Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Worst Spy Novel EVER!!: "Into A Raging Blaze"

First time novelist Andreas Norman has just heaved up a spy novel and it is called "Into a Raging Blaze" and it is arguably the worst of that genre ever to have consumed the lives of innocent trees.

We don't know about you, but when we think of powerhouse spy agencies, about the last place that comes to mind is Sweden.

But that's where Norman, a former Swedish bureaucrat, sets this tale.

That puts him at a handicap right from the get go, just as it would someone attempting a hot romance novel set in Prussia or a yarn about great military exploits based on the Italian Armed Forces.

And Norman's laboriously rendered 470 page tome (Quercus Press) is just dripping with annoying cultural Marxist stereotypes, to wit:

1) White men are bad, particularly if they're British and most assuredly when they're American. The heroine's white male former husband is a Swedish MD control freak who stifles her individuality. The British MI6 operatives are sneaky, conniving liars and manipulators. And the Americans are...well, just awful.

In one scene, an athletic American (white male of course) CIA guy, like some kind of NKVD or Gestapo thug, physically beats the living hell out of the sainted heroine during an interrogation.

And the worse thing is that both the Brits and the Yanks have this evil and thoroughly mystifying tendency to see a Muslim terrorist under every bed.

2) Muslim Arab immigrant men are sexy, debonair, caring, inspired poetic intellectuals. They're also brainy and successful. And while there may be a few Islamic bad apples in the world, they are certainly a very rare exception. That's why the heroine, a Polish Swedish mix, just goes ga ga over her Arabic love interest.

3) Gay men are caring, dependable, funny and witty. So are hipster doofus internet hackers. They are the happy exception to Andreas Norman's generally malevolent white people.
In rookie novelist Andreas Norman's world,
white men are evil, especially Brits, Americans and non gays

Norman colors his often, sleep inducing, narrative with these PC caricatures.

His setup goes on endlessly with elaborate explanations of the intricacies of the EU bureaucracies as well as the world renowned Swedish intelligence operation. (Really, did you even think the Swedes had a spy agency?)

This is really boring stuff.

But maybe not quite as dull as Norman's seemingly endless probes into the psychological makeup and emotional states of his heroine, Carina Dymek, and the hero, Jamal Badawi.

This too is very boring stuff, but it provides Norman with a lot of filler. So after all this, Into a Raging Blaze finally gets to the action sequences around page 287, more than half way through the book.

In a nutshell, a disgruntled EU bureaucrat slips the heroine, Carina, a flash drive containing top secret info detailing a dastardly plan to create a new anti terrorism intelligence agency for the European Union.

This plan, it turns out, was devised by the Brits and Americans to give the NSA, CIA and MI6, carte blanche to do, basically anything they want in any European country.

Carina gets fired from her job with the Swedish foreign service for this. And because she's being diddled by an Arab, the debonnaire Jamal, MI6 tells the Swedes that she's a spy for the Moslem Brotherhood. This is also because Jamal's uncle is a big shot with that terrorist group.

Anyway, to try and clear her name, Carina traipses all over France and Belgium trying to find the mysterious EU bureaucrat who slipped her the flash drive. She finds out he's been murdered by MI6.
She gets chased all over the place and finally captured by MI6 and the Americans, who torture her and arrest her lover Jamal.

She eventually gets cleared due to the efforts of a kindly female Swedish spy and her gay hipster doofus techno geek pal.

The British press gets the flash drive, exposes the plot and the dastardly Brits and Americans are sent reeling.

Curses, foiled again!!

And in all of this, we're told that there really is an enormous "moderate Islamic" faction in the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamal's uncle was one of the moderates and so rather than falsely accuse these noble Arab immigrants of being anti Western, we should sleep with them.

At least, that's the message that we got.

John Le Carre or Ian Fleming, this is not.

We would not advise wasting your money, or your eyesight or any brain cells on Andreas Norman's incredibly dull and annoyingly PC excuse for a spy thriller ,

Into a Raging Blaze is very possibly the worst spy novel ever published.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Chicago Reader's Most Eligible Singles: Black Trannies, Latino Queers, Wimpy Asians and Weird Whites

Time was a newspaper would run a feature story on the "Most Eligible Singles" and you'd see a photo phalanx of handsome masculine over achievers and gorgeous ultra feminine blond bombshells.
The Chicago Reader's transgender
dream date "Angelica" "Let's play two!"

Not so with today's cultural Marxist scribes of the dying Chicago Sun Times' dying weekly throwaway, the Chicago Reader.

