Monday, December 17, 2018

When the Chicago Democrats tried to Make Chicago a "Ronald Reagan Free Zone"

Well, with Barack Obama's former Chief-of-Staff, the smarmy - and soon to be deposed - Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel,  now declaring Chicago a "Trump Free Zone," isn't it time we took a look back at when the earlier Democrat party machine thugs declared Chicago a "Reagan Free Zone, " and had their Democrat party thugs try to run President Reagan out of Chicago?
President Ronald Reagan in Chicago

Just as Emanuel & Co. are trying to do so today to President Trump?

Yea, that really happened. and it was chronicled in  Jim Kuhn's excellent 2004 book, Ronald Reagan in Private, (Published by Penguin Group, New York, 2004.)
On  page 62, Kuhn reported, " A big battleground state for Reagan and Carter was Illinois, and I realized how big big-city politics was, when we reached Chicago in October.

"We planned a walking tour for Reagan in a Lithuanian community called Marquette Park. It was the perfect setting for Reagan to walk along a large, busy block on a closed street in the community and work a big crowd.

"Along that street were family shops, clothing stores, hardware stores, butcher stores -- and we determined that a store in the middle of the street, would work well as a backdrop store - from which Reagan could  address the crowd. He would also visit some of the other stores.

"But as the date for Reagan's stop came closer, some store owners became uneasy,.

"The owner of the shop, where he had suggested to set up his podium, in front of his shop, suggested that, maybe Reagan shouldn't speak in front of his store.
President Ronald Reagan at Wrigley Field

"We were puzzled. Clearly there was a significant problem here. We finally figured out what was going on. The legendary Chicago Democrat Machine, had picked up, full-steam. Ward bosses warned store owners that if they seemed too friendly toward Reagan, there would be "problems, in the future."

"They were warned that the next time it snowed, they would find more snow in front of their businesses, instead of seeing the existing snow removed. And they were told, if they were favorable to Reagan, trash removal, in the future, might be a problem for them."

Well, according to Kuhn's book, future President, Ronald Reagan came out to that street, anyway, and spoke - in a way that would not implicate any of the shop owners who were threatened by the Democrat Party Machine mobsters.

And future President, Ronald Reagan, carried that area heavily.

And the leftist- Rahm Emanuel mob thinks, today, that it can still today intimidate Trump voters in Chicago.

Good luck, with that one!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Time for the USA to again - Sever Diplomatic Relations with Crazy Germany

The absolutely idiotic - and rather evil - German fool, Angela Merkel has finally been brought to her knees.
2 Generations of ugly German witches: 
Are there no pretty women at all left in Germany?

She was the complete moron, who invited nearly 2 million - largely muslim, 3rd world migrants to settle in Germany, as "refugees," where they have been systematically raping young white,  Christian and Jewish German girls - murdering German senior citizens and burglarizing and generally creating havoc. 

And this inane harridan, Angela Merkel, who was weaned and educated in Soviet-controlled communist East Germany, has the audacity to criticize US President, Donald Trump, for protecting our borders from 3rd World invaders.

Well guess what?

Even the Germans - who were stupid enough to elect the fascist Nazi, Adolf Hitler. in the election of 1933, finally had the good sense to toss this Merkel bitch out.

But they seem to be trying to replace her with another leftist - weird bitch, Merkel clone -- one  Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

This crazy, left-wing creepo, has a husband, who is a stay-at-home dad, who takes care of their children by day - so that she can pursue her political career.

And she is - rather ugly and dykey, to say the least.

Are there no even vaguely pretty German women left?

Will the last real man in Germany, please bring a Luger and the German flag, on the way out?.

Many Americans don't understand this - but the United States of America, shut down the German Embassy in Washington, DC in 1942. And we shut down the German Consulates in New York, Chicago and San Francisco - at the  same time.

Now, maybe it is time that our Free America Republic, severs diplomatic ties with that crazy German nation - once again!

Seems the Germans - once again - have lost their minds.

We can legitimately say this - since we are part of the 38% of the American populace, who are of German extraction.

