Friday, May 3, 2013

Communist Angela Davis to Keynote Conference of Multiculturalist Teachers

The bombing brothers Tsarnaev came to the US at a very young age.

They received taxpayer financed educations at very good American elementary and secondary schools and even got cash to pursue their own personal "dream acts" of higher education.

East German dictator Erich Honecker and
American communist Angela Davis - who's
keynoting conference of multiculturalist teachers
And in those schools they were imbued with the tenets of multiculturalism and diversity -- i.e. all cultures and countries are of equivalent moral value -- and the US is a racist, exploitative nation -- not better than any other country, and probably a helluva lot worse.

This is a far cry from the stated mission of US public education during previous waves of immigration. That being, to assimilate immigrants into core American and Western value systems.

In fact, defenders of the large waves of early 20th century immigration (whose flow was cut off, almost entirely during the great depression) argued that American public education would iron out the cultural problems of diverse newcoming Americans via its assimilative power.

In other words, education was supposed to eradicate the problems of diversity and multiculturalism with American assimilation.

Today, our schools delight in celebrating the cultural, racial and ethnic divisions and our taxpayer funded teachers deride America and Americanism.

Little wonder that they are turning out anti-American hatemongers like the brothers Tsarnaev and their muslim immigrant accomplices - as well as the 29 other illegal and legal immigrants who have perpetrated deadly acts of terror against our people over the past 5 years.
Boston Bomber Tsarnaev (R) and accomplices:
All products of American multicultural education

It should come as little surprise that radical leftists have been behind the destabilizing and deadly doctrine of multiculturalism.

There is even an organization devoted to promulgating the doctrine of multiculturalism in the schools. It's called the National Association of Multiculturalist Educators (NAME.)

And guess who's going to be the keynote speaker at their upcoming November convention in California?

None other than 60s radical activist and former two time Vice Presidential standard bearer for the Communist Party of the United States, Angela Davis.

Davis, an outspoken fan of Stalinist East German dictator, Erich Honecker, was among other communist distinctions, a winner of the Lenin Peace Prize.

She has spent her life trying to destabilize the United States.

Now she has hitched her scurrilous bandwagon to the anti-American destabilizing and deadly dogma of diversity and multiculturalism.

And the bombing brothers Tsarnaev are the natural result.

It's well past time for local school boards in the Chicago area and abroad to purge their schools of the vile doctrine and teachings of the multiculturalists.

They have the power. They'd better start doing it.

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