Friday, February 11, 2011

Fatcats in Evanston/Skokie CCSD 65: More Evanston Teachers Salaries

(Editor's Note -- The complete list of Evanston/Skokie District 65 Teachers' and administrators salaries has been updated to reflect 2011 salaries - the latest which are publicly available. With the unionized teachers pleading poverty and threatening to strike, the information may be particularly more salient this year. 8/13/12)

During the time of the settlement of the American frontier, when a community felt sufficiently rooted, it would take up a collection and put out word that it wanted a teacher to come. Often, the citizens would contribute their labor to the construction of a modest school house.

When a school marm agreed to come, it was no secret as to what the townfolk were paying her to educate their kids.

It's not that way today

Today's Big-union teaching establishment fought tooth and nail to keep the Illinois public from knowing what teachers and administrators were actually hauling down each year in salary and benefits.

They had good reason to do so, since much of the public would be shocked to learn that many of these supposedly high-minded altruists were hauling down more cash than the beleagured families that foot the bill.

That's why the Family Taxpayers Foundation had to file suit just to find out what we are actually paying these teachers.

Posted below, from the FTF database are the salaries of the teachers and other staff of the Evanston/Skokie CCSD 65. A full 37 of them are hauling down more than 6 figures a year for their 9 month jobs. And keep in mind that these are elementary and middle school teachers.

The schools covered are Dawes, Dewey, Kingsley, Lincoln, Lincolnwood, Oakton, Orrington, Walker, Washington and Willard Elementary schools. Also included are teachers salaries from Chute, Haven and Nichols Middle Schools and the Rhodes and King magnet schools and the Park, Rice and Early Childhood special kiddie schools.

If you would also like to see a list of Evanston Twp. High School teachers salaries, they are posted here.

District 65 teachers' salaries are listed in alphabetical order for the last available reporting period 2011: (Family Taxpayers just released the 2011 salaries, so this is updated from the initial posting.)

(In past years, for the benefit of Porsche salesmen, jewelers and the purveyors of fine wines, yachts and other luxury items, we highlighted the megabucks teachers hauling down $90k a year and up. This year, however, that club has grown considerably and we find it just too time consuming to do so again -- so high dollar vendors -- you're on your own.)

