Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Muslims Exempt From NFL Rules/OK Jihadist Beheading Just "Workplace Tiff"

Good news all over for the peaceful followers of Islam.

First, the NFL came out in favor of Husain Abdullah's Monday post TD slide in the end zone, because he topped it off with one of those subservient Muslim, ass in the air, bows to Allah.
Big Allah fan, Husain Abdullah

Normally, NFL players are penalized 15 yards on the kickoff for such, rub it in your face, celebratory displays, but according to NFL spokesman Mike Signora, "this was different."

No word on whether Catholic NFLers will be allowed to slide down onto their knees and chant off a few Hail Mary's or whether Episcopalians will be allowed to break into a jubilant post TD chorus of "Onward Christian Soldiers."

One guesses that CAIR would probably raise holy hell at the prospect of such antics by the infidels.

And speaking of infidels, one named Colleen Hubbard, got her head lopped off out in Oklahoma, by a recent convert to that Middle Eastern religion of peace, one Alton Nolen. His Facebook postings showed him to be a big ISIS fan and hater of the infidel Christians, but fortunately, MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry, said it was all just a simple case of USPS styled workplace violence.
Saracen Alton Nolen simply went Postal

Whew! They were sweating bullets down at the prayer room at CAIR headquarters, thinking that maybe the foul infidel vipers might have gotten wise to 5th column Muslim terrorist antics.

But thank Allah for MSNBC. Just a little workplace tiff. No Muslim terrorism or anything. Nothing to see here. Move along, Move along.


  1. They're to scared to do anything about Muslim prayers.
    Islam is the unmistakable religion of peace.
    Funny how Christian and Jewish converts are not slaughtering innocent people in the name of god.

    1. And interesting how lefties who want to stamp out "Merry Christmas" greetings, have no problem whatever with special prayer rooms for Muslims in public schools, like NEIU.

  2. What pissed me off even more was after 9/11 schools across the country had Koran studies.


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