Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Burrito Bruce" Rauner Wants Amnesty For Illegal Aliens: Says So In Latino Newspaper

Just as the immigration invasion has now become the #1 issue of concern to Republicans, per an August Gallup poll, the mega bucks, Illinois RINO running for Governor, Bruce Rauner, comes out publicly for amnesty for illegal aliens.
Rauner pandering to Latino immigrants in Chicago

Rauner did that in a pandering op ed published in the HOY, Spanish language Chicago newspaper.

Not only did he come out for granting amnesty to illegal aliens, but he also trashed Republicans for opposing it:

"...some Republicans are downright hostile to immigrants, failing to recognize that America’s past, present, and future would not be nearly as bright and prosperous without our culture and heritage of immigration."

Rauner also repeated the mythological hogwash that Obama's administration has been deporting illegal aliens at a record rate. Even the LA Times exposed the fact that Obama & Co. had cooked the books on deportations, counting turnarounds at the border as "deportations."

But, no doubt spurred on by his lefty establishment GOP campaign operatives, Rauner blathered out that little bit of Democrat propaganda.

As we reported several weeks ago, Bruce Rauner and his lefty Jewish wife, Diana, have been big financial contributors to the open borders, pro amnesty immigration lobby group, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

So make no mistake about it. Bruce Rauner is an open borders, pro amnesty, cheap labor immigration pimp.

The good news is that increasing numbers of voters on the rightward edges of both parties are getting wise to Rauner's "liberal in drag" persona.

Many are going to simply stay at home on election day.

Some will throw away their Gubernatorial vote on the Libertarian Governor candidate, Chad Grimm, who's now polling 6% in statewide polls.
Many disaffected conservatives are casting
 protest votes for Libertarian Chad Grimm

And some of the aggrieved right to lifers and family values voters are even talking about casting a strategic vote for Democrat Pat Quinn. That recently ignited a huge controversy in the Illinois Review.

What is becoming clear, is that Bruce Rauner's pandering better get him lots of Latino voters legal and otherwise.

With conservatives deserting Rauner in droves, he's going to need his amigos down in Pilsen and Little Village voting early and often.


  1. Rauner will say anything to get into office. He couldn't care less about the illegals. Just like his carpet bagging Jewish buddy, Rahm, his wealth keeps him isolated from the crime and destruction. Once his family and buddies from the North shore milk all the city and state contracts and let the place burn down, they'll be long gone on some tropical island. I for one am putting in my protest vote for the Libertarian candidate. Its better than pissing away my vote for any these other goofs.

    1. How much you wanna bet that if Rauner loses, he's wiping the dust of this God forsaken icy hellhole off of his feet and moving to some nice and warm, and safe tax haven?

    2. I'm sure Rauner will be spending his winters in some nice Florida condo and the beach. This con man knows how to work the system get around these tax laws. How does his daughter live in Wilmette but go to school at Walter Payton high? Money and connections.

  2. I won't vote for Quinn and if Rauner says he's for Chicago being a sanctuary city, I won't vote for him. Democrats have destroyed this city and our culture and the Republicans are going in the same direction.

    1. National Republicans, overall, are good on immigration control. But I can't think of a single member of the IL GOP Congressional delegation who is a hard liner. Even conservative Peter Roskam wants more H IB work visas for foreigners that put Americans out of high tech jobs. Maybe Hultgren is OK, but I'm not sure. And Oberweiss has abandoned his hard line immigration stand and now wants some kind of guest worker program, that you know will become a gateway for more illegals to simply stay here.

  3. I am not voting for Rauner or Quinn.

    There is not advantage to either of them. I do plan to vote a otherwise complete Republican ticket,
    and will need to hold my nose to do it, for all federal elective offices and other posts.

    Rauner is no different than all the other globalists who want to OWN the govt and both parties as their private property, and pay for the right to do so.

    Rauner wants cheap slaves,and a flooded labor market to ensure he can hire only who he wants and then pass all the costs of those he is done with on to the working class citizenry.

    Any company that hires any non citizen needs to swear that it cannot find a citizen who will apply, and that it has exhausted all efforts to do so, AND...
    they will sign off on a legal obligation that the alien they hire will be their companies and personal obligation to cover ALL EXPENSES for in perpetuity, along with any kids or dependents the alien has in the USA, for the next 3 generations.. The company or owners cannot ever discharge these debts in bankruptcy unless they arrange and pay for transporting the entire aliens family OUT OF the USA permanently.

    If the alien harms someone and cannot pay, Rauner and his ilk will be fully and permanently financially responsible, if the alien is disabled, he cannot claim any social benefits and Rauner and his ilk must support his entire family permanently (not taxpayers).

    With this common sense approach obligating the companies who first hire the alien to pay his costs permanently - which cannot be passed off on working class taxpayers anymore - lets see how many of Rauner's ilk will hire even ONE.

    I am all for folks like Rauner and Quinn who claim to love endless millions of mexicans to move themselves and their families to Mexico to PROVE how much they love these folks, not flood MY neighborhood with latinos.

  4. " I do plan to vote a otherwise complete Republican ticket,
    and will need to hold my nose to do it, for all federal elective offices and other posts."

    You sure you want to include Cross and Topinka in that?


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