Monday, May 19, 2014

Illegal Eats for Illegal Aliens in Chicago's 50th Ward

Not only do Chicago's illegal aliens get a free pass on being here illegally - and working here illegally -- but now they can set up food stands on city sidewalks and sell tacos and burritos here illegally.
Unregulated illegal alien taco stand
at Bernard and Lincoln

At least in Alderwoman Silverstein's 50th ward, they can.

On the public sidewalk, at the corner of Bernard St. and Lincoln Ave, just outside the Home Depot at 6211 Lincoln Ave., an illegal taco stand has been operating, rain or shine, for the past 6 months.

The amigos who sling the salsa there do a brisk business. That's because this North Side Home Depot, like many others, is an impromptu hiring center for illegal alien labor.

A throng of amigos hang out in the parking lot of the Lincoln Ave Home Depot, waiting for some cheap labor pimp to come by and hire them to do jobs Americans won't do at the slave wages these money grubbing, lawbreaking overseers offer.

And the amigos gotta eat, hence the illegal taco stand on the public sidewalk outside the Home Depot.
Ald. Debra "Double Standard"Silverstein

There is no City of Chicago food provider's license on the Tacos De Cabeza cart. I can't imagine that these taco slingers regularly (if ever) wash their hands. Has the food been properly refrigerated and cooked? Who knows. Any rodents or bugs around? Not a clue. Anyone collecting and reporting sales taxes here? Not on your life.

But those are worries for the taxpaying, law-abiding, gringo chumps. Because this is "Sanctuary City" Chicago. And as far as the illegal alien horde is concerned, "Laws. Laws? We don't need no stinkin' laws."

And why should they worry?

 Leftist Democrat pols like 50th Ward Alderman Debra Silverstein and her husband, State Sen. Ira Silverstein have given them de-facto amnesty for all American laws broken -- past or future. Kind of a catch-all "Dream Act" for Chicago's illegal aliens.


  1. It's true and it's disgusting they have more places for them to receive illegal public aid and programs. But then look for programs and places for them to learn English. Forget about it English what's that they don't want to speak or learn English because a vast majority of them here illegally are very ignorant!

    1. You are quite right, Adam. Yet the megabucks IEA teachers' union wants more ESL - English as a Second language programs, because it means more union JOBS!! The kids can be damned as far as they're concerned -- who cares about the American kids whose schools will now be populated by this onslaught of the offspring of illegal alien invaders?


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