Evanston CCSD 65 2011 Teachers' Salaries- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Jenkins, Jr." $0
Aardema, Kristen $51,775
Abudayeh, Stephanie $57,459
Adler, Cynthia $93,103
Akins-Schanette, Pamela $99,688
Alcozer, Anita $82,221
Alebiosu, Omar $44,343
Alexander, Chelcea $68,313
Alexander, Nancy $102,648
Allard, Matthew $83,193
Allen, Ina $89,245
Alvarez, Maria $79,547
Ambriz, Jessica $1,610
Anderson, Jennifer $47,759
Anderson, Judith $77,126
Anderson, Nancy $45,460
Andler, Joan $78,165
Applegate, Kathleen $48,187
Arceneaux, Jenevieve $45,338
Arenberg, Susan $98,610
Aristide, Diane $99,848
Ave Maria, Pamela $101,448
Badesch, Linda $88,675
Baker, Trisha $78,368
Ballay, Mary $56,715
Banh, Huong $100,644
Barber, Jena $91,275
Barbour, Karen $96,065
Bardic, Victoria $70,184
Barkal, Deborah $53,002
Barley, Julia $40,121
Barnes, Lisa $76,729
Barragan, Margaret $71,084
Barrengos, Randy $60,421
Barroso, Maria $82,007
Bartz, Joyce $91,879
Baskin, Jaime $72,567
Baskin, Jana $59,804
Basolo-Silkaitis, Margaret $98,238
Beaudoin, Renaud $141,316
Beckstedt, Linda $99,424
Behm, Martin $54,476
Bennett, Elicia $49,109
Bensfield, Aubrey $48,292
Benson, Nina $72,554
Berger, Alyson $84,944
Bergner, Jennifer $75,410
Berland, Elizabeth $18,104
Bernstein, Lisa $83,459
Berry, Neidra $105,764
Bertalan, Cheree $92,587
Best, Kelly $48,786
Blacconeri, Monica $60,217
Blachowicz, Jesse $56,063
Blair, Vola $73,896
Blair-Collins, Frances $62,595
Blinkal, Lily $66,546
Blossom, Gwendolyn $84,763
Blough, Barbara $106,038
Blum, Eric $46,698
Boudouris, Sophia $70,021
Bournes, Michelle $72,692
Bowles, Emily $54,443
Boyd, Gwendolyn $102,493
Boykin, Albert $97,692
Bradley, Karen $142,964
Braeutigam, Janette $42,173
Brand, Michelle $97,334
Breeden, Ellen $50,028
Breen, Stephen $88,675
Brehm, Steven $61,433
Breitenstein, Marie $99,998
Brennan, Jennifer $70,969
Brigham, Christine $102,258
Brouman, Kathryn $69,184
Brown, Jeffrey $144,613
Brown, Laurie $100,526
Brown, Mary Baptist $166,501
Bryan, Barbara $0
Budd, Matthew $47,955
Bulgrin, Lynn $56,509
Burgeson, Amanda $49,988
Burke, Anne $0
Burma-Washington, Marcay $91,834
Butts, Laura $49,950
Cabrera-Rodriguez, Yvonne $79,652
Caldwell, Lauren $48,632
Calloway, Vanessa $96,315
Candamil, Francisco $84,077
Capizzi, Melissa $30,736
Carbone, Jennifer $46,555
Carlson, Eve $72,894
Carpenter, Gayl $102,388
Cassidy, Melissa $69,451
Ceffalio, Ann $81,651
Cerza, Susan $52,061
Chana, Frances $53,901
Chang-Pisano, Marie $99,883
Chase, Jeanne $90,923
Chisholm, Jennifer $62,995
Chung, Ted $55,971
Church, Amy $89,665
Cipinko, Gary $62,595
Clay, Carol $73,735
Cleary, Kali $45,472
Clency, Pamela $82,104
Cleveland, Adrienne $55,567
Cleveland, Patricia $77,005
Clunie, Gloria $98,988
Coe, Djuna $99,638
Cogdill, Nicole $74,766
Cohen Stein, Nan $47,815
Cohen, Barry $54,001
Colquitt, Regina $87,762
Colville, Tara $72,869
Combs, Horace $89,762
Connolly, Patricia $54,120
Conway, Janet $72,558
Cooper, Nicole $29,558
Crooks, Anthony $22,047
Cuppernull, Rebecca $47,805
Cuzelis, Diane $82,629
Dangerfield, Shannon $59,217
Daniel, Jayne $84,831
Daniels Jr, Churchill $131,179
Daniels, Gregory $87,463
Davis, Beatrice $124,421
Davis, David $58,309
Davis, Delilah $78,002
Davis, Katherine $117,219
Davis, Lashanda $51,683
Davis, Mary $61,381
Davis, Renee $98,688
De Lama, Gisela $89,585
Deemar, Stacy $58,621
Del Vecchio, Donna $61,821
Delgado Levin, Evelyn $46,661
DeMuth, David $56,818
Denlow, Amie $77,005
Dennis, Tamika $41,359
Desser, Stefanie $76,703
Desta, Deksiyos $24,479
Dickinson, Shannon $79,209
Dobrin, Marla $82,155
Doe-Simkins, Leah $53,802
Dolan, Mary $98,303
Donati, Siobhan $62,521
Donohoo, Shannon $77,809
Dotson, Sandra $90,420
Doyle, Catherine $59,517
Duffy, Megan $56,884
Dziekiewicz, Laura $51,098
Eady-Morris, Darlene $98,388
Edens, Estelle $103,303
Ellison, Katherine $121,192
Engelman, Guy $81,413
Engh, Daniel $96,835
Eshaya, David $78,696
Esposito, Robyn $52,027
Essenberg, Louise $98,238
Evans, Brigette $81,266
Evans, Karen $142,414
Fahey, Ann Marie $99,324
Falconer, Elizabeth $63,441
Farrand, Suzanne $115,592
Ferdinand, Stefanie $49,320
Files, Steven $52,098
Fink, Jill $83,810
Finneran, Vincent $50,488
Fisher, Susan $98,958
Flores-Blakeslee, Paola $74,766
Fogelberg, Ellen $156,866
Fordon, Ann $54,124
Fosco, Michael $48,182
Foster, Brenda $99,438
Foust, Kathryn $89,612
Fowlin, Claudia $79,556
Fowlkes, Linda $89,889
Fox, Daisha $49,050
Fox, Elizabeth $61,392
Francellno, Carmen $0
Francis, Dita $85,905
Frank, Kirya $45,769
Fratella, Mark $44,905
Freeman, Francine $96,065
Fricano, Megan $50,553
Friedman, Andrew $88,675
Friedman, Erik $92,485
Fritsch, Ann Marie $47,921
Fritts, Leigh $62,031
Frost, Janice $70,885
Fulton, Tracy $59,099
Fusinatto, Taylor $45,738
Gacki, Marianne $55,512
Gage, Erin $58,109
Galan, Raquel $77,253
Galicia, Lara $94,287
Gall, Elisa $55,865
Gallagher, John $71,717
Galliani, Elizabeth $47,755
Garcia, Christa $49,865
Garcia, Erika $67,185
Garcia, Kimberley $80,276
Garman, Alyson $50,240
Garriques, Karen $56,933
Garrison, Claudia $75,791
Gates, Elizabeth $51,402
Gernstetter, Maeve $72,179
Gessert, Kyle $47,442
Ghannam, Jennifer $48,110
Gibert, Shannon $51,743
Gifford, Megan $85,069
Gilhooly, Catherine $39,429
Gilmore, Nancy $61,290
Giron, Carolyn $88,675
Glaser, Margaret $108,184
Glick, Zachary $47,798
Gold, Staci $51,356
Gonzalez, Emma $68,294
Gorman, Jessica $48,724
Green, Louis $74,351
Green, Melissa $96,560
Green, Michael $68,765
Greenlees, Ashlie $50,543
Gregory-Phillips, Patricia $0
Griffin, Demetrice $88,675
Griffin, Elizabeth $75,978
Grivois, Timothy $59,117
Grossman, Dorothy $0
Guthrie III, Robert $71,922
Halman, Jennifer $0
Halvorson, Thea $101,834
Hamilton, Kim $52,698
Hammond, Heidy $78,659
Haran, Amelia $72,073
Hardman, Jannette $71,399
Harned, Allison $67,403
Harries, Adrian $119,311
Harries, Lisa $83,894
Harris, Melissa $45,942
Hasty, Christina $82,471
Hayes, Jennifer $1,610
Heap, Jill $93,457
Heckathorne, Jennifer $101,956
Heilman, Marisa $50,138
Heite, Randy $86,246
Helfand, Geri $100,038
Henderson, Sara $0
Hernandez, Alexandra $47,755
Herrera, Vanessa $58,036
Hiller, Claire $95,695
Hodges, Amy $83,280
Hoefakker, Tawnya $99,538
Hollander, Matthew $51,640
Hollenback, Erika $72,188
Hollins Jr., Perry $55,651
Horan, Terrence $98,238
Hoshino, Ai $56,509
Hubbard, Tracy $57,973
Hudson, Amy $95,526
Hudson, Paula $81,721
Hugen, Molly $57,501
Hunt, Rosemary $98,238
Hunter, Fred $127,800
Huston, Sara $71,388
Ibarra, Rose-Carmie $69,550
Idelman, Andrea $40,860
Israel, Sandra $47,252
Israel, Wendy $85,475
Iverson, Gloria $50,265
Jacobs, Cary $99,288
Jacobs, Lorenzo $52,815
Jaddaoui, J. Noelle $81,821
Jain, Manisha $54,297
Janossy Jr., James $75,516
Jaquess, Shalana $69,984
Jean-Pierre, Elizabeth $67,376
Jicha, Susan $99,040
Jimenez, Carlos $49,988
Johnson, Jarod $56,826
Johnson, Kenneth $51,788
Johnson, Nettie $88,675
Johnson, Renee $99,243
Johnson, Robin $84,659
Jones, Frances $99,381
Jones, Louis $87,654
Jonser-Busse, Betty $98,290
Junod, Michelle $58,929
Kahl, Anna $73,777
Kamara, Esther $79,467
Kapuler, Carolyn $107,925
Kareotes, Maria $67,476
Kasbekar, Archana $49,554
Kasper, Michael $82,621
Kehoe, Margaret $106,836
Kelly, Colleen $95,618
Kelly, Meghan $53,008
Kelly, Michelle $67,750
Kerrill, Kristi $37,533
Kersnar, Christie $71,784
Kier, Laura $98,238
Killey, Alison $45,688
Killheffer, Judith $71,288
Kipfer, Amy $78,059
Klein, Laura $56,139
Koegler, Carolyn $47,642
Kreisel, Cathy $70,419
Krugly, Andrew $142,964
Krulee, Margaret $84,994
Kulman, Lee $127,319
Kushner, Sherri $62,448
Lahurd, Kristin $56,439
Lalley, John $98,783
Lamar, Emily $56,909
Lams, Theresa $51,113
Lang, Suzanne $77,355
Lange, Mary $59,597
Larmee, Luke $58,014
Larson, Mary $100,278
Larson, Simone $43,843
Larson, Susan $84,763
Latimer, Jerri $56,076
Laughlin, Jennifer $85,982
Laurenz, Jean $26,383
Lawrence, Claire $68,124
Leggett, Sharon $102,058
Lenoir, Margie $139,324
Leon, Elvia $43,730
Lepley, Julie $86,502
Leung, Helen $45,638
Levine, Julie $98,738
Levine, Lisa $52,662
Levy, Daniel $75,251
Levy, Lisa $64,460
Lieteau, Anna $83,894
Likhite, Jennifer $68,474
Likhite, Michael $83,305
Liversidge, Felicity $48,273
Lloyd, Jennifer $64,333
Logan, Cheryl $98,238
Lopez, Marie $50,296
Lowe, Helen $96,934
Lucchese, Rosalia $52,388
Luciana, Karen $89,043
Lukas, Peggy $88,775
Lutton, Nancy $69,401
Macedo, Adam $59,799
MacHarg, Joan $99,988
MacHarg, Richard $102,338
