Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cook County Board May Free Illegal Aliens From County Jail Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning the Cook County Board will consider Commissioner Jesus Garcia's (D-Chi) bill to require the county jail to release illegal aliens being held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unless they have been convicted of a felony or two misdemeanors.

Currently Cook County jail remands 6 illegal aliens a day over to ICE.

This is the latest in the effort of Chicago multiculturalists and open borders enthusiasts to nullify American immigration laws locally.
Latino-centric pol, Garcia

This comes on top of Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart's July 11th announcement that he was unilaterally looking into legal ways that his office could cease co-operation with ICE.

According to WBEZ radio, if Dart suspends enforcement of immigration laws or if Garcia's bill should pass, it would make Cook County the largest local government entity in the nation to be in non-compliance with US law.

And Garcia's new bill also comes on top of Cook County State's Attorney, Anita Alverez' March 25th decision to evict ICE from the Cook County Court Building, where it had been assessing the immigration status of arrestees and putting a "hold order" on those found to be illegally here.

Sheriff Tom Dart: Cultural Marxist?

The elected Chicago pols who are opposed to enforcement of US immigration laws are undermining them in a manner that can only be described as "death by 1,000 cuts."

Tomorrow morning, the Cook County Board of Commissioners, should it pass Jesus Garcia's de facto local amnesty, could deliver the local coup de grace to our duly constituted immigration laws.

Oh, by the way. The last person to be put on hold for deportation before Alvarez kicked ICE out of the courthouse was one Marek Tomaszewska.

He was arrested for attempted murder for beating his ex-girlfriend into an inch of her life. He pushed her to the ground and repeatedly kicked her in the face. He had a previous battery conviction in this country. He is eligible for deportation and is being held at the Cook County jail.

He could be the last deportee from Chicago.

NEWS UPDATE 11/27/11 -- At 11th hour during the Wednesday morning Cook County Board meeting, Mr. Garcia announced that he was withdrawing the bill from consideration in order to "rethink it." Apparently this San Francisco-styled amnesty plan was a trifle too zany for even the Cook County Board of Commissioners.


  1. Because crime in Chicago wasn't bad enough! Genius! Now in addition to the mobs of black youths, we'll have mobs of illegals! Won't it be grand?! What won't the libs think of next.


  2. Notice how the illegal alien lobby always has some lame excuse for weakening enforcement of the laws? Oh, this immigrant was only caught drunk driving, you can't deport him for that and upset his whole family. Sooner or later something is gonna give.

    The cultural Marxists can't really be ignorant of the fact that popular resentment is reaching a breaking point. They may one day, soon enough, have hell to pay, just as the American Left had hell to pay in the "Who lost China?" debate of the 50s.


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