Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Smoking Lounge: Pall Mall's Natural Filter

I think my first regular brand was Pall Mall Gold 100s. They had just come out when I was in prep school and I thought they were kind of cool as well as good tasting.

I knew a Catholic priest with whom his pack of Pall Mall regulars was a constant fixture. I think he liked the Latin writing on the package: In hoc signo vinces -- Under this sign we conquer. Come to think of it, I was studying Latin when I started with the Pall Mall Golds. That must have been the appeal.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jake Hartford & Dr. Bob Take On Bookish PACE Bus Driver

We all know that texting and driving has become the new bane of the common roadways, but WLS radio's ever-alert Jake Hartford has unearthed a new threat to public safety: PACE bus drivers who read while driving.

This was disclosed two Saturdays ago when Hartford's physician sidekick, Dr. Bob, called in his weekly medical advice segment to Hartford's 5 to 8 am Saturday morning "Awake with Jake" show and reported that he witnessed an African-American female PACE bus driver reading a book while driving.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Milt Rosenberg Extension 720 Drinking Game

Dr. Milt Rosenberg
Once long ago on a college campus far, far away I regularly participated in a Saturday evening drinking game called "Hi Bob."

The game was tied to The Bob Newhart Show--- the first Newhart show where Bob played a Chicago psychologist who would be seen in the opening credits coming out of a condo at 5901 N. Sheridan (which still stands) and taking the El to his office at 440 N. Michigan Ave.

The rules of the game held that whenever anyone on the show said, "Hi Bob," everybody had to take a shot of whiskey.

Invariably, Emily would enter about 20 seconds into the show and say, "Hi, Bob." And about 45 seconds later, Howard would come over from across the hall and say, "Hi, Bob," and Bob would go off to work and Carol would greet him as he arrived with a "Hi, Bob" and Jerry the dentist would come by and say, "Hi, Bob" and all this "Hi, Bobbing" would require the consumption of 4 shots of cheap booze before even the first commercial break.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tom Roeser Retires From WLS: Blasts Local Lib Journalists

Tom Roeser

WLS radio announced Saturday that long-time conservative activist and journalist, Tom Roeser, was retiring from his Sunday evening "Political Shootout" broadcast.

Roeser, 82, is convalescing from an undisclosed ailment, but with the plaudits and elegies being bantered about you'd have thought that he had already joined Ronnie, Barry and WFB on the dais at the great CPAC in the sky.

The most truly smarmy of the accolades thrown Roeser's way was that of the truly smarmy Eric Zorn, one of the few remaining columnists for the sclerotic Chicago Tribune: "

"I've sparred many times with the arch conservative pundit over the years, but I wish him well in his convalescence and hope I'll be sparring with him again soon at one of his websites...." Zorn wrote.

This is the same Zorn who in 2009 called Roeser a racist, anti-semitic spewer of bile.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flintstones Returning in 2013: Have a Winston!

Word is that a remake of the 1960s cartoon classic, The Flintstones, will be ready to air on FOX in 2013. The cartoon was originally based on Jackie Gleason's 50s TV sitcom, The Honeymooners, and you can easily see the resemblances between Fred and Gleason and Wilma and Audrey Meadows.

The FOX remake will be made by “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane.

I doubt he'll be able to work in Winston commercials as they did back in the 60s. See the astounding video below:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Britain's Impending Nuptials: Euroskank Lily Allen to Wed

Blushing Bride
Lily Allen
Just when we'd barely gotten over the excitement from the Kate Middleton-Prince William wedding, word now comes from England that Lily Allen, the reigning skank of European popular music will tie the knot this summer with one Sam Cooper.

Cooper, reportedly a "decorator," sired one of the several children that the hard-drinking Miss Allen miscarried over the past 3 years.

The blushing bride has been one of the biggest pop sensations in the UK and other parts of Europe since 2007, a fact of which, until recently, we had been blissfully unaware.

Miss Allen, the 26 year old offspring of a Welsh comedian and a feminist film director, made her mark on the dismal landscape of British pop culture by penning and performing such masterpieces as, "Fuck You," a thinly veiled critique of the homophobia, racism and warmongering of George W. Bush and "It's Not Fair," her paean to her adroit skills in the realm of fellatio performance.

Miss Allen  placed in the top 10 on BBC-3's list of Most Annoying People of 2006, a fact of which was no doubt fueled by her penchant for displaying her unique 3rd nipple for the benefit of television audiences. That ranking gives us hope that there is still some smattering of good sense abroad in the once-Great Britain.

Miss Allen is an ardent enthusiast for environmental alarmist schemes, PETA animal protection and the Socialist Labour Party. Any surprise there?

She wrote an amazingly trite, anti-materialist song entitled, "The Fear" which contained such poetic gems as:

I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them

This profound work received the enthusiastic endorsement of one Right Reverend Dr. Steven Croft, the Anglican Bishop of Sheffield, who recommended its study for his theology classes.

Now we understand the level of intellectual vacuity that drives members of that august and sclerotic clerical body to concede the inevitability of Muslim Sharia Law in England.

So put aside the date, June 11, and if you happen to be anywhere near Gloucestershire, England, you'll surely want to pop in, have a drink or seven and wish the couple well.

For readers who have not yet had the good fortune to experience Miss Allen's work, following is a video of her 2009 live performance of It's Not Fair in Zagreb, Croatia. This is the song in which she touts her fellationous skills.

Many thanks to the ever-civic minded T-Mobile corporation for helping disseminate this great artistry to the more culturally deprived parts of Europe by its sponsorship of this Lily Allen concert:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Immigrants' Costs to Naperville Schools Reaches $2 Million

The education of the children of new immigrants costs the Naperville public school system, CUSD 203, a base of $2 million per school year based on an assessment of salaries paid to English as a second language (ESL) and bi-lingual education teachers.

Naperville schools employ 22 ESL and bi-lingual education teachers at salaries ranging from $41k to $110k per year for a total of $1,585,000.

With salary costs estimated to comprise 80 per cent of total educational expenses, the base estimate for educating recent immigrants in Naperville schools comes to $1,981,250.

In a May 6th letter from the Obama Administration's Department of Education, school districts have been discouraged from asking prospective enrollees as to the legality of their immigration status although it is not illegal for them to do so.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Naperville's Fat Teachers Salaries: Union Grubbing For More

Naperville Central H.S.

Posted below in alphabetical order are the 2011 teachers' and administrators' salaries for Naperville School District 203.

The teachers in Naperville's 2 high schools, 5 middle and 14 elementary schools are handsomely rewarded for their efforts. Yet this hasn't stopped their Naperville Unit Education Association from filing a complaint last week to seek even more cash for 107 of their members who've hit the ceiling of the salary scale.

It seems no one apprised the IEA affiliate that there was something of an economic crisis going on and many of those who pay their salaries are forgoing raises, if they still have jobs at all.

For all of their union's enthusiasm for the election of Barack Obama, they seem to have conveniently turned a deaf ear to his admonition that this is a time for "shared sacrifice."

If anything, with an increasing number of homes underwater, if not in foreclosure, it would seem to be a time for considering if some of these gold plated salaries might not just be a tad excessive and in need of downward readjustment.