Madeck Anderson, Kristen $72,679
Mahoney, Karen $82,175
Maldonado, Paula $100,138
Mandell, Theresa $90,816
Manhardt, Lisa $53,901
Maniquis, Raul $79,547
Martin, Evangelina $81,202
Martinez Black, Tyrone $65,883
Maslanka, Terry $87,363
Masood, Aneela $69,550
Matten, Dale $89,660
Matten, Kevin $49,000
Mayne, Victoria $44,272
Mc Coy, Margo $42,284
Mc Holland, James $157,613
McAndrew, Maria $102,998
McAvoy, Kimberly $54,499
McCaffrey, Emily $48,994
McCann, JoAnn $97,804
McCarthy, Sharon $72,658
McDermott, Brooke $52,127
McDermott, Dawn $142,964
McDermott, Megan $77,602
McDermott, Michael $79,274
McGough, Bridget $57,069
McKenna, Anne $64,377
McLaughlin, Edward $71,810
McMaster, Katherine $74,766
Mechanic, Ilyse $90,777
Mendez, Sarah $119,311
Meshkian, Elaheh $92,716
Metz, Elaine $0
Metzger, Susan $104,098
Meyer, Tara $51,498
Micol, Jessica $71,670
Mighty, Lori $67,469
Millard, Dorothy $98,763
Miller, Amy $0
Minor, John $86,583
Mitchell, Katherine $74,637
Mitchell, Kristin $41,051
Mitchell, LaTasha $70,798
Mohrenweiser, Wendy $60,945
Mollner, Melissa $74,646
Montgomery, Lisa $53,202
Moran, Jennifer $53,951
Moran, Judith $77,809
Morgan, Valerie $69,115
Moses, Lenora $98,238
Mosley, Maggie $84,175
Mouzayanni, Lilly $85,426
Moyer, Joel $65,190
Mueller, Katrina $49,988
Mull, Traci $91,400
Mullins, Cenietta $98,111
Murphy, Hardy $229,662
Murphy, Jeannie $34,632
Murphy, Saronita $48,346
Murray, Tricia $97,459
Murtaugh, Timothy $81,020
Myers, Catherine $56,449
Mynard, Andrew $77,894
Myros, Christina $64,535
Nava, Nicole $51,550
Negri, Anne $48,305
Nelson, Deborah $67,083
Nelson, H. Harvette $0
Nemshick, Scott $25,477
New, Cody $56,536
Nichols, Jennifer $75,746
Nichols, Sarah $69,638
Nicholson, Marcy $64,295
Nikolopoulou, Krystallia $97,559
Norman, Melody $88,675
Novotney, Megan $49,442
Nunez, Ismalis $48,625
Nusser, Amy $100,634
O Brien, Nancy $34,264
O'Brien, Jennifer $69,600
O'Connor, Colleen $73,366
O'Hara, Robin $86,363
O'Neal, Emily $55,387
O'Neill, Michael $0
O'Reilly, Corinne $45,992
Obrochta, Connie $78,955
Odenthal, Alaina $55,737
Odwarka, Amy $79,478
Olivera-Alcazar, Lynda $76,593
Olsen, Mary $98,238
Olson, Jennifer $44,868
Ornelas, Monica $58,036
Ortega, Consuelo $45,239
Ortiz, Stacie $1,610
Osher, Deborah $62,595
Otto, Cydni $100,678
Otto, Robert $47,815
Pais, Faye $82,629
Panagiotidis, Konstantina $87,521
Parent, Jennifer $54,861
Parsons, Felisha $99,851
Payne, Marlyn $99,658
Payton, Patrice $92,312
Pechnyo, Anne $49,252
Penovich, Sylvia $0
Perez, Nicole $79,228
Periman, Daryl $62,625
Perkins, Leslie $91,835
Perry, Paul $66,847
Peterson, Megan $62,595
Petrusonis, Anthony $93,883
Philbrick, Margaret $101,028
Philippe, Kefira $61,421
Picchietti, Camille $99,269
Pickup-Kaplan, Khristie $71,488
Pionke, Elizabeth $98,758
Pitlosh, Tracy $77,809
Pitts, Jamilla $108,306
Platero, Maria $48,238
Plofsky, Tammy $73,953
Policape, Kim $90,285
Pomerantz, Mary $62,942
Portner, Felicia $98,238
Post, Kelly $87,298
Potter, Rebecca $100,769
Pouper, Kathryn $93,682
Pratt, Karen $79,793
Prescott, Patrice $100,293
Pressoir, Melinda $69,984
Price, Courtney $47,752
Price, Tania $67,711
Price, Tiffany $62,225
Pritikin-Berk, Ronna $98,738
Przekota, Felicia $97,661
Przekota, John $107,023
Puentes, Adrian $91,270
Punwani, Tara $79,982
Purnell, Elaine $86,110
Qader, Hosnia $45,738
Querciagrossa, Jamie $85,444
Quinn, Elizabeth $101,333
Quinn, Teresa $51,727
Raab, Erin $51,977
Rachell, Kristie $68,183
Radhakrishnan, Soundarya $57,096
Rahlfs, Eileen $98,238
Ramsey, Ayanna $85,040
Randhava, Maia $58,794
Randhava, Sikander $44,493
Ransom, Heather $61,752
Raskin, Jessica $49,988
Rauth, Kathleen $77,105
Reebie, Helen $102,070
Reid, Karen $98,288
Reiniger, Michael $97,684
Reitman, Lisa-Kate $58,067
Remien, Lori $96,907
Reynolds, Stephanie $75,482
Rhodes, Kathryn $91,392
Richardson, Donna $100,673
Richardson, Samantha $60,044
Riemenschneider, Ann $96,902
Rios, Soledad $47,448
Rivera-Palen, Evelyn $91,871
Rizio, Louise $43,843
Roberson, Kathleen $138,459
Robey, Michael $163,498
Robinson, Vonetta $72,592
Robinson-Karzen, Marilyn $108,434
Roche, Michael $74,742
Rodes, Crystal $45,988
Rodriguez, Emma $60,169
Rohrlack, Juliana $49,515
Romaniuk, Alina $53,816
Romero, Cecilia $51,152
