Thursday, July 10, 2014

Black Thugs Prey on Chicago Gay Pride Parade-goers: Event May Be Moved Out Of Boystown

You'd never know it if you relied on the mainstream Chicago news media, but the June 29th Chicago Gay Pride Parade was marred for at least the 2nd year, by violent black thugs violently attacking mostly white parade spectators.
Black Thugs Had a Field Day
Robbing and Beating Pride Parade Watchers

Most of the attacks were by-products of robberies.

We know this thanks to the Inside-Booster publications. A lone remnant of the Lerner chain of neighborhood newspapers, they alone chronicled the violent crime attendant to the event. (July 2nd edition, p.1)

Further, they reported that, due to the black-on-white criminality, the openly gay 44th ward alderman, Tom Tunney, said that he may call for the annual event to be moved out of the heavily gay Lakeview neighborhood and relocated to the loop next year.

Here are the Pride parade-related, violent events chronicled by the Inside Booster community newspaper:

--- A woman was robbed of her bookbag and beaten by three black men and two black women at the corner of Addison and Sheffield. Due to the crush of people, police were unable to get to her at the time. They took her statement at 4:51 am at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. 
Scene From the 2009 Black Pride
Montrose Event - Denied a Permit in '14

--- A man and a woman were struck with bottles and robbed near Broadway and Surf by a group of black men who then fled in a navy blue vehicle. A Chicago Fire Department crew passing at the time of the attack, reported a group of 30 young black men fighting and damaging cars at that corner during the time of the attack.

--- A man was beaten and robbed on the sidewalk at 916 W. Belmont. He was evacuated by ambulance.

--- A man was robbed of his wallet and $100 cash by a black male at 901 W. Belmont

--- A man was beaten and robbed under the Red Line El tracks near Belmont by a black male in his 20s

--- A man was beaten and robbed outside Big & Little's restaurant at 1034 W. Belmont

According to the paper, this was at least the second year in which the Pride festivities were marked by widespread victimization of the largely white attendees by black criminals. In an attempt to avoid this kind of crime, the city this year denied a park permit to organizers of an annual "Black Pride" gathering at nearby Montrose harbor.

But several hundred blacks gathered at Montrose beach rocks for the simultaneous event, despite the lack of a permit. That event was marked by 4 shooting incidents.

Alderman Tom Tunney told WBBM-TV news that he is "evaluating alternative locations for the next year's pride parade. "We hear from our residents that they don't feel safe in their neighborhood...If there is an option to move it downtown, I'm not afraid to look at it," Tunney said.

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