Among the highlights of the Naperville teachers' salaries:

--- 2 sex ed teachers pulling down $122k and $115k

--- A $112k drivers ed teacher

--- 14 guidance counselors pulling down between $100k and $124k

--- 21 gym teachers with six figure salaries, the highest being $151k

--- 8 social workers and 4 psychologists reeling in 6 figures

--- And of course, an army of 57 administrators pulling down between 100k and $242k a year.

Following is the complete list of Naperville CUSD 203 teachers salaries and you can judge for yourself. It was compiled from data supplied by the Illinois State Board of Education pursuant to a Freedom of Information suit brought by the Family Taxpayers' Foundation (FTF.)

This data was garnered from the Family Taxpayers' Foundation which filed a FOI lawsuit to enable the public to see how their tax dollars are being spent.

For further information on an individual employee,such as teaching specialty and years of employment, click on the individual's name. These are the latest available salary figures and were updated on 10/22/12.

In most cases these salaries are for 9 months of work.

Naperville CUSD 203 2011 Download data


Aaron, Candice$91,255
Abbott, Jean$83,595
Abshire, Carolyn$81,607
Adamatis, Patricia$111,319
Adams, Kyle$63,095
Aguilera, Domenica$44,334
Albiniak, Mike$67,695
Albiniak, Sarah$65,611
Allen, Megan$43,660
Allen, Richard$125,930
Allen, Tarah$79,318
Alles, Colleen$55,023
Allison, Patricia$47,985
Aloe-Millsaps, Mary$95,886
Alstadt, David$84,581
Altimier, Debra$101,728
Amberger, Robin$104,197
Amburn, Amanda$68,048
Ameri, Charity$72,015
Ancira, Sara$74,637
Anderson, Erin$123,819
Anderson, Kristen$66,753
Anderson, Noel$74,815
Anderson, Sarah$78,932
Anderson, Sheryl$65,839
Anderson, Stacy$69,176
Anderson, Susan$129,847
Anderson, Wayne$143,176
Andonian, Ann$64,063
Andre, Donald$115,399
Andrees, Lynn$95,535
Angelos, Kathleen$107,806
Antonio, Dennise$88,322
Antonio, Lisa$108,000
Applegate, Lee$95,311
Arizaga, Sylvia$77,606
Arlis, Thomas$98,861
Armitage, Geralyn$123,270
Arndt, Jeffrey$50,260
Arvidson, Jacquelyn$49,673
Ashley, Courtney$49,672
Ashton, Cary$68,619
Aspan, Stephanie$60,690
Atiq, Jihan$69,550
Atseff, Jennifer$42,657
Atseff, Laura$71,050
Auld, Thomas$83,743
Awe, Nanette$86,584
Bachar, Candace$53,601
Bailey, Joyce$101,364
Bailey, Mark$94,129
Baird, Hiram$67,549
Baker, Debra$86,386
Baker, Diane$97,800
Bakke, Brian$111,247
Bakke, Mary$99,471
Baldwin, Barry$93,011
Ballard, Richard$83,568
Banach, Nancy$57,294
Barbino, Eleanor$63,422
Barenbrugge, Karen$64,501
Barr, Katherine$63,079
Barrett, Andrea$48,489
Barry, Kathleen$79,683
Barth, Amy$72,696
Bartosz, Rebecca$82,539
Bates, Rebecca$70,493
Baumgartner, Gina$83,024
Baumgartner, Jennifer$97,582
Bean, Marcia$114,453
Beck, Brittany$49,042
Becvar, Paul$30,964
Bedore, Jeffry$78,180
Bee, Martin$137,307
Beehler, Julie$120,260
Behrends, Charlene$120,667
Belasich, Taryen$44,485
Bell, Barbara$75,770
Bell, Charles$104,178
Bell, Christine$92,224
Bell, Kristine$71,305
Benages, Kevin$54,931
Bender, Doris$65,881
Bennett, Linda$61,984
Benning, Allison$58,028
Benson, Joan$71,108
Bentel, Christina$44,056
Bentley, Jeromy$72,421
Benyo, Christopher$109,623
Berczynski, Denise$46,545
Berdiel, Theresa$71,697
Bergantino, Angela$56,868
Berkley, Ross$60,851
Bert, Amanda$51,725
Betterman, Kathleen$123,513
Bey, Charles$60,584
Beyer, Susan$93,614
Bibby, Carole$74,812
Biddinger, Patricia$100,824
Biggs, Kathryn$74,847
Bilardello, John$105,350
Billings, Nancy$83,061
Birch, Stephanie$70,409
Bishop, Emily$79,277
Biskup, Jamie$72,772
Blackburn, Thomas$116,953
Blaisdell, Regina$109,219
Blaskovich, Kathryn$0
Blaskovitz, Jennifer$45,745
Blondell, Matthew$30,480
Blumthal, John$54,225
Bochenski, Michael$70,367
Bockman, Gwen$113,664
Bodinet, Dora$53,154
Bohdan, Thomas$120,428
Bonet, Don$100,834
Boor, Jane$111,854
Borgman, Brianne$57,032
Bornancin, Nathan$57,844
Bostrom, Barbara$70,605
Bowman, Barbara$78,104
Boykins, Denise$107,474
Bradley III, Charles$60,505
Brady, Lori$90,172
Brady, Seth$67,509
Brandes, Jennifer$59,805
Brasel, April$66,448
Braun, James$122,780
Breese, Karen$123,472
Brenner, Lindsey$60,822
Breslin, Pamela$71,461
Brindle, Kristin$87,522
Briseno, Dr. Kathleen$125,232
Brooks, Renae$123,217
Brotherly-Lamb, Ann$108,674
Brown, Catherine$78,313
Brown, Christine$81,998
Brown, Daniel$52,905
Brown, Timothy$89,924
Brucker, Elizabeth$75,757
Buckland, Allyson$110,191
Buckley, Michael$97,544
Bukusi, Wanjugu$79,658
Buresh, Scott$51,127
Burghardt, William$73,959
Burke, Jeffrey$93,437
Burke, Lisa$110,618
Burke, Tamara$84,526
Burns, Kathleen$105,857
Burns, Lauren$60,138
Butler, Heather$29,292
Cabrera, Karen$96,822
Cain, Sarah$58,740
Callaghan, Caitlin$47,969
Callahan, Jane$118,560
Campbell, Karen$63,917
Campise, Gino$58,858
Campos, Christine$116,829
caneff, Cathy$109,084
Cannon-Ruffo, Colleen$84,115