Rooney, Kelly $58,585
Rosario, Cynthia $89,643
Rose, Lindsey $43,768
Rosenbacher, Susan $95,195
Rosenbluh, Karen $82,629
Rosenstein, Shelley $70,490
Rossa, Denise $83,599
Rothe, Margaret $86,652
Rottman, Evelyn $82,591
Rouse, Laura $96,934
Rubin, Jennifer $53,610
Rubio, Jacalyn $46,241
Ruggiero, Alyse $51,313
Rumsey, Robin $63,095
Rutherford, Sally $98,378
Sagett-Flores, Beth $159,495
Salemi, Todd $55,711
Salinas, Ana $63,828
Salinas, Diana $73,907
Sampson, Annell $92,512
Sanchez, Natalie $47,405
Santori, Christine $62,231
Sasso, Kathleen $49,804
Satz, Patricia $0
Saul, Regina $51,075
Saunders, Stephanie $80,638
Schaefer, Monica $95,002
Schamber, James $60,247
Schiffer, Monica $80,283
Schleker, Sally $88,675
Schlossberg, Jill $57,495
Schneider, Jennifer $79,078
Schrenk, Peter $56,859
Schroer, Hillary $61,501
Schultz, Susan $178,006
Scott, Olin $56,393
Sebaggala, Jasmine $72,613
Secemsky, Gina $57,198
Seifer, Patricia $122,098
Serleth, Laurel $101,988
Shavitz, Lawrence $98,963
Shaw, Christine $49,375
Shaw, Kathleen $96,469
Shaw, Willie $102,246
Shea, Joyce $69,984
Shepard, Tasha $47,717
Shimada, Joyce $49,400
Shomberg, Mindy $53,524
Short, Chelsea $43,948
Short, Christopher $95,725
Shusterman, Linda $0
Siebert, Sandra $94,326
Siegel, Andrea $101,652
Simic, Maya $0
Simmons, Robyn $44,830
Simmons, Stephanie $48,474
Singer-Sadok, Lillian $79,078
Skalinder, Carole $95,595
Skipworth, Alex $79,547
Skoglund, Christine $62,595
Slattery, Mary $72,158
Sloan, Cynthia $94,407
Smith, Colleen $93,087
Smith, Donald $54,201
Smith, James $96,815
Smith, Jill $0
Smith, Matthew $46,142
Smith, Megan $57,499
Soden, Celeste $65,453
Sokolowski, Donna $102,410
Sommer, Brian $76,705
Sorci Planey, Rita $46,853
Sovich, Angel $81,721
Spicuzza, Angelo $85,790
Spillman, Lisa $69,215
Stamates, Mariana $43,843
Starenko, Julia $96,687
Stellberg, Kerry $76,016
Sterling, Elizabeth $69,984
Stevenson, Julie $58,109
Stidham, Brittany $44,838
Stole, Elyse $53,725
Stone, Carla $71,300
Stratakos, Demetra $65,203
Struve, Susan $76,867
Stumme, Sarah $64,333
Succes, Jerry $95,102
Sullivan, Amy $93,087
Swan, Carrie $60,421
Sweet, Meghan $77,809
Takaki, Susan $83,095
Taman, Mona $60,421
Tanis, John $73,896
Tanovic, Azra $57,309
Taylor, Denise $62,075
Tejada, Raoul $86,683
Temkin, Jenna $49,050
Theard, Marie-Paule $98,388
Thomas, Jennifer $83,025
Thompson, Doreen $89,371
Thompson, Jaunitta $125,747
Thurston, Michelle $74,766
Tobey, Jennifer $68,204
Tobin, Thomas $97,125
Torres, Maria $65,208
Trayber, Simone $49,230
Troy, Janice $101,669
Turner, Lalita $56,351
Turrubiartes, Margaret $85,733
Tzortzis, Panagiota $100,564
Ulmen, Julie $63,917
Ulrich, Barbara $100,013
Umland, Terri $69,550
Unizycki, Renee $56,884
Urbanowski, Amy $49,760
Urquiaga, Ellen $61,092
Van Ausdall, Linda $77,374
VanBuskirk, Christian $86,662
Vander Ploeg, Steven $55,897
Vanderkolk, Sharon $85,633
Vazquez, Yesenia $83,000
Venturi, Jean $47,380
Vick, Robert $86,133
Vick-Harris, Monica $57,726
Villarreal, Sonia $58,148
Wahle, Barbara $82,629
Wahlgren, Kristin $47,755
Waldstein, Sara $100,738
Walker, Maggie $35,574
Waller, Rebecca $71,201
Warren, Elizabeth $61,552
Washington, Tena $101,123
Weatherby, Sara $55,810
Weaver, Erika $23,424
Weir, Pamela $96,732
Wernecke, Tracy $52,402
Westphal, Elisabeth $80,628
Wharton, Amy $73,688
Whisler, Michele $55,601
White, Margaret $59,816
Wigginton, Sally $96,955
Wilcinski, Gail $90,747
Wilda, Joseph $101,038
Wilkins, Lyn $82,816
Williams, Chet $63,843
Williams, David $84,927
Williams, Kendra $60,947
Williams, Willa $101,060
Willis, Darcy $62,013
Willis, Rodney $94,638
Wilmot, Wyante $56,863
Wilson, Alesa $74,306
Wilson, Ann $38,695
Wilson, Keyatta $53,901
Winskill, Micki $55,782
Witt, Megan $72,532
Wixson, Lindsey $74,007
Wolford, Darleen $74,505
Wood, Laine $87,875
Wood-Livingston, Freda $74,046
Woods, Camille $61,590
Wool, Imily $84,225
Wooldridge, James $65,353
Wooldridge, Jennifer $62,595
Wright, Janet $71,746
Yelen, Arie $77,859
Young, Gail $83,125
Young, H. Shepherd $48,600
Young, Jeanie $87,693
Young, Ruth $70,190
Youngblood, Lori $71,224
Zalewski, Katarzyna $115,092
Zarov, Lisa $24,065
Zelinski, Paula $100,238
Zelonis, Sarah $84,875
Zordan, Nancy $109,436

