Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hinsdale High Neo-Fascists Suspend Kid for Gun T-Shirt: Teachers Salaries Listed

(Ed. Note: The complete list of names and salaries for all Hinsdale SD 68 teachers and administrators appears at the end of this article.)

18 year old Chris Borg was suspended last week by the dangerously dimwitted and wildly overpaid government educrats who run the Hinsdale Central High School.
Hinsdale High Supt.
Bruce "Pencil Neck"Law

He was suspended for wearing a T-shirt which depicted a long gun and the web address of a pro-2nd Amendment organization.

Some eagle-eyed Hinsdale High hall monitor espied the politically incorrect T-shirt and immediately judged it to be "unsafe and disruptive." 

Then the chief school hall monitor, one Kimberly Dever, who shakes down the taxpayers for $130k a year and also goes by the title of dean, told Borg he had to turn the shirt inside out or be suspended. Borg said "nuts" to that blatant violation of his free speech rights and was suspended for a day. 

Then the Grand High Hall Monitor, one Bruce (Pencil Neck) Law, who hauls down a cool $155k a year and also goes by the title of Superintendent, upheld Borg's suspension.

He said it was OK to ban expressions "when it's offensive, when it's predicted to be offensive, when it promotes drugs, alcohol, violence."
Would this T-Shirt be banned?

I wonder if there is any conceivable T-shirt on today's market that could not be predicted to be offensiveto somebody, somewhere.

Does Hinsdale High ban Malcolm X T-shirts? Mexican flag T-shirts? Che Guevara T-shirts? American Flag T-shirts? How about the popular "Don't be a Jackass" T-Shirt with the Democrat Party logo?

We're guessing only the latter 2.

So anyway, with the support of his dad, who admires his principled stand, Borg is appealing to have the suspension removed from his record. For this, the arbiter is the school's principal. 

But if that fails, there is also the possibility of a court challenge to Hinsdale SD 86, with the backing of the legal arm of the Illinois State Rifle Association.

BTW, Hinsdale High School has assigned Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper as required summer reading. 
Hinsdale High's Chief Hall Monitor
and Thought Policeman Kimberly Dever

According to the American Library Association, that is in the top 10 most challenged and banned books in the US for its "Sexism, Homosexuality, Sexually Explicit Offensive Language, Religious Viewpoint, Unsuitability to Age Group, Drugs, Suicide, Violence."

I think that one can reasonably predict it to be offensive to somebody, somewhere. So crack hall monitors and offensive expression censors, Kimberly Dever and Bruce Law had better get out the flame throwers and commit that tome to the ash heap.

George Orwell's 1984 is also on Hinsdale High School's summer reading list. Dever and Law would do well to expand their feeble minds by reading it.

Below is a complete list of the names and salaries of the teachers and administrators of the Hinsdale High School system. 

They were garnered by the Family Taxpayers Foundation via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. They are the latest available (2012) figures and will be updated as new data becomes available.

Note that in most cases, these salaries are for a mere 9 months work. An astonishing 58% are hauling down more than 6 figures a year for these 3 season gigs. You can get further data on the individual government school employee by clicking on the individual payroller's name:

Here are the latest available (2012) names and salaries of the teachers and administrators of Hinsdale High School District 68:

Hinsdale Twp HSD 86 2012 Download data

Alejandro, Heather$109,352
Amolsch, Jarrod$130,165
Anderson, David$155,622
Aquino, Katie$96,927
Arroyo, Edmund$116,138
Aurich, Robert$105,775
Baker, Cynthia$135,848
Baker, Julia$99,079
Baker, Pamela$168,797
Bannon, Elizabeth$143,847
Barber, Robert$113,751

