Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Batavia USD 101 Educrats Piss On US Constitution: Teachers Salaries Listed

The Orwellian zeitgeist of the Bush/Obama era seems to have firmly taken hold in suburban Batavia's United School District 101.

Bloviating Bureaucrat Barshinger

No sooner was the ink dry on reports that Obama's NSA has been gathering reams of personal info on millions of Americans, than word comes that Batavia's educrats are asking innocent kids to possibly self-incriminate on an intrusive personal questionnaire.

And when a principled teacher, one John Dryden, dared to characterize this as the patently unconstitutional and anti-American act that it was, he was outrageously disciplined.

The culprit here is one Dr. Jack Barshinger - a very well-fed,  fascist fellow-traveller, who has spent the past 37 years warming various educatic desk chairs in pursuit of his current $286,900 annual salary. (The little butterball will retire at the end of this month and pull down about 80% of that figure every year for the rest of his life in pension.)

He is the Superintendent of USD 101 who threw the book at Batavia High School social studies teacher, John Dryden for daring to suggest that his kids have protected constitutional rights as US citizens.

 Nitwit and Batavia School Bd.
President Cathy Dremel

Barshinger was backed up by the USD School Board, which is headed by the quite deservedly intellectually modest, Cathy Dremel.

When first running for the school Board in 2011, Dremel, who studied bean counting in college, but apparently very little else, told a local newspaper: "My greatest strength is that I don’t think I already know everything."

Truer words were never spoken.

In a nutshell, here's the source of the contretemps:

-- In April, social studies teacher, Dryden, taught his Batavia High School students about the U.S. Bill of Rights.

-- Shortly thereafter Dryden was told to pass out to his kids, a questionnaire which asked them to disclose their personal uses of alcohol or illicit drugs. The names of each student were printed on their individual forms.

-- Dryden was asked by a kid, how this gibed with the 5th amendment, which protects U.S. citizens from having to disclose possibly incriminating information to government authorities, such as USD 101.

-- Quite honestly, Dryden told them it didn't, and advised them to decline to disclose possibly damning information about themselves.
Teacher John Dryden
Enter the bloviating bureaucrat, Barshinger.

He wrote an open  letter to the community saying that the survey was not intrusive, but a well intentioned effort to pinpoint troubled students.

He wrote that it was merely "a data-gathering instrument that could be used to determine what social or emotional issues our high school students are experiencing, and whether individual students could benefit from new or increased supportive intervention by our staff."

In other words, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."

Then Barshinger suspended Dryden without pay and imposed a draconian set of conditions upon him, including a ridiculous requirement that he be subjected to verbal self-criticism techniques, reminiscent of those pioneered by Red Chinese dictator Mao-Tse-Tung's Red Guards.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the civil libertarian teacher must:  "when given a directive in a meeting, he must now repeat the directive back at the end of the meeting and agree to comply."
Batavia's educrats seek to turn out
a generation of compliant sheep

The fat little overpaid martinet, Barshinger, also is demanding that Dryden refrain from making statements or taking any actions that may tend to dissuade students from participating in school district initiatives. Also he can't use sarcasm or comment on his employment status.

On the 28th of May, Cathy Dremel and the other nincompoops on the Batavia School District 101 Board, voted to endorse these measures.

Now let's get this straight. Taxpayer subsidized educational institutions are supposed to be in the business of forging independent minded, critically thinking young American citizens who will be ready to take their place as vital members of a free society.

The whole rotten educational establishment of Batavia USD 101 seems to be in the business of turning out compliant sheep. And of pissing on the Constitution of the United States.

And of persecuting guys like Dryden who think otherwise.