Cantu, Joey$55,890
Canty, Karen$52,762
Carbonaro, John$73,007
Cardenas, Lisa$53,095
Carlson, April$114,453
Carlson, Janet$114,538
Carlson, Keith$59,497
Carlson, Lisanne$54,787
Carpenter, Madeline$58,312
Carroll, David$80,500
Carson, Jean$121,890
Carter, Joyce$90,141
Casey, Edward$52,085
Castner, Kimberly$109,001
Catalano, Lisa$97,420
Cavlovic, Amy$74,125
Cerchio, Pamela$97,255
Ceresa, Andaree$64,668
Champion, Thomas$87,856
Chaney, Jeremiah$89,869
Chenelle, Julia$50,399
Cheng, Yvonne$60,087
Chesters, Katherine$63,028
Chiappetta, James$59,754
Chidley, Carin$80,371
Chipman, Katrina$76,391
Chiszar, David$119,848
Chiu, Piling$71,833
Choate, Pamela$129,001
Christensen, Cynthia$114,453
Christenson, Lynette$59,376
Christoff, Samantha$71,556
Churchill, Keri$92,069
Cibils, Lynn$63,237
Cirko, Leslie$97,106
Clancy, Marissa$65,136
Clark, Cheryl$105,328
Clark, Lorraine$81,741
Clarke, Barbara$64,883
Clarke, Jennifer$62,065
Clarke, Jillian$62,433
Cluver, Michael$96,234
Cohen, Deborah$91,971
Cohoon, Catherine$106,340
Cole, John$61,441
Collier, Flint$62,300
Colon, Laura$70,423
Comerford, Julie$53,046
Compton, Jeffrey$127,885
Conant, Elizabeth$57,317
Cone, Eva$49,380
Conley, Jennifer$45,609
Connell, Lisa$86,497
Connolly, Mary$124,746
Connor, Martha$113,405
Connor, Sean$44,735
Cook, Ashlee$55,183
Cooke, Suzanne$95,569
Coppersmith, Eric$47,613
Corrigan, Kaye$110,051
Cortes, Damary$67,905
Cosantino, Elaine$99,020
Cota, Deborah$84,011
Cotrano, Amber$63,618
Cotton, Lisa$61,757
Coutts, Trudi$129,462
Crackel, Michael$140,778
Craig, David$63,817
Cramer, Diana$95,583
Crannell, Cara$53,465
Creel, Nancy$60,932
Cremins, Connie$63,089
Crile, Rachelle$0
Criss, Kathleen$29,809
Crockett, Jeanine$111,599
Croco, Suzanne$104,098
Crowe, Joyce$107,971
Crowell, Elise$124,460
Cummings, Debra$90,203
Cummings, Kristin$72,049
Cunningham, Mary$84,216
Currier, Karen$119,438
Cusack, Linda$108,048
Cussick, Ann$43,181
Dahn, Eric$53,152
Dalton, Lisa$88,135
Damery, Brian$72,877
Danbom, Deborah$70,999
Danbom, Jeffrey$76,827
Davies, Lauren$43,085
Davis, Brent$100,258
Davis, David$79,845
Davis, Karyn$88,165
Davison, Deborah$74,381
Day, Christine$70,126
Day, Jacqueline$106,505
De Moulin, Mark$138,169
DeBora, Ryan$65,033
DeGan, Cheryl$84,665
DeGraff, Tricia$72,335
Dehmlow, Jenne$84,883
Denemark, Steven$117,085
Denius, Lisha$70,937
Denton, Nicole$30,961
DeSantis, Michelle$65,668
DesJardine, Kimberly$81,208
Dethrow, Matthew$82,779
Deurlein, Rebecca$83,060
Devick, Joey$28,816
Di Bona, Mary Beth$112,839
Dickow, David$51,074
DiGiovanni, Nicholas$121,338
Dill, Marcellina$60,318
Dinon, Lisa$58,737
DiOrio, Jeffrey$49,049
Diorio, Rebecca$73,739
Discipio, Jacquelyn$92,706
Dlabal, Edward$108,010
Dlabal, Elaine$110,489
Dodge, Jarret$57,793
Doenges, Susan$103,638
Dohm, Tina$82,355
Dolan, Gail$99,674
Dolan, Patrick$107,972
Doman, Michael$93,740
Dominak, Nicole$53,240
Donatelli, Jennifer$71,477
Dore, Judith$89,865
Dostal, Laura$44,551
Douglas, Christa$43,693
Doyle, Deborah$93,414
Doyle, Jennifer$23,157
Drach, Katherine$48,354
Dryer, Darlene$37,110
Ducommun, Marian$104,314
Duncan, Kathleen$157,527
Duncan, Neil$76,613
Dunham, Laura$51,316
Dunlap, Kari$32,275
Dunn, Brian$60,002
Dunnett, David$72,212
Dvorchak, Tracy$93,905
Dycus, Jason$99,706
Dyer, Shannon$45,240
Dykema, Elise$45,033
Eby, Kermit$123,822
Eckhardt, Sandra$97,495
Eide, Heather$50,987
Eilers, Connie$58,633
Eilers, Melanie$31,268
Eissens, Amy$71,186
Ekey, Tricia$75,190
Elder, Justin$49,970
Ellberg, Michael$93,442
Elsen, Mary$78,318
Engel, Pamla$104,832
Engeldahl, Jennifer$70,438
Engler, Tami$56,636
Epstein, Nikole$61,810
Eriksen, Kimberly$83,171
Ernst, Zachary$46,782
Erwin, KariLee$60,572
Estes, Brandon$61,164
Evans Kinsella, Kelly$63,525
Evans, Mary$113,289
Even, James$111,292
Ewanic, Lauren$71,472
Eyre, Marissa$52,699
Eysturlid, Erica$84,023
Facinelli, Bonnie$112,103
Fahey, Breanne$71,364
Falbo, Gina$47,273
Falk, Joshua$69,942
Fallon, Patrick$107,464
Farmer, Linda$97,537
Farrell, Kathleen$84,631
Farrell, Kevin$81,862
Farrelly, Mary$96,185
Farson, Jeffery$107,870
Faryan, Laurie$99,059
Fedderly, Kathleen$100,432
Feret, Susan$105,361
Ferrari, Sharon$93,222
Ferrin, Barbara$106,420
Ferris, Jennifer$92,880
Ferro, Jamie$74,603
Ferro, Joseph$74,385
Fertel, Traci$77,914
Fiore, John$100,773
Fischer, Sharon$116,906
Fisher, Sarah$58,288
Fitterer, Sandra$59,726
Fitzenreider, Noah$26,278
Fitzgerald, Lisa$56,706
Fitzpatrick, Luann$80,478
Fitzpatrick, Megan$75,872
Flack, Suzy$72,921
Fling, Janice$85,424
Floor, Elena$59,084
Foerch, Bradley$117,688
Fogg, Deborah$112,421
Foley, Arthur$123,121
Foley, Karen$116,336
Fong, Craig$90,124
Ford, Shannon$34,375
Forest-Bakker, Sheryl$85,755
Fors, Katie$66,531
Forst, April$71,061
Forsythe, Lisa$82,365
Fosse, Cindy$94,945
Fox, Kristen$46,350
Francis, Pamela$95,262
Franczyk, Sarah$54,249
Franta, Jennie$59,301
