Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Marilu Henner - Catholic School Girl Slut From Chicago

We first ran into Marilu Henner's autobiography, Marilu Henner, By All Means Keep on Moving - about 3 years ago, when it was one of the $1 discontinued books in the Lincolnwood, IL public library.
Chicagoan, Marilu Henner

We bought it - because the price was right, and because we had been to Marilu Henner's home on Logan Boulevard, when her little sister, Christal, from Madonna High School, had a total crush on one of us.

We met Marilu's mom, while she was running a dance studio in the 3 car garage in their back yard. We drank beer in their basement.

We scoffed at Marilu's, ghost-written book when we first read it, back in 2012, because we were reading some serious stuff at the time.

But we stumbled upon the 1994 Simon & Schuster book, once again at the free book exchange in Chicago's North Park Village last week, and actually read the thing - cover to cover - this time.

It was fascinating!

And it was weird!

The early chapters relate a fascinating tale of a typical Chicago North Side family of the 60s - weird Catholic nuns - great Chicago hot dog joints, and mom and dad doing what they had to do to maintain a, rather vibrant brood of 6 Polish/Greek Catholic kids.

But much of the 308 page autobiographical tome deals with Marilu Henner's sex life.

And WOW! what a sex life!

It's hard to tell if this girl was on female steroids, or just trying to make up for Catholic school sexual repression - but she - sure as hell was one wild chick.

How do you spell the word NYMPHOMANIAC!

Marilu Henner is best known for her role as Elaine Nardo in the 5 season running TV sitcom, Taxi.

In her book, she tells us that she had wild passionate sexual affairs with Tony Danza and Judd Hirsch - during the course of the show. This was while having a wild - periodic - mad sexual romp with John Travolta - with whom she had earlier co-starred in the Broadway production of Grease.

We didn't know that girls from Madonna High School - near Belmont Ave and Pulaski - were that horny. But she apprises us that 17 girls in the graduating class of that Chicago Catholic girls school, were pregnant at the time of her graduation.

And then she tells us of various one-nighters she had in Hollywood, and her - very weird 3 year marriage to a paranoid/manic/depressive drunken actor - her nude flirtation with Bert Reynolds and, well, a whole load of other real wild sexual adventures.

We don't know what to make of this all. We've known a lot of Catholic Chicago schoolgirls, in our time.

But - while we knew Marilu Henner's sister and a bunch of other girls from Chicago's Madonna High School - it seems - that Marilu Henner, was one of a kind.

Oh Definitely!

Here's probably the coolest thing that Marilu Henner ever did on the 5 year running hit show Taxi - and it is a tribute to her mother, Loretta Henner - a professional dance teacher - who taught Marilu how to dance: