Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paul McCartney Coming To Chicago: Lock Up The Wives & Daughters

Former Wings front man, Sir Paul McCartney, will be coming to Chicago for two performances at Wrigley Field on July 31st and August 1st.

For $6,200 you will be able to score a front and center seat on the Wrigley outfield grass. The more economy minded will be able to view the event with binoculars from the upper deck nosebleed seats for a mere $170.

The 69 year old author of When I'm 64, YesterdayMichelle and countless other pop classics really can't be doing it for the cash.

Despite his most recent costly divorce from the charming Heather "Pegleg" Mills, his net worth was still estimated to be $1.2 billion in 2009. So why is he coming?

I think he's coming for the chicks.

Despite McCartney's meticulously honed PR image as "the cute Beatle", "grieving widower", and "devoted family man" the fact is Sir Paul has (during his past touring days, at least) been as horny and prolific as an alley tomcat.

It was all pretty much covered up by the Beatles' massive publicity machinery at the time, but according to Beatles biographer, Albert Goldman, Paul was the worst of the lot when it came to keeping it in his pants.

He quotes Cynthia Lennon as saying, "Paul was the town bull."

In his very unauthorized 1988 book, The Lives of John Lennon, Goldman chronicles the paternity suits against Paul that cost the Fab Four millions in lost revenue. It seems that McCartney, while on tour, suffered more bimbo eruptions than Bill Clinton during his White House years.

First there was the Anita Cochrane affair.
Paul's Illegitimate English son
Phillip Paul Cochrane with mother Anita

It seems that in 1963, Paul knocked up a 16 year old English groupie leaving her quite preggers. According to Goldman (P.177) the distraught girl repeatedly and fruitlessly tried to contact Paul by letter and telegram to apprise him of the impending birth of their son.

Only when Cochrane's family filed a formal legal paternity action did the millionaire Beatle take notice, offering a paltry $7.50 a week in child support.

Beatles Manager, Brian Epstein, eventually hushed the matter up by settling a $14,000 settlement on the teenage mother in exchange for a (since broken) non-disclosure agreement.

The kid today looks surprisingly like Paul in his prime.

And then there was the Erika Huebers affair.
While performing with the Beatles in Hamburg in '62, Paul had an extended affair with the 19 year old platinum blonde waitress, who gave birth to a daughter in December of that year, alone, in a hostel for impecunious unwed mothers.

According to Goldman (p. 139) the, then unemployed, Huebers pleaded via mail with Paul to send her some money for their daughter. Once again, the "cute Beatle" did the disappearing act, only taking notice when a German court found against him in absentia.

This ended up costing the Beatles big-time, since to avoid having their concert fees garnisheed, the Beatles had to avoid Germany entirely during their peak concert years.

Only in 1966 did the Beatles play Germany again after Paul finally settled with the mother for around $13,000.

(This case was reopened in 2007 with the now 46 year old daughter claiming that McCartney fraudulently faked paternity blood tests.)
The 69 year old McCartney

Word is now that the ever-virile vegetarian is about to embark on his third trip down the matrimonial aisle, sometime this summer with New York millionnaire, Nancy Shevell.

I wonder if the sextagenarian sexual athlete,Paul McCartney, will be spending his waning days of bachelorhood once again sowing his wild oats -- this time here in Chicago.

At 69, I'd guess he'd better bring an ample supply of viagara.


  1. Ugh! You couldn't pay me to go see him!

    We are not Beatles fans in my house, lol.

  2. Are you still pissed because back in '66 John Lennon said the Beatles were becoming bigger than Jesus?

  3. My husband likes to say that John has a much better theology now. ;)

    I grew to hate them in high school, when I had a step-brother who loved them, and would blast their records all hours of the day and night to annoy me. It worked! And it still hasn't worn off yet, lol.

  4. I think Paul should man up finally and take a dna test for these children I don't know who the poor waitress daughter looks like, But Philip looks like Paul nothing about James has the looks of his mother the most beautiful creature. NOT NOT NOT YEA YEH YEH TRY A BEAUTY QUEEN FOR ONCE PAUL.

    1. You're right. He should take a DNA test and straighten this out once and for all. It's not as if he doesn't have the dough to make amends.


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