Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alleged Chicago Cop Rape Was An Interracial Crime: WIND-AM

WIND's Amy Jacobson

WIND radio's Amy Jacobson reported this morning that in the alleged March 30th rape of a North Side woman by 2 on-duty Chicago policemen, the purported perpetrators were Latino men while the victim was "a bubbly blond girl."

Jacobson, a former CBS-2 TV reporter, attributed the information to sources within the Chicago Police department. She said that six other women have made allegations of previous sexual misconduct by the, as yet unidentified, Latino officers.

She also reported that the woman, who was picked up by the two policemen near Wrigleyville and driven to her Rogers Park apartment, was taking medication for bi-polar manic depression.

According to WIND's Jacobson, the officers drank Absolut vodka with the woman, while playing strip poker at her apartment, before both of them had sex with her.

One of them had earlier had sex with the woman in their Police SUV while parked near Broadway and Barry, she said.

The incident has been under investigation by Chicago Police Internal Affairs for the past two weeks and Jacobson said that 911 tapes of the woman's neighbors' calls from the morning of the incident won't be released for another 1 to 2 months.

The identification of the two police criminal suspects as Latinos with a white female victim raises questions as to possible future moves by Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez, a Latina feminist.
Paul Clavijo (l) and Juan Vasquez (r)
The 2 Chicago Cops accused of the North side rape

NEWS UPDATE: Jacobson's information was proven correct as on May 11th, 10 year veteran officers Paul Clavijo and Juan Vasquez were charged in Cook County Criminal court with one count each of criminal sexual assault and one count of official misconduct.

They were suspended without pay from the Chicago Police Department and each released on $500,000 bond. Clavijo is also facing a separate criminal sexual assault charge stemming from a March 10th incident.


  1. Why will it take so long for the phone calls to be released?

    So, let me get this straight - she's drinking with them (after having sex with at least one of them), playing strip poker, bangs them both and then decides to cry rape?

    Okay, I'll give the cops demerits for being stupid dumb-asses, but based on that information, they don't sound like rapists. But perhaps I missed something?

  2. With the new extremely elastic definitions of rape, this would be considered one on any college campus today because she was drunk and apparently on psychotropic drugs.

    I think it's much more than being a stupid dumbass for on-duty cops to offer to pick up a drunken girl have sex in their squad car, buy vodka and drive her to her home, which was out of their district. They sound an awful lot like sexual predators to me.

  3. thanx for the never ending entertainment by the keystone cops out of town hall. how i miss the days when the cops acted like grownups and didn't just frame everyone rather then get actual evidence. this will never die out of the news cycle thanx to facebook&twitter.

  4. i know one of the police officers involved.and he is not a rapist.

  5. I know Paul clavijo and he's a f$#### scumbag I have known him since high-school and we used to hang out

  6. Fire them, then drop their stones in a vice and tighten the screw....


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