Thursday, October 23, 2014

Skokie News Blackout over McCracken School Shutdown: District 73 1/2 Teachers' Salaries Listed

For the second straight day, Skokie's McCracken Middle School has been shut down and for the second straight day, nobody seems to have any clear idea as to what the hell's going on.
Nobody knows what's going on at McCracken
and the press doesn't even bother to ask

But Skokie's residents are getting used to being kept in the dark by their officialdom, especially when the Skokie Police Department gets involved.

Skokie's police may not be much when it comes to solving crimes, but they've mastered the fine art of stonewalling the public.

Two summers ago, when the Niles Township High School District 219 educrats got their panties in a bunch over some offhanded comment made by an irate 70 year old Morton Grove taxpayer, Skokie cops began wanding citizens as they entered the school board meeting to check for guns.

When a Skokie Patch reporter tried to photograph the oddly, police state like activity, the SPD quite illegally and unconstitutionally threatened him with arrest for doing his job i.e. reporting to the public.

Two years earlier when there was a spate of home burglaries on Skokie's East side, the crack SPD withheld that information from the public and press, saying it would compromise their crack investigation. As a result, homeowners, unaware of the threat, continued to be burglarized at a record pace.

And, of course, a full three weeks after a Niles North 17 year old was gunned down near Church St, the gunman has yet to be found. Skokie Police, as usual, aren't uttering a peep.

So now comes McCracken School Principal, Allison Stein, with the peculiar revelation that there is some kind of "threatening or inappropriate" behavior going on with her charges who use Instagram.

Then Stein, the $133,256 a year educrat, takes the drastic step of shutting the whole place down and calling in the Skokie cops. They, in turn, have called in the feds. Nobody's talking, the somnolent local press isn't even bothering to ask questions, hundreds of family schedules are upset and the whole town remains totally in the dark about it all.

We would argue that Skokie officialdom has been no more forthcoming with its supposedly free citizenry than Walter Ubricht's East German communists were with their subjects during the 1950s.

But that would be an insult to the relative transparency of Comrade Ubricht's Stalinist regime.

Below are posted, by name, the latest available teacher and administator salaries for the taxpayer subsidized employees of Skokie School District 73.5, which consists of McCracken Middle School, Middleton Elementary and the Meyer pre school.

They were garnered by the Family Taxpayer's Foundation, which filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to get them.

If you click on an individual employees' name you can get further data, such as teaching specialty, length of employment, education level, etc.

Keep in mind, most of these salaries are for 9 months of work.

Skokie SD 73-5 2012 Download data

Alcala, Stacy$29,371
Amato, Mary Jane$104,482
Atanus, Martha$54,111
Aziz, Diana$12,814
Beatrice, Michelle$49,625
Belgrad, Lisa$88,796
Bennett, Chalice$46,829
Blades, Bethany$68,634
Blomquist, Robert$82,733