Barcelona, Lilybell
Barranco, Aimee$122,986
Barry, Michael$75,037
Bauer, Mallory$77,941
Begley, Joseph$163,983
Belmonte, Jennifer$70,291
Belsan, Brittny$65,626
Berenson, Jacqueline$56,676
Betker, Nancy$136,584
Bieterman, Richard$82,955
Billie, Christine$87,394
Bingham, Tiffany$66,310
Bitto, Alexander$125,082
Blanco, Nicole$98,384
Bobo, Carol$133,677
Bolton, Katherine$113,607
Bondi, James$110,804
Bonet, Norma$129,174
Bonner, David$102,760
Bowman, John$124,343
Breig, Anna$128,876
Breig, Marvin$128,504
Brogan, Randolph$76,299
Bruesch, John$123,516
Bryla, James$30,975
Burge, Karrie$85,243
Burkemper, Jennifer$97,575
Burnett de Medina, Mary$76,852
Burrell, Angelique$127,378
Burtnette, Jorie$59,314
Butler, Candy$132,825
Canavan, Dylan$100,035
Carey, Laura$111,608
Carl, Tamra$84,865
Carroll, Amy$37,107
Cazzato, Keri$117,646
Cazzato, Rick$135,103
Chandler, Gina$86,807
Charters, John$142,601
Chokshi, Arpan$62,386
Chrapkowski, Taryn$84,229
Ciolino, Carol$65,910
Coit, Megan$48,810
Colianni, Alexis$139,690
Conyer, Kraig$119,534
Conyer, Maria$42,335
Corvino, Ann$33,369
Courtney, Troy$129,958
Cousineau, Michael$109,797
Crandell, James$152,573
Cronin, Justin$63,188
Cummings, Jennifer$133,699
Dalrymple, Jennifer$94,530
Daly, Daniel$137,580
Davis, Timothy$127,730
De Angelis-Marshall, Annette$120,712
Defalco, Joseph$174,719
Delgiudice, Amanda$56,419
Demay, Callie$59,477
Dever, Kimberly$129,168
Diaz, Areli$58,490
Dickerson, James$99,042
DiDomenico, James$75,345
DiMarco, Laura$55,444
DiMatteo, Michael$113,299
Dixon, Deborah$98,371
Dolan, Constance$79,443
Doll, Matthew$123,475
Donaldson, Jeanne$89,187
Doorhy, Mary Kay$58,310
Doran, Vincent$126,898
Dorrance, Thomas$137,605
Doss, Susan$86,045
Downing, Walter$99,545
Doyle, Mary Kathleen$113,024
Dunlavy, John$89,463
Dunlavy, Kasey$59,613
Eagan, Jeffrey$141,102
Edsey, Steve$122,672
Elo, Lisa$120,567
Engleman, Robert$136,166
Eubanks, Henry$123,348
Faeh, Paul$105,486
Fehrman, Heather$117,585
Feigh, Timothy$169,643
Fernandez, Lisa$144,231
Ferrone, Christine$122,715
Fetty, David$129,960
Fichter, Jennifer$108,621
Formanski, Edward$116,729
Foy, Shannon$126,747
Fratella, Erin$94,617
Fredlund, Elizabeth$61,824
Frees, Kris$114,188
Freiler, Christopher$136,612
Friebel, Jared$89,629
Frost, Kristi$106,181
Gabric, Kathleen$127,395
Gagliano, Gina$127,011
Gamen, Gary$149,877
Gardner, Gregory$111,801
Gaubatz, Julie$135,828
Gawlik, Matthew$124,298
Gawlik, Randy$125,850
Gebhart, Nicholas$100,134
Georgeow, Gia$70,098
Giles, Kathleen$99,114
Gillette, Courtney$91,742
Goeke, Matthew$51,639
Gogo, Cheri$40,378
Goodman Bronke, Kristen$105,680
Gotlund, Robert$56,021
Grady, Susan$100,342
Graham, Jennifer$121,006
Green, Abbey$77,246
Griffin, Brian$84,303
Gross, Steven$124,769
Gross, Susan$90,738
Gunderson, Alyssa$113,848
Guritz, Matthew$160,302
Hahn, Rosemary$138,287
Hallihan, Adam$77,820
Harper, Nancy$110,704
Hatzikostantis, Lynn$75,192
Hayes, C. Jason$94,554
Hein-Doege, Kari$93,811
Hicks, Christine$150,272
Hiffman, Stephanie$81,284
Hikes, Lisa$131,691
Hill, Gregory$127,697
Hipskind, Alex$154,356
Hoel, Paul$156,909
Holland, Michael$116,982
Holton, Kelly$70,353
Horan, James$137,973
Housner, Alan$144,705
Howard, Suzanne$128,240
Huebner, Patricia$146,679
Hughes, Laura$55,796
