Monday, February 27, 2012

West Northfield SD 31 Annual Tax Hike Ploy: Teachers' Salaries Listed

Listed below are the names and 2011 salaries of the teachers and administrators of West Northfield School District 31.

You will note that despite the educational establishment's pleas of poverty, they were strangely able to give all their teachers nice hefty little pay hikes over the previous year (we posted last years' salaries here during the last tax hike contratemps - this years' are posted below, whereby you can note the increases.)
Although qualitatively teachers are undereducated -
schools of education attract the lowest SAT students

This is the little North suburban, Chicago area elementary school district whose education establishment seems to annually try to squeeze more cash out of its cash-strapped residents with tax hike referenda.

They keep getting swatted down by recession-beleaguered taxpayers who've had quite enough. By a 2 to 1 margin the people did that just this past year.

But here they go again!

On the March 20th primary ballot the education consortium is again asking their taxpayers to agree to fork over yet another $446 or so per homeowner a year in property taxes.

And this time the teachers are money laundering a portion of their fat salaries into a political action committee aimed at forcing thru the vote, so as to, in turn, safeguard those very salaries and gold plated pensions (lifetime pensions of 85% of their salaries for their top 3 earning years.)

As usual, the teachers are spinning gloom and doom scenarios if their tax grab fails again -- crumbling buildings, extracurricular activity cuts, bigger class sizes -- the usual.

Never, of course is there ever a murmur of the possibility of these unionized employees of the taxpayers taking actual cuts in their fat salaries -- as was commonplace for teachers during the earlier economic depression of the 1930s and is common today in unionized private sector firms facing economic hardships.

Obama calls it "shared sacrifice". The teachers' own union was abuzz with excitement over Obama's election, but want none of this "shared sacrifice" talk.

Last year we printed their 2010 salaries. Printed below, here, are the 2011 salaries for their 9 month gigs as elementary school teachers. No fat at all here, right?

As before these are provided courtesy of the Family Taxpayer's Foundation Teachers' salary database. You can get more in depth data on the length of service, education specialty etc. at the FTF site.

West Northfield SD 31 2011 - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ament, Arlene $103,261
Aydt, Alicia $61,544
Barbanente, Laura $55,779
Bass, Amanda $56,908
Baumann, Jackie $59,167
Bergman, Janette $90,068

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Suburbs Need More Blacks to Avoid Boredom: "Interfaith" Housing Outfit

Alinsky disciple, Schechter says more
blacks will combat suburban boredom

I've heard a lot of reasons put forth in defense of open housing and fair housing efforts, but Wilmette lefty "community organizer", Gail Schechter has come up with a true original.

She says that Chicago's Northern suburbs need more blacks because they will make the places "less boring."

In an op-ed from AOL's soon-to-be-defunct Evanston Patch, Schechter quotes an obscure ruling from an obscure New Jersey judge who said suburbs needed more minorities to avoid becoming "culturally dead, aside from being downright boring."

I really never thought of it that way, but maybe Miss Schechter and the Garden State magistrate have a point.

Schechter, the well-remunerated chief honcho of the Saul Alinsky-styled, "Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs," recently mounted an abortive campaign to get Winnetka to put in low-income housing. She argued that Winnetka has far too few blacks and cheaper housing in that upscale suburb would effect more blackness there.

But by an almost 3 to 1 margin, the residents there said: "nuts to that."

But just think how much more interesting Winnetka would be if it had the hefty black population quota that Schechter wants.
A Winnetka Globetrotters-styled team
would provide fun for the whole family

If boring Winnetka had the 11% black population that Miss Schechter deems necessary, the leafy suburb could start its own novelty basketball team along the lines of the Harlem Globetrotters.

They could call it the Winnetka Wizards and they could put on exhibition games where the agile black b-ballers would spin balls on their index fingers, do really wild and weird dribbling, slam dunk on every inside approach and generally run rings around the hapless, pasty-faced, all-white Lake Forest Generals.

That would certainly liven up an otherwise dreary Winnetka afternoon.

Or maybe, Miss Schecter envisions combating Winnetka ennui with something along the lines of the Jesse White Tumblers. They could call them the Bob Dold Balancers.

