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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dissembling Black Crime Enabler: Rosemary Regina Sobol

White victims of the current tsunami of Chicago black on white crimes might want to call 312/222 3540 ask for the Chicago Tribune's Rosemary Regina Sobol and thank her for making it all possible.
Senorita Sobol Covers Up Black
 Crime for the Chicago Tribune

This lying liar, Tribune Affirmative Action hiree, ostensibly covers crime for that dying news entity.

Yet when a gang of black thugs went wilding yesterday at Chicago's Navy Pier's annual Winter Wonderfest, and robbed two white teens and beat them to a pulp, Senorita Sobol was too polite to mention the fact.

In her crack Chicago Tribune story, the race of the 5 black thugs who were arrested and the race of the 13 and 16 year old kids they nearly murdered, were conveniently unmentioned.

Sobol, a graduate of Loyola U. has actually won some sort of journalism award, which just goes to show that Rush Limbaugh is entirely correct when he says that journalism and literary awards are just prizes that left wing cultural Marxists give to each other.

So where does Rosemary Regina Sobol live? What's her partisan voting record? She's a public figure in a position of public trust. Let's make this public info and while we're at it, let's thank her for her acute racial sensitivity in keeping Chicago's great unwashed from knowing what's actually going on in this town.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Village People Entertain at Sen. Mark Kirk's Navy Sendoff Party

Liberal Illinois Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, resigned his Naval Reserve officership last week, after having served for 23 years in that august body.
Commander Kirk's Navy Sendoff

You will recall, that during the acrimonious divorce proceedings which dissolved his extraordinarily brief marriage to a female of the species, the sadly neglected wife implied that our manly Senator was not altogether entirely well disposed toward women in a visceral sense.

Commander Kirk was commissioned an Ensign in 1989 in Pensacola, Florida, via Office Candidate School and was designated a Navy Intelligence Officer.

His tours of duty included the Office of Naval Intelligence, U.S. Southern Command Analyst for the Republic of Panama, USS Normandy (CG-60), USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74), Joint Chiefs of Staff Yugoslavia Task Force, Electronic Combat Squadron 209, Operation Allied Force (Aviana, Italy), Operation Northern Watch (Incirlik, Turkey), National Military Joint Intelligence Center, and Operation Enduring Freedom, International Security Assistance Force (Kandahar, Afghanistan).
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell!" Village People "In the Navy"

Kirk formally retired last Monday in an official ceremony at the Pentagon, led by Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, USN Chief of Naval Operations and Vice Admiral Robin R. Braun, USN Chief of Navy Reserve.

This now entitles him to become a federal government retirement "double dipper" as he will haul down a Navy pension in addition to his forthcoming Congressional pension.

The Chicago Lampoon has obtained exclusive video footage of the entertainment provided by the Village People at Commander Kirk's retirement festivities, which you can see here:

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Left's Affirmative Action Rapists: Schakowsky Aide, Minority PR Guru Convicted

Evangelists of the gospel of strength thru diversity were befuddled this past month as male affirmative action hires on Capitol Hill and at Chicago's main minority female owned PR firm pled guilty to rape.
Former Jan Schakowsky Aide, Donny Ray Williams
 in DC after pleading guilty to rape

One Donny Ray Williams, person of color, pled guilty in DC Superior court to sexually assaulting two Washington D.C. women, who he lured to his lair with promises of introductions to Senate staffers who might help them get jobs.

Donny Ray Williams was staff director for a Senate Homeland Affairs subcommittee and had been on the payrolls of such noted liberal lefties as Senators Joe Lieberman, Mary Landrieu and Herb Kohl as well as Congressmen Elijah Cummings and our very own liberal feminist hero, Jan Schakowsky.

Once at his Capitol Hill love nest, Donny Ray, 37, spiked the girls' drinks with Ambien and raped them while they were in a drugged stupor.
Latin Lover and PR Guru Ignacio Carillo

Maybe they're giving lessons on that technique in Affirmative Action class, as it was also employed by one Ignacio Carillo, oppressed person of color and Vice President at the black female owned Flowers Communications Group of Chicago, where he embellished the public images of Miller and Coors Brewing.

The Latin lover, Carillo, would pick up girls on a website called "Plenty of Fish" lure them to his man cave and drug their drinks as a prelude to raping them.

Last Thursday he was convicted of doing this to a West Suburban woman in '09 and will soon stand trial for an identical 2011 incident with a Skokie woman as the victim.

He'll be sentenced on the first rape in March. Ignacio Carillo could get up to 15 years in the hoosegow for each sex crime.

Both these oppressed persons of color will have to register as sex criminals with their local communities upon completion of their sentences.

Perhaps when they're out of stir, Jan Schakowsky will re employ Donny Ray as a Homeland Security researcher on her Congressional staff and give Ignacio a spot as an illegal alien outreach specialist, as part of her 2nd chance initiative for convicted felons.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Atanus for Congress: Schakowsky Gets Free Ride in the 9th

Anyone who has ever worked in a legislative office knows of a certain phenomenon called "nut mail."

This consists of letters from various constituents and non constituents wherein the correspondent complains of such things as their dental fillings which are really CIA radio receivers broadcasting incessantly to their brains.

Or they detail vast conspiracies, which extend back to the Opium Wars in China, in which the Koch Brothers and the Queen of England make fabulous profits distributing drugs in the US.

Nut mail can usually be recognized by red ink writing in the margins or the use of interesting ink colors to emphasize key points.

