during the depths of the great depression, FDR's New Dealers conjured up the CCC as a scheme for enlisting them to perform a variety of public work in the nation's forests and open lands.

They would be housed in camps and paid for their efforts.

The enabling legislation for this was passed by Congress in April 1933 but the roll out shortly thereafter was almost as big a bomb as Obama's registry for Obamacare.

Only 100,000 young men signed up during the first two months. (p.8)

Consequently, the New Deal liberals called on the War Department and the Army Chief of Staff, Douglas MacArthur, to straighten out the mess.
CCC workers in Florida

The left-wingers in FDR's administration had been pushing for ever deeper cuts in US military spending, even to the point of discharging members of the rather small officer corps (this at the time when Adolf Hitler was assuming power in Germany and the Japanese Imperialists were occupying China.)

MacArthur jumped at the chance to manage the CCC. Despite his philosophic contempt for FDR's socialist measures, he saw this as a chance to keep his officers employed and active, until the day that their skills would be required on the battlefield.

In less than a month, MacArthur implemented a program to supply and transport 275,000 new CCC recruits. His officer corps conducted the logistics and training for this little army of conservation workers.

MacArthur rightly viewed his officers as the "seed corn" of national defense. A seed corn, which the shortsighted New Deal leftists had been prepared to consume.(p.9)

Roosevelt's budget planners, grudgingly conceded MacArthur's success with the CCC and refrained from further cutting of the army officer corps, because such cuts would mean cutting their beloved CCC social engineering scheme.

MacArthur's young aide, Col. Dwight D. Eisenhower, was among the first to comprehend the significance of MacArthur's tactical support for the New Deal CCC and acknowledge its brilliance:

"Gen. MacA. finally won the most important phases in his fight against drastic cutting of National Defense," Eisenhower wrote in June 1933, "We will lose no officers or men (at least at this time)and this concession was won because of the great numbers we are using on the Civilian Conservation Corps work and Gen. MacA's skill and determination in the fight." (p.10)

So with war clouds emerging from the European and Asian horizons, the left-wing New Dealer's schemes to gut the American military were thwarted by the perspicacious General Douglas MacArthur.

Ironically, at the time, FDR's New Dealer's were disparaging MacArthur as a "war monger," and tried to cut the military budget at every turn.

After the December 7, 1941 Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and Adolf Hitler's subsequent December 11th declaration of war on the USA, in solidarity with his axis ally, these same lefty New Dealers, would criticize MacArthur for a lack of military preparedness (pps. 16-19)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Most Dangerous Man in America: Mark Perry's New Biography of General Douglas MacArthur

The recently released biography of General Douglas MacArthur by popular historian, Mark Perry (The Most Dangerous Man in America - The Making of Douglas MacArthur, 380 pps., Basic Books, 2014) is wonderfully insightful, but also troubling for two reasons.

First, in his afterword, Perry cites an "informal internet poll" that ranked MacArthur the worst American commander ever. Even Benedict Arnold came in only 2nd.

Aside from the shaky value of the cited source, it's possibly a troubling sign of the all-pervasive leftist orthodoxy that has been exerting a stranglehold on American higher education.

That the brilliant architect of the lifesaving WWII "Operation Cartwheel" in the Southwest Pacific, the liberation of the Philippines and the masterstroke Korean War, Inchon invasion, should be considered anything other than the greatest American military commander of  the second half of our nation's existence, would be laughable if it weren't so terribly dangerous.

One can only think that neo-Marxists in academia are still smarting over MacArthur's authoritative and unilateral expulsion of Stalin's subversive Red Army operatives from occupied Japan in 1946.

Second, the book is also a bit troubling for its non-germaine, obviously commercially-driven title.

"The Most Dangerous Man in America" as a description of Douglas MacArthur, was an utterance made by Franklin D. Roosevelt at an informal luncheon in 1932.

The then Democrat presidential nominee was expressing his fear that MacArthur, a celebrated World War I officer, US Army Chief of Staff and well-connected Republican might be the only American on the political landscape able to thwart his electoral ambitions.
MacArthur (L) and FDR (C) had
a love-hate working relationship

The title really has little to do with the autobiographical nature of Perry's wonderfully lucid book. One can only surmise that one of the marketing geniuses at Basic Books figured it was a catchy title that would help books fly off bookstore shelves or Amazon on-line book sites.

This account of MacArthur's life basically takes us from the 1930s prelude to World War II through the September 2, 1945 unconditional surrender of the Imperial Japanese to MacArthur aboard the USS Missouri.

It's by no means as comprehensive as William Manchester's celebrated 1978 biography, American Caesar, which takes us in great detail from the great General's birth in Milwaukee in 1880 to his 1964 death at West Point.

Consequently, it stops short of several of the signal events in MacArthur's life - his role as Supreme Commander of the occupying forces in Japan (where he, in fact, wrote the Constitution under which Japan still operates), his brilliant Inchon invasion, which saved South Korea from communism and his 1964 deathbed warning to President Lyndon Johnson to avoid a land war in Viet Nam.

