Friday, January 22, 2016

German girls now seek US Asylum from Merkel's Muslim Rapists - Gay/Leftist US DANK Haus supports Merkel

If you ever had any doubt about the abject dissembling uselessness of Chicago's largely homosexual - extremely, extremely left wing DANK Haus -- here it is.
European girl whipped in face
with chain by Merkel's Muslim invaders

800 German girls have now reported that they were sexually groped and assaulted on New Year's Eve in Cologne's railway station by Angela Merkel's African and Arab "Refugees."

3 reported that they were raped. Many of them reported that their purses and cell phones were ripped from their hands.

And Chicago's gay-dominated, left-wing German-American National Congress i.e.. Dank Haus - says "we're cool with this."

Here's what these left-wing homos from DANK Haus,, who have hi-jacked the German-American organization, had to proclaim about the current crisis, provoked by the former East German, communist-friendly, Lutheran pastor's daughter, Angela Merkel.

It has led German girls to be afraid to go out after dusk.

It is almost certainly destroying the open-borders Schengen agreement. It has almost certainly led to the entire destruction of the European Union.

And here's what Chicago's homosexual Dank Haus leftists had to say:

Whereas DANK follows with admiration the courageous approach of Germany to the most serious refugee crisis in Europe since the end of World War II,

Therefore be it resolved by the attendees of the 2015 DANK National Convention that all chapters call on their members, and the wider public to express solidarity with the efforts of the German Government and the people of Germany to cope with the crisis.

October 4, 2015
Michael Ianni
National President

What a complete load of crap!!!

Well how bloody wonderful!

Who elected these clowns?

98.9 per cent of all German- Americans (who are 38% of the entire US population as per the latest US census) would totally disagree with this.

Also what would these fat and sassy, leftist and gay clowns have to say about the little German girls who have been writing to us asking about the possibility of getting political asylum in the USA or Canada because they are in fear for their lives now in Merkel's messed up Germany?

But these effete lesbians, lefties and oddball homosexual men and other assorted nutcases who have grabbed control of the Chicago DANK Haus, just blather: "Hey we don't want to be politically incorrect -- everything's cool."

Maybe these lesbians and homos at Chicago's DANK Haus didn't read the news reports of 2 gay men - one a transvestite - being stabbed to death on German streets by Angela Merkel's Jihadist Muslim "refugees." Seems Merkel's "New Muslim Germans" don't have a sense of humor about homosexuality. Or about German girls who wear shorts and Tee-shirts.

So who are the greater enemies?

The Muslim invaders? Or their leftist/homosexual DANK Haus enablers?

Toss a coin.

Here is the Youtube video which has gone viral worldwide, of a 16 year old German girl describing how she and her friends can't go out anymore for fear of being raped by Angela Merkel's 3rd world invaders. 

Merkel's response. She got her pal Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg, to ban it from the German internet. But we can see it here (Hey DANK Haus - do you approve of Merkel's PC neo-Nazi censorship of the internet too?):

You can get the English language translation to this little girl's astounding indictment of Angela Merkel and her insane open-borders policy vis Muslim immigrants here:

Here are the names of the Board of Directors of the Chicago DANK Haus, who purport to represent German-Americans in Chicago and whose organization has come out in support of Angela Merkel's importation of more than 1 million 3rd world immigrants into Germany:

DANK Haus Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of a twelve member board of volunteer members elected by the membership and serve to fulfill the mission and vision of the organization.


Peter Winkler, President

Kirsten Mellem, First Vice President

Dagmar Freiberger,Second Vice President

Michael Ianni, Treasurer

Monica Schulter, Secretary

Angela Aufegger, Director

Barbara Ely, Director

Steve Erbach, Director

Darren Kroenke, Director

Monika Lotter, Director

Brian von Rueden, Director

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tom Robbins on Immigration: From the Melting Pot to the Chamber Pot

It's rare to find a widely-acclaimed member of the American literati speak honestly and rationally about the immigration invasion/multiculturalism afflicting the USA, but Tom Robbins did just that.
Tom Robbins

Leftist censorship of politically incorrect sentiments must have been more lax in 1994, when Robbins blasted the neo-Marxist dogma of multiculturalism. But he did just that in his best-selling novel, of that year, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas.

