Friday, January 22, 2016

German girls now seek US Asylum from Merkel's Muslim Rapists - Gay/Leftist US DANK Haus supports Merkel

If you ever had any doubt about the abject dissembling uselessness of Chicago's largely homosexual - extremely, extremely left wing DANK Haus -- here it is.
European girl whipped in face
with chain by Merkel's Muslim invaders

800 German girls have now reported that they were sexually groped and assaulted on New Year's Eve in Cologne's railway station by Angela Merkel's African and Arab "Refugees."

3 reported that they were raped. Many of them reported that their purses and cell phones were ripped from their hands.

And Chicago's gay-dominated, left-wing German-American National Congress i.e.. Dank Haus - says "we're cool with this."

Here's what these left-wing homos from DANK Haus,, who have hi-jacked the German-American organization, had to proclaim about the current crisis, provoked by the former East German, communist-friendly, Lutheran pastor's daughter, Angela Merkel.

It has led German girls to be afraid to go out after dusk.

It is almost certainly destroying the open-borders Schengen agreement. It has almost certainly led to the entire destruction of the European Union.

And here's what Chicago's homosexual Dank Haus leftists had to say:

Whereas DANK follows with admiration the courageous approach of Germany to the most serious refugee crisis in Europe since the end of World War II,

Therefore be it resolved by the attendees of the 2015 DANK National Convention that all chapters call on their members, and the wider public to express solidarity with the efforts of the German Government and the people of Germany to cope with the crisis.

October 4, 2015
Michael Ianni
National President

What a complete load of crap!!!

Well how bloody wonderful!

Who elected these clowns?

98.9 per cent of all German- Americans (who are 38% of the entire US population as per the latest US census) would totally disagree with this.

Also what would these fat and sassy, leftist and gay clowns have to say about the little German girls who have been writing to us asking about the possibility of getting political asylum in the USA or Canada because they are in fear for their lives now in Merkel's messed up Germany?

But these effete lesbians, lefties and oddball homosexual men and other assorted nutcases who have grabbed control of the Chicago DANK Haus, just blather: "Hey we don't want to be politically incorrect -- everything's cool."

Maybe these lesbians and homos at Chicago's DANK Haus didn't read the news reports of 2 gay men - one a transvestite - being stabbed to death on German streets by Angela Merkel's Jihadist Muslim "refugees." Seems Merkel's "New Muslim Germans" don't have a sense of humor about homosexuality. Or about German girls who wear shorts and Tee-shirts.

So who are the greater enemies?

The Muslim invaders? Or their leftist/homosexual DANK Haus enablers?

Toss a coin.

Here is the Youtube video which has gone viral worldwide, of a 16 year old German girl describing how she and her friends can't go out anymore for fear of being raped by Angela Merkel's 3rd world invaders. 

Merkel's response. She got her pal Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg, to ban it from the German internet. But we can see it here (Hey DANK Haus - do you approve of Merkel's PC neo-Nazi censorship of the internet too?):

You can get the English language translation to this little girl's astounding indictment of Angela Merkel and her insane open-borders policy vis Muslim immigrants here:

Here are the names of the Board of Directors of the Chicago DANK Haus, who purport to represent German-Americans in Chicago and whose organization has come out in support of Angela Merkel's importation of more than 1 million 3rd world immigrants into Germany:

DANK Haus Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of a twelve member board of volunteer members elected by the membership and serve to fulfill the mission and vision of the organization.


Peter Winkler, President

Kirsten Mellem, First Vice President

Dagmar Freiberger,Second Vice President

Michael Ianni, Treasurer

Monica Schulter, Secretary

Angela Aufegger, Director

Barbara Ely, Director

Steve Erbach, Director

Darren Kroenke, Director

Monika Lotter, Director

Brian von Rueden, Director