Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 Armed Blacks Invade Home in Lake Forest: Fruits Of Obama Racial Profiling Law

If you've been thinking that maybe you could insulate your family from urban black crime by amassing a pile of money and moving to tony Lake Forest, think again.

The Lake Forest GazeboNews reported yesterday that a gang of three armed and masked black men are sought in connection with the invasion and armed robbery of an occupied home there, July 8th.

According to the report, the armed invaders bound a woman in duct tape and held her at gunpoint while they ransacked the house stealing jewelry and electronics.

The three suspects are still at large.

It's fortunate that Lake Forest's on-line newspaper hasn't the qualms of the censorious PC "reporters" at the Chicago Tribune who refuse to mention the race of offenders or suspects if they happen to be protected minorities.

The  Tribune's Mary Schmich and Dawn Turner Trice have editorialized that reporting such racial identification serves no useful purpose and makes minorities feel bad.

But this event does raise a matter of important public policy.

It is entirely possible that black criminals are now feeling emboldened to prey upon victims in predominately white suburbs due to the 2004 Illinois racial profiling law.

The bill was proposed by Illinois State Senator Barack Obama in 2000 at the urging of the ACLU.

When in the past, suburban police departments such as Lake Forest's would have found some rationale for stopping suspicious looking blacks cruising an affluent neighborhood, today they can't.

In fact, liberal Highland Park, (just South of Lake Forest) hired an independent investigator to monitor all stops of racial minorities there.

No doubt, that has had a chilling effect on police surveillance of prospective criminals there and, as of 2004, throughout the state of Illinois.

If you're a black burglar, robber or other miscreant just go up to Lake Forest, Highland Park or any other North Shore suburb and case the joints. And if you're stopped by the cops and questioned, yell "racial profiling."

And call Barack Obama's Justice Department.


  1. Well now, that didn't take long at all!


    Really, it was just a matter of time. And us sitting ducks with no concealed carry law. No carry law of any kind! *grumble*

    Or Castle Doctrine either.

  2. Of course, I'm not sure I'm going to shed too many tears for the Lake Foresters. They now elect Democrats and their remaining "Republicans" are generally so liberal as to not even merit the label.


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