Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weird Leftist Northeastern Illinois University May Close: Students Warned

Good news today from the North Side of Chicago! Northeastern Illinois University, the despicably left-wing "high school with ashtrays" there , is by virtue of the Illinois budget morass - on the verge of closing its doors.
Smug Lefty NEIU Honcho, Sharon Hahs

We've learned from students there, that professors and other teachers at that left-wing hellhole, have been telling their students to not necessarily expect that they will be open next semester.

NEIU profs are telling kids to get their academic affairs in order so as to be ready to transfer to more viable (and hopefully, more sensible) colleges.

As for the teachers, themselves, they have now been put on a regimen whereby they are being forced to take 1 to 2 "furlough days" per week - to save cash.

One guesses that those unionized lefty thug teachers are proud of their strike efforts a few years ago, where they extracted higher salaries and pension benefits from the taxpayers.

Now the whole leftist Northeastern Illinois University is on the verge of going belly up.

The smug leftist paper-pusher President of NEIU, Sharon Hahs, just sent out an e-mail to the student body assuring them that the goofball lefty joint would stay open.

Kids there tell us that it smacks of "she doth protest too much." Kids there tell us that they're getting ready to bail and regret that they ever went there.
NEIU - Leftist High School w/ashtrays going bankrupt

This is the same leftist University that has regularly shelled out tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars in honoraria to bring in leftist speakers like Jesse Jackson, Cornel West and a whole array of LaRaza, open borders shills.

And when the Chicago Lampoon filed Freedom of Information Requests to get the actual gift amounts to these speakers, the Northeastern Illinois University bureaucracy, did everything possible to hide the information from the public.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Northeastern Illinois University is in its death throes.