The best that local Republicans could come up in 2014 as standard bearer for Congress in the Illinois 9th district, is one Susanne Atanus and she has elevated the fine art of nut mail to the level of campaign lawn signs.

Hand made with black magic markers, they feature a photo of the fetching Ms. Atanus in front of an American flag and proclaim her to be the "Best, Greatest Leader!"

Ms. Atanus' hand made signs also promise "Daily Stock Returns", "More Jobs" and financial relief for any remaining nonagenarian holocaust victims.

To be sure, these are all vital concerns to the voters of Jan Schakowsky's 9th Congressional District.

But what we want to know is what Ms. Atanus is going to do about all those CIA radio receiver dental fillings.

And also, did the vaunted Evanston Democratic Schakowsky machine put this nut up to ensure that the ultra left wing Congresswoman gets a free ride?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stealth Muslim Candidate Mohammed "Mo Khan"

A young left wing political hack is running for State Representative in suburban Chicago's 20th district and his real name is Mohammed Khan, but he'd rather voters not know that, so he's appearing on the ballot as "Mo Khan."
Stealth Muslim, Mohammed "Mo" Khan
and his ultra left wing mentor, Jan Schakowsky

You know, Mo, just like the stooge, but without an E at the end.

Fiddling with your name to hide your ethnicity or religion is nothing new in Chicago politics.

The Chicago Lampoon last election season, chronicled the Philipina who was running for judge with an Irish name, the North Shore Jews who disguised their ethnicity with WASPy names and a WASPy named guy who adopted his dearly departed mother's Polish surname to get Polish votes on the Northwest side.

But this is the first example we've run across of a candidate trying to disguise his Mohammedan background.

We don't blame Mo Khan for trying to hide the fact that he is an adherent of the Koranic religion of peace.

Moslems have begun beheading Americans and Australians on their own soil as happened recently in Kansas and Sydney.

Moslem men were recently found to have targeted 1,400 young white British girls for rape and mass sexual abuse in Northern England.

American and European Moslem kids have begun flocking to the Middle East to join ISIS/ISIL in the fun.

That is if you consider beheading infidel Kurds and crucifying Syrian Christians your idea of a wild time.

Young Mohammedan, Mo Khan doesn't want to be associated with this in the minds of the voters of Park Ridge, Niles and the Northwest side, and who can blame him?

But we haven't heard Mo Khan apologizing to his fellow Americans for it either. We haven't heard him standing up as a voice for "moderate Islam," either.

But he can't do that. Because then voters would know that Mo Khan is really Moslem boy, Mohammed Khan, and he's quite set on hiding that fact from them.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Skokie News Blackout over McCracken School Shutdown: District 73 1/2 Teachers' Salaries Listed

For the second straight day, Skokie's McCracken Middle School has been shut down and for the second straight day, nobody seems to have any clear idea as to what the hell's going on.
Nobody knows what's going on at McCracken
and the press doesn't even bother to ask

But Skokie's residents are getting used to being kept in the dark by their officialdom, especially when the Skokie Police Department gets involved.

Skokie's police may not be much when it comes to solving crimes, but they've mastered the fine art of stonewalling the public.

Two summers ago, when the Niles Township High School District 219 educrats got their panties in a bunch over some offhanded comment made by an irate 70 year old Morton Grove taxpayer, Skokie cops began wanding citizens as they entered the school board meeting to check for guns.

When a Skokie Patch reporter tried to photograph the oddly, police state like activity, the SPD quite illegally and unconstitutionally threatened him with arrest for doing his job i.e. reporting to the public.

Two years earlier when there was a spate of home burglaries on Skokie's East side, the crack SPD withheld that information from the public and press, saying it would compromise their crack investigation. As a result, homeowners, unaware of the threat, continued to be burglarized at a record pace.

And, of course, a full three weeks after a Niles North 17 year old was gunned down near Church St, the gunman has yet to be found. Skokie Police, as usual, aren't uttering a peep.

So now comes McCracken School Principal, Allison Stein, with the peculiar revelation that there is some kind of "threatening or inappropriate" behavior going on with her charges who use Instagram.

Then Stein, the $133,256 a year educrat, takes the drastic step of shutting the whole place down and calling in the Skokie cops. They, in turn, have called in the feds. Nobody's talking, the somnolent local press isn't even bothering to ask questions, hundreds of family schedules are upset and the whole town remains totally in the dark about it all.

We would argue that Skokie officialdom has been no more forthcoming with its supposedly free citizenry than Walter Ubricht's East German communists were with their subjects during the 1950s.

But that would be an insult to the relative transparency of Comrade Ubricht's Stalinist regime.

Below are posted, by name, the latest available teacher and administator salaries for the taxpayer subsidized employees of Skokie School District 73.5, which consists of McCracken Middle School, Middleton Elementary and the Meyer pre school.

They were garnered by the Family Taxpayer's Foundation, which filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to get them.

If you click on an individual employees' name you can get further data, such as teaching specialty, length of employment, education level, etc.

Keep in mind, most of these salaries are for 9 months of work.

Skokie SD 73-5 2012 Download data

Alcala, Stacy$29,371
Amato, Mary Jane$104,482
Atanus, Martha$54,111
Aziz, Diana$12,814
Beatrice, Michelle$49,625
Belgrad, Lisa$88,796
Bennett, Chalice$46,829
Blades, Bethany$68,634
Blomquist, Robert$82,733