Free, Leslie$75,604
Freed, Adam$67,477
Freidhof, Kerri$48,193
Frendewey, Brad$49,966
Freundt, Chuck$107,947
Friedl, Jessica$59,394
Fries, Michael$47,893
Frost, Michael$87,803
Frost, Sandie$67,346
Fruin, Rachel$66,071
Funke, Theresa$83,894
Gafrick, Fred$56,744
Gaiownik, Simone$79,656
Galanis, James$107,992
Galdikas, Sara$97,195
Galen, Carol$105,686
Gallagher, Shannon$53,453
Gamble, Kristen$56,864
Gamboa, Ignacio$95,343
Gano, Kathleen$52,268
Gardner, James$128,972
Garlich, Deberah$97,507
Garner, Sandra$85,478
Garrison, John$120,282
Garza, Barbara$44,427
Gaskin, Patrick$107,947
Gatenby, Griffin$63,330
Gaylord Bontkowski, Holly$74,467
Gborigi, Kerri$50,618
Gebbie, Thomas$62,768
Gebel, Susan$67,655
Gedz, Susan$103,346
Geiger, Gregory$43,831
Genovesi, Katie$53,554
Gentile, Jacqueline$111,805
George, Beverly$98,724
George, Pamela$123,040
Geraghty, Katherine$70,086
Gerard, Jennifer$60,021
Gervase, Judy$98,594
Gervel, Nancy$104,501
Gerwig, Matthew$90,403
Getsoian, Lorna$95,452
Getting, Creighton$76,845
Ghouse, Naseem$69,886
Gibson, Zachary$50,080
Gilbert, Sara$68,840
Gilmartin, Laura$33,664
Giordano, Kathryn$86,109
Girard, Erika$64,212
Girup, Kyle$60,058
Giuliani, Mary$66,441
Glancey, Susan$110,241
Glenn, Tamara$80,189
Glogowski, Tim$99,946
Gluck, Margaret$55,320
Goering, Tracy$63,494
Goldrosen, Daniel$42,260
Goldstein, Dan$60,189
Golebiewski, Laura$61,034
Gonzalez, Humberto$55,925
Gorey, James$68,494
Grady, Sandra$23,352
Graefen, Robin$60,161
Gray, Alison$63,133
Gray, Paul$59,607
Green, Dana$70,397
Green, Deborah$113,301
Green, Robin$110,116
Greenfield, Jennie$83,842
Greenwood, Frederick$79,017
Gresk, Matthew$59,012
Grier, Lindsay$62,155
Griffin, Linda$84,330
Griffith, Crystal$57,134
Groom, Renae$75,427
Gross, Linda$104,215
Gryzlak, Arlene$119,418
Guenther, Jean$112,798
Guglielmucci, Stephanie$79,562
Guimon-Warren, Maura$52,621
Haapala, Erin$51,755
Haeger, Rebecca$62,240
Hahn, Sara$37,899
Haidinyak, Wendy$120,572
Halkias, Helen$86,673
Hall, Ryan$59,126
Hamann, Robert$85,567
Hammar, Carolann$51,308
Hammer, Ryan$53,141
Hanley, Lynne$58,326
Hannan, Karen$92,727
Hannes, Sandra$97,892
Hantak, Ryan$103,027
Harmon-Quinn, Kelly$47,707
Harring, RoseMarie$68,840
Harrington, Janice$90,160
Harris, Carliss$75,100
Harris, Debra$56,209
Harris, Jeanette$60,070
Hartman, Kathleen$67,235
Hasler, Brenda$79,922
Hastings, Amy$62,829
Hatfield, Ann$63,658
Haumiller, Margaret$100,631
Havenaar, Jay$108,322
Havenaar, Nancy$58,776
Havener, Nancy$116,447
Hawley, Julie$50,358
Hayes, David$71,461
Hayes, Kevin$76,819
Hayman, Christine$79,858
Hayward, John$78,264
Heffernan, Chris$76,545
Hegranes, Victoria$84,710
Heinsohn, Kathy$94,600
Heinson, Denise$72,966
Heitz, Melissa$94,474
Helberg, Paula$93,563
Helms, Ronald$132,768
Henneberry, Patricia$102,882
Henneberry, Thomas$104,178
Hennessy, Annette$81,956
Henning, Lisa$49,903
Henricksen, Heather$94,298
Henz, Lynn$82,249
Herrin, Amy$25,721
Herrmann, Beth$101,185
Heslinga, Heidi$67,352
Hicks, Aislinn$84,121
Higgins, Carol$77,812
Higgins, Marie$108,333
Hill, Amy$23,159
Hill, M. Kristin$73,856
Hillyer, Allison$45,721
Hinds, Emily$56,917
Hitzeman, Helena$78,784
Hodge, Christopher$68,413
Hodonicky, Jennifer$71,642
Hoen, Beth$108,190
Hoff, Charles$84,630
Hoffmeyer, Diane$27,468
Hollander, Amy$49,358
Hollander, David$107,851
Holmberg, Todd$93,861
Honey, Candace$79,911
Hopkins, Jessica$24,926
Hopkins, Leonard$108,017
Hopkins, Megan$45,078
Hopkins, Rose$67,889
Horan, Matthew$62,472
Horn, Zachary$43,894
Horner, Brian$72,065
Horng, Jeanette$54,750
Hornsby, Katherine$77,914
Horwath, Rebecca$89,944
Houle, Nichole$66,368
Howard, Corbett$77,637
Howard, Jeffrey$104,988
Howat, Kathy$93,433
Hubbard, Barbara$117,686
Hubbard, Susan$43,347
Hubbell, Kathleen$56,592
Hudson, Kristyn$81,866
Hufferd, Sondra$86,513
Hughes, William$149,687
Hull, Angela$73,479
Hull, Jennifer$69,647
Hunckler, Carl$129,438
Hunger, Brian$99,366
Hunt, Barbara$108,143
Hunt, Robin$98,517
Hurd, Kathryn$69,669
Hurst, Bethany$48,153
Hutchison, Deborah$57,316
Israel, Jane$115,512
Iverson, Daniel$96,160
Iverson, Laura$99,576
Jacobs, Paulina$41,326
Jagiello, Kimberly$107,417
Jahnke, Stacy$48,612
Jakubiak, Janice$112,550
Jamnicki, Virginia$117,865
Janis, Lois$90,182
Janisch, Danielle$43,790
Janssen, Nicholas$57,844
Jarvis, Michael$73,958
Jasinski, Elizabeth$80,902
Jeffers, Kara$45,823
Jeffrey, Tracy$64,353
Jelinek, Michael$71,633
Jewell, Tara$64,956
Johansson, Janice$106,325
John, Yvonne$86,159
Johns, Derek$70,334
Johnsen, Kimberly$69,883
Johnson, Brian$100,658
Johnson, Edward$122,695
Johnson, Karen$67,300
Johnson, Kim$107,977
Johnson, Lori$108,352
Johnson, Patsy$116,978
Johnson, Rodney$89,880
Johnson, Sally$102,055
Johnson, Susan$46,458
Johnson, Thomasina$125,379
Johnson, Timothy$101,881
Johnwick, Dorothy$74,565
Joseph, Debra$110,169
Joyce, Deborah$78,790
Joyce, Edward$107,674
Jurjovec, Lorraine$54,076
