Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Roskam Weasels Out Again: IL GOP AWOL on Anti Amnesty Court Brief

Yesterday, 113 Members of Congress and 26 state governors filed a "friend of the court" brief in support of a lawsuit designed to overturn Obama's dictatorial executive amnesty for illegal aliens.
Peter "The Weasel" Roskam

Not a single member of the Illinois GOP delegation to Congress signed on.

There are still some very strange conservatives in these parts who persist in deluding themselves that Congressmen Peter Roskam and Randy Hultgren of Chicago's Western suburbs are lone stalwarts amidst the gaggle of RINO weasels in the IL GOP caucus.

They are wrong.

Roskam and Hultgren are weasels too.

Mostly Roskam.

In December, Roskam told everbody that the reason he was voting to fund Obama's unconstitutional ukase was that the Republicans hadn't yet formally grabbed control of Congress.

Just sit tight until then, Roskam assured us.
Roskam is an embarrassment
to weasels everywhere

January came and went and the GOP took control of both chambers of the US legislature.

Then Roskam went on O' Reilly's FOX News show and said it would be too scary for Congress to withold funding so he told everbody, that we have to wait and let the courts overturn Obama's unilateral, ham handed amnesty for illegal aliens.

Now a lawsuit has been filed in federal court.

113 of his colleagues have signed on in support of that legal action.

And Peter "the weasel" Roskam is nowhere to be found.

To call Congressman Peter Roskam a weasel is actually an insult to decent, upstanding stoats, polecats and weasels everywhere.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Alexander the Great's Wildest Ever Booze Bash

The ninnies and nannies who run American colleges have been atwitter over the phenomenon of college binge drinking.
Alexander the Great

As a means of expanding and justifying the existence of their ever expanding and increasingly unjustifiable bureaucratic empires, they've joined forces with the Obama administration to clamp down on collegiate boozing.

Well we think they should ponder the booze friendly lifestyle of Alexander the Great, who threw the biggest booze bash of all time.

According to Guy MacLean Rogers in his 2004 opus on the storied Macedonian hero, "Alexander: The Ambiguity of Greatness," (page 250) the following occurred in 324 BC:

"After leaving the funeral pyre (where the Indian mystic, Calanus had just committed suicide by burning himself to a crisp) Alexander invited a number of his friends and officers to dine with him, and proposed a contest in drinking neat wine, no doubt to help everyone forget what they had just witnessed.

The prize was a solid gold crown. The winner, Promachus, drank four pitchers (about 12 quarts) of fortified wine (comparable to brandy or cognac.)

Promachus, unfortunately, survived just three days to enjoy his victory.

According to Chares, who as chamberlain, was in a position to know, 41 other competitors from the contest, died from the effects of the wine..."

Now that, really puts most any modern day collegiate drunkathon, to absolute shame, by comparison.

Alexander had Aristotle as a childhood tutor, so he was clearly no dummy. And these binge drinkers managed to conquer the entire known world, as well.

So Northwestern University or Dartmouth, for instance, would do well to encourage campus binge drinking.

Who knows, maybe they might start fielding serious football teams for a change?