Emerging from their left wing echo chamber just before Valentine's Day , the hipster doofuses who run the Chicago Reader put out their "Most Eligible Chicago Singles" profiles.

Should George Lucas ever attempt a remake of his famous Star Wars bar scene, he could do the casting right here.

The Reader's editorial goofuses showcased their idea of eligible young singles, to wit:

 1) A transgendered black female (?) who bore a striking resemblance to a young Ernie Banks wearing a woman's wig,

2) A gay black male U of C artsy fundraiser who says he has a "great butt" from bicycling around Hyde Park,

3) a gay male Latino lawyer who cites Ruth Bader Ginzburg as his ideal role model,

4) A 36 yr.old female art director who's in an oxymoronic quest for a "stylish, intelligent, queer butch,"

5) An androgynous bald mixed race, Lincoln Square mullata who seems to have feminine facial characteristics and says she is looking for a "dark handsome alpha male".

And then there were the Reader's five clearly heterosexual "dream dates."
What woman could resist this
charming Chicago Reader "dream date?"

They are really too dreary to dwell on, but in a nutshell, the heteros consisted of:

1) Two waifish Asians who underscored the media perception that Asians are neither sexy nor interesting,

2) Two straight white males, one with all encompassing body art and another who was fashionably holding up a rotting deer's head by the antlers and,

3) A rather odd white female fundraising bureaucrat for Chicago Kent Law School who boasts of having visited every country in the former USSR (so how was the room service at the Sverdlovsk Gulag Hilton?)

The good news is that cultural Marxist group think has begun to reach truly absurd depths and nobody's buying anymore.

That's why the lefty Chicago Sun Times just announced yet another round of layoffs and/or buyouts and those little street corner newspaper baskets are always overflowing with unread Chicago Readers

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chicago Dog Walking Now Dangerous: Gangs Kill Dog, Girl Molested at Dog Park

To the growing list of dangerous things to do in Chicago, you can now add walking your dog.

During the past month, gang bangers firing guns from the window of their Jeep, drove through a park in Edgewater and ran over two dogs, killing a woman's little service dog. Then a few blocks North in Rogers Park, a girl walking her dog was sexually molested.
Scruffi, killed by
 gangbangers in park 

In the dog walking area known as "The Meadows" near the 5300 block of Sheridan Rd., a man and woman were giving their dogs a late afternoon off leash romp. Then a Jeep occupied by a group of dark skinned males, began tearing over the grass at high speed with guns firing from the windows.

According to the two traumatized dog owners, the Jeep intentionally aimed for the dogs. One dog scrunched down into a little ball as it was run over and miraculously emerged unscathed. Another, a 5 year old terrier mix named Scruffi, was run over by the wheels and killed.

Scruffi was a rescue dog adopted by cancer survivor Cathy Castro. Because of Scruffi's extraordinary intuitive abilities, he was trained as a service dog to guide her when her face became paralyzed, signalling the onset of a seizure.

Castro expressed her emotional devastation at Scruffi's loss, in a February 3rd interview with the Inside Booster neighborhood newspaper.

The other dog walker found his traumatized dog (the one who was run over but escaped injury) cowering in fear behind a parked snow plow's blade.

The male dog walker is a native of upstate New York, and said he is moving back there as soon as his lease expires. "This is just the last nail in the coffin. I can't even take my dogs from the house to the park in Chicago anymore," he said.

Meanwhile, up at Pottawatomie Park at 7400 N. Wolcott, a 22 year old woman, wearing a University of Michigan sweatshirt, was exercising her dog in the designated dog area when she was approached by a 6'4" black man wearing a black skull cap and camo jacket.

The man, known locally as "Trey" commented that it was interesting that she'd gone to school at the UM as he had a "baby momma" in Michigan (how's that for a smooth pickup line?) Not one to fancy extensive pre bedroom chit chat, the amorous "Trey" then pushed the girl against a fence and began groping her breasts and other body parts.

Her screams for help brought onlookers, which scared off the suave suitor, who fled west thru the park.

Chicago Police have made no arrests in conjunction with either dog walking incident.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dissembling Black Crime Enabler: Rosemary Regina Sobol

White victims of the current tsunami of Chicago black on white crimes might want to call 312/222 3540 ask for the Chicago Tribune's Rosemary Regina Sobol and thank her for making it all possible.
Senorita Sobol Covers Up Black
 Crime for the Chicago Tribune

This lying liar, Tribune Affirmative Action hiree, ostensibly covers crime for that dying news entity.