But, we are logical, Democratic/Republicans - and once again, the Germans are nuts!

The Germans were crazy, as bats out of hell, when they gave power to Prussian warmongers from the Hohenzolllern monarchistic clique in the late 1870s - when those Lutheran Protestant creeps, persecuted their fellow Catholic German citizens - so that they  had to scurry across the Atlantic Ocean to America - and later were the powerful military and manufacturing force who brought the German elites and their armies and their cities to their knees in two 20th Century World Wars.

We should no longer consider leftist Germany, as a friend of the United States.

Maybe it's time to shut down the Embassy and their consulates in our free Western nation.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

So When Will Leftist Evanston and Skokie Purge Their Racist Street Names and Logos?

Extremist neo-Leninists across the USA, are tearing down historical statues of Confederate war heroes.

They're even taking down the names of schools named after such benevolent personages as President Woodrow Wilson.

You see, in their neo-Marxist mindset - all these personages were racists. They symbolized "white privilege." And just as with the Lenninist murderers in Moscow and the Hitlerite book-burners in Nazi Germany, it is important to these wild ideologues to wipe out every vestige of the "old culture."

So we've begun to wonder why extreme left-wing towns, like Evanston, Illinois and Skokie, Illinois are allowed - under the new PC inquisition, to retain overtly racist street names and - in the case of Skokie - even an overtly
Skokie's cute little Indian chief mascot
racist Municipal Village logo.

Evanston has streets named after General George Armstrong Custer, General Phillip Sheridan and General William Sherman.

Skokie has a cute little Indian chief as its municipal mascot.

Why are these politically incorrect streets not being renamed and why does Skokie's cutesy Indian mascot still grace the entrances to that - now deteriorating - suburb?

Now let's look at this from the ultra-left-wing mindset that prevails in both those rather peculiar leftist Chicago suburbs.

General George Armstrong Custer, hated Native Americans and met his demise at age 36, in the abortive Battle of the Little Big Horn.

His commander, Phillip Henry Sheridan, reputedly told Custer, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

And General William Sherman, forced native Americans onto an ethnic-cleansing styled, forced march from the Southeast to reservations in the West - the so called "Trail of Tears" on which almost 40% of them perished.

Sherman, also engaged in a systematic murder of buffalo herds, to deprive the Indians of their chief food source.

Gen. Sherman said, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian"
So when is Leftist Evanston going to rename his street?

One wonders what Evanston's enlightened PETA members and animal lovers think about this.

Especially since they have a major thoroughfare running through their town, named after him

General Sheridan said "the only good Indian is a dead Indian."

One wonders what the holier-than-thou PC leftists would say about this. Especially since they have a major thoroughfare  running through their town - named after him.

And Major George Armstrong Custer despised Native Americans and killed a lot of them.

So what does Evanston have to say about the fact that they not only have a street named after him, but actually have an annual Custer Street Fair?

And what about Skokie's cute little Indian chief mascot?

It appears on all of the Village's letterheads and on the signs on the streets where you enter Skokie.

Skokie is run by extreme leftist Democrats - its population votes close to 70% Democrat. Its Village Government regime - which has been in power for almost half a century - is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chicago Democrat political machine.

It imports labor union street thugs from Berwyn and Cicero to work precincts for its monopolist "Caucus Party."

It is a slave to leftist PC catechism. On a recent Village of Skokie automobile sticker, it touted the leftist shibboleth, "Diversity is our Strength."
Great Family Fun at Evanston's annual General George Armstrong Custer Street Fair
- it would cost lefties money to change this street name

Yet Skokie retains a cute little Indian Chief on all its logos.

Leftists in Skokie, forced Niles West High School to remove their 30 year old, apparently politically incorrect,  moniker as "Niles West Indians." They are now the Niles West Wolves.

But strangely, the Skokie neo-Lenninist Democrats didn't force the removal of Skokie's cute little Indian mascot logo.

Now why was this?

Why doesn't ultra-leftist Evanston change the street names of Custer, Sheridan and Sherman?

I'll tell you why.

Because it costs money. Big money.

