Monday, March 28, 2011

Riverside Brookfield HS's Fat Teachers Salaries: $330k For Dance Teachers

Listed below are all of the 2010 teachers' and administrators' salaries for Riverside-Brookfield High School.

On Tuesday, April 5th, voters in Riverside, North Riverside and Brookfield will be asked to raise their own property taxes to raise these salaries by 30 per cent.

According to the Taxpayers United of Illinois, that would come to about an extra $800 per homeowner.

A full 40 of the RBHS payrollers are hauling down more than $100k per year -- most of which represents pay for 9 months of work.

This, of course is happening at a time when home foreclosures are at an all-time high, when the AFSCME head says that unemployment is actually 15% in Illinois and when the taxpayers themselves are often working longer hours for less pay.

At a time when Barack Obama has called for "shared sacrifice" the education establishment in HS district 208 has responded by saying, "Where's mine?"

Among the highlights from the salary list:

---Three dance teachers pulling down $125k, $106k and $106k (has the district hired Fred and Astele Astaire?)

---Two guidance counselors pulling down $113k and $95k

---A $136k school librarian

---Gym teachers hauling in $114k, $110k, $108k and $98k

---A sex ed. teacher making $99k

---Music teachers being paid to the tune of $123k and $120k

The salary list below is based on a list released by the Illinois State Board of Education, pursuant to a Freedom of Information act suit brought by the Family Taxpayers Foundation (FTF.) (To see a complete spreadsheet with more particulars on these salaries go to the FTF website.)

Here is the list of teachers salaries for Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208 in alphabetical order:

Teacher Salary Database

Riverside-Brookfield Twp SD 208 2010 - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Acevedo, Margarita $55,802
Augustine, Beth $113,085
Bacon, Kirstin $78,967
Bamford, Kristin $77,936
Bartelson, Suzanne $71,405
Bauer, Michelle $77,892
Baum, James $68,900
Beasley, John $107,617
Bensfield, Robert $79,301
Bernstein, Rachel $70,904
Bonarigo, Daniel $82,493
Bonnette, David $105,300
Bozeday, Joshua $80,277
Brankin, Gayle $128,147
Briskman, Melissa $43,045
Cabaj, Allison $36,410
Carlson, Whitney $70,527
Cartledge, Jessica $70,642
Cassens, Wendy $77,625
Cisneros, Melissa $70,900
Coleman, Kevin $59,635
Czajka, Sandra $117,452
Dean, Kellie $66,590
Delzotti, Danielle $78,202
Denny, Brennan $77,410
Dignan, Thomas $81,559
Dobbertin, Marisa $78,670
Duell, Alicia $75,768
Dughetti, Neil $88,583
Dunn, Barbara $126,921
Egner, Charles $11,298
Ehlebracht, Timothy $83,723
Farlee, Patricia $60,839
Fields, John $79,547
Forberg, Laurence-Marie $97,480
Forberg, Lawrence $110,073
Franko, James $0
Frey, William $99,533
Fridrych, Todd $108,485
Fritz, Doreen $136,649
Fuller, Thomas $118,034
Gagen, Sandra $80,977
Gallagher, Cara $71,966
Geltner, Geoffrey $75,830
Gibbons, Adam $90,617
Gobble, Troy $132,015
Goldberg, Janice $118,524
Gordon, Melissa $88,497
Gorman, Linda $125,647
Gouwens, Mark $109,947
Grice, Jonathan $82,347
Harsy, Kathleen $74,009
Hart, Melinda $106,654
Hayes, Kimberly $117,280
Herbeck, Daniel $95,472
Holt, Jame $79,004
Hughes, Christal $90,963
Izaguirre, John $75,553
Jensen, Blair $63,944
Johnson, Gary $27,496
Johnson, Sarah $93,813
Keefe, William $121,242
Koehler, Michele $47,789
Kuenster, Ann $57,694
Leiteritz, Margaret $121,423
Lojas, Kathleen $93,182
Lopez, Cherise $62,731
Mancoff, Daniel $102,481
Marelli, Diane $120,960
Mc Olgan, Kevin $135,067
McGrath, Jill $70,289
McIntyre, Valerie $64,485
Melquist, Michael $83,047
Metzger, Zachary $0
Miller, George $148,410
Mills Ziola, Angela $83,142
Monahan, Daniel $108,541
Monti, David $108,592
Moore, Terry $120,661
Mortensen, Mari $71,425
Mynaugh, Lindsay $64,472
Nickelson, Laura $110,711
O'Rourke, Daniel $115,722
Obradovic, Julie $50,197
Olson, Timothy $70,859
Ostrow, Arthur $110,174
Passananti, Jenna $64,179
Passarella, John $132,015
Peterson, Kathleen $107,220
Porter, David $52,060
Ramsey, Renee $63,967
Reaves, Patricia $121,981
Rech, Jason $114,512
Reingruber, Michael $95,011
Riordan, Brigit $46,765
Ritchey, Lauretta $54,870
Sarkady, Patricia $83,583
Scanlon, Martin $158,468
Schilling, Rachelle $75,786
Schultz, Douglas $104,977
Sibley, David $111,859
Sloan, Martin $71,122
Soprych, Dawn $124,983
Specht, Bruce $90,602
Sterling, Kristi $78,045
Stiel, Christine $102,829
Sullivan, Lori $112,237
Sutton, Christine $64,672
Till, Dallas $98,825
Turk, Kevin $24,648
Waldock, Jennifer $67,904
Weber, Clare $119,046
Westerkamp, Colleen $70,223
Whelton, Christopher $144,154
Wilmot, Bridget $77,241
Wyszynski, Kathleen $59,915
Young, Patricia $89,886
Yurek, Steven $119,681
Zeman III, Otto $93,161
Ziroli, Michael $83,318

