Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Riverside/Brookfield And Highland Park/Deerfield Voters Tell Big Education To P-Off

Voters in the the Riverside/Brookfield High School District 208 and the Highland Park/Deerfield High School District 113 yesterday decisively told their education establishments they could just forget about higher taxes.

In the Southwest suburban District 208, the margin was a lopsided 77% to 23% against the proposed tax hike, which would have boosted the average homeowners tax bill by about $800.

Even the liberal Democrats in Highland Park/Deerfield District 113 said they too were having none of it by a clear margin of 56% to 43%.

Earlier in the month, we here at the Lampoon were happy to do our little bit by publishing the salaries of all the teachers and administrators in these districts, which proved to be generous at least and opulent, at worst. With the referendum looming, the traffic to those postings on our humble blog was extraordinary.

Apparently, voters in the two areas were less than bowled over by educators pleas of poverty in light of our disclosures of dancing instructors and drivers ed teachers pulling down more than 6 figure salaries for their nine month gigs.


  1. I love this! How awesome to see the voters take a stand like this!

    I'm sure all your posts on what the teachers of IL are up to helped some too. :)

  2. They may have. More than 600 people from Highland Park tuned in to the one on their salaries and you must think that some of them were opinion leaders who passed the word along.
    Same big numbers too in other areas with salaries posted.


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