From Miss Schechter's newly enlarged black populations, the best black little kids could be enlisted to do handstands, tumble, run, jump and otherwise provide merriment to assembled throngs of heretofore bored Winnetkans.
A group like the Jesse White Tumblers would
provide merriment for bored Winnetkans

For the artier set, of which there is no shortage in Winnetka, newly North suburban-settled Afro artistes could be enlisted to put on performances of Porgy and Bess, The Wiz and readings of Maya Angelou's head-scratching cryptic verse.

The possibilities are endless.

Yes, perhaps Schechter and her ACORN-styled activists are right in advocating more blacks as a badly needed tonic for the boredom that plagues quiet, leafy, crime-free Winnetka.

In fact, in Schechter's ideal, race-quota driven world, Winnetkans and other suburbanites could find themselves with nary a dull moment --- ever.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chicago's Wackizany Republicans

More out of ancient habit than anything else, once in a blue moon I go to the Chicago and Cook County Republican websites to see what those clowns are up to now -- and they never disappoint.

Just to give you an idea as to how execrably useless and absurd Chicago's Republican activists are, I am reprinting below an exchange that occured in The Chicago Republican, the official site of the Chicago Republican Party, Eloise Gerson, Chairman.

The bizarre exchange of comments begins with a criticism of the blog piece's author and then devolves into absolute weirdness.

What is truly odd is that this exchange took place over a period of 10 months, when apparently these Republican dynamos had nothing better to command their energies.

Read it and weep:

written by gary karlin, April 15, 2011

Lila Pifer shouldn't even be interviewing anybody in the
gop after what she did to here former partner at njp
frank bennett rowder
written by Gary knows who I am, August 16, 2011

Great interview, Lila!

I had the misfortune of dating the above poster. Gary needs to get some help so he can have an accurate perception of reality. Seriously, he just kinda forgot he had a warrant for his arrest for contempt of court! I tried to help him after he allegedly got evicted from his apt - fed, clothed, bought him medicine - but it was all based on a lie. He even tried to con me into marrying him! He KNEW he had a warrant after convincing me that all was A-OK with the courts and was finally arrested for it on 8/8/11. How humiliating! No wonder he never even tried to get a job! An employer would have reported his whereabouts to the child support agency! He even lied about his birthday (most likely because he knows I do background checks on anyone I date). That's what I get for trying to help a so-called "friend." He can go play the "I'm a poor little victim" game someplace else!

written by Gary Karlin, December 17, 2011

Jennifer Brower will be sued for defamation of charactor. She married a NAZI, so she is one to talk, see here -
written by Anonomous, December 20, 2011

Wow. Jennifer Brower of Naperville, I think it best that you should have stayed on Xanax and Lithium for your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Going off your medication and creating wild stories like this and being involved with your ex-husband the Nazi (see here, you should be seeking therapy!

written by Jennifer Brower, January 25, 2012

LOL the “Conservative” Welfare King Baby Daddy owes his CHILD over $100K and dares to question my honor? Gary, who fed and clothed you, bought you medicine, and made sure that you weren't homeless in the winter while YOU were supposed to be looking for work? I did more for you than you ever did for your awesome daughter! She is a great person & deserves better!

It's amusing that the deadbeat dad dares to bring up MY divorce? You sound bitter like Marianne Gingrich does now that Newt doesn't support her anymore! Yeah, my ex-husband of a year turned out to be a loathsome National Socialist abusive mamzer piglet. So, I got a restraining order & divorced the bum. I also talked to the proper authorities and helped to ensure that no National Socialist group would thrive in the Chicago area. I turned a bad situation into a good one AND my daughter respects me for it. YOU, however, are the same deadbeat jailbird who refuses to live up to your responsibilities. How dare you call yourself Conservative when you refuse to work and rely on the government to support you! Gary, be a man, get a job and take care of your kid. You disgust me.
written by Gary Karlin, February 08, 2012

Jennifer Brower of Naperville, you misrepresented yourself as a Christian. You have not belonged to a CHRISTIAN CHURCH for several years. You belong to the Free Masons, an occult that worships all the worlds religions including Satanism. Not once did you ever sing or worship the Lord in church - a southern baptist church. You defend your LIBERAL sister and YOUR LIBERAL mother.

written by Gary Karlin, February 08, 2012

Jennifer Brower belongs to the Free Mason occult, the one that worships all world religion including Satanism and is pushing for the one world order. Not once did you ever worship Jesus in church. You are also a confirmed NAZI sympathizer and very sick in the head with your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It isn't right that you spread lies about a guy who dated you a few times and you are jaded that I rejected you!

