Friday, July 15, 2011

Rap(e) Fans Prevail Over Feminists, Gays, Whites At Pitchfork Fest

Odd Future: Anti-white, Anti-women, Anti-gay

A major music festival in Chicago this weekend, is showcasing a black rap group, Odd Future, that overtly sings of murdering white girls, raping girls of any racial group, lesbians defecating in synogogues, and beating the hell out of homosexuals.

Oddly there's nary a peep out of Chicago's progessive liberals. In fact, several noted left-leaning groups are financially sponsoring the event.

The 5th annual Pitchfork Music festival is being held today thru July 17th at Union Park on Chicago's West side.

The appearance of the racist, misogynistic, homophobic group is made possible by the event's sponsors: Heineken Beer, Whole Foods Market, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, The Chicago Reader,Puma, Urban Outfitters, Lifeway Kefir, Zipcar, Emusic, TimeOut Chicago, WXRT radio and several others.

Pitchfork event writer, Sean Fennessey, told the Tribune, "They (Odd Future) rap about raping women. Often."

Here are selected lyrics from the Odd Future rap offering, "Swag Me Out":

"Chillin in class with a bag full of grass
lookin' for a white chick to smoke up and choke up.
I even got that white sniff to come over here and take a whiff
Now you ready to get raped and ate by Mr. Haley?
Imma take your bitch back to my crib
...If you gotta problem bitch, hop on this dick

Nigga don't want you here

so get the fuck out fore I shoot you like a deer.
Two nazi dykes shittin' in a synogogue
Cuz that bitch licks balls from Western to Crenshaw
And her grandma suck dick down in Rimpau
And she masturbates with vaseline and a Ken doll."

Pitchfork spokesman, Ryan Schreiber said, "They are a band that we feel is creative and forward thinking musically."

You can see all of Odd Future's lyrics complete with ebonics translations right here.

Now it is a bit peculiar that the "progressives" in Evanston were a mere two months ago, howling over the sexist misogyny of a businessman who wanted to start an eatery featuring waitresses in sexy "Tilted Kilts."

They indignantly painted pictures of aroused patrons taking to the streets to molest school girls because of the inciteful attire there. They killed that proposal

But no complaints with this black rap group.

And the Chicago Tribune shudders at the thought of mentioning the race of the black mobsters attacking whites on the North side and gays in Boystown.

But no complaints with the overtly anti-white lyrics of this black rap group.

I'm sure that Heineken and Whole Foods and WBEZ Chicago Public Radio have corporate-sponsored seminars on the need for racial sensitivity and respect in the workplace.

But no problem sponsoring this black rap group.

The hypocrisy of the Chicago liberal-progressive establishment is breathtaking.


  1. "Forward thinking."

    Good grief. Years ago I remember hearing that only crazy people never question their own sanity. Sometimes I really believe that.

  2. Can you imagine the reaction is there were some white supremacist rap types doing this in reverse. Heineken WBEZ and the other sponsors would be facing picket lines and boycotts.


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