Kaduk, Catherine$70,100
Kafer, Joyce$63,826
Kainrath, Kristen$102,711
Kainrath, Patrice$63,411
Kaisling, Eric$72,266
Kalat, Angelica$86,051
Kaminska, Kris$98,712
Kane, Christen$37,884
Kane, Erin$66,291
Kane, Timothy$93,365
Kaniewski, Maureen$100,109
Kasha, Dale$92,812
Kaskie, Elizabeth$44,334
Kassen, Julia$108,470
Kasten, Lewis$110,679
Kay, Janet$50,936
Keating, Patrick$99,698
Keating, Todd$124,953
Kedziora, Jerry$88,988
Keefe, Marianne$72,944
Keith, Mary$108,799
Keleghan, Julie$48,393
Kelly, Linda$85,364
Kelly, Pamela$93,814
Kendzior, Suzanne$120,922
Kendzora, Nancy$94,348
Kennedy, Bonnie$95,996
Kennedy, Laurel$99,550
Kennel, Betty$71,382
Kerby, Laura$55,602
Kernkamp, Judith$93,395
Kessler, Brian$83,070
Keuer, Leslie$72,648
Khan, Noor$62,591
Kienstra, Mary$77,069
Kim, Jong Ho$55,342
King, George$97,978
King, Patricia$106,977
King, Wright$49,391
Kinn, Terrence$63,937
Kirby, Mary$75,035
Kirincich, Ann$62,277
Kishimoto, Pamela$39,411
Kizler, Susan$66,038
Klees, Kathleen$134,707
Klein-Collins, John$81,589
Kleinwachter, Christine$45,445
Klenner, Heather$82,015
Klick, Michael$94,327
Kline, Meredith$51,369
Kline-Neben, Merigan$61,359
Kling, Barbara$108,276
Kloepper, Jean$112,843
Knapp, Kathleen$109,922
Knight, Julie$72,016
Koch, Charles$64,333
Kocisko, Heather$70,182
Koepnick, Elizabeth$109,425
Kolbe, Tammy$43,093
Konrad, James$102,654
Konrad, Jay$87,709
Konrad, Michelle$35,813
Konrad, Natasha$65,444
Kopec, Kimberly$58,817
Koretke, Sharon$54,510
Korntheuer, Stephanie$72,706
Kouri, Susan$111,977
Kovar, Pamela$92,297
Kowalkowski, Jason$88,237
Kowalkowski, Mark$73,494
Kowynia-Ebervein, Beth$66,352
Kozil, Maxyne$81,183
Kozlik, Ashley$64,946
Kozloski, Michelle$73,962
Kraftson, Anna$78,305
Kramer, Kelly$109,627
Kramer, Peter$103,235
Kreiling, Janelle$84,144
Krema, Barbara$92,312
Krenek, Kathleen$64,262
Kresl, Anthony$78,555
Krol, Robert$104,734
Krump, Kelly$71,014
Kuhn-Rojas, Maureen$64,194
Kulik, Ann$76,422
Kulik, Randall$119,998
Kupsco, Alyssa$45,967
Kuzmanic, Ruth$115,390
La Fleur, Mari Anne$69,224
Labedz, Karen$104,327
Lackos, Cathy$71,362
Ladd, David$94,052
Lafferty, Crystal$60,183
LaFranco, Alana$31,208
Lago, Nick$60,754
Lakstigala, Keith$79,902
Laloggia, Theresa$57,489
Langeneckert, Christine$116,800
Langes, Matthew$60,032
Lannon, Eileen$101,558
Larson, Nancy$92,031
Larucci, Frank$111,722
Latina, Carol$85,507
Laughlin, Brian$110,849
Lauture-Sims, Lucie$85,915
Law, Emily$59,888
Lawler, Kathryn$66,217
Lazzara, Linda$79,931
Leaf, Anthony$78,337
Lee, Linda$126,058
Leffelman, Karen$91,723
Lemanski, Karen$114,639
LeMaster, Alison$69,339
Lemus, Olga$53,693
Lenihan, Kerry$61,415
Lenz, Jason$91,767
Leonardo, Katherine$86,012
Leslie, Natalie$49,769
Levernier, Christine$62,316
Lewis-Bajusz, Shanna$97,195
Liabo, Kathryn$59,079
Liace, Kathleen$102,996
Liao, Yinhui$30,696
Libert, Deborah$62,277
Lindahl, Courtney$61,178
Lindell, Jeana$99,006
Linden Lewis, Patricia$28,136
Linder, Katharina$110,478
Lindo, Mark$116,324
Lindvall, Mary$121,763
Lints, Deborah$101,629
Lipari, Russell$131,080
Lipkowitz, Robin$106,270
Lisnich, Allen$61,169
Liszka, David$70,263
Liyeos, Kristen$74,711
Loan, Jane$92,098
Lodesky, Theresa$30,851
Loehmann, Laura$69,532
Lopez, Cynthia$47,101
Losch, Mary Beth$88,940
Lostumbo, Sheila$64,195
Louis, Joshua$53,904
Loveday, Christine$61,599
Lueken, Sara$67,297
Lukas, Georgie$86,350
Lullo, James$49,920
Lullo, Nancy$108,539
Lundgren, John$115,354
Lutgen, Kathleen$83,807
Lyons, Anthony$13,138
Macey, Lauren$48,800
Mackall, Mary Beth$56,573
Mackrie, Thomas$54,705
Madawick, Becky$78,679
Madden, Jennifer$85,954
Madden, Stephen$84,910
Madden, Timothy$87,619
Madsen, David$74,251
Madson, Jennifer$79,855
Madzinski, Michael$55,009
Majchrowski, Jason$66,199
Majkszak, Renee$68,058
Malik, Sarah$65,320
Manade, Cheryl$67,206
Mancuso, Rebecca$65,546
Mandell, Janet$114,598
Manganello , Karyn$72,744
Manolakes, Michael$113,538
Manowsky, Tristin$43,738
Mantel, Heather$107,991
Mantel, Pamela$94,369
Markelz, Jessica$58,602
Marker, Laura$65,251
Markle, Leslie$59,319
Maro, Noreen$90,221
Mars, Lorna$89,120
Martin , Leann$58,442
Martin, Kristin$67,785
Martin, Lee$58,161
Martina, Sharon$114,225
Martinez, Elizabeth$123,734
Maschman, Aaron$65,612
Matas, Janell$71,599
Matejcak, Robert$104,444
Matlock, Gary$110,897
Matschullat, Stephen$55,094
Matsumura-Bunce, Charlotte$108,353
Matteson, Angela$81,115
Matula, Eugenie$120,419
Matyas, Lynn$123,119
Mau, Megan$23,779
Mautone, Anna$45,608
Maxstadt, Edward$107,402
Mazzaferro, Kristina$47,722
Mazzarella, Steven$130,062
Mc Carthy, Jacqueline$79,912
Mc Intire, Patricia$80,957
Mc Whirter, Andrew$123,290
McBurrows, Relton$57,521
McCabe, Cynthia$108,124
McCann, Erika$61,424
Mccarthy, Ashley$59,421
McCarty, Julie$59,270
McCormick, Rosa$77,846
McCoy, Mary$71,248
McEvilly, Thomas$104,491
McFadden, Carrie$108,153
McGinnis, Lisa$108,019
