Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Laurino/D'Amico Democrats Give Sauganash Homeowners An Offer They Can't Refuse

For as far as the eye can see along Devon, D'Amico and Quinn signs:
Dem 39th ward heelers gave homeowners "an offer they couldn't refuse"

In the affluent Edgebrook/Sauganash Northwest Chicago neighborhood, there is a little down scale patch called "Sauganash Park." It's the area just East of the stately Queen of All Saints Basilica on Devon Avenue.

Unlike the mega bucks, clout heavy Democrat contractors and white collar patronage types who occupy the stately mansions in the real Sauganash and Edgebrook to the West, the denizens of these little cottages are patronage wannabees and low level hacks.
Alderman Tony Laurino , John D'Amico's
great uncle died during his trial for federal corruption

One is a Latino Cook County Sheriff's Cop whose County cop car is apparently his personal vehicle as it's always in front of his home on Kostner at Devon.

Nice little government perk, huh?

Anyway, Saturday, the 39th Ward Democrat ward heelers were out in force putting campaign signs for State Representative John D'Amico and Governor Pat Quinn on the lawns of the cottages along high visibility Devon Avenue.

A full 90 percent of the homes on the 7 block stretch from Pulaski to Kostner had both signs on their lawns. (See photo above)

D'Amico is a long time Democratic party hack who, after graduating from the laughably idiotic, Northeastern Illinois (high school with ashtrays) University, got a job in the Chicago Department of Water.

In fact he's still on the payroll as a foreman with the city water department, while also pulling down a second government check from his gig as a Madigan rubber stamp State Representative in Springfield.

John D'Amico's aunt is none other than the 39th Ward Democrat Alderman Margaret Laurino, whose husband, Randy Barnette is the 39th Ward Democrat Committeeman and whose brother, William Laurino, formerly held the State Rep. seat currently kept warm by nephew John.

Margaret Laurino, herself, inherited the Aldermanic seat from her daddy, Alderman Anthony C. Laurino. When he resigned in '94, after 30 years in the job, due to "poor health" she was appointed by Richie Daley to head up the family Aldermanic fiefdom.
It's all in the family: John D'Amico's aunt,
Alderman Margaret Laurino

Unfortunately, a year later, Don Tony Laurino was pinched by the Feds for a ghost payrolling scheme.

Before his federal trial could be concluded, Don Tony Laurino kicked the bucket.

But Alderman Margaret Laurino's mom, Bonnie Laurino and her sister, Marie D'Amico and her brother in law, John D'Amico Sr., were convicted of racketeering.

But Chicago is a forgiving place and not one to impart the crimes of the parents to the children, so John C. D'Amico Jr., of city water department fame, is a respected member of the Illinois House of Representatives, who when Speaker Michael Madigan says, "Jump" is honored to ask, "How high?"

So you see, in Chicago, it's all in the family. In this case we're talking about the storied Laurino and D'Amico families.

And if you're wondering why 90% of those homeowners on Devon Avenue agreed to have those signs for Quinn and D'Amico on their lawns, well, you can pretty well assume that Alderman Laurino's boys gave them an offer they couldn't refuse.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Muslims Exempt From NFL Rules/OK Jihadist Beheading Just "Workplace Tiff"

Good news all over for the peaceful followers of Islam.

First, the NFL came out in favor of Husain Abdullah's Monday post TD slide in the end zone, because he topped it off with one of those subservient Muslim, ass in the air, bows to Allah.
Big Allah fan, Husain Abdullah

Normally, NFL players are penalized 15 yards on the kickoff for such, rub it in your face, celebratory displays, but according to NFL spokesman Mike Signora, "this was different."

No word on whether Catholic NFLers will be allowed to slide down onto their knees and chant off a few Hail Mary's or whether Episcopalians will be allowed to break into a jubilant post TD chorus of "Onward Christian Soldiers."

One guesses that CAIR would probably raise holy hell at the prospect of such antics by the infidels.

And speaking of infidels, one named Colleen Hubbard, got her head lopped off out in Oklahoma, by a recent convert to that Middle Eastern religion of peace, one Alton Nolen. His Facebook postings showed him to be a big ISIS fan and hater of the infidel Christians, but fortunately, MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry, said it was all just a simple case of USPS styled workplace violence.
Saracen Alton Nolen simply went Postal

Whew! They were sweating bullets down at the prayer room at CAIR headquarters, thinking that maybe the foul infidel vipers might have gotten wise to 5th column Muslim terrorist antics.