This concludes the complete listing of the 2011 salaries for the teachers and other personnel of Evanston/Skokie CCSD 65.


  1. Back then, teachers were also accountable to the community and the parents who'd hired them.

    Such is no longer the case, and not for the better either.

  2. I didn't feel like looking them all up, but I would like to point out that the two people with salaries listed above $100K that I DID bother to look up aren't even teachers. One (karen bradley) is a principal; Kathy Zalewski is comptroller for the district. The whole list is pretty meaningless without job titles/level of education/years of experience.

    In any case, I think teachers should, in general, be paid more. And no, I am not a teacher, not married to one, not the child of one. I'm just an Evanston homeowner/taxpayer who values public education, and I worry that the good teachers will be driven out because the benefits are crap and they don't make enough to pay their student loans.

    Amanda in Evanston

  3. Amanda, you are certainly magnanimous in your desire to throw around other people's money. First, if you click the Family Taxpayers link, you can access the precise job title, educ level etc. of each salary taker listed.

    What does it matter if Bradley is an administrator? She is still a member of a corrupt union that has learned how to game the system for its rank and file workers. $138 grand for running a grammar school?? It's not like she's the CEO of U.S, Steel or something productive. And note that on this new list she got a $6k raise over last year, this while most of the saps who pay her bloated salary are taking cuts, if they even still have jobs at all.

    And Zalewski with $113k for an accountant? Don't you think there are plenty of competent bean counters who would do the same for less if this elite class wasn't insulated from the realities of a free market in hiring.

    Most of these fatcats are teachers. These are mostly 9 month jobs. Anyone who has ever been to a serious university knows that grads of the schools of education are generally among the most dim witted and least ambitious students on campus.

    Most of these Evanston teachers would not be hired to teach Barack Obama's own kids, since they go to the elite Sidwell Friends in Washington, which refuses to hire education grads at all, since most turn out to be ill-educated nincumpoops.

    If there is a dire fear of losing these gems with their fat salaries for 9 month jobs and guarantees of 85% of that salary in pension for life, I say, let's take the risk, de-certify their union and open hiring up to the free market.

    Half the baristas at Starbucks are more competent than these and would work for a fraction of these salaries. Oh, and they have student loans to pay off too.

    Good news is that even the Dems in Springfield realize this gravy train is unsustainable and are poised to send back responsibility for paying these pensions back to the local school districts.

    Let's see if you're still in such a generous mood then, Amanda, when your Evanston property taxes increase by something like 300% to pay to keep these fatcat teachers rolling in dough throughout their golden years.

