Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Radio Talker Mark Levin: Sam Kinison Reincarnate?

I generally agree with most of what conservative radio talker Mark Levin has to say. He's on Chicago's WLS 890-AM from 9pm to Midnight, M-F.

But I simply cannot listen to him anymore.

First, his voice is a whiny, shrill, annoying abomination.

Second, he drones on and on in seemingly endless one-legged harangues, seldom interspersed with callers and never refreshed by interchange with a co-host.

And when he really takes off in a frenzied rant, he reminds me of the late, great Sam Kinison.


  1. He sounds like Kinison, really? Bummer! I've never listened to him, but now I kind of hope I never do! LOL I couldn't stand Kinison.

  2. He was definitely an acquired taste -- but definitely funny in this clip from "Back to School," which was a mid-80s movie, that incidentally, was mostly filmed in Madison at the University of Wisconsin. Do you know that his father was an Evangelical Baptist preacher and that's where he got the fire and brimstone styled yelling bit?

  3. I did know that. :) I sort of wondered about the dinner-table conversations in the Kinnison home at Thanksgiving, LOL.

  4. Alan Colmes comes across much better than Levin. His show is even funny. He lets all the crazies let a one liner go at the end of his show.

    Levin is good for letting people know how bad things are. So what else is new? You can't keep your radio show in the negative for too long. It costs you listeners.

  5. I agree that if you listen to too much conservative talk radio, you might end up so depressed at the state of the nation that you sometimes just want to give up on it all. I've listened to Colmes on WCPT, just for a change of pace and he is remarkably balanced for that station. I think he's on weekend afternoons or some other off peak times.


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