Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Laurino/D'Amico Democrats Give Sauganash Homeowners An Offer They Can't Refuse

For as far as the eye can see along Devon, D'Amico and Quinn signs:
Dem 39th ward heelers gave homeowners "an offer they couldn't refuse"

In the affluent Edgebrook/Sauganash Northwest Chicago neighborhood, there is a little down scale patch called "Sauganash Park." It's the area just East of the stately Queen of All Saints Basilica on Devon Avenue.

Unlike the mega bucks, clout heavy Democrat contractors and white collar patronage types who occupy the stately mansions in the real Sauganash and Edgebrook to the West, the denizens of these little cottages are patronage wannabees and low level hacks.
Alderman Tony Laurino , John D'Amico's
great uncle died during his trial for federal corruption

One is a Latino Cook County Sheriff's Cop whose County cop car is apparently his personal vehicle as it's always in front of his home on Kostner at Devon.

Nice little government perk, huh?

Anyway, Saturday, the 39th Ward Democrat ward heelers were out in force putting campaign signs for State Representative John D'Amico and Governor Pat Quinn on the lawns of the cottages along high visibility Devon Avenue.

A full 90 percent of the homes on the 7 block stretch from Pulaski to Kostner had both signs on their lawns. (See photo above)

D'Amico is a long time Democratic party hack who, after graduating from the laughably idiotic, Northeastern Illinois (high school with ashtrays) University, got a job in the Chicago Department of Water.

In fact he's still on the payroll as a foreman with the city water department, while also pulling down a second government check from his gig as a Madigan rubber stamp State Representative in Springfield.

John D'Amico's aunt is none other than the 39th Ward Democrat Alderman Margaret Laurino, whose husband, Randy Barnette is the 39th Ward Democrat Committeeman and whose brother, William Laurino, formerly held the State Rep. seat currently kept warm by nephew John.

Margaret Laurino, herself, inherited the Aldermanic seat from her daddy, Alderman Anthony C. Laurino. When he resigned in '94, after 30 years in the job, due to "poor health" she was appointed by Richie Daley to head up the family Aldermanic fiefdom.
It's all in the family: John D'Amico's aunt,
Alderman Margaret Laurino

Unfortunately, a year later, Don Tony Laurino was pinched by the Feds for a ghost payrolling scheme.

Before his federal trial could be concluded, Don Tony Laurino kicked the bucket.

But Alderman Margaret Laurino's mom, Bonnie Laurino and her sister, Marie D'Amico and her brother in law, John D'Amico Sr., were convicted of racketeering.

But Chicago is a forgiving place and not one to impart the crimes of the parents to the children, so John C. D'Amico Jr., of city water department fame, is a respected member of the Illinois House of Representatives, who when Speaker Michael Madigan says, "Jump" is honored to ask, "How high?"

So you see, in Chicago, it's all in the family. In this case we're talking about the storied Laurino and D'Amico families.

And if you're wondering why 90% of those homeowners on Devon Avenue agreed to have those signs for Quinn and D'Amico on their lawns, well, you can pretty well assume that Alderman Laurino's boys gave them an offer they couldn't refuse.


  1. So, the headline implies they were coerced into keeping those signs on the lawn. But nowhere in the article is there a peep about it...instead it's just a diatribe about some corrupt folks. Pretty stupid article...the mention of the signs is a complete non-sequitur.

    1. No that comment is pretty stupid. What do you call it when two big mugs from the Alderman's office show up at your door with a load of campaign signs and say the Alderman would be very happy if you'd let us put one on your lawn for her nephew and everybody else on your block has agreed and you don't wnt to be the only one who wouldn't, would you?

      Whoever wrote that comment either was born yesterday or has never lived in the city or maybe both.

    2. I saw the ward heelers going door to door with an armful of signs. Many of those homes belong to recent immigrants and I haven't seen a poll sheet, but I'd bet many aren't citizens and aren't registered to vote.

      For 3d worlders coming from authoritarian countries, like Marcos' Phillipines, you can bet that when a govt. representative shows up at their door, there is at least a whiff of intimidation in the air.

  2. I don't see how Americans can complain about the nepotism and family line of succession in crazy North Korea. We have the same thing all over Chicago.



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