Here are the latest available names and salaries of the employees of Batavia USD 101 as obtained by the Family Taxpayers Foundation via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. You can find out more about the individual employee, such as years of employment and employee title, by simply clicking on the name:

Batavia USD 101 2011 -

Abraham, Laura$81,701
Acosta, Sandra$64,880
Adkins, Mary$100,265
Adolph, Justin$70,291
Albrecht, Vicki$54,594
Allison, Justin$45,792
Amesquita, Victoria$79,564
Anas, Kelli$63,642
Anderson, Crystal$78,737
Anderson, Kim$88,995
Anderson, Mark$107,451
Andriano, Deanna$112,126
Applehoff, Diane$110,087
Arch, Susan$109,051
Arrigo, Nancy

Friday, June 7, 2013

Celebrating Diversity in Maywood: 300 "Youths" Riot at Proviso East High School

Interesting news from the Chicago diversity and multiculturalism front  as on May 31st, 300+ predominantly African-American youths rioted on the last day of school.
Just the usual year end hi-jinx as 300
students riot at Proviso East High School

Proviso East High School, in lovely suburban Maywood, was the site of the contretemps, which featured machete wielding girls and innumerable pummelings.

The crack Maywood gendarmes made 10 arrests and all was back to normal after only a few hours of savagery.

As one sagacious Proviso East scholar and melee participant philosophized to NBC-TV news: "It's the end of the year, all the anger builds up, everybody wants to fight, why not everybody fight?

Next May 17th will mark the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Brown v. Topeka Bd. of Education which forced racial integration of American schools and presumably Proviso East High will have special high spirited commemorative celebrations of this nature planned.

Here is the video report of the Proviso East High School student riot:

Here, by the way, is the Proviso East High School "Vision Statement":

Proviso East Vision Statement

"Proviso East High School is committed to enhancing student learning experiences through collaboration, utilization of best practices, data analysis, and professional development."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chicago Gays Join Jews and "Nigras" on Democrat Party Plantation

It was actually kind of funny this past weekend to see the boys and girls of the lavender persuasion crying in their beer up and down Halsted Street.

Gays were crying in their beer
on Halsted St. this past weekend

They were morose because, despite their years of slavish devotion to Democrat party pols, those very pols told them to P--Off on the matter of their beloved same-sex marriage.

House Speaker Mike Madigan (Democrat-Chicago) adjourned the State House without even bringing to a vote the same-sex marriage bill.

Well, welcome to the plantation, fellas!

You see, when you are so solidly in one party's pocket - when your bloc vote is so dependably, incontrovertibly and predictably Democrat, the leaders of that party really don't have to give you the time of day.

After you've been demonizing Republicans and conservatives for years in the Windy City Times and elsewhere, just where the hell can you plausibly threaten to go?

Just ask your fellow plantation dwellers the Jews and blacks.
LBJ signing Great Society legislation

Last week the Obama administration cavalierly publicized would-be secret Israeli plans for an anti-missile defense system. American Jews were livid, but who cares?

Jews voted for Barack Hussein Obama's re-election by a landslide margin of 60% so he can tell them to P--off whenever he likes. He and his fellow Dems know that Jews will never leave the Democrat party reservation, so screw them.

Liberal Democrat President, Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the "Great Society" legislation in 1966 -- which gave us Food Stamps, AFDC, and those wonderful public housing projects.

And just prior to the signing, he told fellow Democrat leaders (according to his Texas colleague, Governor John Connally - in his autobiography) "With this bill I'm going to have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 100 years."

Prior to then, American blacks actually voted heavily Republican due to the fact that Southern Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act and out of respect for the fact that the 1st Republican President ever, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves.

And of course LBJ was right. His welfare giveaways to blacks bought them off. Last election black voters voted for Obama by almost 95%, so Republicans really don't have to bother courting them -- nor do Democrats. Democrats know that LBJ's "niggers" aren't going to stray from the plantation.

I recall seeing a flyer lying on the sidewalk during the Chicago elections of 2006. It was put out by a gay political action committee and it urged fellow homosexuals to vote against Republican Tony Peraica for Cook County Board President because he was purportedly against gay marriage -- as if the Cook County Board has anything to do with that.

That helped bring us the enlightened leadership of the great Todd Stroger. He raised county sales taxes to the highest of any jurisdiction in the entire USA and ran Cook County into a fiscal quagmire.

Thanks, gay buddies!

Now you've got all those wonderful Democrat liberal pols you've lusted after  all these years and they're telling you to go P--off.

And why shouldn't they? Where the hell can you threaten to go? Face it, boys. Along with the Jews and LBJ's "Nigras" you're stuck on the Democrat plantation.

And the gate is locked.