Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WBBM's Nancy Harty Criminally Complicit in U of IL Black on White Mob Attacks

Gangs of 6 to 8 black males have been roaming the University of Illinois Champaign campus randomly attacking and violently beating white kids and WBBM radio infobabe, Nancy Harty, is as criminally complicit as if she had been driving their getaway car.
WBBM Newsradio harridan,
 Nancy Harty

Harty, herself a U of I grad who lives on Chicago's north side with her husband and son, filed a 10/21 WBBM radio news report which blandly described the attacks as "youths attacking students with no apparent motive."

Harty pointedly omitted the descriptions of the youthful attackers as six to eight black males, approximately age 25, wearing dark clothing, driving a dark blue sedan or SUV.

Even WLS ABC 7 reported that much.

And Harty pointedly omitted mention that in all the attacks, the victims were white.

That has led police to suspect that there is, indeed, an apparent motive, i.e. anti white hate crime assaults as part of black gang initiation rituals.

That's kind of embarrassing for PC propagandistic creeps like Harty.

Harty had to be dragged kicking and screaming into even reporting these incidents.

You see, WBBM radio made first mention of it on October 21st, a full week after the events were first reported by downstate media.

And some reports indicate that these anti white, hate mob attacks have been going on down in Champaign for at least three weeks.
Even WLS ABC 7 reported the race of the
 mobs attacking whites at the U of I

And during that same time, a black male sexually assaulted two U of I girls and another is wanted in an armed robbery.

That kind of amounts to an explosion of black on white violent crime at the University of Illinois, Champaign campus.

But you'd never know to listen to WBBM newsradio.

Harty is happy, even eager to coverup and sanitize black crimes against whites. Nary a peep from her about the race of suspects, when they're black. That's kind of important on radio, where there's no possibility of splashing up photos of perps and suspects.

But Northsider, Nancy Harty, is more than happy to excitedly report on the race of white suspects, even down to a gleefully precise description of their blond hair and blue eyes, as in her Tweet of her 10/16 WBBM radio account of a manhunt in McHenry county (see below):

The good news is that we are seeing the beginning of a tidal shift away from passive acceptance of the kind of PC pap that the likes of Harty have been pawning off on us as news.

This past week, actor/singer and columnist Robert Davi published a brilliant essay calling for a peaceful revolution against the "PC mindset that is crushing America's spirit." 

For too long, people have been lamenting the bias of the media and the blatant falsehoods and calumnies propounded by PC propagandists in academia and the news media.

But they've been treating it as if its simply some vague, incorporal fact of life like winter blizzards in Chicago, rather than criminally complicitous acts perpetrated by real people, who don't wish us well, and who live in our midst and walk our neighborhoods.

These are real people who now must be outed and held accountable, like WBBM radio's Nancy Harty.

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  1. I get these parent updates from U of I that leave me concerned on what is going on down there!


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