That concludes the 2010 list of teachers salaries for Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208


  1. A 30% increase? Holy cow, batman, that's insane! How dare they ask for a 0.03% increase in today's economy! And they want to lecture others like corporations and Republicans on "greed." Sheesh. Hypocrites.

  2. One superintendent, one principal, two assistant principals, one business manager, one dean of students, and at least ten program chairs for approximately 1500 students. A little top heavy, don't you think?

    Can you say too many administrators? Can you say over-burdened taxpayers?

  3. At least it wasn't quite as bad as Highland Park HS, which has an army of 23 "guidance counselors" each pulling down more than $100k a year. What do these "guidance counselors" do for that? Spoon feed them and tuck them in at night?

  4. These are dance instructors who probably make more than someone who owns their own dance studio. I believe that the majority of teachers in this country are underpaid but to pay a dance instructor from Riverside/Brookfield H.S. over $100k is really ridiculous. On top of that they want the residents to pay $800 more in taxes?! Come on now! The only way these dance instructors should get over $100k each is if they are from the Juilliard School of Arts in NY and they can guarantee that my child will get into the school too! It's time that the residents of Brookfield spoke out about this nonsense!

  5. I am i the wrong field of business.Who makes this kind of money and they want an increase in taxes. Get real
    This should post in the LANDMARK. So folks know.
    Ever corporation has taking a cut some how. Did RB?

  6. I attended RB and graduated in 1999. I remember Zeman being paid up around $100K, which it looks like he still is. If I recall correctly a lot of the more highly paid ones are paid that highly for serving multiple positions...gym teachers (like Zeman) in particular get paid extra for subbing other classes, and extra again for each coaching spot they may hold.

    I'll harp on Zeman and the gym teachers more because that's what I remember. He in particular was the top gym teacher, the head football coach, a baseball coach, taught sex ed, and subbed for math and history classes when I was there.

    For what it's worth, too, RB is typically one of the top high schools in the country.

  7. Meant to say state...not country...not sure where it ranks nationally.

  8. But, Paul, does it follow that this is particularly an appropriate time for a referendum to increase all these salaries? And how can you gauge the fair market value of these services in what is effectively a monopoly setting with salaries wrung out by a powerful teachers union? Private schools on average, pay teachers 25% less than these unionized schools and there is no shortage of people willing to take those jobs.

    I just don't see any of these teachers being even vaguely cognizant of or sympathetic to the plight of the people who pay their salaaries, many of whom are struggling just to get by.

    Where is the "shared sacrifice" that their friend Obama is calling for?

  9. NO wonder I can't afford Riverside.