Friday, April 15, 2011

Hitmen and Illegal Aliens: Come to Sanctuary Chicago

News today that a Russian Canadian, Dimitry Smirnov, drove to suburban Chicago where he murdered his ex-girlfriend, a Westmont resident, after researching that Illinois had no death penalty law.

And word on April 2nd, that an illegal alien, who had been deported back to Mexico, returned to Chicago where he stabbed his ex-girlfriend at her Albany Park home.

Illinois' Governor Pat Quinn, amid much fanfare, announced on March 9th that he was outlawing the death penalty in Illinois.

More than a decade ago,the Chicago City Council voted to make Chicago a "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens, whereby police can make no active effort to locate illegal aliens and turn them over for deportation.

So one woman is dead and another is nursing serious stab wounds because they were in the Chicago area, where soft-hearted liberals make the laws.

Not only has Illinois become a sanctuary and a safe haven for errant liberal state legislators from Wisconsin and Indiana, but it has now become a sanctuary for methodical murderers.

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  1. Isn't that disgusting? Dr Lott had a post on the guy who checked out our death penalty law.

    Know what else? Remember the BTK serial killer? How he stopped for like 25 or 30 years? His cessation was coincidentally for the same time period as Kansas had decided to re-institute the death penalty. Once they stopped it again, BTK came back out.

    And they say the death penalty doesn't deter crime. *eyeroll*


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