This exchange is apparently ongoing and can be viewed in all its inanity at the Chicago Republican site.

Is it any wonder that this is an indisputably one-party Democrat town?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Trier HS Teachers Celebrate Recession With Hefty Pay Grab

A full 219 of the teachers and administrators at New Trier
pull down more than 6 figures for their 9 month gigs
(Editor's Note: The salary list was updated on 9/9/13 to reflect 2012 salaries. The New Trier teacher's $100k+ club went up to 256 from 219 over the past year.) 

Posted below are the 2012 salaries of teachers and administrators from the New Trier Township High School System.

These salaries reflect the 3.5% pay hike that the IEA teachers union squeezed from the taxpayers in  August 2011-- despite the fact that the average American worker -- if he has a job at all -- got a lessor pay raise on average.

The IEA is again saturating the Chicago airwaves with feel-good ads encouraging a "living wage" for teachers and a decent pension for their retirement years.

Judge for yourself if these salaries are living wages or outright opulent pay grabs. Keep in mind that the average SAT score for university School of Education students is 964, vastly lower than those of the general student population -- making teachers the poorest educated of all professionals.

Further consider that the powerful teachers unions have used their massive political clout to secure lifetime pensions which are 85% of the average of the teacher's 3 highest salary years. Only 41% of all American workers, the people who pay for these salaries and gold-plated pensions, receive any pension whatever.

The 2012 New Trier High School's teachers names and salaries posted below were garnered from the Family Taxpayers Foundation Teachers Salary database, which in turn was acquired via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Illinois State Teachers Retirement Fund which was compelled to release the data.

And keep in mind, despite the fact that a full 256 of the New Trier employees are pulling down more than six figures a year for their 9 month gigs (up from 219 last year), these are not even the highest paid in the state, being surpassed by those in the Lake Forest and Niles Township (Skokie, Morton Grove) high school payrolls.

Teacher Salary Database: Click on the individual government employee's name for more information on that person.

New Trier Twp HSD 203 2012 - Download data

Anderson, Rachel $81,677
Apetean, Anca $11,574
Arado, Lindsay $92,506
Arends, Alicia $69,103
Arvanitis, Athena $100,491
Atwell, James $123,873
Axon, Sarah $67,909
Bachman, Ariell $69,050
Bachmann, Kristina $85,274
Baeb, Michael $141,421
Baliukaite, Egle $64,211
Bar, Julie $93,007
Barbe, Lisa $130,309

Thursday, February 2, 2012

City Colleges of Chicago Adopt Cook County Jail Smoking Policy

No more smokes for this scholar

The Cook County jail banned smoking and the possession of tobacco by inmates back on August 1 2005 and the City Colleges of Chicago on this past January 12th belatedly followed their health conscious lead.

To squeals of glee from the comfortably salaried health police at Chicago's various megabucks cancer societies, lung associations as well as assorted other pecksniffs, do-gooders, buttinskies and nannies, something called the Chicago City Colleges District-wide Student Government Association voted in the ban.

One can only imagine who these SGA ass kissers and hall monitors were, but they can't be the brightest bulbs around -- after all -- they attend the Chicago City Colleges. And they certainly haven't the faintest conception of individual freedom or students rights.

So now it is a crime, in the eyes of the educational bureaucrats at Chicago City Colleges to so much as have a pack of Marlboros or a can of Skoal on one's person while on their premises -- just like at the Cook County jail, a venue whose hospitality has, no doubt, been enjoyed by more than a few of the City Collegians.

And, as of May 1st, some area public housing authorities will force their indigent residents to forgo tobacco use as well.

So, as of the March 1st effective date of the tobacco prohibition, a goodly number of the 120,000 scholars at Harold Washington, Olive Harvey, Kennedy-King, Richard J. Daley, Wilbur Wright and Malcolm X Colleges should feel right at home.