If the PC leftists were serious about their inane multiculturalist ideals, they would change the names of Custer, Sherman and Sheridan streets to something that would assuage their tender PC sensibilities.

But then thousands of businesses on those streets would have to tell their customers about their new addresses. They'd have to reprint their letterheads and envelopes and get new signs. All the lefties on Custer St. would have to change their addresses on their drivers' licences and - Heaven forbid - they wouldn't be able to hold their annual "Custer Street Fair."

And the enlightened leftist Dems who run Skokie, and their friends in the Skokie Chamber of Commerce, would have to pay for new signage, new letterheads and envelopes.

No - these hypocritical Skokie and Evanston leftists are more than happy to force change on towns and cities and schools in the Southern USA.

But when it comes to applying their PC standards to themselves they respond:

Hell no. That will cost us money!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Democrat Committeemen Party Boys in Skokie and West Rogers Park: Ira Silverstein and Lou Lang

State Rep. Lou Lang of Skokie and State Senator Ira Silverstein have gotten into no small amount of hot water lately, over allegations that they have been sexually harassing women, who have come into their offices on legislative business.
News Conference with sexual harassment
accusers of Ira Silverstein (L) and Lou Lang (C)

Silverstein lost his, almost certain re-election to the State Senate, over the tawdry sexual complaints  and his pal, Lou Lang just had to step down from his committee posts and his House Madigan leadership spot, over the same caliber of womens' sexual harassment complaints.

These guys - aside from being good ole wheeling and dealing Springfield boys - have several things in common, aside from having a propensity for chasing skirts.

Despite his resounding renunciation by the voters, Ira Silverstein, remains the Democratic Committeeman of Chicago's 50th Ward organization.

And despite allegations that he engaged in a little office "grab ass" with a female lobbyist, Lang remains Committeeman of the Niles Township Democratic Party Organization.

They both continue to actively embrace and cheer-lead for very extremist left-wing antics that are regularly heaved up - (this week Lang is promoting the Open-Borders rally on Skokie's village green.)
Democratic Cook County Central Committeemen
and skirt chasers Lou Lang and Ira Silverstein

The party boys, Silverstein and Lang, do, however, have their differences.

While Lou Lang is a presence at the liberal Reform Jewish suburban Temple Beth Israel, Silverstein and his Democratic Alderman wife, Deborah Silverstein, hew to the more traditional Orthodox Jewish, practices, a fact that got him big electoral support among area Orthodox rabbis last time (however futilely.")

Still, the two leftist good old boys - for the time being - are still wielding power on the Cook County Democrat Central Committee.

So much for the "Progressives" commitment to womens' rights.

Just better be sure to keep your wives and daughters away from their Party headquarters' offices.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

On the Lousy Quality of Today's Jays Potato Chips

For the first time ever in our lives, we have thrown out a half-eaten bag of Jays Potato Chips.

The new Pennsylvania-based multinational corporate owner has changed and cheapened the recipe, and today they are barely edible.
A Chicago delicacy since 1927

A Chicago institution, since 1927, Jays was bought out by a Pennsylvania mega-firm, Snyder-Lance (the corporate monstrosity that puts those cheap peanut butter crackers in vending machines) in 2007 and in turn is reportedly being bought out by the multinational Campbell's Soup Corporation and today, the one-time Chicago delicacy, really stinks.

Decades of Chicagoans grew up devouring the thin, crispy, salty and slightly oily potato chips produced by the local Japp's family.

In fact, they were originally manufactured and marketed in Chicago, in big steel cans as, "Mrs. Japp's Potato Chips." The name was changed to "Jay's" in 1942, when the name "Jap" wasn't terribly popular in the US, after the Japanese sneak attack on the USA at Pearl Harbor.

Today, the Snyder firm, with corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania and Berlin, Germany, heaves up thick-cut, relatively pallid chips whose only relationship to the original product, is the blue and white label on the bag.

We recall returning home to Chicago for Christmas break and making a point to bring back 2 big bags of Jays Barbecue Potato Chips with us - because there was nothing even remotely as good available on the East Coast.

