Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daley Laments Dearth of Youth Summer Jobs In "Sanctuary City" Chicago

Speaking yesterday in the heavily Hispanic Pilsen neighborhood, outgoing Mayor Richard Daley announced that the city would be unable to provide summer jobs for youth at last year's levels.

Due to a cutoff of the one-time-only federal stimulus subsidy, the city would be able to provide 4,000 fewer of the summer make-work jobs, a 22% decrease from last year, Daley said.

At the same time, the Evanston outplacement firm Challenger, Grey & Christmas Inc. projected that this would be among the toughest summers for finding summer jobs in recent memory.

I don't see why this comes as any great surprise to anyone. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, in 2005 Illinois was home to more than 609,000 illegal aliens, the 4th highest of any state, with most concentrated in the Chicago area. Since then, the totals may well have doubled.

Yet Chicago and Cook County remain a "sanctuary city" for illegals. By legislative dictat, police, hospitals and providers of city services are instructed not to ask about the legality of one's presence in the country. By court order, no Illinois schools can ask.

So now, Chicago kids find themselves competing against a formidable army of unskilled, illegal foreign labor when they try to find that summer job, which may determine whether or not they'll be able to continue their own education.

When working summers to help pay for college some years back, W.W. Grainger hired me and another college kid to cut the lawns and landscape at the 3 plants that they had then in the area. It was a full-time and reasonably well remunerated seasonal job.

It was the kind of job that ICIRR and the rest of the illegal alien lobby tell us that Americans won't do.

Last summer, I happened by one of W.W. Grainger's expansive warehouse facilities in Niles. The job once given to college kids, was being done by an outsourced crew of Latinos.

W.W. Grainger probably doesn't knowingly hire illegals for this. But with a wink and a nod, the independent landscape contractors likely assure them that their people are legal. They seldom are, but the principal firm then has plausible deniability before ICE.

On March 10, the Tribune's ever-ridiculous, Mary Schmich, was blubbering about the unfairness of deporting the adult offspring of illegal aliens. That day, at Daley Plaza a gaggle of illegals shamelessly and defiantly announced their illegal status and called for passage of the "Dream Act" illegal alien amnesty scheme.

That measure would have granted amnesty to any illegal alien up to age 35, who had been to a school in the US -- including such things as hairdresser school.

The sensitive souls can blubber on all they like about the woes of Chicago's ever-growing illegal alien population.

But they can't then come back and lament the fact that many of our American kids will be idle this summer and, perhaps, unable to afford college in the fall.


  1. I have long maintained that people are so wrong when they claim that illegals do the jobs that Americans won't do. On the contrary, illegals do the jobs that our teens used to do, the jobs that helped them earn money for college, to pay for their own car and insurance, to learn how to start managing their own money and take care of themselves, and to start learning how to conduct themselves in a professional life. Our teens and young adults are some of the biggest losers because of the illegal alien problem. They've lost countless opportunities to support themselves and to begin the maturing process, to learn how to be independent of their parents.

  2. And it's not just kids that are being displaced by illegal alien cheap labor. In construction, African-Americans used to be the chief workers in putting up drywall. Then it became illegal Polish workers and now (if there is any construction still going on) its illegal Latino workers. When ICE raided several meat packing plants in Nebraska a few years back, and rounded up the bulk of their workforce for being illegal aliens, there was a line of Americans around the block the next day waiting to apply for those jobs. With unemployment at 15% at a minimum in IL, they simply have to be sent home -- Just as Eisenhower sent them home in the 50s.

  3. 609,000 Illegal (scuse me, undocumented) aliens in Chicago, WOW. I guess we all need to wake up here and look up sanctuary cities on the internet. Its beyond sickening really.

  4. 609,000 illegal (scuse me, undocumented) aliens in Chicago, WOW. I guess we all need to wake up here and look up sanctuary cities on the internet. Its beyond sickening really.


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