Robbins is no conservative by any means. He admits to dropping LSD with Timothy Leary. Italian leftist literary critic, Fernanda Pivano called him "the most dangerous writer in America." (She meant that in a good way.)

The reviewers at the lefty mainstream Washington Post and New York Times lavished praise on his 1994 opus.

They mustn't have read his book -- or at least page 134 of the Bantam Books edition where Robbins wrote this about multiculturalism in America:

"In point of fact, America has always been multicultural, but until fairly recently, the nation was a symbolic pot in which various peoples were metaphorically melted, blending into one rich alloy; and it was that fusion of talents, philosophies,attributes and inclinations - renewable and adaptable - that gave the US its zip and zest.

Nowadays, however it seems few immigrants are inclined to assimilate.

They bring their native cultures with them, virtually intact, and cling to them, refusing even to learn to speak English and getting angry when the social institutions of their adopted land fail to address them in their indigenous tongues.

Which keeps them out of the work force and in a state of perpetual victimization; a selfish, self-pitying, self-perpetuating state, insidiously exploited by leftists for their own political ends.

Thus, instead of a strong, nutritious broth, pungent with the aromatic spices of labor and success, America has become a plop of separate little lumps of undigested stuff.

Kind of like vomit.

Goodbye, melting pot, hello chamber pot."

Has it ever been stated more lucidly or eloquently?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Edgebrook Train Station Gets Hi-Class Ghetto Art - No Whites Portrayed

\Train station underpass walkways in Chicago usually conjure up images of broken wine bottles, filthy abandoned bedrolls, gang graffiti and the fluttering of pigeons amidst the omnipresent stench of urine.
Leftists view of life in Edgebrook:
You could stand on a corner and
never see a black girl cycling there in 5 years

Not so in chi-chi Edgebrook.

This Saturday some local do-gooders and artsy types will be celebrating the official inauguration of their new exquisite mosaic railway underpass mural.

Aside from being bright, cheery and expensive, it is also wonderfully didactic with the current neo-Marxist passion for propagandizing racial diversity and multiculturalism.

You see, in 88% white Edgebrook, the folks at some outfits called the Neighborhood Connection Project and the Green Star Movement decided to portray only non-whites on the mural.

So we are treated to a mosaic portrayal of a little black girl gaily bicycling, and a black man vending balloons and several Asian women standing around and another black man pulling on some kind of ribbon. It all looks like great community fun. And there isn't a single white person portrayed.
Rahm Emanuel's cops would arrest a
black balloon vendor in Edgebrook in 10 minutes

This is kind of funny, given the fact that the Sauganash/Edgebrook neighborhood, aside from having among the highest levels of income and lowest levels of crime in the entire city, also has a mere 1% black population, 8% Asian and 3% other.

On a weekend afternoon, the Edgebrook neighborhood truly looks like a time warp from the era of "Leave it to Beaver."

You'll see white kids playing street hockey or softball on the blacktop at St. Mary of the Woods, a virtually all white school. You'll see them riding their bikes, wearing shoulder pads, on their way to football practice. You'll see girls cycling home from soccer practice or meandering thru the snow on their way home from figure skating.

And amidst the sedate, tree-lined streets you'll see homes, some of them in the million dollar range, worthy of Winnetka or Glencoe.

But you see, Edgebrook is the de-facto, gated white community for the city's Democrat white collar patronage job holding elite.
Asians in Edgebrook are 8%, Blacks are 1%
Minorities on new mural are 100%

These are people drawing the big salaries at the top levels of the city police, fire and public works bureaucracies.

Or they're the attorneys at the big La Salle St. law firms that handle Chicago's legal business and investments. It's said that a full 20% of all Chicago cops live here or in the adjoining elite Sauganash and Forest Glen neighborhoods.

Edgebrook became a white collar patronage ghetto due to a city law requiring its employees to live within the city limits.

So since they couldn't move to Winnetka, they moved a version of Winnetka to the banks of the North branch of the Chicago River.
Wonderful multicultural affection in
88% white Democrat Eddgebrook

All legally and lawfully within the confines of the city.

But without the inconvenience of having to actually face the splendid realities of "diverse", "multicultural" "sanctuary city" Chicago.