But as a riveting account of the intricacies of the Army-Navy rivalries that both plagued and strengthened the US war effort in the Pacific, Perry's account is unrivalled.

And the detailed account of the ambivalent love-hate working relationship between FDR and MacArthur, most of which is derived from first hand accounts of those who were there, is unavailable anywhere else.

In today's toxic Obamaite climate, American exceptionalism is constantly under assault from the elementary school to the university post-graduate level by the thinly-veiled neo-Marxist doctrines of multiculturalism, diversity and critical race theory.

Mark Perry's "The Most Dangerous Man in America - The Making of Douglas MacArthur," is a very welcome antidote to that and a reminder of American exceptionalism as embodied in one of our greatest American heroes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wheaton CUSD 200 Prosecutes 8th Graders for "Obscenity" - Teachers Salaries Listed

(Ed. Note: The complete list of names and salaries for all  teachers and administrators  at all of the schools in the Wheaton CUSD 200 appears at the end of this article.)

There's something kind of fishy about the recent report that Wheaton's Community School District 200 called in the cops to arrest two 14 year old boys for "harassment by electronic communication, transmitting an obscene message and obscenity."
Neophyte Schoolmarm Rachel Fieber-Bednar

First, it's odd that a grammar school principal should call in armed government agents to arrest kids who were not engaged in violent activity.

And second, it's very odd that the government prosecutor, one State's Attorney Robert Berlin wouldn't say what it was all about, because the kids are juveniles.

It's one thing to withhold their names -- but not reveal the particulars of what they are charged with?

He would only say that they weren't taking lewd photos of themselves or other students -- so called "sexting."

The new chief Edison school marm, a former school librarian in her first year as top Edison educrat, one Rachel Bednar, sent a note to parents alleging that some of her wards had posted "inappropriate images involving students and staff" on social media sites."

Bednar then wrote that she worked "diligently, with the authorities and appropriate disciplinary action was taken."

She didn't say that she worked diligently with the parents and the students themselves - just said she dropped a dime to the cops.

Could it be that neophyte Principal Fieber-Bednar didn't know how to handle the "Wheaton Facebook fiasco," herself, so she found it easier to just call in the cops and have the 8th grade kids taken off in irons to the Wheaton hoosegow?

And no one is talking. There's something very fishy about that. There's something very strange going on at CUSD 200's Edison Middle School and until the veil of secrecy is lifted, civil libertarians ought be quite concerned and quite vigilant.

Posted below are the latest available names and salaries for teachers and administrators of the 13 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 2 high schools of Wheaton Community Unit School District 200.

They were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the Family Taxpayers' Foundation.

Most of the salaries are for 9 months of work. For particulars on the individual government employee (years of employment, specialty, etc.), click on the individual's name and the data will appear:

CUSD 200 2012 Download data

Aagaard, Annie$42,300
Abdoo, Virginia$104,482
Abshire, Phillip$70,957
Adam, Sara$55,843
Adams, Heather$81,200
Adkins, Holly$82,487
Ahrenholz, Nancy$49,430
Alrich, Cristine$77,857
Alvis, Katherine$50,171
Amacher, Kathryn$81,850
Ambrosio, Trish$48,878
Anderson, Barbara$60,762
Anderson, Marc$85,028
Anderson, Peter$75,362
Anderson, Rachel$58,341
Anderson, Timothy$103,070

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Alderman Wants Gang Bangers To Become Bond Traders

There's never been a shortage of inane ideas emanating from Chicago's 50 aldermen, but the 17th Ward's Latasha Thomas has just put herself in the running for a Gold Medal in the Aldermanic Idiot Olympics.
Chicago Alderman Latasha Thomas

On page 10 of the 6/5 edition of the Chicago Reader, the longtime solon from the Auburn-Gresham-Englewood area, said she is worried about all the killings in her ward.

Ms. Thomas says the lack of job opportunities is what's driving young black men to become gun-wielding gang bangers.

So she has vowed to get to the root of the problem -- JOBS.

"My ward desperately needs jobs for these young people," she

So Alderman Latasha Thomas has come up with the solution.

(We are not making this up.)

She has proposed an ordinance to give more work to black firms on city bond deals. "We need to make sure we're giving experience to the next generation of professionals," she blurted.
Ald. Thomas' Future Municipal Bond Traders

Even the Reader's usually forgiving, lefty correspondent, Mike Dumke, was incredulous.

"Is the kid on the corner in Englewood going to get in on the next bond sale, even if your measure passes?" he queried.

"It's something," Thomas said.

We can just hear it now. Gangbanger buddies Jamal and Tyrone walking down an Englewood street discussing the latest city bond offering.

JAMAL: "Did you hear those motherf----ers at Moody's downgraded those new short term offerings to P-3?"

TYRONE: "Aight, deys comin' at us crooked so we goan down there wid oah bangas and check them Moody mofos."

That's right, Alderman Latasha Thompson,

It's something.