Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ides of March: Sammy Davis Jr.'s Vehicle

If there ever were to be a Chicago Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Berwyn's, Ides of March, would certainly be among the first inductees.

However, given the paucity of Chicago rock notables, that would be like an invitation into the pantheon of great German pacifists or an induction to the British culinary hall of fame.

Nevertheless, each March 15th, various Chicago news organs and pundits haul out the Chicago area group's #1 national 1969 hit, "Vehicle," in celebration of the Ides of March.

I was never really crazy about the song at the time. And I certainly didn't know, until today, that it was a mainstay of the Las Vegas lounge routines of the late, great, insufferably corny Rat Packer, Sammy Davis Jr.

But sure enough it was and here it is for your viewing pleasure --

Happy Ides of March!!

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  1. You know, I'd forgotten what an entertainer Sammy was. :) Thanks for that little walk down Memory Ln. :)


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