McGrath, Lauren$43,409
McGrath, Thomas$89,525
McGroarty, Kelly$65,532
McGuire, Daniel$72,763
McInerney, Amy$56,554
McKissick, Karen$108,228
McLean, Susan$62,881
McManis, Melisa$62,742
McManis, Michael$82,076
McNamara, Tamra$60,864
McNeeley, Pamela$92,397
Meath, Laura$91,993
Medina, Gabriel$73,149
Medrano, Carol$61,502
Meehan, Kevin$80,986
Meehan, Stephen$121,720
Meluch, Darla$67,281
Mercier, Ljiljana$19,203
Merel, Sharon$99,297
Meyer Gasser, Kathleen$88,892
Micensky, Kathryn$53,541
Micensky, Nick$128,593
Michael, Janna$65,790
Michalek, Michelle$76,375
Michel, Vicki$74,346
Michels, Sara$104,463
Mickelson, Monica$60,482
Mika, Joshua$79,268
Mikicich, Karin$52,405
Miller, April$71,948
Miller, Christine$62,924
Miller, Scott$99,483
Miller-Bucholz, Danis$91,968
Mills, Stella$74,299
Mincheski, Elizabeth$60,583
Mitchell, Kyle$50,234
Mitchem, Melissa$49,237
Mitchler, Deborah$91,439
Mitrovich, Mark$242,893
Moen, Lisa$76,570
Mohn, Donna$66,985
Moody, James$71,509
Moore, Cindy$65,133
Moore, Daniel$98,136
Moore, Danielle$47,656
Moore, Elizabeth$86,448
Moore, Kathleen$74,502
Moore, Tracey$80,283
Moores, Jeffrey$72,125
Moores, Suzanne$65,599
Moravec, Daniela$21,455
Moreau, Angela$84,804
Morenus, Theresa$66,588
Morgan, Connie$85,962
Moroz, Kristyn$68,975
Moses, Margaret$35,538
Moss, Robin$94,459
Mrozinski, Debrah$51,345
Muehsler, Hans$80,406
Mulholland, Virginia$89,246
Mullins, Linda$58,996
Munro, Denise$51,148
Murawski, Joshua$57,441
Murphy, Amy$18,851
Murphy, Julie$77,991
Murphy, Kathleen$166,457
Murray, Erin$58,101
Murray, Kevin$74,702
Myers, John$91,244
Nadelhoffer, Christine$54,875
Napier, Melana$81,006
Nash, Helen$90,585
Nauman, Jean$97,324
Navin-O'Meara, Cynthia$97,224
Nekolny, Jennifer$89,817
Nelson, Dennis$46,307
Nelson, Eric$82,094
Nelson, Jennifer$64,896
Nelson, Susan$64,182
Nesci, Deanna$70,448
Newcomb, Sara$51,849
Nicoski, Cheryl$83,786
Nierman, Brian$54,721
Nix, Claudia$58,828
Nolan, Lynne$96,472
Nolan, Maureen$115,406
Northrup, Rochelle$72,286
Nowicki, Lora$77,416
Nowicki, Megan$47,294
Nudera, Beth$92,775
Nudera, Jeffrey$107,522
Nussbaum, Andrew$138,120
Nutt, Mike$52,707
Nuzbach, Joan$114,058
Nyman-Vaughan, Pamela$95,512
O'Boyle, Cathleen$72,251
O'Brien, Andrew$58,513
O'Brien, Jamie$77,681
O'Connor, Michael$83,338
O'Donnell, Mary$104,270
O'Dowd, Brian$68,768
O'Keefe, Sarah$53,095
O'Malley, Stephen$72,630
O'Meara, Kathleen$56,500
O'Neal-Marker, Erin$45,211
O'Neil, R. Christine$90,079
O'Shea, Marc$68,217
Oberbeck, Jennifer$48,156
Obradovich, Kimberly$84,551
Okarma, Jennifer$62,680
Olandese, Daniel$56,345
Olejnik, Matthew$88,232
Oleson, Kathryn$97,452
Olinger, Patrice$109,591
Olisar, Noreen$61,876
Oliver, Sharon$74,237
Oliver, Tracy$103,182
Olson, Diane$71,391
Olson, Gayle$96,490
Olson, Karen$70,198
Onorad, Mary$117,076
Orozco, Susan$68,856
Ortiz, Michael$100,696
Oskroba, Melissa$64,375
Ossey, Ann$63,837
Osterland, Cynthia$108,573
Ottolino-Kaht, Domenica$64,213
Ozee, Terry$108,010
Paisley - Prerost, Jennifer$89,552
Pajor, Ashley$22,829
Pajor, Jackie$56,885
Pajor, Shannon$44,163
Pak, Jennifer$32,883
Paladino, Cheryl$82,035
Palubicki, Elizabeth$88,170
Pancoast, Diane$105,477
Pankow, Suzanne$90,907
Papafotopoulos, Theofani$73,655
Pape, John$123,664
Pappas, Michelle$77,252
Paprocki, Jane$100,376
Parato, Sandy$54,310
Parente, Katherine$30,173
Parhas, Katherine$69,803
Park, Janet$47,073
Parkhurst, Susan$126,016
Parrott, Alice$91,722
Parry, Curtis$124,751
Partman, Stephanie$51,690
Parvez, Nazia$57,600
Pasztor, Mark$122,890
Patrick, Judith$112,247
Patterson, Sandra$105,612
Paul, Patricia$113,184
Paulsen, Kristina$62,698
Pawelski, Michael$63,478
Pearlman, David$50,326
Pearson, Michael$59,314
Pece, Diane$108,029
Peck, Rachel$22,400
Peller, Jeffrey$98,435
Perez, Sherrell$98,040
Persin, Kim$68,826
Peters, Courtney$52,499
Peterson, Jeff$110,966
Peterson, Laurie$54,039
Peterson, Lori$53,166
Peterson, Mark$20,983
Peterson, Patricia$123,119
Petras, Susan$108,029
Petrovic, Julie$61,829
Pettit, Laurie$90,104
Pfeiffer-Semyck, Jacqueline$111,991
Phelan, Howard$84,677
Phillips, Kristin$61,376
Phillips, Tracy$54,933
Pignatelli, Jamie$76,133
Pinelli, Jason$68,301
Pins, Christina$44,727
Pisarski, Tracey$88,684
Pjesky, Kirsten$78,860
Plackett, Jeffrey$70,878
Platt, Robert$82,559
Pligge, Wendy$116,590
Pobst, Kevin$159,646
Poe, Jerry$97,454
Polender, Jodi$40,542
Poletto, Sarah$57,697
Polites, James$66,303
Pollard, Jennifer$67,893
Popp, Steven$52,407
Porter, Dena$57,240
Porter, Mary-Ann$127,921
Porter, Robert$113,737
Positano, Michael$51,743
Poska, Linda$105,278
Potilechio, Adriane$49,066
Pour, Brian$82,158
Powers, Jeffrey$72,557
Powers, MaryJo$72,149
Puk, David$87,816
Purcell, Michael$89,588
Puz, Rebecca$97,050
Quackenbush, Kathryn$113,544
Quaid, Kevin$75,001
Quamme, Patricia$98,434
Quigley, Karen$71,438
Quinn, Karen$112,030
Rabinak, Bonnie$76,120
Racey, David$103,761