Hurban, Amanda$76,765
Hurt, Jessica$94,349
Huster, Gail$107,057
Hutchinson, Gary$150,408
Isaacson, David$96,661
Ivancich, Michael$134,327
Jackson, David$161,857
Jacobson, Ellen$136,703
Jaczak, Jennifer$96,902
Janevska, Hristina$56,279
Jarman, Lara$99,741
Jazak, Michael$72,586
Jensen, Eric$112,928
Jensen, Melissa$83,911
Johnson, Kimberly$58,284
Jones, Andrew$82,573
Jurgens, Johanna$116,259
Kaduk, Kristin$66,795
Kahle, Erin$0
Kairis, Anne$145,455
Kalafut, Pamela$158,509
Kapelnikova, Yulia$53,336
Kelly, James$100,357
Kendrick, Bruce$141,701
Kerzee-Stames, Cherie$135,384
Kim, Kimberly$75,162
King, Harold$153,717
Klotz, Keri$70,867
Koehler, Kevin$131,323
Koncar, Francis$51,743
Korbitz, Lisa$125,832
Korbus, Linda$126,239
Korfist, Christian$124,714
Kravets, Fawn$92,973
Krepps, Kathleen$118,185
Krucoff, Sibyl$134,772
Krueger, Jess$137,804
Kruse, Sarah$78,762
Krzyaniak, Alecia$102,557
Kuchta, Frank$165,742
Kupres, James$113,744
Kurinsky, Matthew$107,701
Laffey, Myles$137,762
Lange, David$122,037
Lapetino, David$94,088
Lapinski, Richard$91,741
Latorre, Nicholas$101,816
Laux, Andrew$122,796
Law, Bruce$155,819
Lawrence, Ellen$116,118
Lawrence, Jennifer$103,768
Lawrence, Noah$85,179
Lazzaro, Tricia$77,712
Lencioni, Kathy$91,591
Liaw, Joseph$117,719
Litton, Michael$84,961
Lodl, Cherie$132,489
Lopez, Bianca$72,675
Lopykinski, Jo Ann$124,714
Ludovice, Thomas$135,761
Lynch, Edward$129,963
Maag, Patrick$98,060
MacArtney, Lani$72,289
Madonia, Jennifer$100,045
Malas, Brett$120,789
Mann, Loren$124,119
Marconi, Janelle$97,077
Mark, Janet$125,388
Martinez, Lisa$94,154
Martzolf, Eric$129,263
Matos, Angeline$88,983
Matozzi, Michael$188,444
May, Julie$120,520
Mc Cabe, Mark$152,126
Mc Mahon, Margaret$142,143
McAvoy, Colleen$70,296
McCloud, Alan$129,835
McCloud, Alisha$102,331
McCormack, Russell$95,322
McDonald, Tracy$81,256
McGrory, Michael$167,372
McGuire II, James$105,656
McMahon, Michael$120,773
Melone, John$144,653
Mengarelli, Cathy$73,488
Mikulcik, Courtney$99,268
Milas, Laura$146,931
Milnamow, Susan$130,855
Mirro, Frances$137,793
Mitchell, Brian$96,172
Moore, Stephen$119,811
Moretta, Paul$136,004
Moretti, Michael$117,044
Morgan, Robert$122,392
Motluck, Julie$86,721
Mott, Ryan$80,644
Murray Holtby, Kristy$65,415
Nackovic, Lynmari$100,709
Naisbitt, Sr., John$144,043
Nelson, Carolyn$145,988
Nelson, Martin$74,488
Norman, Dean$164,791
Notter, Kathleen$94,277
O'Connor, Rebecca$74,360
Oler, Dawn$88,319
Olsen, Nancy$133,456
Orloff, Wendy$89,796
Otahal, Daniel$113,425
Otahal, Lauren$86,701
Paige, James$86,790
Palmasani, Frank$141,247
Palmquist, Michael$121,933
Parker, Megan$72,075
Patel, Sanskruti$91,631
Patterson, Randall$155,152
Paulen, Whitney$76,453
Pennington, Mark$125,777
Perlini, Elizabeth$95,171
Phillip, Sally$104,786
Phillips, Lisa$111,465
Piccoli, Amy$122,687
Pintz, Peter$95,368
Plantz, Barbara$155,931
Pohlman, Kristine$109,763
Pokorny Lyp, Arwen$133,597
Polacek, Emily$75,871
Potokar, Patricia$115,459
Powell, Joyce$131,657
Profetto, Amy$92,007
Proutsos, Michelle$0
Rasavongxay, Billson$96,384
Richards, Patrick$160,630
Richardson, Abigail$61,348
Richerson, John$94,393
Riggs, Heather$67,395
Riley, Beth$54,189
Riley, Kerrin$76,361
Riordan, Gregory$134,151
Ritter, David$128,354
Rodkin, Cynthia$100,492