They were a traditional Chicago delicacy.

Today, we find ourselves tossing out a half-consumed bag of the cheap multinational corporate substitute.

On the plus side - Jays Potato Chips are almost always on sale for half off the retail price stamped on the bag.

On the downside - today's Jay's Potato chips aren't worth buying - at even that deep discount price.

Today, there is one thing a Chicagoan can honestly report about the new corporate Jay's Potato Chips:

"You sure can stop eating em"

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Helene Fischer's Volkswagens about to be banned from US Market

We have been largely favorable toward the German/schlager-pop star Helene Fischer, for some time.
German pop singer Helene Fischer with a VW Bug
Would any serious American think this a race car?

In fact, in 2009, we were the first entity in the English speaking world to have taken notice of her. And we have written innumerable articles about her various musical endeavors, since then - most of them favorable.

But today, we want to mention, that the Soviet communist-born, beautiful German songstress, has been a commercial endorser of the German, low-grade Volkswagen - and the high-brow German Porsche.

Both of those cars - and suppliers of their parts - are now being banned from the #1 consumer market in the world - the USA. Mercedes-Benz is now too being banned from the US market.

That is because the European Union, has chosen to proceed as if they are still little children of the United States - and expect the USA to support them.
Volkswagens are now considered a joke in the USA

So the EU continued to put wild tariffs on US products. And the US put virtually none on theirs.

As a result American manufacturing workers have lost their jobs - as their plants closed - and their cities died.

Well there is a new US Sheriff in town - and his name is Donald Trump.

And it will soon become virtually impossible for an American consumer to buy a German car in the USA. And we don't give a shit if German and French steel mills die - because our American steel workers need the jobs. And we need American steel and aluminum for US National Defense - just as we did to defeat the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese in 1941-1945.

So Europeans - just go piss off.

And Helene Fischer - you will not be allowed to make it in the #1 music market in the world - the USA.

Helene Fischer - just go sell your Volkswagens (which were designed by Adolf Hitler) over there.

We won't allow you here!

There is now a US - EU trade war going on. And would you care to bet on who will win?

Here is Helene Fischer with her German ad for the little Volkswagen. It is a very unreliable car and mostly women buy it in the US. It will probably not be available here after President Trump's anti-EU tariffs on cars kick in in a few months:

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

So How Long Before Skokie Muslims Blow Up Skokie Holocaust Statue?

Skokie - the rapidly disintegrating armpit suburb of Chicago - the el-cheapo suburban gateway to Rogers Park - the new multicultural high crime suburb is now reaching a new low.
The Muslim Religious Sign on Skokie's Town Square

It is celebrating Muslim Ramadan on its town square.

The serious question that emerges here is "How long before the new Muslim majority electorate in el-crapo Skokie, demands that the Holocaust monument be torn down?"

After all, Muslims have been waging war on Jews and Christians throughout the Levant.

Muslims have been desecrating and destroying Jewish, Christian and Buddhist shrines everywhere their foul Koranic armies go.

So when will Skokie's Muslims have enough political clout to tear down the Jewish Holocaust Memorial, situated on Skokie's Village Hall and Public Library Square.

You think it inconceivable?
Skokie's Holocaust statue -
How long before Skokie's Muslims tear it down?

Well just look at how Muslim religious fanatics forced teachers and children to abandon Halloween celebrations at Skokie Public School District 69 - just 6 years ago:

Apparently their Imams didn't care to accept the American idea of free thought and freedom of religious expression - if it was not mandated by their own peculiar inanely rigorous religious ideology.

So while the largely Jewish Democrat political hacks in Skokie - from Mayor Geo. Van Dusen on down, bow and pray to the growing numbers of Allah devotees in their electorate we just have to ask them a simple question:

How long do you think it will be before the Muslim voters - which you have succored - vote to rip down the Skokie Holocaust Memorial?

The Jews and Christians in 1933 Europe were short-sighted. Are we seeing it again in Skokie?