  4. Get your facts straight. I am on this list (not one of the 100k+), and it is incorrect. I teach over the summer to help make ends meet. Those combined totals equal my "nine month" salary. Also, if you are talking about principals and administrators, those are not nine month positions either. We also cannot earn 85% of our salary in our pension. Where do you get these facts? I find your accusations about incompetence funny considering your "article" is filled with inaccuracies. Bet some of those baristas could do a better job writing than you can.

  5. Oh please spare me. So you actually have to work a full 12 months. My God!!! What Torture!!! And you might get less than 85% of your salary in pension. Cry me a river. Only 14% of the American workforce even has a traditional pension of any kind -- so you are in an elite privileged class. As for the precise amount you will get from your union-scammed platinum pension, just calculate it here:

    And while you're at it, why don't you check out the reports of the kindergarten teacher in your union whose last salary was $75k a year and whose pension is $155k a year:

    When you say you teach over the summer to "make ends meet" does that mean that you have been finding the maintenance costs on your Porsche too draining on your budget?

  6. Your animosity doesn't make your argument correct. You're still incorrect and just angry that someone caught your mistakes. Oh and by the way, did you know that our pension is our social security? Teachers do not get social security. We actually contribute more to our TRS (pension) than the average worker contributes to social security. Therefore, our retirement benefits are greater. Also, the reason that the pension system is so underfunded is the state government has not contributed their fair share for 40 years. And yes, they do contribute, just like public sector employers contribute to social security. Please don't just believe the hype.

  7. Correction, we get a reduced benefit, IF we worked in the public sector for 40 quarters, and then we would only get a fraction of that for which we were eligible. But most teachers do not receive social security

  8. Hey Lampoon. :)

    I was going through some stuff and found this awesome graph from Dr Lott, that demonstrates exactly what you're talking about here. Had to share with you. :)

  9. Another conservative hit job on teachers. You think they get paid too much? Teachers don't get paid enough for the work they do. Sure, public teacher salaries are open to public view but to post this with such disdain for what teachers and administrators to on a daily basis as if their jobs are easy and should be paid a fraction of what they make it asinine. Public employees and unions are under attack all across the country by the GOP and their large corporate donors, the Koch Brothers. It's funny how no-tax republicans and okay with their corporate masters footing the bill and taking advantage of working-class people to destroy the very fabric of this country. Why don't you go into a public school classroom in District 65 and see if you can handle teaching students in various subjects, teach to standardized test, act as parents, social workers, referees, etc in a system that continuously sees cuts in public education support from the various levels of government.

  10. If the government schools are burdened by such a morass of bureaucratic red tape with standardized tests etc. why doesn't your union support a voucher system whereby privately organized schools could circumvent such government nonsense. But you'd just as soon keep your monopoly, wouldn't you?

    Are you arguing that your job is so wildly demanding that these kinds of actual salaries of IL unionized teachers are justified:

    •A Phys Ed teacher $191,124 for a 9 month work year.
    •19 who made more over $1,000/day including 6 Phys Ed and three drama/music teachers.
    •A Drivers Ed teacher who salary is $18,205/month to teach teenagers how to parallel park.
    •Six teachers make more than the Governor's $177,500.
    •Top 100 Teachers average $17,603 per month salary

    14,048 teachers in IL now pull down more than $100k a year and the $100k money-grubbers increased by 13% last year in the middle of an economic near-depression. Where's the "shared sacrifice" that Obama is always talking about in that?

    And your pensions require the taxpayers to kick in an additional $48,000 per teacher retiree, on average an your gold-plated health care plans demand that taxpayers kick in another additional $7,500 per year.

    And tell me about your 15 paid sick days and 2 paid personal days a year, which are payable at retirement, if not used. How many of the people who pay your salaries get a deal like that?

    1,700+ teachers in the Chicago Public School system now pull down $100k+ a year and they are turning out a breathtaking number of actual illiterates.

    Is it your big-Labor line that things would improve if only we paid them all $100k+ a year and paid the "best" $200k a year?

    You are transparently not a serious person.

  11. If you're gonna post the salaries of Evanston teachers and make comments about how undeserving they are to earn these salaries, then have the guts to post your own salary to prove how deserving you are of yours!

  12. I am not a servant of the public. If you are embarassed by your excessive feeding at the public trough -- your excessive reliance on your neighbors to pay your bills, move over to the private sector where your income will be private.

    But just why are all these anonymous teachers so incapable of logically and coherently defending their salaries, pensions and perks and big-union collective bargaining powers?

    They're apparently good at aping playground-styled name-calling, but seem afraid to want to argue by way of anything other than cheap ad hominem attacks on the message bearer.

  13. Huh? What's the matter with those salaries? They are teachers, not ditch diggers, and they usually have masters degrees, extra certificates, work nightly on lesson plans, correcting papers. That's a perfectly moderate salary for a very important job.

