Monday, April 25, 2011

Skokie's Cash-Happy Fairview SD 72: Teachers' Salaries Listed

(Editor's Note: The salary list was updated on 9/8/12 to reflect the personnel and salaries for the 2011 reporting period, the latest one currently available. Those who looked at the 2010 salary list will note that despite the economic crisis, they all got nice pay hikes over the past year.)

The little 607-student Fairview School District 72 in Skokie made big news last month when the Chicago Tribune disclosed that it was hoarding more taxpayers cash than any other in the entire state.

Fairview SD 72 has cash in the amount of 161% of its annual operating needs stuffed into its mattress. The Illinois State Board of Education says a school district is in good shape if it puts aside 25% for a rainy day. Fairview is apparently hunkering down for a flood of biblical proportions.

When the much maligned Sarah Palin's State of Alaska has too much tax revenue on its hands it does a very peculiar thing. It sends the excess back to the taxpayers.

Up there, they view the taxpayers' money as being the taxpayers' money.

Not so with the big spenders in Skokie's Fairview education establishment.

They view the taxpayers' money as being their money.

Little wonder given the fat payroll that they have to meet with their top-heavy administration and unionized teachers.

Posted below is a complete list of the 2010 teachers' and administrators' salaries for Fairview SD 72. It was compiled pursuant to a Freedom of Information suit by the Family Taxpayers Foundation.

(A spreadsheet with more details including years of service and teaching specialty can be seen at the FTF website by clicking  on the teacher's name.)

Among the highlights of the salary report:

--- 4 administrators each pulling down more than 6 figures
--- A battalion of 7 "Learning Behavior Specialists" costing $418k
--- A $126k social studies teacher
--- A $94k singing teacher
--- An $85k nurse
--- A $90k guidance counselor
--- 2 Social workers and a psychologist divvying up $130k
--- 4 gym teachers, with one hauling down $90k
--- A $99k reading teacher

Most of these salaries are for 9 or 10 months on the job. Upon retirement, under the union contract's pension formula they will be able to haul down as much as 85% of the average of their highest 3 year's salaries, for the rest of their lives.

Fairview SD 72 2011 Download data

Adamski, Amy$63,140
Alexis, Despina$78,637
Altschul, Miranda$78,033
Aronin, Rachel$62,596
Ashman, Eve$52,024
Berglund, Ryan$51,358
Brotsky, Emily$69,764
Bucur, Maria$74,309
Cara, Erin$100,264
Che, Jenny$59,856
Christopherson, Natacha$37,107
Conner, Nicholas$58,015
Cory, Barry$79,175
Curry, Lauren$59,947
Ebley, Carolyn$55,538
Florea, Sarah$61,706
Glascott, Stacy$59,733
Godfrey, Kristen$68,925
Gonzalez, Bernadette$96,919
Gross, Carly$66,729
Hilgendorf, Lisa$49,767
Hoffman, Rebecca$51,628
Holtzman, Judith$118,066
Hungerford, Cheryl$84,705
Israel, Karyn$98,845
Johnson, Michael$56,994
Kenny, Janet$94,994
Koliana, Arbella$62,114
Kopinski, Lindsay$45,520
Laufenberg, Courtney$56,609
Lopatka, Michael$56,859
MacLennan, Katherine$59,973
Malek, Lisa$76,823
Marcus, Kate$53,410
Mason, Patricia$71,779
Massoth, Grendolyn$81,528
McCarthy, Meredith$78,245
McConnell, Matt$57,564
McLone, Shannon$59,916
Mechling, Nissa$73,673
Melnick, Aaron$95,876
Mendak, Peggy Ann$110,762
Messino, Marion$53,706
Noonan, Kathleen$49,358
Olsen, Rachel$90,857
Page Coles, Michelle$49,528
Perez, Francisco$129,856
Porter, Christine$105,107
Quinn, Pamela$51,295
Raciti, Sandra$72,693
Rodas, Carrie$57,229
Runkle, Amy$77,966
Russo, David$128,425
Russo, Janet$113,334
Ryan, Mary$73,327
Schwartz, Brooke$84,729
Shillington, Patricia$91,870
Stucker, Elizabeth$102,762
Sylvester, Christina$59,627
Toni, Yolanda$75,287
Vande Zande, Evan$56,722
Wagner, Kelly$60,383
White, Laurie$73,089
Whittaker, Cindy$217,52

This completes the 2011 report of teachers' and administrators' salaries for Skokie Fairview School District 72.


  1. I should have been a reading teacher. *sigh* No one paid me to teach my kids how to read.


    A unionized government teacher teaching your kids reading, while dreaming of her own impending retirement in Aruba on her fat taxpayers' pension and then herding your kids into a lunchroom to eat government mandated carrot sticks

    -- $99,000.

    A mom teaching her kids to read, talking to them, instructing them, patiently answering their questions, lovingly making them lunch ---

    - priceless.

    I know this from experience.

  3. Most of the teachers on this list make well below the median income for Skokie, the town they teach in.

    Do some more research into the teacher pension fund to learn that it is privately maintained by their union and supported by union fees, it is not publicly funded by the state or fed.

  4. The first comment is absolutely irrelevant. Most store clerks in Skokie make less than the local median income. So what? Would you argue that anyone teaching in Lake Forest should be salaried at the median income there?

    Salaries are supposed to be determined by what the free market will bear and given the fact that private schools manage to find high caliber teachers to work at 35% less, that would indicate that teachers in the unionized government monopoly setting are overpaid.

    The second statement is just wrong.

    The state is required by law to match what the teachers put into their retirement accounts. If that weren't so, then why is the IEA spending a fortune right now on TV and radio advertising, crying that the state government has failed to fully fund their pension accounts?

  5. We've learned that the IEA teachers' union has an army of paid internet monitors who send in comments to sites like ours telling us how wonderful teachers are and how horribly underpaid they are, how their jobs are as grueling as those of coal miners, etc. etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

    So in the future commentators of that sort can't post here anonymously, but must have a verifiable reference.

    The teachers unions have millions to spend on radio and TV advertising and their own expensive website, so they can propagate their drivel there.


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