Leftist Skokie Public Library Hails Obama Book - Shuns President Trump's Books

It is a hardly disguised fact, that the vast majority of librarians in Illinois are of a decidedly left-wing ideological bent.
Richard Kong - Director of Skokie's Left-Wing Public Library

But it is hard to find any taxpayer-supported library that is more so, than the Public Library in ultra-Democrat Skokie, Illinois.

This place - which actually is in the business of teaching children - has been so outlandishly blatant in its left-wing orientation as to be rather a disgrace.

These peculiar ideological warriors, posing as librarians, posted a plaque in their computer room, back during the George Bush administration, which proclaimed:

"Due to the dictates of Attorney General John Ashcroft, we can no longer ensure the privacy of your communications on our Skokie Public Library computers."

This was something that had been put in place by the U.S Department of Justice - the chief law enforcement agency in the land, after the 9-11 terrorist bombings, of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and innocent civilian passengers in Pennsylvania.

But, lo and behold, when the leftist Barack Obama became President, his Attorney General, Eric Holder, maintained the very same public library computer surveillance, the neo-Marxists, who run the Skokie Public Library - interestingly, took the plaque down.

Wow! Might one consider that partisan?

Might one consider that intellectually dishonest?

And then - throughout the 8 years of the leftist President, Barack Obama's presidency, the left-wing nut jobs, who haul down big salaries, on the dole of the Skokie Public Library, prominently placed a copy of Barack Obama's self serving, ghost written, puff-piece biography - prominently on the display bookshelf leading to the 2nd floor - for all to see.

But do they today display any of the several books written by our U.S President, Donald Trump, in the same manner?

Of course not.

The Skokie Public Library - whose employees get fat salaries and pensions at taxpayer expense, need a thorough housecleaning.

Their staff must be transformed to reflect true diversity - and that means diversity of thought and public outlook. And it should - through hiring attrition, be transformed into a place that is no longer a highly paid playground for the radical left.

The names and salaries of all of the employees of the Skokie Public Library will be published here in 2 days - courtesy of the Better Government Association:

Friday, April 6, 2018

Nanny State Deerfield IL Bans Semi-Automatic Weapons - Deerfield Police Vow No Nazi-styled Door-to-Door Roundup

The extremely left-wing Northern suburb of Chicago, Deerfield, Illinois, voted unanimously to outlaw innumerable semi-automatic weapons within its borders last week and made national news in the process.

This should really come as no surprise, because the affluent, heavily Jewish town, has overwhelmingly voted for Obama twice, has all leftist Democrat state legislators, a leftist Democrat - preponderantly Jewish - Village Board and Mayor and a leftist Democrat Congressman.

Deerfield, Illinois has been the archetype of the "progressive" nanny state.
Deerfield's former school marm Mayor, Harriet Rosenthal
masterminded the Northern Chicago Villages' Gun grabbing move

Despite being located in one of the most windy areas of the continental US, these control freaks voted to ban smoking in public parks. They said they were afraid that some sensitive soul might get a whiff of 2nd hand smoke.

Now, under the leadership of Deerfield Nanny-in-Chief, Rosenthal, they're out to ban guns in their little lefty fiefdom.

According to the Chicago Tribune's local reporter:

"The new Deerfield ordinance prohibits the possession, sale and manufacturing of certain types of assault weapons and large capacity magazines within the village, according to the ordinance. One change from the law as it was originally discussed exempts retired police officers from the ban, according to Village Manager Kent Street.

Violations carry a fine of between $250 and $1,000 per day, according to Matthew Rose, the village attorney. He said the fine is levied each day until there is compliance.

The article reported that: In the ordinance, the definition of an assault weapon includes, among others, semiautomatic rifles that have a fixed magazine with a capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition; shotguns with a revolving cylinder; and semiautomatic pistols and rifles that can accept large-capacity magazines and possess one of a list of other features. Among the dozens of specific models cited are the AR-15, AK-47 and Uzi, according to the ordinance."