Boner, Lynn
Brewer, Megan$23,330
Carter, Paula$50,343
Chambers, Lynn$75,733
Chastain, Pamela$66,459
Ciok, Jennifer$67,708
Cohen, Cynthia$185,031
DeStefano, Christopher$84,846
Dillon, Robin$56,494
Domingo, Molly$56,002
Donegan, Catherine$212,805
Dorsay, Megan$68,859
Ebert, Rebecca$32,275
Eccleston, Catherine$70,235
Even, Maureen$103,008
Fields, Samantha$48,258
Fischer, Rebecca$89,459
Freed, Lesley$13,091
Freeman, Paula$75,265
Friedman, Lisa$80,587
Fronczak, Karen$72,617
Gammeri, Tori$57,617
Gaspar, Stacy$53,166
Gilbert, Arthur$82,568
Gill, Penelope$88,672
Glunz, Sarah$34,745
Goodman, Courtney$34,848
Gordon, Alison$130,652
Gormley, Susan$63,061
Gottlieb, Carol$84,587
Gregg, Jennifer$65,707
Grossman, Cynthia$67,810
Hamilton, Erin$58,172
Harshbarger, Michael$30,101
Heap, Jennifer$67,351
Herbach, Ann$83,430
Herman, Jennifer$77,863
Hersh, Michelle$46,660
Hess, Caryn$65,460
Hollenberg, Kathryn$70,255
Holmes, Lindsay$58,814
Hoppe, Lisa$58,654
Kavanaugh, Margo$95,640
Kelly, Megan$59,573
Kelly, Persephone$90,985
Klein, Lillian$82,593
Klita, Marcia$65,952
Kohen, Megan$53,766
Kosova, Abra$50,139
Kozlowski, Doris$66,459
Kreps, Hannah$57,741
Lau, Catherine$64,266
Lazar, Ashourina$42,713
Lee, Alexander$59,780
MacBeth, William$62,246
Mangan, Breanna$58,695
Maurer, Sally$28,001
Miller, Diane$37,790
Mishkin, Suzanne$56,860
Monak, Ann$83,288
Morrison, David$32,803
Mosher, Deborah$104,392
Nelson, Mary$92,014
Nizynski, Shelley$56,714
O'Brien, Thomas$51,254
Olson, Eden$15,379
Orso, Martha$81,450
Otto, Dana$145,090
Petriko, Mark$93,582
Priban, Jeffrey$18,333
Quinn, Jennifer$15,151
Reid, Julie$61,682
Rosenfeld, Meghan$44,746
Roy-Margolis, Suzanne$95,639
Sacher, Dara$56,002
Saltarelli, Pamela$51,982
Schippers, Cathryn$56,002
Scurek, Kimberly$56,002
Sharkan, Danielle$23,889
Shawver, Debra$59,646
Shrake, Susan$31,550
Sidler, Amy$58,083
Simon, Stephanie$52,968
Smith, Loretta$60,666
Stein, Allison$133,256
Stevens, Karen$20,262
Storrie, Esther$32,174
Sumerak, Scott$60,401
Sychangco, Marinel$84,788
Szalewski, Joanna$67,843
Wade, Sara$76,899
Williams, Keri$56,186
Williams, Laura$81,837
Winnen, Elizabeth$52,908
Wylie, Karen$106,674
Yom, Nam Jou Mandy$61,828

Those are the latest available salaries for teachers at Skokie School District 73.5, McCracken Middle School,Middleton School, and Elizabeth Meyer pre school.


  1. Turned out it was an eleven year old behind the alleged threats. They couldn't have had a couple officers on the second day and kept the school open? Last year the McCracken administration called police to arrest and question a seventh grader for making an alleged threatening comment to a teacher. Used to be you would take a child into the principal's office and call the parents to discuss discipline. Now we call in the police. Ten year olds get into a fight and they'll probably call in the SWAT team. McCracken has a principal, vice-principal AND a Dean of students. Why? None of them can actually handle any student misbehavior on their own.

    1. Skokie realtors used to say that Skokie was preferable to Evanston and they'd point to the fact that ETHS had a full time police paddy wagon on its grounds.

      Well, if the Skokie school nannies are going to call in the cops and FBI all the time on Skokie kids, these places must be very dangerous, indeed. And who would want to buy property in a school district like that?

  2. Seems this latest Skokie thing isn't just going to blow over. National press is asking questions about Instagram's privacy policy and if there was good reason for it to be compromised here.

  3. I agree with the article greatly and would like to say that safety starts from home and people should be aware of their surroundings. Most of all safety for school children is the biggest priority. If anyone would like i can provide the link for all and any sort of resources related to students and their security.Student Resources.

  4. The above post does not reflect accurate information. We all know that parents of students enrolled at MMS were provided multiple updates via emails and robocalls. School board members work with local police departments to determine if schools should be closed due to safety; those kinds of decisions are not made unilaterally. It's irresponsible to blog about threats to students without accurate facts.

    1. Oh, put a sock on it. We are sick and tired of your nanny state bullying of our children. Some teachers and administrators at this government school should be fired.

      Due to their corrupt teacher's unions that's not likely to happen, but we can take solace in the fact that their unions have so screwed up Illinois government that these teacher clowns will never see their pensions.


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