Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rahm's Readers Take Challange (sic) Become Traslators (sic)

The Chicago Mayor's office in conjunction with the Chicago Public Library system is running a summer kids' book reading program.
Rahm's Readers don't need to know how to spell...

In deference to the hyper-PR conscious mayor, they're using the catchy term "Rahm's Readers" to describe participants in the CPL's summer learning challenge 2014 program.

A big sign in the Sulzer Regional Chicago Public Library urged kids to take the "challange (sic)" to become one of "Rahm's Readers."

Challenge was misspelled on the library's big sign (see photo above)

The hand crafted sign was obviously the work of some fine product of the CPS (affectionately referred to as the Chicago Public Sewer System) schools.

But hey, you don't have to really know how to properly spell English words to succeed in this dumbed-down multicultural and blissfully "diverse" city.

You can always just go to the First Western Tax Service on the 4500 block of North Western Ave. and get a job as a traslator doing Spanish/English "traslations(sic)." That's how it was painted on the sign in the window there (see photo below)
...they can always get jobs as Spanish/English "traslators"

The sign in the obviously Latino-owned shop seemed to have all the Spanish words spelled correctly. Just the "traslations" into English were a bit off.

For instance, Notario Publico became "Public Notary" rather than "Notary Public" in "traslation."

Oh, well, can it really matter? If the Chamber of Commerce cheap labor crony-capitalists and the left-wing Obamaites push through amnesty for illegal aliens, we'll all be communicating in crude hand gestures and pig-Espanol anyway.

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