The gun-grabbing ukase was the brainstorm of Deerfield Mayor, Harriet Rosenthal - a former school marm and past President of Glencoe's Jewish Congregation Hakafa.
Deerfield's top cop,  John Sliozis (R) says they'll only
enforce the gun grab via "public information" -- at first

Deerfield Police Chief, John J. Sliozis, sought to assuage outrage among area gun owners by putting up a Facebook note, assuring citizens that he would initially only enforce this measure through, "Public Education."

But, of course the underlying implication of Deerfield's draconian gun ban is that, at some point they'll have to knock on their citizens' doors to try and confiscate them.

After the Nazis took control, they banned all gun ownership and provided stern penalties for Jews who owned guns.

According to the National Review:

"SS chief Heinrich Himmler decreed that 20 years be served in a concentration camp by any Jew possessing a firearm. Rusty revolvers and bayonets from the Great War were confiscated from Jewish veterans who had served with distinction. Twenty thousand Jewish men were thrown into concentration camps, and had to pay ransoms to get released."

Harriet Rosenthal's Deerfield only demands a $250 to $1000 a day ransom for any citizens who their armed police nab with these legal and lawful weapons.

Apparently Deerfield's mayor, Mrs. Rosenthal, during her school marm days, must have taught something like 3rd grade English.

She certainly never studied, nor taught modern history.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Pat Korten - RIP and Thank You So Much!

Pat Korten died the other day.
Pat Korten, Washington Journalist -
 Founder of the Badger Herald

He was one of the most influential men in the history of the University of Wisconsin - a terribly influential man in the history of the US Conservative movement - and an extremely influential man in my life.

Pat Korten founded the Badger Herald alternative conservative student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin.

This happened in 1969 - when the ridiculous Democrat LBJ's war in Vietnam was raging, when campuses nationwide were torn apart and when left-wing terrorists had blown up a building on the UW-Madison campus, murdering an innocent math researcher in the process.

The campus student newspaper, that had been in business since 1848 - The Daily Cardinal - had been hijacked, by a gaggle of left-wing nutcases - who were essentially Maoist in orientation.

Pat Korten - a UW sophomore at the time decided - "We've had enough!"

With just a vision and a stalwart philosophic guidepost, Pat went forward.

With several UW fellows, he began publishing a conservative editorial sheet entitled, "Insight and Outlook."

That went on for a year, and then, the boys decided that their efforts would be more effective, if they sandwiched their conservative commentary between campus news and sports and fine arts coverage.

The Badger Herald was born.

It was not an easy matter.

The UW was still seething with neo-fascist left-wing rage (much as it is today). And Pat Korten and the early conservative writers on the Badger Herald staff, had to install metal cyclone fencing onto the back window of the Badger Herald offices at 618 State Street in Madison. Left-wing fascists had threatened to fire-bomb the Badger Herald offices in retaliation for their conservative writings.

So much for the "Progressives" respect for free speech and freedom of the press.

Pat Korten, and his fellow conservative Badger Herald writers, brought sleeping bags into the Herald editorial offices - and announced to the Leftists and to the Madison Police, that they would be sleeping there at night - and a fire-bombing by the Left-wing fascists would be tantamount to murder.

They held off the leftists.

As years went on, Pat Korten's brainchild went on - and held on - and by the 1980s, became the dominant student newspaper on the UW campus.

In recent years the Badger Herald has been hijacked by multiculturalist - left-wing nut cases and is barely a shadow of what it once was.

Pat Korten - the founder of the Badger Herald. went on to become  a top-notch radio journalist at the CBS affiliate in Washington, DC., WTOP,  a press secretary for innumerable members of the US Congress, a founder and manager of a major conservative radio network and a renowned spokesman for the National Catholic, Knights of Columbus.

He was one of the finest men that I have ever known

And just as Thomas Jefferson eschewed all of his various titles to put on his gravestone, the simple:

Founder of the University of Virginia

I think it would be wonderful and fitting if were proclaimed on Pat Korten's gravestone, the simple:

Founder of the Badger Herald

God bless you and keep you, Pat!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Chicago Catholic DACA Weight-loss Plan for Fat Priests and Nuns

A rogue left-wing Chicago priest, by the name of  Gary Graf is fasting on behalf of DACA illegal aliens.