But thank Allah for MSNBC. Just a little workplace tiff. No Muslim terrorism or anything. Nothing to see here. Move along, Move along.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Burrito Bruce" Rauner Wants Amnesty For Illegal Aliens: Says So In Latino Newspaper

Just as the immigration invasion has now become the #1 issue of concern to Republicans, per an August Gallup poll, the mega bucks, Illinois RINO running for Governor, Bruce Rauner, comes out publicly for amnesty for illegal aliens.
Rauner pandering to Latino immigrants in Chicago

Rauner did that in a pandering op ed published in the HOY, Spanish language Chicago newspaper.

Not only did he come out for granting amnesty to illegal aliens, but he also trashed Republicans for opposing it:

"...some Republicans are downright hostile to immigrants, failing to recognize that America’s past, present, and future would not be nearly as bright and prosperous without our culture and heritage of immigration."

Rauner also repeated the mythological hogwash that Obama's administration has been deporting illegal aliens at a record rate. Even the LA Times exposed the fact that Obama & Co. had cooked the books on deportations, counting turnarounds at the border as "deportations."

But, no doubt spurred on by his lefty establishment GOP campaign operatives, Rauner blathered out that little bit of Democrat propaganda.

As we reported several weeks ago, Bruce Rauner and his lefty Jewish wife, Diana, have been big financial contributors to the open borders, pro amnesty immigration lobby group, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

So make no mistake about it. Bruce Rauner is an open borders, pro amnesty, cheap labor immigration pimp.

The good news is that increasing numbers of voters on the rightward edges of both parties are getting wise to Rauner's "liberal in drag" persona.

Many are going to simply stay at home on election day.

Some will throw away their Gubernatorial vote on the Libertarian Governor candidate, Chad Grimm, who's now polling 6% in statewide polls.
Many disaffected conservatives are casting
 protest votes for Libertarian Chad Grimm

And some of the aggrieved right to lifers and family values voters are even talking about casting a strategic vote for Democrat Pat Quinn. That recently ignited a huge controversy in the Illinois Review.

What is becoming clear, is that Bruce Rauner's pandering better get him lots of Latino voters legal and otherwise.

With conservatives deserting Rauner in droves, he's going to need his amigos down in Pilsen and Little Village voting early and often.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? Now Playing in Chicagoland

The third part of the film trilogy of Ayn Rand's, Atlas Shrugged is now playing in Chicago and suburban movie theaters (as well as in Rockford.)

Below is a list of the theaters currently playing Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? along with contact phone numbers.


AMC River East 21
322 East Illinois Street, Chicago IL 60611

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake Showplace Stadium 16
5000 W. Route 14, Crystal Lake IL 60014


Lincolnshire Stadium 21 & IMAX
300 Parkway Drive, Lincolnshire IL 60069


Showplace 16
2815 Showplace Drive, Naperville IL 60564


Rockford 16
8301 E. State Street, Rockford IL 61125-8500

Here is a trailer for the film:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The First Ever McDonald's in Des Plaines, IL: Now the McDonald's Museum

Well, when you're a nation with fewer than 3 centuries under your belt, I guess you've got to celebrate your culture wherever you can and that's why we have the McDonald's Museum.
The 1st ever McDonald's in Des Plaines, IL
is preserved as the McDonald's Museum 

On River Rd., just Northwest of Chicago in suburban Des Plaines, is preserved the 1st ever McDonald's fast food drive in restaurant, looking pretty much as it did when super entrepreneur, Ray Kroc, built it in 1955.

According to his authorized autobiography, Grinding It Out, Ray Kroc mortgaged his Northfield home to raise the cash to pursue his dream.

His wife, a short sighted woman, if there ever was one, divorced him as a result.

"I've had it with your cockamamie schemes," she said to Ray.

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out," he replied.
The Marquee at the Original McDonald's
Hamburgers were only 15 cents

He gave her the car, the home, the dog and their remaining bank accounts. But he adamantly refused to give her stock in his fledgling McDonald's Corporation, which consisted then, of the one restaurant you see above.

That stock would be worth something around $1 billion today.

Old Ray had the last laugh.