Yet when a gang of black thugs went wilding yesterday at Chicago's Navy Pier's annual Winter Wonderfest, and robbed two white teens and beat them to a pulp, Senorita Sobol was too polite to mention the fact.

In her crack Chicago Tribune story, the race of the 5 black thugs who were arrested and the race of the 13 and 16 year old kids they nearly murdered, were conveniently unmentioned.

Sobol, a graduate of Loyola U. has actually won some sort of journalism award, which just goes to show that Rush Limbaugh is entirely correct when he says that journalism and literary awards are just prizes that left wing cultural Marxists give to each other.

So where does Rosemary Regina Sobol live? What's her partisan voting record? She's a public figure in a position of public trust. Let's make this public info and while we're at it, let's thank her for her acute racial sensitivity in keeping Chicago's great unwashed from knowing what's actually going on in this town.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Village People Entertain at Sen. Mark Kirk's Navy Sendoff Party

Liberal Illinois Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, resigned his Naval Reserve officership last week, after having served for 23 years in that august body.
Commander Kirk's Navy Sendoff

You will recall, that during the acrimonious divorce proceedings which dissolved his extraordinarily brief marriage to a female of the species, the sadly neglected wife implied that our manly Senator was not altogether entirely well disposed toward women in a visceral sense.

Commander Kirk was commissioned an Ensign in 1989 in Pensacola, Florida, via Office Candidate School and was designated a Navy Intelligence Officer.

His tours of duty included the Office of Naval Intelligence, U.S. Southern Command Analyst for the Republic of Panama, USS Normandy (CG-60), USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74), Joint Chiefs of Staff Yugoslavia Task Force, Electronic Combat Squadron 209, Operation Allied Force (Aviana, Italy), Operation Northern Watch (Incirlik, Turkey), National Military Joint Intelligence Center, and Operation Enduring Freedom, International Security Assistance Force (Kandahar, Afghanistan).
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell!" Village People "In the Navy"

Kirk formally retired last Monday in an official ceremony at the Pentagon, led by Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, USN Chief of Naval Operations and Vice Admiral Robin R. Braun, USN Chief of Navy Reserve.

This now entitles him to become a federal government retirement "double dipper" as he will haul down a Navy pension in addition to his forthcoming Congressional pension.

The Chicago Lampoon has obtained exclusive video footage of the entertainment provided by the Village People at Commander Kirk's retirement festivities, which you can see here:

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Left's Affirmative Action Rapists: Schakowsky Aide, Minority PR Guru Convicted

Evangelists of the gospel of strength thru diversity were befuddled this past month as male affirmative action hires on Capitol Hill and at Chicago's main minority female owned PR firm pled guilty to rape.
Former Jan Schakowsky Aide, Donny Ray Williams
 in DC after pleading guilty to rape

One Donny Ray Williams, person of color, pled guilty in DC Superior court to sexually assaulting two Washington D.C. women, who he lured to his lair with promises of introductions to Senate staffers who might help them get jobs.

Donny Ray Williams was staff director for a Senate Homeland Affairs subcommittee and had been on the payrolls of such noted liberal lefties as Senators Joe Lieberman, Mary Landrieu and Herb Kohl as well as Congressmen Elijah Cummings and our very own liberal feminist hero, Jan Schakowsky.

Once at his Capitol Hill love nest, Donny Ray, 37, spiked the girls' drinks with Ambien and raped them while they were in a drugged stupor.
Latin Lover and PR Guru Ignacio Carillo

Maybe they're giving lessons on that technique in Affirmative Action class, as it was also employed by one Ignacio Carillo, oppressed person of color and Vice President at the black female owned Flowers Communications Group of Chicago, where he embellished the public images of Miller and Coors Brewing.

The Latin lover, Carillo, would pick up girls on a website called "Plenty of Fish" lure them to his man cave and drug their drinks as a prelude to raping them.

Last Thursday he was convicted of doing this to a West Suburban woman in '09 and will soon stand trial for an identical 2011 incident with a Skokie woman as the victim.

He'll be sentenced on the first rape in March. Ignacio Carillo could get up to 15 years in the hoosegow for each sex crime.

Both these oppressed persons of color will have to register as sex criminals with their local communities upon completion of their sentences.

Perhaps when they're out of stir, Jan Schakowsky will re employ Donny Ray as a Homeland Security researcher on her Congressional staff and give Ignacio a spot as an illegal alien outreach specialist, as part of her 2nd chance initiative for convicted felons.