Raczkiewicz, Melanie$189,204
Rader, Lori$85,660
Rains, Erin$75,344
Rakes, Marissa$59,467
Ramos, Vanessa$55,840
Ramsay, Anne$61,552
Ramsbottom, Todd$91,666
Rancilio, Kara$65,152
Randolph, Bruce$106,345
Randolph, Karen$103,433
Rapcan, Sandra$95,174
Rathunde, Ellen$98,841
Rattary, Valerie$54,259
Rauen, Anne$52,589
Ray, Carrie$85,919
Reagan, Kristine$90,425
Rechkemmer, Stephanie$64,003
Recka, Melissa$38,544
Rees, Heidi$80,010
Rehberg, Melissa$61,552
Reible, Jennifer$45,178
Reich, Jane$43,068
Reid, Jan$97,461
Reid, Jason$74,777
Reilly, Marybeth$72,546
Reimers, Glen$108,541
Reinert, Maureen$86,116
Reitz, Hazel$69,863
Reschke, Keith$134,434
Reschke, Sally$89,188
Resser, Sherre$66,882
Rester, Christopher$81,982
Reyes, Lisa$56,842
Reynolds, Constance$88,226
Ricca, Judith$38,013
Rice, Cyndi$24,270
Richards, Kathleen$46,065
Richards, Tracy$71,633
Richardson, Emily$50,056
Richardson, Kent$123,995
Ridder, Jill$108,048
Ried, Timothy$131,627
Riley, Susan$107,972
Rinker, Tim$79,301
Riordan, Mary$62,918
Rippel, Robyn$107,947
Ritchhart, Timothy$103,030
Rivera, Irisbelsy$82,212
Rizzo, Jannette$72,816
Roberts, Kimberly$66,463
Robertson, Ann$73,992
Robinson, Amy$89,339
Robinson, Sheryl$90,062
Roesler, Mary$98,094
Rogers, Jennifer$89,702
Rogers, Rachel$87,448
Rogers, Sarah$67,888
Rohn, Nancy$94,087
Romano, Annamaria$69,234
Romero, Doreen$92,647
Ronan, James$121,305
Rorer, Terri$49,502
Roskens, Nadine$56,155
Ross, Robert$129,400
Ross, Victoria$94,236
Rosso, Deborah$95,444
Roth, Christine$92,098
Roucka, Mark$101,167
Rouse, Jacqueline$90,261
Rowzee, Mark$60,585
Roy, Christine$85,279
Rubenstein, Judy$114,481
Rubin, Sheri$105,411
Ruble, Holly$57,932
Rude, Kristin$73,882
Ruettiger, Amy$76,144
Rule, Del Lynn$121,918
Rusnak, Catherine$105,477
Rusnak, Kathryn$62,129
Russell, Kathleen$77,683
Ruth, Malee$64,541
Ryan, Catherine$135,262
Ryan, Jason$68,436
Ryan, Laurie$107,739
Ryan, Michele$84,753
Rytych, Katharine$48,673
Rzepka, Nicole$71,868
Sacher, Robert$99,844
Sahs, Sara$50,799
Salentine, William$116,132
Salness, Suzanne$107,997
Sanborn, Scott$85,177
Sandoval, Dennise$44,384
Sanford, Tobey$65,791
Sanoshy, Thomas$46,722
Santelli, Rose Marie$80,734
Sapadin, Joanne$91,286
Sardone, Jennifer$83,070
Saros, Julie$111,108
Sarwark, Susan$82,405
Sass, Molly$60,258
Sauerwein, Stephanie$60,827
Savage, Cynthia$34,205
Scarpino, Anthony$144,584
Scarpino, Renae$120,572
Schade, Audrey$108,785
Schatz, Kimberly$81,786
Scheidegger, Stacie$41,050
Schemidt, Jennifer$68,751
Scherrman, John$92,081
Scheuerman, Deborah$117,283
Schild, Heather$60,048
Schindlbeck, Craig$77,230
Schinske, Ann$113,085
Schleimer, Jessica$57,597
Schlorff, Anthony$60,915
Schlumpf, Arthur$140,001
Schlumpf, Cheryl$99,361
Schmecht, Diane$78,441
Schmidt, Jayne$108,276
Schmidt, Kirstin$46,550
Schmit, Geoffrey$59,733
Schmitt, Adam$85,774
Schmitt, Patricia$98,671
Schoengrund, Kathleen$91,884
Schramer, Michelle$68,098
Schuemelfeder, Jennifer$50,643
Schultz, Scott$48,320
Schuman, Gayle$103,202
Schweer, Suzanna$56,259
Scott, Allan$79,750
Scott, Heather$25,894
Seger, Christine$86,023
Segreti, Sarah$31,358
Seguino, Katherine$116,551
Seiple, William$141,665
Serbinski, Michael$65,484
Serota, Sharon$96,531
Seubold, Pamela$97,889
Severson, Clare$85,321
Shambo, Ryan$76,546
Shamrock, Lisa$39,321
Shaner, Amber$54,987
Sheehan, Katrina$58,248
Sherry, Diane$75,575
Sherry, Melinda$98,780
Shumate, Dena$76,194
Sickel, Jennifer$50,770
Sikula, Melody$114,501
Silder, Scott$66,575
Silverman, Alice$87,747
Silvestri, Anthony$67,890
Simcock, Elyse$47,171
Simkin, Mary$84,954
Simon, Andrew$30,220
Simpson, Lisa$96,459
Sippel, Jessica$45,378
Sjordal, Lisa$64,840
Skarr, Mark$93,827
Skarr, Pamela$95,487
Skubisz, Linda$115,638
Slack, Mary$80,671
Sladkey, David$113,896
Slawek, Megan$65,483
Slovinski, Bonita$109,697
Smit, Ilene$110,432
Smit, Valerie$51,062
Smith, Debra$65,856
Smith, Douglas$132,695
Smith, Gregory$110,145
Smith, Judith$67,265
Smith, Katherine$77,952
Smith, Kristy$58,844
Smith, Linda$35,747
Smith, Nanci$90,807
Smith, Paula$69,982
Smith, Randall$93,473
Smith, Ryan$51,755
Smith, Sandra$98,990
Smith, Shana$46,987
Smith, Terese$123,168
Smith-Johnson, Jennifer$53,006
Sniadecki, Matthew$95,142
Sniadecki, Patricia$86,997
Snyder, Courtney$43,758
Snyder, Kelly$50,499
Somers, Nancy$87,913
Sommerville, Janet$98,597
Son, John David$142,547
South, Brian$57,630
South, Sarah$65,309
Southon, Amy$48,517
Specht, Anne$67,656
Speckmann, Carol$93,928
Spiotta, Diane$48,363
Spitalli, Ellen$74,198
Splendoria, Mary$89,963
Spragg, Mary$39,244
Sprague, Mary$110,284
Springborn, Gail$73,666
Spurny, Susan$59,790
Stafford Burke, Laura$64,143
Stallman, Vicki$115,872
Standerfer, Kelsie$62,739
Stang, Joseph$123,157
Stangler, Johanna$43,062
Stanicek, Christian$92,869
Stanley, Nadine$83,830
Staub, Lisa$60,362
Stebnicki, Lisa$67,598
Stec, Anna$74,207
Steffeter, Jacqueline$107,991
