Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oppressed Proletariat of Lake Forest Schools Strikes: 2011 Teachers Salaries Listed

Posted below are the names and latest available salaries of the teachers of Lake Forest High School district 115

This past Wednesday these very unionized teachers of Lake Forest High School District 115 walked out on strike.
Members of the exploited proletariat of Lake Forest
who average $106k  for their 9 mo. gigs

These oppressed members of the proletariat average $106,500 a year in salary for their 9 month gigs and that compares pretty well with the already very generous Illinois average teacher salary of  $65,000.

But these oppressed members of the exploited working class - in what  is perhaps the most posh educational setting in Illinois still aren't satisfied.

Despite the continued national and statewide economic malaise (believe it or not there have been foreclosures even in Lake Forest) these piggies are still holding out for raises of 5 to 6.5 percent per year.

Here are the 2011 salaries of all teachers and administrative employees of Lake Forest High School district 115. These are the latest available and have been garnered by the Family Taxpayers Foundation database  from state pension reports. If you click on the individual teacher's name you can see further data, such as specialty and years of service:

Lake Forest CHSD 115 2011 Download data

"Maher, Jr."$0
Abrams, Ryan$90,802
Alexander Collier, Cindy$93,208
Antrim, Wendy$132,483
Aronson, Steve$81,721
Austin, Christine$78,952
Barndt, Darren$103,829
Bassill, Robert$91,500
Baysinger, Kristen$75,921
Behling, James$51,784
Benson, Rhonda$151,701
Berkshire, Jacqueline$125,969
Bielski, Carolyn$98,605
Birtman, Amy$104,321
Bower, Diane$120,567
Brandes, David$142,452

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nanny Alderman Chased By Knife-Wielding Bag Lady

Rookie Alderman James Cappleman (D-46th) seems to have a serious problem getting chased around by the bag ladies in his Uptown ward.

Fastidious Alderman James Cappleman (right)
at Gay Pride parade

In the latest incident, the ever-tidy, openly gay Solon was in the act of calling the cops on one Shermain Miles aka Charmane Boone, who was allegedly enjoying a chilled adult beverage while sitting on a public way.

Taking umbrage at this interruption of her libation enjoyment, Ms. Miles then proceeded to chase the fastidious lawmaker down the street while wielding a knife.

Being in fear for his very life, Alderman Cappleman is pressing charges for assault and battery against his fleet-footed constituent as she apparently caught up to him and pushed him into some bushes.
Fleet-footed Adult Beverage Connoisseur
Shermain Miles

Cappleman sagaciously philosophized on the incident, saying, “What went through my mind was, ‘I don’t want to get stabbed and killed over some stupid thing like this, over someone drinking in the public way. That’s not the way I want to die.’ ”

This comes on the heels of a July incident where he pressed battery charges against another 59-year-old Uptown woman for allegedly pushing him in a confrontation over feeding pigeons.

Cappleman said he saw bread crumbs on the ground near Broadway and Wilson and began to sweep them up when the woman, known to area residents as the “Pigeon Lady,” shoved him hard enough to push him into the street, and then threw a handful of bread crumbs at him.

Cappleman said the area was littered with bread crumbs, and he was just trying to clean it up before it became a breeding ground for rats.