Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Evanston Schools Response To "Achievement Gap": Blame Whitey

The Evanston/Skokie School District 65 decided yesterday to tentatively hold off on signing a megabucks contract with racial huckster, Glenn Singleton's, Pacific Education Group.

Singleton (left) has made a career out of shaking down gullible, left-leaning school districts for six-figure fees by peddling his cockamamie "racial equity assessments," and Maoist-styled "diversity training" seminars.

Wherever he has gone, he has left behind the wreckage of race-based lawsuits by aggrieved whites and tattered community racial relations.

In 2007 The U.S. Supreme Court cited the essential asininity of Singleton's PEG program in ruling against the Seattle Public School System's race-based educational program changes, upon which they were based.

The Court cited the PEG's definition's of racism as being particularly ridiculous. PEG says that teachers exhibit white racism when they value:

1. Having a future time orientation (i.e. planning ahead)
2. Defining one form of English as standard English
3. Emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology

So in the view of the group that District 65 might shell out tax monies to bring in, education can be improved in Evanston if we simply overcome the white racist notions of planning for the future, speaking proper English and protecting the rights of the individual student.

When the Ann Arbor public schools embraced PEG's racist world view, they began excluding white students from certain "black only" field trips. For that, they were sued.

And after Evanston Township High School District 202 shelled out six-figures of cash for PEG's racial spoils analysis, it eliminated its honors programs for high achievers, for which mostly white and Asian students were qualifying.

And several legal authorities note that District 65 could be opening itself up to a world of legal troubles if it subjects teachers to Singleton's abusive "diversity training seminars."

Such seminars that denigrate people based on their race or gender, they say, can give rise to successful harassment lawsuits, such as Hartman v. Pena (1995), which allowed a white male to sue for sexual harassment over an insulting gender-awareness seminar, and Robinson v. Reed (1978), which allowed a woman to sue for invasive questions in a race-relations seminar.

The mastermind of the bid to retain the PEG racial profiteers is District 65 School Board President, Keith Terry (above right), who tried to ram thru an initial $55k down payment to PEG after bringing the matter up for discussion only one week ago.

But, despite making favorable noises about the need for a "Courageous Conversation" (the title of Singleton's racist book) on race in Evanston, the District 65 board members, last night, demurred for the time being.

If not to avoid a spate of costly litigation, then in the interests of just plain common decency, Evanston/Skokie CCSD 65 would be well advised to continue down that path.


  1. If at first you don't succeed,
    Don't hang your head in shame.
    Be smart enough to find
    Someone else to blame!

    That was a sarcastic joke my sister put on the fridge when way back in 1970 something. Sad to see so many have actually taken that to heart and think it's okay to actually do.

  2. How disheartening to see that my son's school district is on the PEG list. Mark my words, I will be making a deliberate effort to inform every parent of this to explain what is really at stake whether their precious ones are black, brown, or white. I have already scheduled a meeting with my son's school principal to discuss my desire to opt my son out of ANY race based assignments or school functions. I will NOT allow the psedo-progressive zealotry to teach my son that black Americans are inferior to him. Neither will I allow them to teach him that he is inherently evil because of his "whitness". Since this is quite apparently the agenda which PEG is pedaling. Snake oil pedalers that they are.

    I fought ferociously when they declared a war on boys in our schools. They will soon learn the razor like claws and dagger like teeth have not lost there edge.

    1. Good for you! So many parents have been kept in the dark about this insidious "critical race theory" that has been imposed on the curriculum and serves to create a hostile environment for white children, even possibly fanning the flames of criminal behavior against them.


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