Steger, Michael$54,178
Stemm, Kimberly$58,618
Stephenson, Heidi$46,122
Sterling, Judy$116,136
Sternecky, Deborah$71,388
Sterrett, Jane$23,992
Stevens, Donna$67,122
Stevens, Nicole$60,078
Stevenson, Lindsey$46,036
Stevenson, Sarah$18,621
Stewart, Jennifer$55,533
Stine, Michael$129,804
Stock, Michael$97,684
Stofen, Amanda$46,127
Stofen, Mary$71,495
Stokes-Mendoza, Viviana$74,363
Stone, Sue$71,419
Stoner, Jill$98,939
Stoor, Mary$83,424
Story, Lauren$63,518
Strausberger, Roger$94,094
Stuart, Barbara$87,949
Stuckey, Susan$129,146
Stumpenhorst, Joshua$82,151
Sturgeon, Juliann$81,471
Sullivan, Kathleen$100,385
Sullivan, Stephanie$71,273
Sundstrom, Amanda$88,078
Surges, Elizabeth$49,942
Swanson-Maschman, Marta$74,006
Swartz, Kelyn$31,472
Sweeney-Quinn, Kate$44,416
Swiontek, Rebecca$64,624
Szczepanski, Andrea$89,173
Talaber, Judith$108,390
Talaga, Kelly$78,770
Tarantino, Rebecca$54,546
Tarson, Susan$83,909
Teeling, Pamela$47,914
Tepavchevich, Amy$58,305
Terada, Brent$81,467
Thalmann, Judy$84,821
Theimer, Craig$117,240
Theisen, Melissa$61,742
Thirkield, Nancy$114,708
Thompson, Brett$80,433
Thompson, Jane$116,350
Thompson, Jennifer$63,449
Thorne, Rachel$63,400
Tibbott, Sarah$68,133
Tilt, Cindy$101,483
Toby, Maureen$49,911
Todd, Amy$62,874
Todd, Patricia$48,451
Tokarski, Kimberley$77,859
Tomei, Melissa$55,797
Tomek-Erdman, Anne-Marie$71,672
Tompkins, Daniel$81,818
Topmiller, Amy$59,199
Toth, Margo$98,061
Trabaris, Julie$91,987
Trannon, Jennifer$49,670
Travelstead, Elizabeth$57,157
Trepanier-Mougette, Jessie$69,867
Trevizo, Victoria$76,378
Troy, Marcell$56,142
Trygar, Lynda$59,197
Turner, Judith$65,203
Twietmeyer, Grace$21,290
Ulbrich, Thomas$119,419
Ullestad, Patricia$108,765
Ullom, Lisa$39,940
Ulreich, Michael$54,729
Upton, Tiffany$58,668
Urban, Jennifer$83,692
Urban, John$131,691
Ustian, Marlene$121,890
Vahle, Nicolena$75,585
Valek, Brian$120,420
Valenza, Anthony$94,875
Van Dyke, Marcia$86,167
Van Harlingen, Jeffrey$75,194
Van Kley, Brian$75,149
Van Ness, Nancy$89,950
Van Ooteghem, Kristin$57,440
Vandenbergh, Elida$70,942
Vanecek, Robert$55,069
Vasich, Maria$114,958
Velisek, Daniel$104,178
Verdier, Brenna$53,634
Vieni, Lynn$78,395
Vine, Joanne$55,084
Vinton, Stephanie$45,091
Viscioni, Leslie$44,166
Vitale, Stephanie$40,440
Vivian, Susan$66,257
Vlasis, Kimberly$80,562
Voda, Ellen$125,298
Voise, Nancy$120,420
Volling, Sandra$52,367
Wachtel, Jason$89,917
Wagner, Kimberly$46,479
Wainwright, James$119,453
Wainwright, Matthew$68,527
Waite, Katrina$100,613
Wallbaum, John$114,254
Walling, Leitha$116,590
Walsh, Elizabeth$61,584
Walsh, Lyn$49,420
Ward, Patricia$79,215
Warren, Laura$79,029
Warren, Maria$66,519
Watson, Barbara$57,901
Watson, Edgar$123,430
Waxberg, Jennifer$50,245
Weber, Mary$107,971
Webster, Patricia$108,212
Wedam, Jessica$64,833
Weigand, Jennifer$64,614
Weigel, John$78,121
Weiland, Kelly$49,771
Weir, Marisela$67,274
Weiss, Rachel$81,904
Welborn Shaw, Katherine$55,202
Welcker, Theresa$79,310
Wells, Gwendolyn$67,110
Wessel, Michael$98,841
Wheeler, Dawn$81,484
Whildin, Thaddeus$82,677
White, Allison$93,702
White, Annette$82,232
White, Donald$134,745
Whitt, Jeremy$80,183
Wickliffe, Ann$104,197
Widlacki, Ann$57,583
Wiencek, Lisa$63,951
Wierenga, Timothy$143,586
Wiesbrook, Steven$113,994
Wiesbrook, William$151,054
Wilkerson, Mary$54,725
Wilko, Amber$66,442
Wilks, Tracy$78,223
Willard, Jayne$69,879
Williams, Corey$63,770
Williams, Greta$58,098
Williams, Kathleen$52,358
Williams, Mark$58,758
Williams, Robert$97,771
Williams, Tana$95,416
Wills, Curtis$113,344
Wilson, Joanna$53,925
Wilson, Michael$58,035
Wilson, Vickie$87,446
Winborne, Kerry$66,263
Winder, Margo$96,726
Winder, Timothy$93,496
Winiecki, Adam$83,548
Winter, Steven$115,422
Winterrowd, Claudia$62,123
Wiora, Nancy$102,360
Wisinski, Lisa$87,655
Wojtkiewicz, Kevin$97,324
Wolff, Ellen$123,611
Wood, Cynthia$91,668
Wood, Kyle$54,075
Woodle, Nadine$121,828
Wright, Debra$62,146
Wright, John$81,952
Wrobel, Kathleen$111,436
Wu, Ronnie$70,378
Wukitsch, Lisa$89,860
Wunderlich, Maureen$109,751
Wysocki, Beverly$84,228
Xagas, Lisa$85,067
Yaeger, Karen$92,565
Yahn, Valerie$52,087
Yanke, Elizabeth$78,285
Yanke, Jeffrey$73,620
Yonikus, Martha$132,194
Yoo, Christina$53,811
Yost, Lisa$95,201
Young, Lisa$63,332
Youngberg, Rachel$56,658
Zager, David$185,106
Zallis, Brian$82,912
Zayner, Melinda$112,373
Zedrow, Patrick$64,242
Zeller, Elaine$68,324
Zeller, Paula$123,119
Zimmermann, Geoffrey$53,099
Zinn, Blake$67,214
Zinnecker, Carolyn$91,666
Zitko, Jerry$108,718
Zoloto, Alexandra$27,583
Zuschlag, Eric$70,332
Zwickert, Letitia$59,632

Teacher Salary Database

Naperville CUSD 203 2010

Aaron, Candice $89,844
Abbott, Jean $82,209
Abshire, Carolyn $81,587
Adamatis, Patricia $111,231
Adams, Kyle $60,756
Albiniak, Mike $74,627
Albiniak, Sarah $19,876
Allen, Megan $43,781
Allen, Richard $118,797
Allen, Tarah $77,311