A hunger strike, this demagogue leftist cleric calls it (altho he's taking protein supplements, something we suspect St. Francis didn't do). And he has now been joined by a gaggle of other Roman Catholic priests and nuns (yes they still have some nuns.)
Fat Priest

It's a great leftist publicity stunt.

But we think it is a good idea.

Because a lot of these priests and nuns in Chicago are, frankly way too fat and sassy. And a week or month or two without solid food could only do them some good.

So on behalf of the vast number of positively obese Chicago priests and nuns - we endorse this effort.

In fact we think the anti-American citizen, and pro-illegal alien, Cardinal of Chicago, Blase Cupich - who frankly, always looks a bit pallid - should endorse it as the official Archdiocese of Chicago DACA weight loss diet for overweight clergy.

You see March 5th is the deadline for Congress to somehow codify into law, Obama's unconstitutional ukase which gave legal status to at least 1.8 million illegal aliens and their parents - and aunts and uncles and grandparents.

Only Congress can legally do this - but the constitutional separation of powers was never something to trouble Obama - with his "cellphone and pen."
Fat Nun

But now amnesty for DACA illegal aliens and their millions of relatives, must pass both Chambers of the United States Congress.

And without serious restraints on chain migration, a border wall, an end to the "diversity lottery" and requirement that fatcat employers stop hiring illegals (E-verify) - it almost certainly won't pass.

And the fat Chicago Catholic priests and nuns - if they're honest - will be consuming nothing more substantial than water for a long, long, time.

But think of all the pounds they'll shed on the Gary Graf, Archdiocese of Chicago DACA Weight Loss Program.

Maybe Oprah and Rosanne Barr and other fatties who support illegal immigrants will embrace it too.

President Trump's decision to revamp our broken immigration system could have the unintended consequence of great health benefits for the fat, left-wing, portion of our population!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Why Malwarebytes is a bad joke! BOYCOTT MALWAREBYTES!

We just bought one of those new - super thin, fast laptops and needed to install anti-virus, anti-malware software.

Malwarebytes' Consumer Fraud

We made the mistake of contacting Malwarebytes.

Oh, God - what a joke! What a fraud!

We paid them around 55 bucks to install it.

They said -- sure -- we'll cash your Visa monies and, no problem.

Then the nightmare began.

We did everything they instructed us to do - and  - strangely - it didn't work.

When we emailed them back - we were given the following excuse:

Thank you for contacting Malwarebytes.
Saturday 1/27 we had an issue with one of our database updates causing issues with our web protection.
After updating to the latest database(1.0.3803 or higher) and you are still unable to start web protection please perform the following:
Malwarebytes Support Tool (MBST) Clean Reinstall
1. Please download MBST using the link below:
2. Open your Downloads folder/location of the downloaded file.
3. Double-click mb-support- to run the program.
4. Place a checkmark next to Accept License Agreement and click Next.
5. You will be presented with a page stating, "Welcome to the Malwarebytes Support Tool!".
6. Click the Advanced Options link.
7. Click the Clean button followed by Yes to proceed.
8. Upon completion, click OK to reboot your computer. This is very important!
9. After the reboot, please wait for the program to reopen.
10. You will be presented with the option to reinstall Malwarebytes for Windows. Click Yes.
11. Installation of Malwarebytes for Windows will commence shortly after.
12. Upon completion, Malwarebytes for Windows will automatically open.
Note: If you had Malwarebytes for Windows Premium activated prior to running the tool, please verify Premium is now activated.
Note: If installation of Malwarebytes for Windows does not commence, please skip to the last bullet point below.
13. A log named mb-clean-results.txt will be saved to your Desktop. Please attach the log in your next email reply.

We appreciate your patience while we worked on addressing the issue. If after the clean install it does not address the web protection issue please reply back to us for further troubleshooting.
Thank you for your patience

Now if Malwarebytes has screwed up their computer system - or been hacked - would you want to trust them to protect your computer?

What a massive fraud on American consumers!

We cancelled the VISA payment and advise everybody to avoid Malwarebytes - at all costs