Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Progress Illinois" Blasts Durbin For Walmart Ties

Chicago's Lefties Still Hate Walmart
Progress Illinois, the voice of zany leftism in the state, reacted to yesterday's opening of the first Walmart in Chicago by reaffirming their call to boycott Walmart and blasting lefty U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin for his ties to the firm.

After long opposition from organized big-labor in Chicago, Walmart finally gained City Council approval to open here and it did so yesterday in the impoverished black Chatham neighborhood.

At a smaller than usual 10k sq. ft. "Walmart Express"  it will provide there, among many other things, discount groceries and fresh produce in an area long lamented by Chicago's libs as a "grocery desert."

And at the new store, Walmart gave jobs to 50 people selected from a pool of neighborhood applicants in high-unemployment Chatham.

Apparently that's not good enough for the loony lefties at Progress Illinois. On their website yesterday they restated their call for a consumer boycott of Walmart and even blasted their champion, Senator Dick Durbin for his ties to the evil corporate giant:
Likes Walmart's Campaign Cash

"Walmart has announced it is donating $20 million to charities and opening several dozen new stores in Chicago area; this is no surprise since records show repeated contact and donations from Walmart PAC to Sen Dick Durbin; Two of Durbins  (sic) former aides, are now lobbyists for the top Democratic powerhouse firm Podesta Group, which lobby's (sic) for Walmart."

Walmart just can't win with Chicago's lefties. If it gave away all of the contents of it's Chatham Walmart Express for free, Progress Illinois would blast them for "cultural insensitivity" for insulting Chatham's residents with handouts.

I wonder, will Dick Durbin move to make amends and mollify his pals over at Progress Illinois by returning all his campaign cash from Walmart?

Don't hold your breath waiting for that one.


  1. Turban Durbin, hahahaha! That's funny! I hadn't heard that one before. :D

    Of course the libs hate Walmart. It's everything the American Dream was about, therefore they hate it.

  2. They also hate it because it stands up to and won't tolerate unions.


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