So since the Edgebrook Democrat elite can't experience the joys of living among the Great Unwashed, they at least can look at cute mosaic images of them on their way to board the Metra train, on their way downtown to conjure up new schemes for subjecting the rest of us to their multicultural utopian dreams.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jeb Bush's Jewelry Hoarding La Raza Wife, Columba: An American Imelda Marcos?

Pro-illegal immigrant GOP Presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, has a Latino wife, Columba Bush, who goes on wildly extravagant jewelry buying sprees.
Columba Bush displaying her pearls

She has been spending scads of her husband's inherited Bush dynasty cash on diamonds and pearls and hording it-- like an 1890s robber baron's kept showgirl -- or a roaring 20's gangster's moll.

After foreign jewelry buying sprees, she's also been nabbed by US Customs officials for trying to sneak the pricey baubles into the US in the bottom of  her Oscar de la Renta bags.

Of course, when Columba Bush is mentioned at all by the US leftist news media, it's only as an impoverished Latina who exerts noble Roman Catholic compassion for her downtrodden Latino bretheren.

It came out in the 80's that another impoverished Latina, who married well, Phillipines First Lady, Imelda Marcos, had accumulated 7,500 pairs of expensive, designer shoes.

So is the heir-apparent to the Bush dynasty, John Ellis "Jeb" Bush, on the cusp of foisting a new Imelda Marcos onto the citizens of this Republic?
Imelda Marcos with shoes:
 "Let them eat cake"

Here, from the news site are particulars on the buying sprees of our would-be RINO First Lady:

Columba Bush Has Spent Thousands of Dollars on Her Jewelry Collection:

Documents uncovered earlier this year showed that Columba Bush has an expensive taste for jewelry. In 2000, she took out a loan to spend $42,311.70 on jewelry in a single day, the Washington Post reported. The documents also show she spent more than $90,000 at the South Florida store over a 14-year period.

“Mrs. Bush bought jewelry from time to time from Mayors Jewelers over the years. Though not required to be reported, these purchases in 2000 were included as accounts payable on Governor Bush’s financial disclosure that year, and paid off the next,” Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell told the Post, adding that Jeb Bush was aware of the purchases at the time.

The documents show she spent $25,000 on platinum diamond studs and $10,500 on a Bulgari gold and diamond bracelet.

She Was Fined in 1999 for Lying to Customs About How Much She Spent on a Paris Shopping Trip:

In 1999, not long after Jeb Bush became Florida’s governor, his wife was caught lying to the U.S. Customs about how much money she spent during a trip to Paris. The St. Petersburg Times reported at the time that Columba Bush failed to declare the value of her purchases twice.

According to the Times report, Bush misled the Customs agents about her $19,000 in purchases because she didn’t want her husband to know much she spent on the five-day shopping trip. She said she spent $500.

“My wife is not a public person. She is uncomfortable with the limelight, which is why I love her,” Bush said in a public statement disclosing the incident. “I don’t want a political wife — I want someone who when I get home I can have a normal life with.”

Bush was briefly detained and she paid a $4,100 fine. Her husband said she “felt horrible” about it, and “it was a difficult weekend at our house.”

Jeb Bush met the 16 year old Columba, when he was teaching ESL down in Mexico as part of his elite Andover prep school "year abroad" program. Wonder if he was wearing a cashmere sweater back then?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman on Black on White Crime: "You Don't Need to Know"

Kevin O'Malley is just the latest  victim of the endemic black criminal victimization of white Chicagoans. He was shot and murdered May 30th in Lakeview by a black thug.

Murder victim, Kevin O'Malley

Kristopher Pitts of Chicago's West side Humboldt Park was apprehended within minutes by Chicago Police and identified by witnesses as the shooter.

He had O'Malley's smart phone in his pocket and his fingerprints on a gun found nearby.

Pitts, who had travelled from the West side in search of white prey, was out on bail for felony assault of a Chicago cop.

But you don't need to know the fact that the victim, O'Malley, was white and that the alleged assailant was black.

That's, at least, according to the smug, smarmy Steve Chapman of the ever decreasingly credible Chicago Tribune.

We, along with most sentient people who still give the Chicago Tribune a shred of thought, have known for a long time that Chicago's sadly decrepit news organ regularly censors news of black on white crime.

Still, it's nice to hear a Tribune apparatchik unabashedly spew a lame rationale for such intellectual dishonesty, from his own mouth.

