Friday, April 22, 2011

The Misogynist Murderer Who Founded Earth Day: Ira Einhorn

Ira Einhorn mug shots

Today is Earth Day. It is also Good Friday and while the kids at the Catholic schools are reflecting on the passion and death of the Christian Messiah and the kids at the Jewish Yeshivas are reflecting on the Passover deliverance of the chosen people, the kids at the government schools are worshiping the pagan Earth goddess Gaia.

Last year, we celebrated this concocted secular religious event by noting the efforts of Jerome Rodale.

He was the cockamamie founder of the organic foods movement. He croaked before a live studio audience on the set of the Dick Cavett Show after boasting that he would live to 100 because of his healthy diet.

Organic Foods Guru Jerome Rodale

This year, we wish to bring to light the celebrated founder of Earth Day, Ira Einhorn.

He was a 60s radical activist and eco-freak. He gave a rousing inspirational oration to a multitude of tree huggers at his 1st Earth Day rally in Philadelphia in 1970.

In 1978, it was discovered that he had murdered his ex-girlfriend and stuffed her body in a trunk in his closet where it had been decomposing for several years.

Presumably the concerned environmentalist was intent on recycling the girl's organic remains as garden mulch.

After jumping bond and spending 16 years on the lam in Europe, in '97 he was caught in France, extradited and convicted to a life sentence for the murder, which he is now serving in the Pennsylvania State Penetentiary at Houtzdale.

Oddly, the environmental movement has been quite mum over the colorful histories of their iconic Earth Day pioneer and their organic foods guru.

I guess you won't be seeing their bios in the Eco-Religionist's "Lives of the Saints."


  1. I remember hearing about that Einhorn guy. What a tool.

    What is it about the Left that they're so enamored with law breakers? I'll never get it, thankfully.

    Hope you've had a wonderful Easter, CL. :D

  2. I also discovered that Wikipedia had a group of pro-environmentalists edit its Earth Day page and other eco pages. They sanitized out all mention of Einhorn -- down the Orwellian memory hole. But a photo was found in a PA college archive that shows Einhorn on stage addressing the 1st Earth Day throng in Philly.


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