    I don't get what your complaint is? They are teaching our CHILDREN! I didn't mind our tax money going to pay our son's teacher a livable salary to live in our area. Why are you so cheap and begrudging? They aren't slaves, they are trained professionals? Please, let them have a decent salary, for God's sake.

  14. Maybe you didn't get the memo, but government at all levels is going broke. What is a "livable salary" and how is it determined?

    How is it that in a free market, unafflicted by labor union coercion, private school teachers function on 25% less?

    And as for ditch diggers -- I ran into a unionized tree cutter on the Evanston city payroll who was making in excess of $90k.

    Fact is, even Obama has talked about the need for shared sacrifice during this economic crisis. Are you arguing that teachers in the unionized government schools should be somehow exempt?

    False promises were made to these teachers by myopic pols and now it's become time to pay the piper. And the productive taxpaying classes have been tapped out.

  15. Yeah, they're going broke because there's no more tax base with all the tax cuts for the rich and corporations. They aren't sacrificing AT ALL because no one has raised a dime of their taxes or put a limit on the illegal activity and harm they do to our economy. We used to collect TAXES to pay for things like roads, schools, hospitals--up to 80 percent for the highest earners in Eisenhower's day. And the tax breaks went to those companies and people who did something positive for them, built affordable housing, built factories, created jobs. Not to the friends of former CEOs who ship jobs overseas to the lowest bidder and Wall Street criminals who rape our 401Ks.

    I want MORE workers to have a liveable wage, government, others. I want MORE unions. Our country was by far more profitable as a nation when we had stronger unions. BY FAR. Our economy has been decimated since 1999 with bad tax policy and corporate giveaways.

  16. I don't think anyone has a quarrel with unions in general -- I can think of jobs I've had when one would have helped.

    But even FDR saw the folly of unions for government employees.

    Look -- the IEA teachers union has poured more than $9million into the coffers of Illinois pols over the past 5 years. And then they sit across the table from those wholly bought and paid for pols and pretend they're having an adversarial labor-management negotiation.

    That is absurd.

    That's why teachers unions have been getting concessions that most unionized private sector workers don't get.

    If you're saying taxes on the rich are too low, fine. All but 1 of the billionaires in the US are liberal Democrats and I say tax them at 100%. But I don't think that anyone seriously argues that there is enough dough there to balance the trillion+ deficits that we have.

    Cuts have to be made and personnel costs are the largest consideration by far. Teachers are going to have to sacrifice like everyone else.

    And as for your assertion that all our problems started after the enlightened Clinton left office -- pullease!!! Wasn't he the big NAFTA enthusiast?

  17. It suddenly occurred to me after seeing the title of the blog and responding like 3 times already--Is the joke on me? Is this whole site a spoof, or "lampoon" if you will, on the ridiculousness of right wing positions? If so, LOLOL at my lack of irony!

    If not, then I'm still perplexed at the relatively uninformed but excessively adamant nature of your premise.

    And assuming you are serious and not parodying the ignorance of the right wing, just to follow up, my sister, who is a teacher in CT, said it very well: Tenure and union bargaining for teachers is vital to public education if only to prevent one important parent or school board member in the wrong district from having a teacher fired because he gave the wrong student a C, or assigned a book for 14-year-olds with the word "penis" in it, or discussed evolution without the word "God" in the same sentence.

  18. Only in Evanston would someone find it inconceivable that the bulk of the citizenry might be actually outraged at the excessive salaries and outlandish benefits that teachers unions have extorted from the public.

    Oh sure -- collective bargaining powers are vital to insulate 3rd grade teachers from familial pressures. The cash has nothing to do with it, right? I thought teachers were always explaining away the fact that they are producing ignorant illiterates by telling us that parents were too unconcerned. Now we hear, they're too meddlesome. Which is it?

    And as for tenure -- what a joke. Tenure was a product of the medieval university to insulate scholars from censorship by the Crown and Church authorities. Now it is used to insulate quasi-literate 6th grade teachers from getting fired for non-performance.

    Fortunately, Illinois is now the last tiny island of teachers union dominance in what is fast becoming a sea of states that have ousted these corrupt union influences (see Indiana, Wisconsin and soon Ohio)

  19. I am guessing you don't have children. I am also guessing you are entirely self taught in every aspect of your life.

  20. How did you guess? Yes, I am self educated. After a long hard day of rail splitting, I would stay up late at night, nursing candle stubs so as to be able to read after dark in our downstate Salem, IL log cabin.

    But why have you no interest in the serious arguments that concern whether public sector unions should be allowed to use their massive wealth and political muscle to extort above market salaries and benefits?

  21. Teachers you should alll be on notice. A change is coming and the days of automiatic COLA's, guaranteed raises, pensions, overly generous benefits, etc. are coming to an end. The American Taxpayers can't afford it anymore. The idea that seniority and tenure has anything to do with pay is a complete injustice. Join the rest of working world and keep your job and earn your pay based on performance, productivity and results oh and learn how to pay more of your own way!