Here is the Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman's flaccid pretext for censorship as introduced and quoted in WND:

"Tribune editors and columnists spend more time explaining why they do not report on racial violence in Chicago than actually reporting it. And for readers who wonder why the Trib is so heavily invested in ignoring and denying the epidemic of black-mob violence in Chicago, the Trib’s Steve Chapman has an answer: You are a racist for even asking."

“There are good reasons not to identify the attackers by race. It’s the newspaper’s sound general policy not to mention race in a story, whether about crime or anything else, unless it has some clear relevance to the topic.

“My question to readers accusing us of political correctness is: Why do you care so much about the attackers’ race? If you fear or dislike blacks, I suppose it would confirm your prejudice. But otherwise, it tells you nothing useful.”

Chapman said.
"You don't need to know"

Black on white criminal victimization in Chicago has reached endemic proportions which warrant public concern, public discussion and public action.

But to the cultural Marxists at the Chicago Tribune, you don't need to know about that.

In the hazy world of these journalistically pretentious, ideological warriors, only black lives matter.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Truman Capote on JFK as Peniculus

In one of the classical Latin comedies, Manaechmi, the ancient Roman writer, Plautus, had a character named Peniculus. That ulus at the end is a diminutive in Latin, so the name was a comic commentary on the fellow's somewhat tiny personal reproductive equipment.
Truman Capote

If American Presidents were historically referenced as Roman Emperors or medieval kings, as Rush Limbaugh refers to the Great Ronald Reagan as Ronaldus Magnus, Truman Capote practically referred to John F. Kennedy as Iohannes Peniculus.

In the supposedly definitive biography (Capote: A Biography, by Gerald Clarke, Simon & Schuster,1988) on the very gay and very self promotional 50s and 60s novelist, old Tru is quoted at length discussing the size (or lack thereof) of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and little brother Teddy Kennedy's male appendages.

From page 271 in Capote's own words:

"(Jackie) was hurt because (JFK) was banging all these other broads. She never said that, but I knew about it rather vaguely.

What I don't understand is why everybody said the Kennedys were so sexy. I know a lot about cocks...I've seen an awful lot of them. And if you put all the Kennedys together, you wouldn't have one good one.

I used to see Jack when I was staying with Loel and Gloria Guinness in Palm Beach. It had a little guest cottage with its own private beach. And he would come down so he could swim in the nude.

He had absolutely nuthin'! Bobby was the same way. I don't know how he had all those children. As for Teddy, forget it!"

And can you possibly get that from a better authority on the subject than Truman Capote? Like he said, "he's seen an awful lot of them."

Here's Truman Capote, in one of his rare, more or less, lucid appearances, discussing Sex, Love and Friendship as interviewed by David Frost in 1969:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Roskam Weasels Out Again: IL GOP AWOL on Anti Amnesty Court Brief

Yesterday, 113 Members of Congress and 26 state governors filed a "friend of the court" brief in support of a lawsuit designed to overturn Obama's dictatorial executive amnesty for illegal aliens.
Peter "The Weasel" Roskam

Not a single member of the Illinois GOP delegation to Congress signed on.

There are still some very strange conservatives in these parts who persist in deluding themselves that Congressmen Peter Roskam and Randy Hultgren of Chicago's Western suburbs are lone stalwarts amidst the gaggle of RINO weasels in the IL GOP caucus.

They are wrong.

Roskam and Hultgren are weasels too.

Mostly Roskam.

In December, Roskam told everbody that the reason he was voting to fund Obama's unconstitutional ukase was that the Republicans hadn't yet formally grabbed control of Congress.

Just sit tight until then, Roskam assured us.
Roskam is an embarrassment
to weasels everywhere

January came and went and the GOP took control of both chambers of the US legislature.

Then Roskam went on O' Reilly's FOX News show and said it would be too scary for Congress to withold funding so he told everbody, that we have to wait and let the courts overturn Obama's unilateral, ham handed amnesty for illegal aliens.

Now a lawsuit has been filed in federal court.

113 of his colleagues have signed on in support of that legal action.

And Peter "the weasel" Roskam is nowhere to be found.

To call Congressman Peter Roskam a weasel is actually an insult to decent, upstanding stoats, polecats and weasels everywhere.