Roller-Schmidt, Janet$132,673
Rosko, Kari$93,432
Rusk, Mary$130,134
Russo, Karen$123,925
Russo, Robert$140,237
Ruth, Valerie$100,050
Ryan, Joseph$34,497
Saller, Julia$88,579
Sancken, Kerin$100,960
Sandoval, Renee$93,936
Sangwa, Susan$77,102
Sansone, Debra$119,829
Sargent, Cory$90,846
Sasso, Richard$130,561
Saunders, Kathrynne$114,412
Schlamann, John$131,939
Schmidt, Jonathan$82,051
Schneider, Cathy$95,193
Serwat, Leonard$157,128
Shea, Linda$135,922
Sievers, Laura$130,051
Sirovatka, Heddi$129,860
Smetana, Kristin$100,394
Smith, Andrea$61,128
Smith, Jr., Barry$71,889
Smith, Michael$96,926
Sopiarz, Lisa$69,115
Stimpson, David$90,863
Stob, Jordan$48,478
Stomberg, Heather$80,401
Stoughton, Rachel$70,318
Suchomel, Elizabeth$81,797
Sulkson, Dana$65,416
Swedko, Matthew$109,658
Sweet, Julie$122,027
Symeonides, George$65,732
Tarka, Richard$81,932
Tatro, April$64,684
Thelen, Brian$91,967
Timmons, Erin$74,449
Tomas, Janeen$95,063
Toro, Kristine$128,678
Tritch, Mia$81,636
Trujillo, Deborah$128,258
Truman, Ayesha$89,385
Tujo, Jaime$93,600
Tylk, Jill$96,083
Vahldieck, Marguerite$138,428
Van Hout, Kelly$86,239
VanDenburgh, James$94,212
Varsbergs, Victor$106,172
Verdier, Renaud$68,774
Verschoore, Shannon$97,184
Vetrone, James$115,328
Vicino, Jill$144,493
Villanueva, Laura$29,808
Vonder Heide, Sally$60,731
Vonnahme, Kurt$100,873
Voss, Joseph$67,074
Vrtis, Alison$92,205
Vukson, Katheryn$90,922
Wachowski, Laura$23,278
Wahl, Nicholas$276,374
Wakat, Lori$144,083
Walery, Tanya$86,039
Walsh, William$126,110
Wanner, Mark$157,949
Waterman, Brian$156,960
Waterman, Jeffrey$75,739
Watson, Kelly$90,098
Westphal, James$135,476
Whaley, Julie$126,121
Wheeler, Donna$126,474
Wiggins, Michael$139,264
Wilbur, Christopher$99,297
Wilcox, Becky$60,599
Wilda, Whitney$67,232
Williams, Carla$45,075
Williams, John$92,523
Williams, Kimberly$90,923
Wilson, Steven$134,206
Wimsatt, Kristin$94,154
Winiarski, Eve$37,647
Wirtz, Jeffrey$158,124
Wittkamper, Mark$139,585
Wolf, Patrick$146,332
Wolkow, Nathan$112,787
Wollschlaeger, Mark$98,790
Woods, Paul$138,528
Wright, Howard$146,916
Wynn, Kathryn$135,331
Yopp, Bridget$104,008
Yoshida, Kristin$95,486
Zaleski, Mary$112,958
Zamora, Ismael$118,108
Zawacki, Kathryn$69,741

That concludes the list of teachers' and administrators salaries for Hinsdale High School District 68.


  1. Today the Tribune's local paper reported that Hinsdale High Administrators backed down and removed the kid's suspension from his record. They also said that a gun club was a legitimate org. just like a guitar club and shirts depicting firearms were ok in that setting.

    Looks like the pressure from conservative talk radio and the blogosphere got their attention.
    Good Work, Lampoon!

  2. Good news, indeed. But was there any disciplinary action against the pecksniff hall monitor who started this entire imbrolio with his or her lefty PC mindset?

    There should be mandatory US Constitution/Bill of Rights consciousness raising classes (at their personal expense) for Law (what a misnomer!), Dever and the whole stinkin' lot of them .

  3. Phys Ed teacher, David Jackson, makes $161,857.00!?!

    1. He must be an expert at teaching kickball and bombardment.


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