Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bitchy Bimbos "Buzzed Driving" Ads Ruining WLS-AM

If you haven't heard the bitchy bimbos "buzzed driving" PSAs, you obviously haven't been listening to WLS radio.

Ad Council PSA girl Becky gets her arm cracked
due to catty girlfriend's "Buzzed  Driving"

We're talking about the ad where two, genuinely annoying, twenty-something girls, while driving home from a party, bitch about the pick up lines they somehow attracted, the tacky jewelry worn by girls there and life in general.

There can be little wonder as two why these two gems are driving home alone.

But in the course of their catty cacophony, the girl driving, runs head-on into oncoming traffic.

We hear the passenger, one Becky, scream, and then we hear a grotesque cracking of one of her bones.

The driver then apologetically explains that she was only "buzzed", not drunk. So bitchy Becky then sarcastically says that since it was only being "buzzed", it was OK and we hear her bone grotesquely uncrack.
The Ad Council produced this audio atrocity
 US DOT paid for it WLS schedules it - endlessly!

Then the ever-sarcastic, bitchy, Becky says, no - it's not OK -- and we hear her arm grotesquely crack again.

Then a sincere sounding, wimpy, twenty-something, pajama boy's voice ominously instructs us that
buzzed driving is really drunk driving, so don't do it.

Now we don't know about you, but listening to 30 seconds of annoying millennial generation bimbos bitching and bones cracking is not our idea of stellar radio listening.

It's actually repulsive.

All the more so when this ad runs endlessly as it has been for the past few months on Chicago's 50k watt clear-channel WLS-AM.

The frequency of this ad would be laughable if it weren't so blatantly annoying.

On the WLS morning drive Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft show, the bitchy bimbos buzzed driving ad ran no fewer than 5 times last Tuesday. It runs at least 5 to 7 times during every one of Mark Levine's late evening WLS talkathons (one night they ran it back-to back during the same commercial break.) And it runs incessantly at various other times throughout the WLS broadcast day.

We've heard the bitchy buzzed bimbos whining and bone-cracking on WLS as early as 7 AM!!

That doesn't even make sense in terms of effective use of PSA time -- unless WLS figures that a good portion of its aging audience is staggering home then from a night of heavy guzzling at Chicago's bars with 5 AM licenses.

These godawful PSAs are produced by the Ad Council - a compendium of ad agencies who donate their "creative" work. The air time is subsidized by various charities and government agencies (the US DOT commissioned Bitchy Bimbos Buzzed Driving - your tax dollars at work.) The radio stations - at least in the case of WLS - determine when to run the ads.

WLS spokesperson, Kim Rasmussen told the Chicago Lampoon, that even they can't stand the ad, (which was commissioned by the Federal Department of Transportation) and are perplexed as to why it runs on their own station constantly. This despite the fact that WLS, itself, schedules the airtimes and frequency.

"Even we tire of listening to that PSA. We’re trying to get to the bottom of why it is playing so often. I agree that it’s excessive hearing it multiple times per hour." Rasmussen said.

She added that WLS will be working on PSA and Ad spot management in the coming year.

Well, we're delighted to hear that.

Maybe WLS will ameliorate this audio atrocity by deciding, instead, to run that catchy Kars 4 Kids jingle -- 870 times a day.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Transparent" Riverside Won't Publish Cops Salaries - May Retreat on DUI Twitter Threat

Proclaiming his little suburban village's commitment to "transparency" one Tom Weitzel, the police Chief of Riverside, Illinois said last week that he would begin Twittering out the names and addresses of citizens nabbed by his constabulary for suspected DUI.
Riverside's Top Cop                                            
 "Transparency Tom" Weitzel                                                      

But wonder of wonders, it seems that unlike Chicago, Evanston, Skokie and other genuinely transparent municipalities, Riverside won't tell its taxpayers what it is paying its cops -- or any of its other village jobholders, for that matter.

And it seems that the transparently nontransparent little Riverside is now backing down from its threatened on-line bullying scheme.

It seems that outraged citizens deluged the Riverside city fathers with emails and calls -- most of which called Weitzel's scheme a crock of elib. Some likened it to East German Communist police tactics, circa 1952.

Weitzel said today on WBBM radio that he was going to seek an opinion by IL Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, before deciding whether to go forward with his peculiar scheme.

We think that's called "covering your ass."

The cops in Riverside have every right to disclose public info about arrests. But an arrest is only an allegation.

Anyone remember Chicago police Officer Richard Fiorito, who was once honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his aggressive DUI arrests? That crooked cop was pulled off street duty three years ago amid allegations that he had falsified dozens of the charges.

In fact the city of Chicago had to shell out big bucks to compensate citizens who were falsely accused of DUI by that crooked cop.
Crooked Chicago Cop Fiorito Filed Fake DUI charges

And all of Weitzel's gibberish about "Riverside's commitment to transparency" turns out to be a crock of bull.

When we asked Riverside for a list of the salaries that taxpayers shell out to its government operatives - including their cops - their spokesperson, one Cathy Haley, quite arrogantly blurted, "The village is not required to list the names of employees and has chosen not to do so."

But just last week, until outraged citizens told them to P-off, they seemed more than happy to list the names of merely accused citizens.

What was that about Riverside's transparency, Chief Weitzel?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Maybe Rahm Should Fast 'Til Illegal Alien Criminals Are Nabbed

The big news today is that Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is fasting for 24 hours to show his solidarity with the open borders crowd who want amnesty for the 11 to 20 million illegal aliens in our midst.
Jose Garcia is on the Cook Co. Most Wanted
 list for attempted rape of an 11 year old

Not to be outdone, the ever publicity hungry Sen. Dick Durbin and Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth have announced that they too will fast.

Given the amassed blubber on Durbin and Duckworth's frames, we have no fear that their constitutions will want for stored fuel. But we worry about the lean and bony Rahmfather.

Can't someone at least sneak him a bagel? Lightly toasted with a nice little schmeer?

It has occured to us however, that these paragons of do-goodism would better exert their abstemious self-denial in support of another illegal alien cause -- the apprehension of the vicious criminals on Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart's Most Wanted Criminal list.

You see, of the top 14, a full dozen are immigrants and 9 of those are Latino illegal aliens.

You can check that out for yourself by going here:

Sheriff Dart posts the mugs of these felonious absconders on-line and they are a pretty sinister looking lot, indeed.

Most, it seems, are wanted for rape or child molestation. One is wanted for kiddie porn and another is wanted for running over and killing an American while he was drunk as a skunk.
Raudel Artega is wanted for
 raping a woman at gunpoint

They are all on the lam and many have likely hotfooted it back home  to the convenient safety of the Mexican 3rd world idyll.

The thing that is striking about Dart's Most Wanted Criminal list is that native born Americanoes are sorely underrepresented. Only 2 show up on the list -- black guys -- one of whom was just apprehended.

Nary a single white American to be found there.

What's wrong here?

Why are we, as a nation, seemingly incapable of producing a healthy crop of home-grown felons?

Maybe the ICIRR and the other llegal alien apologists and pimps were right after all.

Illegal aliens are only over here to do jobs Americans won't do.

Rahm and his lefty pals should ruminate on this as they listen to their bellies growl and shed their crocodile tears.