(The link up above will get you a free download of Ray Kroc's Autobiography: "Grinding it Out: The Making of McDonald's". It's well worth reading.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Black Mob "Wilding" Ongoing in N. Loop, Gold Coast: Covered Up By Rahm, Media

If you rely on Chicago's mainstream media, you'd be blissfully unaware of it, but the fact is that the black youth mob "wilding" -- widely reported in 2011 -- has been going on regularly ever since.
Black youth "wilding" mob
outside the Water Tower last year

As you recall, on Memorial Day of 2011, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, closed North Avenue Beach, purportedly because of excessive heat.

But everyone knew it was because unruly mobs of South and West side black youths had taken over the beach house, bike path and beach. There they engaged in assaults and robberies of bicyclists, beach goers and motorists. Virtually all of their victims were white, a fact conveniently unreported by the press at the time.

Several similar incidents were chronicled later that year -- these consisting of black youth mobs accosting, jostling and robbing white and Asian pedestrians on the Michigan Ave. Mag Mile.

Then the reportage suddenly stopped.

But the black youth mob thuggery continued unabated.

We know this due to the superb efforts of the North Side Inside Booster Community Newspaper and the dogged work of its reporter, Bob Zuley.

The black youth mob crime wave has been ongoing, but has been systematically covered up by Rahm Emanuel's administration with the complicity of Chicago's mainstream left-wing media.
Whites are almost always the
victims of the black youth mobs

According to the Inside Booster's June 4-10 edition, the CPD's News Affairs office issued an order forbidding any city employee from publicly disclosing facts surrounding the wilding on Michigan Ave. or adjoining areas.

This no doubt for fear that if the truth were known, commerce would be negatively impacted in those customary tourist destinations.

A police source anonymously told the Booster's Zuley, that Chicago Police are hesitant to act to curtail the black thugs for fear of bringing down charges of "brutality, harassment and racism," and likely engender no support from the Emanuel administration, police brass or the news media.

In short, the prevailing left wing PC climate intimidates Chicago police from performing their jobs -- from protecting citizens from mobs of black youths intent on robbing and beating white citizens.

The police source also said that the criminal acts are almost always crimes with blacks victimizing white people. But he said the racial nature of the crime is almost never reported due to the Chicago news media's fear of sounding racist and offending blacks.

Widespread white victimization is the result:

--- In early June a group of young black thugs surrounded a North side white woman in her car, rocked it back and forth and attempted to tip it over (Booster 6/4/14 p.9)

--- A young white couple were accosted by a black mob in the North Loop in June and were robbed and so severely beaten as to require hospitalization (ibid.)

--- One weekend this spring, a mob of black males went on a mugging spree, boarding CTA busses in the North Loop, terrorizing passengers and walking away with a wallet, a bicycle and a handful of electronic devices. (ibid.)

--- In late June, an estimated 1,000 young blacks from outside the area, assembled on the North Ave. Beach, engaging in fights with each other and assaulting white bicyclists and pedestrians (Booster 6/17/14 p.15)

But all this goes unreported by the mainstream Chicago news media.

As the police officer informant told Zuley, "not reporting (this) crime, seems to me, almost criminal."

(The Inside Booster has been faithfully reporting events on Chicago's North Side since 1905. It is the last vestigial remnant of the celebrated Lerner Community Newspaper chain. You can see the latest issue as well as the archive of past issues at the Inside Communications website: http://www.insideonline.com/ )

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weird Geese in Lincolnwood

Somebody has been dropping off farm animals in Lincolnwood's Centennial Park.
Farmyard geese newly arrived
at Lincolnwood's Centennial Park

Earlier this summer, bicyclists and joggers along the path, which parallels the MWRD canal, were greeted by the sight of a rooster. For two or three consecutive mornings the quite-out-of-place capon pecked away at seeds and such alongside the canal.

Some cockerel fancier left the fellow some actual chicken feed.

How he avoided becoming coyote chow remains a mystery. But after 3 days some PETA or SPCA type cornered the fellow and left a note on a bush reporting that he had been removed to a happy life on a farm somewhere.

Now white geese are showing up in the very same place.

These aren't the standard grey Canadian geese who regularly poop up the bike path there, but big white farmyard geese.
Peaceful co-existence among the Lincolnwood geese

These more domesticate buffoonish birds seem to coexist rather nicely with their wild counterparts.

But we think they'll likely end up as nocturnal coyote snacks.

And the puzzle as to who's dropping off farm animals in Lincolnwood, Illinois continues apace.